Chapter 946: Enticing the Lions off the Top of the Main Peak

    Chapter 946: Enticing the Lions off the Top of the Main Peak

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    There were a lot of crystals near the top of the Weapons Mountain which contained more pearls of secret items than those below the halfway of the mountain. Therefore, Mountain Lifting Hermit, Zhang Anguo and Old Monster Qi sought for the pearls of secret items which might contain nanobeads and space-teleportation equipment near the top of the mountain.

    One important feature of silver secret items was that they could break the physical and space limits of regular equipment such as size and existence form, which was out of commoners' comprehension.

    Silver secret items could directly extract elements from the elements realm and form material objects. In commoners' eyes, this was definitely a myth.

    By contrast, small space-teleportation equipment such as nanobead could have a large capacity.

    As they could sense the existence of elements realm, knights could understand how silver secret items worked; whereas, they could not understand the working principle of space-teleportation equipment such as nanobead.

    Was it a mini wormhole or a foldable space which could compress and restore materials in terms of quantum in a specific way?

    Nobody knew about it!

    People could only guess the working principle of space-teleportation equipment such as nanobead.

    Scientists might be interested in the working principle of space-teleportation equipment. However, as for knights in this age, only weapons were most practical.

    Although nanobead was a silver secret item, it was much more advanced than common silver secret items; additionally, being different from common silver secret items, nanobeads would not expose their virtual images of secret items at all.

    Even earth knights could only have 80% of possibility to gain a nanobead.

    As for the remaining 20% of possibility, they should refer to the features of pearls of secret items which might contain nanobeads through long-term learning.

    Like how experienced fishermen and pearl catchers living on the sea judged whether the seashells that they had got contained pearls through the surfaces of the seashells, after about 800-900 years of inheritance and practice after the Catastrophe and numerous people's studies and conclusions, knights also worked out a learning on judging the value of pearls of secret item.

    This learning was called "The Learning about Secret Items".

    "The Learning about Secret Items" was the top secret knowledge and the most influential learning. This learning originated from Taixia Country and led the orientation and popular trend of human knights.

    In Taixia Country, if a knight wanted to show off his talent and display his special taste, he had to show off his learning on secret items when he would win a lot of knights' admirations.

    Knights, especially male knights didn't have to be handsome in Taixia Country. If an earth knight was ugly in Taixia Country, you could comment his ugly look in front of him and he would not get angry about that; however, if you said he didn't know the learning of secret items, it was equal to calling him an illiterate. It was like calling a rich people nouveau riche. 9 of 10 knights would get angry about that and you would face a very severe result.

    Zhang Tie didn't know about the "Learning of Secret Items" among the knights of Taixia Country. Waii Sub-continent was just a barren land for Taixia Country and no elders of Huaiyuan Palace could show off their learning about secret items. After coming to Taixia Country for a few days, Zhang Tie had been wanted by the supreme court. As Zhang Tie didn't communicate with the knights of Taixia Country especially knights above earth knights too much, he didn't know the popular learning about secret items among the knights of Taixia Country at all.

    However, being different from Zhang Tie, Mountain Lifting Hermit, the grand elder of Tianlu Palace and Old Monster Qi had studied hard about the learning of secret items.

    All three earth knights had gnosis about the learning of secret items; additionally, they were all a bit reserved.


    The pearls of secret items were formed by the four elements in the elements realm, which carried a special attribute, namely, the greater the striking strength was on them, the more resistant and harder they would be. It was similar to those materials being invented in scientific means before the Catastrophe which could adjust their physical properties to the changing stress.

    Therefore, an earth knight would only open a pearl of secret item 20% faster than a black iron knight. That was to say, if it would take a black iron knight 50 hours to open a pearl of a secret item, it would take an earth knight about 40 hours to open a pearl of a secret item.

    The time in the hieron ruins was equally precious to the three earth knights.


