Chapter 945: Breaking the Gate of the Hieron

    Chapter 945: Breaking the Gate of the Hieron

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    At the top of the highest peak of the Weapons Mountain...

    Old Monster Qi, who arrived here first, walked towards the hieron.

    The hieron was built in the mountain and was integrated with the entire Weapons Mountain. The entire hieron was tall and majestic. It was completely made of a metal, which radiated the same luster as that on the floor of the lobby where the battle puppets stood. There were various mysterious reliefs of figures and animals on the exterior walls of the hieron...

    If those metal reliefs could be cut off from the walls, they were extremely superb, priceless art treasures and the most precious materials for anthropologists and historians to study far-ancient civilizations.

    However, they were just reliefs on the walls here.

    Very few of those who came here would value artworks and care about the academic value and research value of them.

    Because all those who could arrive here were at the top of the pyramid of humans. They were featured as being realistic, powerful and knowing what was most important for themselves.

    It was too cold here. The temperature here almost reached the upper limit of all the living beings. Even earth knights had to release their protective battle qis so as to stay here a bit longer.

    As the air here was thinner, people here would feel suffocated in the vacuum unconsciously.

    What was more, those reliefs on the exterior walls were integrated with the hieron, which could not be cut off at all.

    The gate of the hieron was higher than 10 m. It was completely closed. Therefore, Old Monster Qi could not see what was inside at all.

    In order to catch time, Old Monster Qi rushed to the top of the Weapons Mountain at the fastest speed at the cost of too much strength physically and spiritually.

    As he walked towards the hieron, Old Monster Qi drank up a vial of all-purpose medicament. At the same time, he panted while widely opening his mouth.

    Earth knights needed to breathe too. Although earth knights could hold breath for a long time in extreme conditions, Old Monster Qi could still breathe as more as possible at this moment so as to recover his physical strength and aura as faster as possible.

    The oxygen content of ten breaths here was equal to that of two breaths at the foot of the mountain.

    Old Monster Qi came to the front of the hieron while radiating shrewd eye lights. He circled around the hieron for a while as if he was looking for another entrance.

    Pitifully, Old Monster Qi became disappointed.

    The only access to the hieron was that closed gate.

    After coming to the front of the gate, Old Monster Qi checked the gate for a few minutes before shaking his head. He then forcefully pushed the gate; however, the gate remained still. After that, Old Monster Qi moved a few steps back and took a deep breath before striking the gate of the hieron with his battle qi constantly and fiercely...


    Old Monster Qi kept striking the gate of the hieron thousands of times in over 10 minutes.

    Besides the bangs reverberating on the top of the mountain, the gate of the hieron remained still.

    Facing the strikes of earth knights, even adamant steel would be shattered into pieces; however, that gate remained still like nothing had happened.

    "It's useless, Old Monster Qi..." A voice sounded behind Old Monster Qi. During the past 10-odd minutes, Zhang Anguo the grand elder of Tianlu Palace had already ascended to the top of the main peak and appeared behind Old Monster Qi, "I guess that you were leaving one step earlier than us for the sake of the benefits here. If the gate of this hieron could be opened so easily, it would be none of our business!"

    Old Monster Qi stopped as he turned around and smirked, "Do you also want to pretend to be innocent in front of me? If you were not afraid of me occupying all the good items in the hieron, why did you come here?"

    "Old Monster Qi, if you could really open the gate, according to the rule, all those who could see them would have a share, of course, I would share them with you! Let's see whether you could occupy all of them." The grand elder of Tianlu Palace said with a calm look.

    As old guys were always shrewd, the grand elder of Tianlu Palace took it for granted.

    Old Monster Qi replied with a cold harrumph.

    "Among the hierons being discovered in the Earth-elements Realm, besides the sacrificial altar of the joss, most of them were clean and solemn, leaving no good items to people..." Saying this, Mountain Lifting Hermit jumped onto the platform on the top of this peak steadily as he continued, "In far-ancient times, these hierons were all majestic and solemn religious sites instead of treasure banks. The treasure bank here is in the palace complex where we've just passed by. It has been robbed by people tens of thousands of years ago. It'd be a surprise if we could find something good here; however, it'd be normal if there was no good thing here. Otherwise, we wouldn't get the key to this hieron only at such a small cost!"

    "Mountain Lifting Hermit, just admit it. Hohohoho, 4 decades ago, Dongfang Haori the head of Dongfang Clan in Lanzhou Province gained a heavenly-level space-teleportation equipment from a hieron's palace. It's said that that space-teleportation equipment is used for lighting an oil lamp, which looked pretty common. Therefore, Dongfang Haori got a good deal. This space-teleportation equipment has been the No. 1 treasure of Dongfang Clan, which is called Ocean-containing Bottle. Mountain Lifting Hermit, dare you to say that you don't want one like that?"

