Chapter 940: Pearls of Silver Secret Items

    Chapter 940: Pearls of Silver Secret Items

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    The moment the knight of Tianlu Palace shouted, he had accelerated his speed.

    Closely followed by Zhang Tie's group. They rushed out of the wood at once.

    They then caught sight of a mountain in front of them.

    At the sight of the mountain, although he was always steady, Zhang Tie couldn't stand swearing--F*ck.

    It was a black high mountain which was at least 10,000 m in height. It was very magnificent. From its hillside above, it was misty. As a result, people could not see clearly the Qingfeng Peak.

    This mountain absolutely verified the judgment of Zhou Shufan, namely, they were still at the bottom of the pyramid. Because the top of the mountain and its surrounding space formed a very regular dome. Of course, such a dome could not appear in the natural environment.

    Zhang Tie felt that Mountain Lifting Hermit, Old Monster Qi and the grand elder of Tianlu Palace were trying their best to climb upon the Weapons Mountain. Zhang Tie wondered what was on the peak.

    Zhang Tie felt that the higher they were, the slower the three earth knights would move. It seemed that they were facing a great obstacle on the Weapons Mountain.

    When they caught sight of the mountain, some rainbow-like colorful lights were circling around the mountain like satellites. After a few seconds, they lurked into the enshrouding mist and didn't come out of there anymore.

    "Silver secret items..." Even Gong Ziyao exclaimed this time while everyone else accelerated towards there like having taken drugs.

    The closer they were to the Weapons Mountain, the colder it would be. However, they felt blood boiling all over.

    Zhang Tie also followed up the team towards there rapidly. At this moment, Zhang Tie had totally forgotten about that tracing feather. He had made his determination that as long as that guy didn't appear in front of him and his friends, he would ignore it. 'When the sky collapsed, the taller ones would prop it up. As I'm not the tallest and most powerful one, I will focus on searching for the benefits first.'

    'If concerns work, what punches are used for? I only need to be vigilant.'

    Zhang Tie's group moved very fast. The team of knights from Tianlu Palace was soon caught up by them. The knights of Tianlu Palace accelerated once again and caught up with Zhang Tie's group. The two teams kept rushing towards the Weapons Mountain in this way.

    Although they had not touched any silver secret item by now, the two teams of knights had already faintly become competitive.

    According to the rule, anyone who could get one silver secret item first would have it. Of course, they needed to make their full efforts to strive for that.

    Silver secret items! They could also be available to heavenly knights. The more the better! In Huaiyuan Palace, Zhang Tie knew that only Elder Muray had one battle crossbow which was a silver secret item, even Zhang Taixuan didn't have one.

    Actually, there were bronze secret items below silver secret items. Bronze secret items were also rarities. The Full-moons Dragon Soul Waistband and the first elements-gathering matrix that gifted by the imperial household of Raymlan Empire in the Castle of Black Iron were both bronze secret items. As for most of the black iron knights even earth knights, bronze secret items were their popular equipment. Silver secret items were greater than bronze secret items. The strong function that silver secret items could automatically appear out of the void and their powerful light and shadow effects of silver secret items were definitely the best choices of some guys who would like to show off themselves.

    Secret items could never be produced in this age.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie heard some sounds from the back. Zhang Tie turned around and found Lu Zhongming and his wife rushed out the wood from the other side, who were also rushing towards the Weapons Mountain. After the couple, Bai Suxian was the fourth one who rushed out of the wood.

    It seemed that many people were clear-minded or desperate. Compared to making circles in the palace and maze-like architectural complex and fighting those battle puppets meaninglessly, they preferred to come to the Weapons Mountain for a silver secret item.

    At their full speeds, the knights of Tianlu Palace and Zhang Tie's group of 6 arrived at the foot of the Weapons Mountain at the same time.

    The pitch-dark Weapons Mountain looked pretty solemn and depressive. Right at the foot of the mountain, there was a thin mist. If it was a few degrees lower here, their salivas would turn into ice scums before falling onto the ground.

    The Weapons Mountain was definitely different from common mountains. There was no plant across the Weapons Mountain. It seemed to be completely composed of bulky, odd-looking metal lumps. As for the parts of the metal lumps being exposed to the air, some of them looked like brilliant geometrical crystal structures of metallic ores. Growing up in clusters, they formed odd-looking black metal flowers.

