Chapter 944: A Condition

    Chapter 944: A Condition

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    Crossing his arms, Zhang Tie stopped as he watched the female knight of Tianlu Palace who caught up with him with a glassy-eyed look.

    "What? Do you want to revenge me?"

    The female knight stopped 2 m away as she threw a bashful glance at Zhang Tie, "No, I'm not here to revenge you. I'm here to say sorry to you on behalf of my senior fellow apprentice..."

    After hearing her answer, Zhang Tie looked at this female knight from head to toe seriously.

    With long hair reaching her butt, the female knight wore a delicate rose-colored half-body metal armor. She looked slim and elegant; especially her long, beautiful legs; with the coordination of her high metal battle boots, she looked pretty charming and young.

    The female knight also had a good look. Although she was not as brilliant as Lan Yunxi or as coquettish as Bai Suxian, her five sense organs were very delicate. With large eyes, snow-white skin, a straight nose and a tiny mouth, she was featured by the special elegance of Hua women in the Eastern Continent.

    If he were still in Blackhot City, the female knight's look would easily remind him of the beautiful neighboring elder sisters who had accepted higher education.

    At the beginning, this female knight reminded Zhang Tie of Lan Yunxi. After observing her carefully, he felt that she looked similar to Linda on temperament.

    Under the straight eye light of Zhang Tie, the female knight became a bit intense as she moved one step back. In her eyes, Zhang Tie was even more dangerous than those mutated beasts.

    "No need, if your senior fellow apprentice takes it amiss, just let him come for me here!"

    After hearing that the opponent was not here for trouble but for an apology, Zhang Tie's look turned better.

    "Generally, senior fellow apprentice Anshi is not such a kind of person. As the silver secret item is very important, he..."

    Zhang Tie wove his hand as he interrupted her words, "I don't care what kind of person is your senior fellow apprentice. You don't need to explain it to me either. Anything else? If no, I have to go..."

    "One...one more thing!" The female knight became a bit embarrassed.

    "Go ahead."

    "Would you...please...tell me which pearl of the secret item did the colorful bird lurk in?" The female knight lowered her head when she realized that this request was a bit excessive.

    Watching this female knight for a short while, Zhang Tie suddenly burst out into laughter, "Why do you think that I will tell you its whereabouts only by your one request? Are you dreaming? Why should I tell you that?"

    "I know it's a bit excessive; however I will appreciate you if you tell me that!" The female knight raised her head as she watched Zhang Tie's eyes bravely.

    Watching this woman, Zhang Tie realized that she was really innocent; instead of daydreaming. She was really a fresh-faced. It was Zhang Tie's first time to see such a naive female knight.

    "How do you plan to appreciate me?" Zhang Tie looked at this female knight with a weird eye light as he touched his jaw.

    "How much do I pay you?" The female knight asked seriously after thinking about it for a few seconds.

    "How much do you want to pay?"

    "2...no...300 million gold coins. I will give you 300 million gold coins as a compensation!" The female knight nodded with an affirmative look. In the beginning, she wanted to say 200 million gold coins; however, she felt that 200 million gold coins were too less; therefore, she added another 100 million gold coins.

    Honestly, Zhang Tie was really startled by her casual tone which felt like buying fruits on the roadside instead of the amount of money.

    In Huaiyuan Palace, even Zhang Taixuan the head of Zhang Clan would not deal with 300 million gold coins in such a casual way.

    "Do you have so much money?" Zhang Tie looked at her with a dubious look.

    "The total amount of lucky money during the lunar new year, my pocket money given by my mom and my dowry left by my grandma these years should be enough..." The female knight answered seriously after thinking about it for quite a while.

    Hearing her reply, Zhang Tie wanted to die!

    As a man who was loath to eat his mother's rice brew for the sake of some copper coins when he was young, he really didn't feel that he was living in the same world with this woman after hearing that this woman's lucky money and pocket money was as much as hundreds of millions of gold coins.

    'F*ck, what a sharp difference!'

    Zhang Tie's eye corners twitched for a short while before he shook his head, "If I needed money, I would make it myself. Additionally, I don't lack money. Money is not that important for knights!"

    "If so, I can give you 2,000 earth-elements crystals, what do you say?" The female knight didn't give up her mind.

    "Did you bring so many earth-element crystals with you?"


    "Why do I believe you then?"

    "But I can give it to you when we leave out of here..."

    The female knight's words were interrupted by Zhang Tie once again, "After leaving out of here? After leaving, Tianlu Palace would outnumber us. If you want to disavow it, would I fight you to death only for 2,000 earth-element crystals? If you hid yourself, I wouldn't even have a chance to fight you to death. Do you think this brother Cui is so stupid?"

    "What do you want?"

    "What's your name?" After looking at her from her head to toe, Zhang Tie's voice suddenly turned tender as he revealed a weird smile.

    Although she was not frightened by Zhang Tie's rudeness, she was startled by Zhang Tie's sudden tenderness. Therefore, she moved one step back once again.