    "Over so many years, humans have just found one Brightness Hieron in the Earth-elements Realm. Except for the Brightness Hieron, how could other hieron's temples contain such a space-teleportation equipment which is used for loading oil?" Mountain Lifting Hermit let out a sigh as he said with a faintly frustrated tone. It felt like a man who used to buy lottery tickets heard someone hitting the jackpot while he got nothing at all.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit was longing for a space-teleportation equipment very much. He was more familiar with the process that how Dongfang Haori gained his Ocean-Containing Bottle than anyone else. He had seriously studied that.

    As the Brightness Hieron needed to maintain its brightness, a space-teleportation equipment was used to light the hieron. People didn't meet such a surprise anymore in other hierons. Even though the far-ancient civilizations were pretty magnificent, people of those ages were not so luxurious that they would use space-teleportation equipment as a common container in each hieron or temple.

    There were some advanced silver secret items in the battle god temples; however, this one was not a battle god temple, but an unknown one. Therefore, it could barely contain any silver secret items.

    Based on the modern people's study about the far-ancient history and civilizations, a certain far-ancient age was full of religions; in that age, people worshiped and stood in awe of various deities. There might be tens of thousands of religions in that age, leaving the most hieron ruins.

    However, few people could precisely distinguish the categories of hieron ruins.

    It was a very profound learning about the source of humans and demons. Pundits in this discipline enjoyed a lofty position even among knights.

    "Even though there's no space-teleportation equipment, I think the system control hub in the hieron is still well preserved. Why not attempt to join hands to open the gate? If there's a system control hub, we will see whether there are some surprises inside it. If there are, we can share it!" Old Monster Qi proposed after rolling his pupils.

    "Old Monster Qi, it seems that you're desiring so much to open this gate!" The grand elder of Tianlu Palace opened his mouth abruptly.

    Old Monster Qi uttered two weird shrieks before saying, "I just don't want to go back in vain. After all, we've been here. Why not have a try? Three people are much more powerful than one. It's also possible for a blind cat to meet a dead rat."

    Mountain Lifting Hermit and Zhang Anguo exchanged a glance with each other before nodding at the same time.

    Earth knights were all confident, powerful ones. If they were not confident about their powers or out of the bit of fluke mind and curiosity, the three earth knights would not come here. No matter what, as they had already come here, they would have a try, even though a heavenly knight could not break such a gate of hieron according to the legends.

    'What if the gate was opened by accident? What if there're some surprises inside it?'

    With the tentative thought, the three earth knights joined hands with each other and battered the gate of the hieron another 10 minutes by releasing their virtual images of battle qis.

    Although the main peak of the Weapons Mountain vibrated under their strikes, when they stopped, the gate was still closed without any damage.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit gave up his mind, "There might be nanobeads in the pearls of secret items near the top of the peak. As I have limited time, I will not waste it anymore, see you..."

    As he said that, Mountain Lifting Hermit jumped a few times and disappeared in the mist.

    "Hahaha, it seems that the legend is right. The gates of hierons could not be opened by sheer animal strength. I will go to somewhere else to find space-teleportation equipment. Old Monster Qi, don't daydream anymore. The Weapons Mountain itself is a mountain of treasures..." The grand elder of Tianlu Palace told Old Monster Qi before leaving here too.

    As a result, after watching the triangular relief being composed of three scales on the top of the gate of the hieron for a while with a complex and rapidly changing look, Old Monster Qi could only let out a sigh before leaving...

    Nobody knew what Old Monster Qi was thinking about.


    When muffled thunders constantly drifted from the main peak of the Weapons Mountain, Zhang Tie stopped his footsteps as he looked up at the highest peak...

    As it was so loud that even though it was far away from Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie could still feel the faint shocks at his foot like sensing a train passing by while standing not far away from the railway.

    'Are the three earth knights in a combat?'

    Zhang Tie was shocked at once.

    However, after sensing the locations of the three tracing feathers, Zhang Tie denied this possibility. If earth knights were in combat, they would not stand still even if they were in a close combat.

    The tracing feather which entered here in the end also sensed the shocks drifted from the top of the mountain. After being still for a few minutes, the tracing feather accelerated its speed at once...

    "Monitoring" the locations of those tracing feathers, Zhang Tie licked his mouth while a light flashed across his eyes.

    'F*ck, this journey is becoming more and more interesting...' Zhang Tie sighed with emotions.
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