    With the eyes of a great artisan master, Zhang Tie could not identify the metal in this Weapons Mountain.

    It seemed to be an exotic, natural alloy. At least Zhang Tie had not seen it on the earth's surface with "Master Jiang".

    After the knights of Tianlu Palace arrived at the foot of the mountain, the 9 knights instantly rushed in 9 directions upwards the Weapons Mountain.

    As silver secret items were very precious, the number of which was far less than the number of the knights who had come here. Additionally, it was very hard to get silver secret items. Therefore, they could only move in different directions like spreading a fishing net and attempt to gain silver secret items by chance. If a lot of people gathered together, they were not fishing but angling. If so, they would definitely not have as many chances as the first one. Additionally, even if two people like Lu Zhongming and his wife cooperated to successfully gain a silver secret item, which party would the silver secret item belong to? Not to mention if a group of people worked together.

    Zhang Tie's group of 6 stopped at once.

    "Let's separate from each other too!"

    Gong Ziyao proposed while everybody else nodded.

    "If any of you is in trouble, remember to release your battle qi. The others will catch sight of it right away and arrive there soon. If someone dares to rob our achievements, we will f*ck him!" Filton said with a furious look as he had already been ready for a fight, "After all, we've been clear about each other's battle qi!"

    Although they would separate from each other, they could also gather rapidly if there was any trouble.


    "Wait for a second..." Zhang Tie touched his bald head with a bashful look as he asked, "Erm, what's the look of the silver secret item? How could I gain it?"

    The moment the others heard Zhang Tie's question, they threw their amazed looks at Zhang Tie at the same time.

    Gong Ziyao watched Zhang Tie with a dumbfounded look just like how he saw Zhang Tie using his abyss battle spear at the beginning, "Don't you know that?"

    "As I've just been in the Earth-elements Realm and joined in such an action for the first time, nobody told me about that!" Zhang Tie shrugged as he replied helplessly.

    Honestly, Zhang Tie thought that the so-called silver secret items in the Weapons Mountain would be excavated from the ground like how grave robbers dug items from the graveyard. However, when he came here, he found that it was utterly different from his imagination. Take the rainbow-like colorful lights that he saw just now as an instance, he didn't know what were they.

    All the others felt being struck by lightning bolts. They had not imagined that Zhang Tie didn't know how to gain silver secret items. What a joke!

    "Haven't you seen the rainbow-like lights just now?" Zhou Shufan asked Zhang Tie.

    "Yes, I have!"

    "That are the lusters of silver secret items!"

    "Did all the silver secret items in the Weapons Mountain exist in that manner?"

    "Not exactly. In the Weapons Mountain, silver secret items could move. Before having their own owners, all the silver secret items will exist in the form of virtual images of secret items, which are virtual, colorful animals being composed of numerous mysterious runes. They will fly around the Weapons Mountain. If you see illuminant animals in the Weapons Mountain, congratulations, you've caught sight of the virtual images of silver secret items! No matter what animals come into being, they are not aggressive at all. However, they could dodge and escape from you. You could follow them up and find their origins!"

    "What then?"

    "Silver secret items will always hide in the colorful pearls of secret items in the metallic crystals in the Weapons Mountain which are easily recognized. When you see a silver secret item entering a pearl of a secret item, you just stay there and smash the pearl of that secret item. Then, you will see the virtual image of that silver secret item. After that, you only need to squeeze a drop of fresh blood onto the virtual image before becoming its owner. At the same time, the virtual image of the silver secret item will start to become a material object, which is the real look of the silver secret item in the material world!"

    "So easy!" Zhang Tie blinked his eyes.

    "Yes, so easy!" Zhou Shufan continued to explain it to Zhang Tie, "However, there's one point that you should pay attention to. The structure of pearl of a secret item is very special; it's very hard to smash. Even if you've discovered a pearl of a secret item, you could not break it in 1 or 2 days. What counts most in the Weapons Mountain is that not all the pearls of secret items contain silver secret items. Most of the pearls of secret items are empty. You'd better not start to break it until you're sure that there's a silver secret item in it. Otherwise, even though you've found a pearl of a secret item and had smashed it in a couple of days exerting your full efforts, you would probably find nothing inside. It's equal to a gamble by trying to smash a pearl of a secret item without seeing a virtual image of a secret item entering it!"
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