Chapter 942: An Aggressive Male Knight of Tianlu Palace

    Chapter 942: An Aggressive Male Knight of Tianlu Palace

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    Zhang Tie didn't feel that this female knight was strange as he had seen her at the entrance of the Earth-elements Realm. At that time, this woman was on the airboat. Although Zhang Tie was not sure about her full name, he only faintly heard Zhang Anguo the grand elder of Tianlu Palace call her Shuzhen.

    This age was predominated by males. Therefore, the step of selecting characters only targeted at male knights. In Hua clans, even though female knights could attend the chakra rotating ceremony, they could not select characters. Female knights had to get married. According to the regulation of Taixia Country, after getting married, female knights had to follow up their husbands' surnames. Therefore, it was useless for them to select characters.

    It seemed that this female knight of Zhang Clan was a bit afraid of Zhang Tie. These days, this female knight always kept away from Zhang Tie and dared not to look straight into his eyes.

    After all, the words that Zhang Tie told Bai Suxian last time shocked this female knight too much. Before meeting Zhang Tie, she almost didn't believe that there was such a person in this world.

    Neither of the two people had imagined that they could encounter here once again. Therefore, after seeing each other, they were both stunned.

    The female knight of Zhang Clan blushed as she oozed sweat all over and panted a bit. It seemed that she had been chasing after that beautiful, huge bird for a long time. Therefore, she consumed her strength physically and spiritually a lot.

    Zhang Tie pretended to be solemn. He had just chased after that beautiful, huge bird for less than half a minute before watching it to lurk inside the pearl of a secret item.

    The two people just watched each other.

    "That...that colorful bird is mine!" The female knight finally plucked up her courage, "I've already chased after it for a long time!"

    "Hoho, young sister, have you forgotten our rule? The one who takes the silver secret item first will keep it!" Zhang Tie reminded the female knight with a solemn look. Given her naive face, Zhang Tie estimated that her real age might be similar to that of him. Therefore, he felt like teasing her. Now that she had already chased after the colorful bird for a long time, Zhang Tie really didn't mean to compete with her shamelessly. He was always soft-hearted to women. Actually, this woman reminded Zhang Tie of his elder sister Lan Yunxi. If she could promote to a knight at such a young age, she must be an elite in the Tianlu Palace. "Only when you catch it, you could have it. Even if you have seen it and have chased after it for a long time, it doesn't necessarily belong to you. Am I clear?"

    Zhang Tie was telling the truth. Unless the woman had caught the silver secret item or had locked the pearl of the secret item and prepared to smash it, this woman could not say that the silver secret item belonged to her.

    If one could have a silver secret item only after catching sight of and chasing after it, who that colorful bird would belong to if someone else suddenly jumped out and said that he had also caught sight of that colorful bird and chased after it ahead two of them? What if Zhang Tie sent a message to Gong Ziyao through his remote-sensing crystal finger ring and played a trick at this moment, how would this female knight respond to that?

    The three earth knights had long considered these questions. Based on their rich experience and crafty temperaments, of course, the three earth knights would not leave a chance for others to play such a performance when they made the rule. Therefore, after entering the hieron, although they could compete with each other and strive for silver secret items, they had to follow the principle that the one who took the object first instead of catching sight of it and chasing after it first could have it.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, the female knight bit her lips. Although she wanted to dispute, she didn't know how while she revealed a helpless look on her delicate face.

    The great excitement caused by encountering the virtual image of a silver secret item, the hardship of chasing after it for a long time and the hopelessness in the end made her bright eyes turn crystal at once.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that this female knight's face was so thin. Only after a few words, she had dropped off her tears.

    Since Zhang Tie promoted to a knight, he had met a few female knights such as Gongsun Liniang, Guo Hongyi and Bai Suxian; the first two were tough women while Bai Suxian was simply a spirit. These women left an impression on Zhang Tie that female knights would never drop off tears until he met such a tender female knight who dropped off her tears so easily.

    Actually, a female's tear was more lethal to Zhang Tie than her battle qi.

    The moment Zhang Tie wanted to explain that he was joking and wanted to expose which pearl of the secret item had the colorful bird lurked in, another knight of Tianlu Palace flashed between the two of them.

    He was much elder than both Zhang Tie and the female knight with a whisker and pair of narrow and long eyes. He looked pretty aggressive and cunning.

    "9th young sister. I saw you chase after the virtual image of a silver secret item just now. Have you caught up with it?" The moment he landed, he had asked about it with a concerned look.

    The female knight didn't speak. After throwing a glance at her face, Zhang Tie and the cluster of metallic crystals which exposed out of the ridge behind Zhang Tie, he rolled his eyes a few times before figuring out what happened.

    The male then moved his eyes onto Zhang Tie as his mouth corners moved a bit, "Does young brother Cui want to be hostile to Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace only for a silver secret item? How about giving a face to Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace and leaving away by yourself so that we could still be friends?"

    Hearing the man's words, Zhang Tie immediately swallowed his words.

    Evidently, this man wanted to make Zhang Tie admit defeat in the name of Tianlu Palace. Given his words, he was going to rob it and force Zhang Tie to exit.

    As there was a cluster of metallic crystals behind Zhang Tie and the "9th young sister" who stopped here with a sad look, evidently the virtual image of the secret item that the "9th young sister" had been chasing after had lurked into the pearl of the secret item in that cluster of metallic crystals. At the critical moment, this guy surnamed Cui blocked her way.

    After throwing a glance at that female knight, Zhang Tie revealed a smile which contained a bit jest meaning which could not be observed by others, "Well, I will give a face to Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace!"

    After saying that, Zhang Tie directly turned around and left, leaving the man and the woman to stand still with a dumbfounded look. It seemed that they didn't believe that Zhang Tie could leave the silver secret item to them so easily.

    After Zhang Tie walked away from one side of the ridge, the two people hurriedly jumped over there.

    At the sight of it, the man became startled. Although there were metallic crystals behind the ridge, they had never imagined that there were 8 pearls of secret items in the cluster of metallic crystals.

    Apparently, only 1 of the 8 pearls of secret items contained the colorful bird while all the others might be empty.

    "Hold on..." The man turned around and intended to stop Zhang Tie...
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