Chapter 939: The Weapons Mountain

    Chapter 939: The Weapons Mountain

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    Zhang Tie thought that the earth knight behind them might hardly pass the lobby alone; however, the fact was out of Zhang Tie's imagination...

    It took the demon baron less than 10 minutes to arrive on the last step at the bottom of the pyramid.

    The moment it stood on the other end of the lobby, the demon baron stopped at once. With flickering, shrewd eye lights, he observed this lobby attentively and seriously.

    The demon baron swept over the ground of the lobby and found that the battle traces were gradually recovering on the smooth and tidy floor. No single part of battle puppets was left on the floor except for some broken protective armors and fresh blood of human knights.

    None of the human knights entering the lobby had imagined that their battle traces left a key information to the demon baron. Through the battle traces, the demon baron knew that those human knights didn't know too much about this heiron although they had keys to open the gate of this hieron--At least they didn't know as much as demons. If the human knights knew a lot about this hieron, they could completely pass this lobby without activating those battle puppets.

    At the sight of this scene, the demon baron further strengthened its belief to take a risk. If human knights didn't know too much about this hieron, even if the demon baron failed its adventure, it could also leave here safe and sound.

    At this moment, the eyes of the two rows of battle puppets in the lobby turned red once again. The battle puppets then moved their necks and watched the demon baron at the same time.

    The demon baron looked at the ground seriously one inch after another.

    Besides the previous battle traces, there were some exotic grains on the ground. When it observed them carefully, it found that those grains were faintly undulating and flowing like ripples under the sunshine in a rivulet.

    Even demon knights knew many things that human knights didn't, not to mention demon nobles.

    Although the grains on the ground looked irregular and meaningless in the eyes of human knights, they were meaningful in the eyes of the demon baron. They were like cipher turntable safe.

    Most of the bandits and thieves would open safes by force; however, for those who knew cipher turntable of safe, they only needed to adjust the cipher turntable properly.

    This was Bloody Sacrificial Hieron. If a bloody battle was unavoidable whenever humans passed the hieron, how did flamens and monks enter this hieron in that far-ancient age?

    Zhang Tie had thought about this question; however, he couldn't think it through.

    By contrast, the demon baron knew how.

    After gazing at the grains on the ground seriously for 5 minutes, the demon baron went down the last step and stood onto a certain place of those exotic grains.

    Although the battle puppets moved a bit, they basically stayed in the original places.

    The demon baron let out a sigh as it stood still and watched the grains seriously.

    The battle puppets didn't move, it indicated that the demon baron's judgment was right. It realized that the knowledge that he mastered still worked.

    In less than 5 minutes, the demon baron strode out once again...

    It took the demon baron a bit longer than 4.5 minutes to finish three footsteps.


    When Zhang Tie felt that the tracing feather had slowed down when it came to the lobby, Zhang Tie thought that the latter one was in a fierce battle.

    Zhang Tie soon knew that he was wrong.

    In the beginning, the tracing feather moved one time in every few minutes; gradually, it moved faster and faster, which startled Zhang Tie.


    After 1 more hour, when Zhang Tie's group passed through the palace complex and entered a wood, the tracing feather also passed through the lobby.

    It took the latter one almost 1/5 of the time used by the three teams of human knights to pass the lobby. What an amazing speed! The reason that Zhang Tie was startled was that he thought that even two earth knights could not pass the lobby in such a short period jointly.

    'What did such a high speed mean?'

    'Did I make a wrong judgment? The uninvited guest is a heavenly knight?'

    Zhang Tie's heart raced when this whim occurred to his mind.

    "Ah, it's too motherf*cking cold..." Filton couldn't stand crying while running.

    It was indeed growing colder. Zhang Tie felt that it was at least -80 degrees Celsius.

    It was purely cold without wind or snow. Zhang Tie felt that everyone had entered a huge space being similar to that of "refrigerator" before the Catastrophe.

    What did 80 degrees Celsius below zero mean? It meant that if Filton spat out a mouth of saliva, before the saliva reached the land, half of it would have been frozen. Not only that, their leather armors also turned stiff.

