Chapter 937: Crossing the Lobby of the Hieron

    Chapter 937: Crossing the Lobby of the Hieron

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    After about 6 hours of fierce battle, although nobody died, most of the 3 teams of knights threw themselves onto the ground as if they had survived a catastrophe.

    They took a rest by drinking medicament and treating their wounds.

    At this moment, even though there were so many portals near them, they didn't have the strength and spiritual energy to explore them for the time being. As they were safe temporarily, what counted most was to hurriedly recover their battle strength.

    At this moment, besides Mountain Lifting Hermit and the grand elder of Tianlu Palace, there were only 3-5 people who were still standing, including Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie was concerned about the injuries of Gong Ziyao and Bolam. After confirming that the two people's injuries were not severe and they had drunk up a vial of medium-recovery medicament respectively, Zhang Tie became reassured.

    "Brother Cui...aren't you tired?" Zhou Shufan asked Zhang Tie when he found the latter was still vigorous like nothing had happened. Zhou Shufan who would always remain his demeanor also looked a bit embarrassed at this moment--sweat all over his forehead; panting heavily; two broken parts on his soft armor.

    "Ho...ho...I'm okay..." Zhang Tie revealed a smile.

    "Oh, I heard Elder Zhang Anguo saying that you were using the fire dragon heavens burning spear skill, it might be..."

    Zhou Shufan finally got a chance to ask this question.

    "Yup, I'm cultivating "Fire Dragon Sutra!" Zhang Tie replied frankly.

    It was a good moment to expose the secret that he was cultivating the "Fire Dragon Sutra". To be honest, Zhang Tie had to appreciate Zhang Anguo of Tianlu Palace, who was really an informed earth knight. The moment Zhang Tie showed it, it had been identified by Zhang Anguo. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't need to find another moment to explain it to others.

    Nobody could imagine that Cui Li who was cultivating the "Fire Dragon Sutra" and Zhang Tie who was being wanted in Taixia Country were the same person.

    After hearing that Zhang Tie frankly admitted that he was cultivating the "Fire Dragon Sutra", all the surrounding knights were shocked inside. In a split second, some more "admiring" eye lights focused on Zhang Tie. As a complete marquis-level classic, "Fire Dragon Sutra" was very precious even in Taixia Country. It could never be touched by a common clan or sect. It was really out of their imaginations that Zhang Tie was so lucky to cultivate the "Fire Dragon Sutra".

    Even Lord Huaiyuan who wanted to seal the Far-ancient Immortal Stele founded Huaiyuan Palace and left remarkable exploits in Taixia Country only with a count-level "Breaking Sun Sutra", the significance of "Fire Dragon Sutra" which was a marquis-level cultivation method would be clear.

    Although there were duke-level, throne-level and emperor-level cultivation methods above marquis-level classics, only Emperor Xuanyuan was cultivating an emperor-level cultivation method called "Xuanyuan God Sutra"; there were totally less than 10 throne-level cultivation methods in both the Eastern Continent and the Western Continent; there were less than 20 duke-level cultivation methods, most of which were mastered by super clans and sects. Such cultivation methods were the greatest treasures of huge empires in the Western Continent. Therefore, marquis-level cultivation methods were the highest level cultivation methods that most of the knights could touch, which had a very significant role.

    "I've not imagined that brother Cui could be so lucky. I feel very happy for you. It's said that by cultivating "Fire Dragon Sutra" people could be very powerful and be as vigorous as a dragon. It seems to be real..." Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan both felt happy for Zhang Tie as they treated Zhang Tie as their friend although they both admired him.

    "7 decades ago, Fire Dragon Hermit was unrivaled and known as one of the top 10 powerhouses in using the spear in Taixia Country with the cultivation method "Fire Dragon Sutra" and the secret battle skills and fire dragon heavens burning spear skill in the "Fire Dragon Sutra". His heroic deeds were admirable. However, Fire Dragon Hermit suddenly reclused 6 decades ago and disappeared. I wonder about the relationship between young brother Cui and Fire Dragon Hermit? "The grand elder of Tianlu Palace walked towards them and asked Zhang Tie with a kind look after checking some injured members.

    Based on the status of the grand elder of Tianlu Palace and his battle strength as an earth knight, Zhang Anguo was definitely respecting Zhang Tie too much by calling him a "young elder".

