Chapter 941: A Weird Cloud of Mist

    Chapter 941: A Weird Cloud of Mist

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    Before going up the mountain, it took Zhou Shufan 2 minutes to explain the most important thing to Zhang Tie.

    It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that the process to gain a silver secret item from the Weapons Mountain was so bizarre.

    After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie asked the last question, "As silver secret items are different in qualities and levels, if two silver secret items appeared in front of me at the same time, how could I select the better one?"

    "Generally, the fiercer and bigger the virtual image of the animal was, the more advanced and rarer the material object would be!" Filton answered the question ahead of Zhou Shufan, "In other words, the bigger and fiercer the virtual image was, the rarer it would be!"

    Zhang Tie nodded as he said, "Wish you good luck then!"

    "If there's no accident, we will assemble here and leave out of here 3 days later!"


    "If you're powerful enough, you can have a try upside there. However, the higher it is, the colder it will be. Basically, only earth knights could stay a bit longer above 6,000 m of this Weapons Mountain. It's said that the pearls of secret items on the top of the mountain might contain space-teleportation equipment such as nanobeads!"

    "I am not that greedy. I only expect to get a silver secret item this time!"

    After chatting for a short while, they cupped their hands towards each other. After that, they separated from each other and rushed into the misty Weapons Mountain as fast as shells. Even Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan who used to be partners had separated at this moment.

    As for whether they could gain a silver secret item in the next 3 days, it depended on their own luck and power.

    Zhang Tie moved too. He directly rushed into a deserted path.

    Even tens of thousands of people could not be easily found in the Weapons Mountain, not to mention the 20-odd human knights.

    Before entering the mountain, Zhang Tie sensed the whereabout of the tracing feather behind them once again.

    The tracing feather had also entered the palace-like architectural complex; however, it dodged from all the knights in that architectural complex on the way. Given the moving trace of the tracing feather, Zhang Tie realized that it had intended to dodge away from the other knights on purpose. The nearest distance between the tracing feather and a knight of the team of Old Monster Qi was less than 200 m. It seemed that the tracing feather which had been moving straight ahead had already found someone in front of it; therefore, it made a detour. Neither did the member of the team of Old Monster Qi chase after it or escape. It indicated that that person didn't notice the latter one at all...

    Within a fixed distance, if one knight found the other while not being found, it indicated that the two knights were sharply different in battle strength.

    The tracing feather rushed all the way towards the Weapons Mountain.

    Although Zhang Tie had already entered the mountain, when he sensed the destination of the tracing feather, a whim occurred to his mind.

    As the old saying went, no profit, no early rise. This proverb fit both demons and humans. As the tracing feather rushed all the way towards the Weapons Mountain, it was definitely not here for an entertainment.

    However, Zhang Tie didn't even know whether that guy was a human or a demon.

    'I will see whether the latter is a human or a demon!'


    Benefited from the tracing feather, Zhang Tie could monitor the ongoing direction and whereabouts of the new arriver at any time.

    Zhang Tie hid somewhere and checked the location of the tracing feather. After ensuring that nobody was near him within 1.5 miles, he directly entered Castle of Black Iron.

    In a few seconds, a black, little beetle emerged out of the void.

    After that, the little beetle started to fly leisurely at the foot of the Weapons Mountain.

    After 20 minutes, the little beetle landed in a multi-layered metallic crystal. Through the gap of the crystal, he started to glance at the valley under the foot.

    In less than 5 minutes, Zhang Tie had already caught sight of that person.

    If not the tracing feather, Zhang Tie wouldn't even believe that he was watching a living being.

    It was a grey cloud of mist. Zhang Tie could not see any figure at all.

    The grey mist twisted as if it would be blown off by the wind at any time. Being close to the ground, it flew all the way from the distance into the valley and up the hill very fast. In a few seconds, it had disappeared in front of Zhang Tie and integrated into the mist over the Weapons Mountain.

    After the cloud of mist completely disappeared in front of his eyes for a few minutes, the black, little beetle returned to Castle of Black Iron. Zhang Tie reappeared behind that metallic crystal luster.

    Zhang Tie then walked out of the metallic crystal. While frowning, he watched the direction where the cloud of mist was heading for.

