Chapter 943: The Conflict

    Chapter 943: The Conflict

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    Zhang Tie turned around and left right away right because there were 8 pearls of secret items in the cluster of metallic crystals.

    It would take one about 2 days to open a pearl of the secret item; however, they could only stay here 3 days at most. That was to say, except for Zhang Anguo, the other 8 knights of Tianlu Palace had to make their full efforts in 3 days, 1 for each pearl of the secret item so as to ensure that Tianlu Palace could get the silver secret item in the end.

    Tianlu Palace organized 9 knights to explore the hieron ruins not only for one silver secret item.

    For any knight and clan, silver secret items were rarities. By contrast, as Zhang Tie had gained a shield from the demon general which was a silver secret item and had the Castle of Black Iron which was much sharper than silver secret items, plus his emperor-level cultivation method and his master Zhao Yuan who was known as the No. 1 criminal in Taixia Country, Zhang Tie was experienced and knowledgeable; therefore, he was greatly immune to the allure of silver secret items.

    Due to these reasons, realizing that this guy of Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace was like a donkey in a lion's hide and frightening him in the name of Tianlu Palace, Zhang Tie didn't feel like arguing with him.

    Given that they all were surnamed Zhang and originated from the same family thousands of years ago, Zhang Tie indeed saved the face of Tianlu Palace.

    It was just a silver secret item, Zhang Tie would like to see whether Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace wanted it or not.

    If the knights of Tianlu Palace had made their decision, they could get that silver secret item for sure. But the problem was that would these knights be satisfied by only one silver secret item?

    Additionally, how did the 8 people share one silver secret item? It might bother Tianlu Palace.

    The two knights of Zhang Clan didn't notice that there were 8 pearls of secret items in the cluster of metallic crystals just now. They thought there was only one; therefore, they were left dumbfounded at this moment.

    As for Zhang Tie who knew where was the "bird's nestle", the silver secret item in this cluster of metallic crystals could be easily got; however, as for the two knights of Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace, the 8 pearls of secret items made the silver secret item tricky at once.

    Although 1/8 was a high possibility, Zhang knights were apparently not satisfied with it.

    Zhang Tie ignored the male knight's voice and kept walking forward.

    After realizing that Zhang Tie ignored his words, the male knight who was blinded by the lust for the silver secret item and the face of the "9th young sister" immediately jumped over there and intended to stop Zhang Tie by catching his back.


    Perhaps Zhang Tie was so kind just now that this male knight of Tianlu Palace thought that Zhang Tie was a "big lug" and he could be a bit more excessive.

    At this moment, the female knight hesitated a bit as she felt it was a bit improper. She wanted to stop the male knight; however, it was too late...

    After hearing the shrill sound from his back, Zhang Tie was driven mad as he immediately drew out his spear and lashed back with 80% of his full strength.

    It was not a prick, but a lash like how he beat a dog with a stick.

    The moment Zhang Tie moved his spear, the air beside him had gone berserk while uttering a sharp, shrill sound like a piece of steel being cut open.

    Hearing this sound, the two knights of Tianlu Palace changed their faces at once as this sound indicated a great, terrifying physical strength...

    The spear was lashed onto the hand of the knight precisely.

    Zhang Tie just used his animal's sheer strength without running his battle qi.

    That person's protective battle qi vibrated heavily while being reduced to the extreme. Although his protective battle qi was not broken, the overwhelming strength from Zhang Tie's spear was completely transferred to the latter's hand and full body after being buffered for a second.

    With a cracking sound, that male knight's wrist was broken at once. With a muffled sound, he was sent flying over 50 m away like a baseball.

    With a sound "Chuang...", the female knight of Zhang Clan drew out her long sword at once; however, she didn't launch an attack; instead, she just prevented herself from being further attacked by Zhang Tie.

    However, Zhang Tie just watched the two people with a cold look with crossed arms.

    After his wrist was broken, the knight picked himself up in a groggy way while his face turned abnormally pale. At the same time, he watched Zhang Tie with a hateful look, "Well...well...I saw another one who'd like to be hostile to Tianlu Palace...I'll remember you...Cui Li, don't you regret!"