    "I...I'm Zhang Shuzhen!" The female knight watched Zhang Tie with vigilant eyes.

    "I've got a condition. If you promise me, I will tell you the whereabouts of the colorful bird."

    "What condition?"

    "Hohoho, let this brother Cui kiss you enough right here. This brother Cui has not kissed a female knight yet." Zhang Tie revealed an "evil" laugh as if he was a timber wolf who had caught sight of a small white rabbit.

    Zhang Shuzhen's face turned pale and red consecutively, "You said...kiss...kiss me here?"

    "Don't waste my time. If you promise me, I will tell you that. If not, you'd better leave right away!"

    "Just kiss...kiss my face?"

    "Nonsense. Of course, I have to kiss your mouth. It's boring to just kiss your face." Zhang Tie said with an evil facial expression, "I don't want anything else, ho...ho..."

    Zhang Shuzhen's breasts undulated while her face changed colors sharply as if she was struggling inside. After being silent for more than 10 seconds, when she saw Zhang Tie turning around and intending to leave impatiently, she finally made her determination. With the spirit of sacrificing herself to feed a lion, she closed her eyes as she raised her head and said, "I agree...you can..."

    'Just one time, it will be okay after standing it a few seconds. By comparison, the silver secret item is more important...'

    The female knight comforted herself.

    "Don't bite my tongue!" Zhang Tie warned her when he moved closer to her. When she recalled Zhang Tie's rudeness and terror, the female knight's body quivered...

    'Will he reach his tongue into my mouth?'

    'It's just a kiss. Why does he kiss my tongue?'

    The female knight felt disgusted about Zhang Tie's warning...

    Watching Zhang Shuzhen clenching her fists and raising her delicate, stubborn face with quivering eyelashes, Zhang Tie smirked and moved his face closer to her. After sniffing her fragrance, Zhang Tie blew towards her face. The female knight became as stiff as a steel plate in a split second...

    Zhang Shuzhen had already sensed Zhang Tie's heat while her heart pounded like beating a drum; meanwhile, her mind was completely blank like lying under the scaffold...

    Zhang Shuzhen waited for a while; however, Zhang Tie didn't move...

    After another a few seconds, Zhang Tie still didn't move...

    Zhang Shuzhen then opened her eyes and found nobody in front of her at all.

    Zhang Tie had already disappeared while his voice reached her ears in a secret way, "One of the two pearls of secret items is real, the one on the highest point of the cluster of metallic crystals and the one on the direction of 7 o'clock from where I stood on the ridge. If your motherf*cking senior fellow apprentice wants to pretend to be a hero, let him open the two pearls of secret items with you in 2 days! Young sister, you smell good, ha...ha..."


    Zhang Tie belittled those who took advantage of others' difficulties, especially of women. Therefore, he only made a joke with this female knight of Zhang Clan, Tianlu Palace.

    Because it was not Zhang Tie's temperament to give concession to a woman only because of the latter's few words on the premise that the two parties had a conflict just now. At this moment, how come Zhang Tie directly tell her the whereabouts of the colorful bird?

    The reason why Zhang Tie told her two pearls of secret items was that he wanted the male knight of Tianlu Palace who pretended to be a hero to pay for his rudeness.

    The period that they would stay in the hieron ruins was only enough for each knight to open one pearl of the secret item. In order to verify whether Zhang Tie's words were true or not, one knight of Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace had to spend longer than 2 days on a meaningless object or have each of the 8 knights of Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace waste 6 hours. This was the punishment for the male knight who had pretended to be a hero in front of Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie felt that he had done good enough.

    After locking the two pearls of secret items, the possibility for them to find the right one would rise from 1/8 to 1/2.

    Zhang Tie could imagine the fake hero's poor look.

    'I will see whether you will continue to pretend to be a hero for the sake of a beauty at the risk of my benefits in front of me...'


    On the way to the middle of the mountain, namely, above 5,000 m, Zhang Tie didn't have any chance to meet any virtual image of a silver secret item any longer...

    From the halfway above, the mountain was covered with a cloud of mist while its temperature declined sharply.

    The cloud of mist was actually composed of fine icy crystals suspending in the air. Without releasing the protective battle qi, anyone would suffer a cruel torture of being stabbed by tens of thousands of needles.

    It was cold and almost air-free. As a result, it's hard for black iron knights to move and stay long in such an environment...

    At this moment, two people appeared in the cloud of mist in front of Zhang Tie and disappeared in a wink.

    The two people didn't see Zhang Tie; however, Zhang Tie caught sight of them.

    They were Lu Zhongming and his wife.

    Zhang Tie became stunned, 'Why are they moving towards the top of the mountain too?'


    At the top of the Weapons Mountain, a magnificent hieron was standing there in a majestic way...

    Old Monster Qi was the first one who reached the top of the mountain and caught sight of the hieron...
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