    No living being could look like a cloud of mist, neither human nor demon. Therefore, Zhang Tie realized that it was not a cloud of mist, but a high-level secret method which could hide one's qi.

    However, Zhang Tie didn't know who was that one in the weird mist.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit, Old Monster Qi and the grand elder of Tianlu Palace were still rushing towards the top of the mountain. The weird cloud of mist also rushed towards there. They might encounter over there. Perhaps, the cloud of mist knew that something was on the top of the mountain and was not afraid of encountering the three earth knights.

    This action turned more and more interesting.

    Touching his bald head, Zhang Tie thought it for a short while before following up that weird cloud of mist all the way towards the top of the mountain...

    All the other knights behind him had already come to the Weapons Mountain consecutively.


    Only after 10 minutes, Zhang Tie had caught sight of the first pearl of a secret item.

    The pearl of a secret item grew in metallic crystal clusters covering over 100 square meters whose diameter was over 1 m. Among these metallic crystal clusters, Zhang Tie caught sight of a big, blue, smooth metallic ball which looked like a fruit in the metallic crystal flowers.

    Honestly, these metallic crystals and this pearl of secret item felt like an abstractive sculpture in urban squares. Zhang Tie had seen so many sculptures being composed of metallic balls.

    1/3 of this pearl of the secret item was deeply buried in the mountain which could barely be shocked.

    After circling around the pearl of the secret item for a short while out of curiosity, Zhang Tie stretched out his hands, pushing and embracing it; however, the pearl didn't move at all like having grown into the Weapons Mountain.

    The pearl of the secret item was very cold. The moment Zhang Tie touched it, his two palms almost stuck to it.

    Zhang Tie drew out his abyss battle spear and forcefully slashed onto the pearl of the secret item with 40% of his battle qi. After a bang, only a small part of the surface of the pearl of secret item fell off.

    The inside of the small patch of the surface was still smooth.

    Zhang Tie understood it that the so-called pearl of the secret item was like a super large and hard onion. It would really take him a lot of efforts to open it.

    'Even if I broke it in 2 days exerting my full efforts, I would probably not get anything at all. Will I do that? Of course not. Many black iron knights would have a try if it was another place or enough time. However, it didn't work here. Everyone entering the hieron ruins would have very limited time. It's a gamble with very minor possibility to win. I would consider making a gamble 1 day later if I couldn't find any virtual image of the secret item. It's still too early to do that now.'

    Only after staying beside that pearl of the secret item for a few minutes out of curiosity, Zhang Tie had continued to go up the mountain.

    The higher it was, the colder it would be. In the mother nature on the earth's surface, this place must be a standard forbidden area for living beings. Therefore, the knights would consume a lot of their strength physically and spiritually by moving into the mountain. They released their protective battle qis at any time. Additionally, they needed to maintain the normal running of their battle qis so as to warm up and protect their organs, qi and blood all over. The higher they were, the greater consumptions they would make. There was no road or tunnel on the Weapons Mountain at all; therefore, even Zhang Tie slowed down his speed unconsciously.

    If they did not release their protective battle qis, even knights' skeletons and muscles would become stiff in only a few minutes at such a low temperature. In such an environment, commoners might not bear 3 minutes even in thick clothes before their blood all over became frozen.

    Of course, Zhang Tie's first target was a silver secret item. After all, those coming here were all trying their own lucks whether they were circling around the mountain or going up the mountain. Therefore, the so-called target was always uncertain.


    After 2 hours, Zhang Tie who was going up the mountain suddenly felt a colorful light flashing by while a golden, brilliant pheasant with a beautiful tail flew in front of Zhang Tie...

    The virtual image of a secret item!

    Zhang Tie was thrilled for a second. He instantly sped up by a few times and chased after that beautiful bird...

    After passing by a ridge, Zhang Tie saw that the beautiful huge bird lurked in a red pearl of a secret item in a cluster of metallic crystals.

    The cluster of metallic crystals covered thousands of square meters. 7-8 pearls of secret items were in those metallic crystals like some brilliant lotus flowers in a lotus leaf. The beautiful, huge bird lurked in one of the pearls.

    The moment Zhang Tie entered the metallic crystals, he had heard an air-tearing sound from behind while a female knight appeared from afar...

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, the female knight changed her face at once...
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