    Watching Zhang Tie lashing the battle puppets into pieces in the lobby was different than tasting the terrifying strength from his spear. After his wrist was broken, the male knight was a bit scared. What the two knights of Tianlu Palace had not imagined was that Zhang Tie who looked kind suddenly became so vicious.

    "Peh, piss off!" After hearing that guy's vicious words, Zhang Tie instantly spat out a mouth of saliva onto the ground, which instantly turned into ice scums the moment it touched the ground. Zhang Tie then looked at the male knight with a domineering eye light and asked, "Do you Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace guys have one more d*ck than others or what? Is the Weapons Mountain your household plot or the Emperor Xuanyuan comes from your home? F*ck, you think if you want this father to leave, this father will leave; if you want this father to stop, this father will stop? Who the motherf*cking are you? This father doesn't want to argue with you because we have the same ancestor; this father is not used to rob items from a female; motherf*cker, are you not satisfied with it? You know what, this father will never tell you which nestle did the colorful bird hide in even if I knew it. So what? Come to bite off my butt?"

    The female knight was dumbfounded. Although she wanted to say something, after listening to Zhang Tie's vulgar words, her face blushed as she couldn't utter a word.

    The moment the male knight of Tianlu Palace wanted to say something...

    Zhang Tie widely opened his ox-like eyes and frightened his words back, "Motherf*cker, if you dare make another f*rt, this father will fetch all the people and gift the bird's nestle to others. I guarantee you that Tianlu Palace will get nothing!"

    If Zhang Tie really did this, Tianlu Palace couldn't stop him. Legally, the one who was most qualified to gain this silver secret item was actually Zhang Tie. If he wanted to gift this right to others, how could Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace stop him? Just like how Zhang Tie argued just now, this was not the household plot of Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace. Neither did the Emperor Xuanyuan come from Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace.

    Finding the two knights being silent, Zhang Tie turned around and left.

    When he left, Zhang Tie hummed a weird song unconsciously.

    "I'm a little dragon...little dragon...little dragon...little dragon...how many secrets do I have...secrets...secrets...secrets...I've got so many secrets, but I won't tell you, I won't tell you, I won't tell you..."

    Hearing Zhang Tie's weird song, the female knight's look turned weird too. The male knight gritted his teeth as Zhang Tie's hoarse voice drove him mad. He felt that Zhang Tie was teasing him; however, he had to stand it.

    Until Zhang Tie's back and song disappeared did the female knight put away her sword and hurriedly come to the male knight's side, "Senior fellow apprentice, are you okay?"

    "My wrist is broken..." The male knight let out a long sigh as he unconsciously frowned due to the sharp pain. Zhang Tie's overwhelming strike frightened him a lot, "This Cui Li has a terrifying, sheer animal's strength..."

    The female knight hurriedly took out her recovery medicament and daubed it over the male knight's wrist.

    "It's not the end..." The male knight said hatefully as an insidious and malicious eye light flashed by his eyes.

    "Senior fellow apprentice...I feel...I feel...Cui Li has given a compromise to us. It seems that we're a bit excessive..." The female knight whispered, "When I chased after the virtual image of the secret item, I almost lost it. Right then, this man passed by accidentally and appeared in front of me. He didn't mean to rob it from me..."

    The male knight frowned once again as he replied in a muffled voice, "9th young sister, you don't know that. Human hearts are insidious. If I was not here, you might have suffered a great loss. Additionally, it's a silver secret item, a silver secret item! As you were always cultivating in the cultivation room of our clan, you're too innocent. You don't know that many knights would even kill people or eliminate a clan only for a silver secret item. Now that we've already seen it and it was right in front of us, how could we let it go so easily? We should never give it to others..."

    When the male knight's wrist slightly recovered and didn't ache anymore, the two people revealed sorrowful looks towards the 8 pearls of secret items at the same time...

    'Do we really need to fetch all the others of Tianlu Palace?'


    After leaving the two knights, Zhang Tie had forgotten about that event. He didn't mind if Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace troubled him. After all, Cui Li was single, who had no family. He didn't believe that the Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace would treat him excessively. Actually, if the clan knights and elders of the Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace were all overbearing and arrogant, they might not gain such a remarkable social status...

    However, soon after he walked away, Zhang Tie had heard a sound from his back.

    'Is Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace coming to revenge me?'

    Zhang Tie turned around and saw that the female knight was catching up with him...
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