    Even in running, everybody was still releasing a thin layer of protective battle qi so as to maintain their own body temperature.

    Perhaps, there were indeed plants in this wood very long time ago; however, they had fully turned into crystal, ice sculptures or fossils.

    The current scenery was very brilliant and dreamlike. However, it was not funny at all.

    "I feel that we've made a circle around that architectural complex..." Gong Ziyao said as he was running.

    "Yes, I think so..." Bolam nodded.

    When they talked, they exhaled masses of white air, which instantly dispersed the moment they left the range of their protective battle qi.

    "Are we in a maze?" Cecilia asked.

    "It's not a maze. We're in the hieron. Tens of thousands of years ago, it didn't exist for the posterities to make circles. We were just in a common architectural complex in the hieron, which might be the dwelling place of flamens or monks. It was just a bit special in design and a bit large in size. All the designs in the hieron are functional which won't be too complex. We've just passed through that architectural complex and entered a garden in the hieron..." Zhou Shufan replied calmly, "Didn't you feel that we were still in the pyramid? The staircase was spiral; therefore, the lobby should be located at the edge of the bottom of the pyramid. I think we're marching towards the center of the bottom of the pyramid..."

    "Ah, how is it possible?" Filton shouted, "We've already deepened dozens of miles below the pyramid!"

    "The part above the ground is just a small part of the top of the pyramid. Most part of this pyramid is deeply buried underground. Each step I ran forward, I would release a battle qi towards the ground; I found that the ground would give me a feedback on my battle qi each time. The part below the ground here was same as that in the lobby. You can have a try..." Zhou Shufan explained which shocked everyone else.

    The others sensed it seriously and found it was like how Zhou Shufan said. The strand of battle qi met a layer of powerful and plain obstacle after deepening into the ground for dozens of meters. The obstacle felt similar to that they sensed in the lobby.

    If they were still at the bottom of the pyramid at this moment, this hieron was too huge. It was out of people's imagination that who could create such a marvelous hieron.

    Zhou Shufan's explanation was soon verified. They found a fully frozen lake in front of them. Both sides of the lake were surrounded by handrails.

    After crossing the iced lake, Zhang Tie caught sight of the team of Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace.

    All the members of Zhang Clan's team were over there. It seemed that they had not stayed in that architectural complex too long either. Additionally, they had a very clear target. Clan teams were usually featured by consistent actions wherever they were.

    That team also caught sight of Zhang Tie's group who were catching up with them from behind.

    As they were all safe and sound, they kept running forward.

    "Brother Cui, why are you silent?" Gong Ziyao threw a glance at Zhang Tie as he asked the latter.

    When they were engaged in a hot discussion just now, Zhang Tie remained silent, which was a bit abnormal; therefore, Gong Ziyao asked Zhang Tie out of concern.

    Actually, Zhang Tie was sensing the whereabouts of the tracing feather behind them.

    "Ah, it's okay, brother Gong; I was just wondering If someone else would come in!"

    "Don't worry, young brother. Even if a demon knight enters, we've got three earth knights to resist it! Even if we could not defeat it, we would escape. In the Earth-elements Realm, it's very normal for demon knights and human knights to escape if they could not defeat the other party. It's not shameful at all." Gong Ziyao comforted Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie found that he became a bit intense because of the tracing feather behind him. It was good for him to have a tracing feather; however, it was really torturing after knowing that an unknown powerhouse was following him up. He felt like waiting for one boot to fall on the ground upstairs.

    'F*ck, even If it's a heavenly demon knight, I don't need to be scared. After all, it's not coming only for me. Even if it was coming for me, this father would hide in Castle of Black Iron in the worst scenario. I don't believe that it could bite off my butt. Whatever, now that I've been here, I will see whether I could get some benefits first...'

    Zhang Tie determined his mind!

    "It's the Weapons Mountain..." A member of the team of Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace in front of Zhang Tie's group suddenly exclaimed...
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