Chapter 938: An Uninvited Guest

    Chapter 938: An Uninvited Guest

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    When the demon baron who had been following the three teams of human knights drew close to the island in the magma sea, those human knights had already landed on the island for a long time. It was not because that the demon baron didn't want to come here; instead, it was because of the utter difference between the environment above the magma sea and that in the mountain cave.

    As it was very spacious and highly visible above the magma sea, which was radiating glow everywhere, if a knight flew above the magma sea alone, it would be very eye-catching. As there was almost no object that could cover the demon baron above the magma sea, the demon baron would be discovered from dozens of miles away. If someone among the human knights was watching through a telescope, the demon baron might have been discovered from 70 miles away.

    Of course, the demon baron could also move in the magma sea. As an earth knight, it could also stay a few hours in the magma. However, it would cost its physical strength too much in magma; additionally, its moving speed would be heavily reduced. Therefore, it preferred to fly above the magma sea.

    In the beginning, the demon baron followed up the human knights purely for revenge by killing them.

    Later on, the demon baron found three teams of human knights of over 20 black iron knights under the leadership of 3 earth knights were getting together. It was a great power even in the first abyss. After knowing that so many human knights had flocked together, the demon baron's curiosity was aroused.

    If not a major event or something related to interests, such a great power could not be easily gathered by humans or demons.

    A few days ago, the demon baron seized the chance to kill a black iron human knight decisively.

    It was an attempt.

    After killing that human knight, the demon baron hid somewhere and started to observe the movements of the other human knights.

    He found that the other human knights didn't evacuate or change their foothold; instead, they were still stationed near that valley.

    Did it indicate that the other human knights were very confident about their power? Of course not, it only indicated that these human knights were going to do a major event, which was considered more important than facing the threats of demon knights.

    After confirming that the other human knights were still stationed in the valley, the demon baron realized that they must be waiting for something.

    'Are they waiting for more human knights?'

    The demon baron was confused about their intention. However, he knew that it was a good chance. As long as he could destroy human knights' movements and make humans feel unhappy, he would regard it as a good chance.

    The demon baron became thrilled.

    When the abyss hurricane disappeared, the demon baron finally knew what the human knights were waiting for.

    This magma sea was located on the other ends of underground tunnels and mountain caves. In normal times, few people could arrive here; fewer of those who arrived here knew that the abyss hurricane would stop. As the abyss hurricane above the magma sea would stop 3-5 days in every 3 years, those who came here might have a probability of 1/200 to meet the situation when the abyss hurricane disappeared. Therefore, the demons didn't know what was hidden in this magma sea.

    'However, human knights should know that; otherwise, they would not wait until the abyss hurricane came to a stop. There must be something valuable in the magma sea!'

    The demon baron sniffed something special.

    In the Earth-elements Realm, there were three situations that would stimulate a lot of human knights to move together: first, fierce combats and military actions between humans and demons; second, the opportunity to gain a lot of element crystals; third, the abyss secret items that were buried underground.

    The first possibility could be excluded.

    When the demon baron caught sight of the island in the magma sea and the pyramid in the middle of the island, it excluded the second possibility.

    The demon baron was driven wild with joy from being thrilled.

    The flat-roof pyramid looked like a hieron.

    The world on the earth's surface was predominated by humans, the underground world was predominated by demons. Demons had learned about the history of the underground world much better than humans. Over the past tens of thousands of years, a lot of knowledge had been lacking among humans, which was caused by breaking-up human civilizations. However, among demons especially those high-level demons who had promoted to knights, these knowledge were carried forward.

    The demon knight felt that the temperature surrounding the island was dropping sharply. After flying around the island and finding no ambush on the island, it knew that this island might have a no-fly zone. Therefore, the demon knight lowered its flight altitude and landed on the island steadily.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit's concern that the demon knight would fetch its partners after finding their target here was right. However, it was out of his imagination that the demon knight who was following them up was not an average black iron knight but an earth demon knight, a powerful demon baron.

    The boldness of execution stems from superb skill, this proverb was also suitable for demons.

    After a few minutes, when the demon baron came to the entrance of the pyramid, it injected its spiritual energy into the remote-sensing crystal finger ring and prepared to send a message to its partners.

    If it sent the message successfully, a team of demons which would be more advantageous than human knights in battle strength would arrive in 4 days at most.

    Just like how humans would destroy demons' action when they found that demons were doing the same thing, demons would do the same to humans.

    Before sending the message, the demon baron raised its head and caught sight of the symbol above the gate of the pyramid.

    It was a time-honored, mysterious triangular symbol composed of three scales in different sizes.

    At the sight of the symbol, the lizard-like jujube core-sized vertical pupils in the golden eyes of the demon baron expanded with a shrewd eye light. At the same time, the demon baron exclaimed, "Bloody Sacrificial Hieron!"

    Those human knights didn't know the meaning of that symbol; however, this demon baron knew it.

    Only after thinking about it for less than 2 seconds, the demon baron had revealed a faint, grim sinister. At the same time, it stretched out its tongue and licked its lips. After exiting its spiritual energy from the remote-sensing crystal, it strode into the hieron at once.

    Besides being brutal, another feature of demons was greed.

    The demon baron didn't notice that when he strode into the hieron, an invisible tracing feather had blown up like dandelion and stuck to his boots silently.

    The tracing feather was much lighter than a speck of dust. As long as it didn't attach to the skin of high-level knights, it would not be easily noticed.

    The moment the demon knight moved, the tracing feather moved too...


    At the same time, Zhang Tie stopped his footsteps in the underground space of the pyramid.

    "What's wrong?" Filton stopped and turned around to ask Zhang Tie.

    The moment Filton and Zhang Tie stopped, all the other 4 members of their group turned around to watch Zhang Tie. They thought that Zhang Tie had found something.

    At this moment, they were walking among deserted palace-like rooms and a maze-like cloister and expecting to find something.

    There were still very few battle puppets standing at the doors of one or two rooms, which were evidently outnumbered by Zhang Tie's group.

    Zhang Tie's group was composed of 6 people, namely; Filton, Bolam, Cecilia, Gong Ziyao, Zhou Shufan and Zhang Tie. It was easy for them to defeat one or two battle puppets.

    Besides the team of Tianlu Palace, the teams led by Old Monster Qi and Mountain Lifting Hermit had dispersed the moment they crossed the lobby.

    In Zhang Tie's mind sea, the tracing feathers on Mountain Lifting Hermit, Zhang Anguo and Old Monster Qi had long left this region and been over 70 miles away. They were still rapidly moving towards afar. The latter tracing feather was also rushing downwards the pyramid at a high speed.

    Given the moving speed of that tracing feather, Zhang Tie had confirmed that this one must be an earth knight.

    It moved so fast that even Zhang Tie was shocked.

    'I wonder whether that one is a human or a demon.'

    "Nothing..." Zhang Tie shook his head as he tried to recover his composure, "I was justing thinking that this region might not be valuable. As it's close to the lobby, it should have been explored by people. We would have a very low possibility to find any good item here. Why not speed up to take a look at the Weapons Mountain?"

    "I agree with you. If we're lucky, we might get a silver secret item..." Gong Ziyao nodded.

    After fighting some battle puppets outside the rooms in vain, Gong Ziyao also thought that there was no good item left here. Perhaps, there might be something good in a room; however, it would take them more than 3 days to explore all the rooms.

    At this moment, two shadows flashed by them--Lu Zhongming and his wife had overtaken them...
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