    Zhang Tie's performance in the battle and his background of "Fire Dragon Sutra" could win him respect for sure.

    After hearing Zhang Anguo's words, Zhang Tie realized that the sitting skeleton in the mountain cave of Lianyun Mountain must be Fire Dragon Hermit. As for why Fire Dragon Hermit suddenly reclused and died there, it was a mystery.

    Zhang Tie touched his bald head and said, "Honestly, I don't know anything about the relationship between me and Fire Dragon Hermit either."

    Zhang Anguo was stunned by Zhang Tie's reply, "What do you mean..."

    "I found "Fire Dragon Sutra" and a sitting corpse in a mountain cave. If nobody else in Taixia Country has "Fire Dragon Sutra", that sitting corpse must be Fire Dragon Hermit. As I inherited the knowledge of Fire Dragon Hermit by accident, I should be his disciple in the secular world!"

    'Is this the so-called marvelous experience? Many youngsters in Taixia Country could only read such a marvelous scene in novels. Is that real?'

    Hearing Zhang Tie how he gained the "Fire Dragon Sutra", all the surrounding knights became dumbfounded.

    Zhang Anguo gazed at Zhang Tie's facial expressions and movements with a pair of sharp eyes. After hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, Zhang Anguo knew that Zhang Tie was telling true...

    'He found a marquis-level "Fire Dragon Sutra" in a mountain cave by accident? I remember that Zhang Clan in Tianlu Palace has sacrificed at least 10 knights after almost 100 years of efforts of so many clan members only for a count-level "Early Universe Sutra" which could be the No. 1 treasure of Tianlu Palace.' Zhang Anguo sighed with full emotions inside.

    People could not be compared with each other; otherwise, someone would be driven mad for sure.


    The moment Zhang Tie turned around, he had seen the "young sister" who was watching him with a pair of amorous, watery eyes, causing goosebumps all over Zhang Tie.

    After finding that Zhang Tie had noticed her, Bai Suxian walked towards him.

    With a faint blush, she looked a bit bashful.

    "Why...did you save me?" Bai Suxian muttered in a tender voice while lowering her head.

    The moment Bai Suxian asked, all those beside them became quiet in a weird manner. Gong Ziyao, Zhou Shufan, Filton and Cecilia turned around at the same time; even Mountain Lifting Hermit prick up his ears. They had witnessed how Zhang Tie saved Bai Suxian just now. Not only roadside moms who bought vegetables were gossipy, even knights were curious.

    It seemed that Bai Suxian had forgotten the lesson that she had learned when she talked to Zhang Tie at the beginning. After a few seconds, she had regretted asking Zhang Tie this question.

    "Young sister, your breasts are as large as papayas. They must be juicy; how pitiful would it be if they were pierced by that battle puppet using a spear. If so, you would have a problem to feed your babies..." Zhang Tie shouted with a righteous look, "If you really appreciate me, when you give birth to a baby, let him call me Godfather. No matter what, I've kept this pair of feeding bottles for him!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, even Mountain Lifting Hermit and the grand elder of Tianlu Palace twitched their faces...

    All the others who were waiting for the good result between a hero and a beauty were left dumbfounded by Zhang Tie at once.

    Even Filton was stunned so much, 'According to the customs of Hua people, shouldn't this be a good marriage? How could Cui Li turn the romantic scene of butterflies flying in a pair in front of flowers under moonlights into a dialogue between a vulgar man and a female farmer who sells vegetables?'

    Bai Suxian's face turned red and white as she didn't know how to react to him at all...


    After a few minutes, when most of the knights were still cultivating, Mountain Lifting Hermit and Zhang Anguo couldn't stay here anymore. Otherwise, Old Monster Qi would have entered the rear region ahead of them. As they were here for treasures; of course, they should not lag behind.

    As for Mountain Lifting Hermit, he had been merciful enough by leading his team members across the lobby. As for the rest time, it depended on themselves.

    After talking something to their own team members, the two earth knights rushed into a portal respectively. As for the rest team members, they didn't fully recover and thus entered the region behind the hieron 3 hours later...


    At this moment, the demon baron appeared far away from the island above the magma sea...
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