    According to the survey, each commoner who traded stocks would feel that they were a bit better than the average level; knights who studied the learning about secret items thought almost as same as common stock traders.

    In this world, commoners had many secret methods to trade stocks; similarly, knights had many secret methods of selecting pearls of secret items too.


    After circling around 4-5 pearls of secret items in a cluster of crystals being not far from the top of the mountain for quite a while, Mountain Lifting Hermit compared the sizes, colors, feels and grains of those pearls of secret items. He even patted one after another like selecting a watermelon. Finally, he selected a pearl of a secret item and started to strike it with his battle qi.

    The moment he started his work, he had made constant bangs.


    As for the grand elder of Tianlu Palace, he took out 3 turtlebacks and stood still on the side of each pearl of secret item for a few minutes, during which period, he threw the three turtlebacks onto each pearl of secret item and made judgments according to the numbers of positive sides and negative sides facing upside.

    He soon selected one pearl of the secret item too.


    Old Monster Qi's method was more astonishing. He took out a file and scraped each pearl of secret item forcefully. Closely after that, he tasted a bit powder of each pearl of the secret item and finally selected one.

    After occupying a cluster of crystals near the hieron at the top of the mountain respectively, the three earth knights got busy. Unconsciously, they surrounded the hieron.


    The weird grey cloud of the mist of the demon baron stopped less than 0.7 miles away from the top of the main peak of the mountain because it had heard the bangs and the specific battle qis of earth knights.

    As this was still in the no-fly zone, actually there were just 2 or 3 paths leading to the top of the main peak. After circling around there for a while, the demon baron found that the three paths towards the top of the main peak were all blocked by earth human knights; therefore, it frowned unconsciously.

    The demon baron was not afraid of any single earth human knight here; however, the situation became tricky when three earth human knights gathered together within a short distance.

    The sharp senses of earth knights could never be matched by black iron knights. Therefore, no matter how much the demon baron excelled at disguising and hiding skills, as long as it was less than 100 m away from an earth knight, it would have a probability of 80% to be noticed by the earth knight; if it was less than 50 m away from an earth knight, it would definitely be noticed.

    No matter from which side it would go up the hill, the demon baron would definitely be found by one of the three earth human knights. As long as one earth human knight found it, the other two would find it too. If so, the demon baron's plan would fail for sure.

    The core of the demon baron's plan was to enter the main temple of the bloody sacrificial hieron and control the system control hub of the entire hieron. As long as it controlled the system control hub, it would be able to catch all the human knights here and gradually made all of them its bloody sacrifices.

    It would take him some time; at least he didn't want to be bothered by people when he entered the main temple.

    After looking at the top of the main peak with a fierce eye light for a few seconds, the demon baron turned around and ran towards another direction...

    However, the demon baron didn't know that since he entered this hieron ruins, his trace had been tightly monitored by a human knight.


    Right then, Zhang Tie who was going up the hill became stunned. When a colorful light flashed by, Zhang Tie heard Lu Zhongming and his wife exclaiming at the same time. Closely after that, the two people started to chase after that colorful light at a faster speed.

    After following the couple for a short while, Zhang Tie caught sight of something in the hands of this immortal couple. That thing was radiating a faint glow and was wrapped by them so that they could resist the coldness and reach 6,000 m above the Weapons Mountain.

    As few black iron knights could reach here, therefore, there were more chances here than below.

    Zhang Tie didn't follow up the couple anymore; instead, he frowned.

    The last tracing feather stopped almost 0.7 miles away from the three earth human knights near the top of the main peak of the mountain.

    Given the route of the tracing feather, Zhang Tie sensed that its destination was the top of the main peak. However, the three earth human knights blocked its way.

    After making a circle below the three earth human knights, the weird cloud of mist didn't find any way to go up the hill.

    Therefore, the tracing feather went down the hill; however, it didn't directly come to the foot of the mountain; instead, it rushed downwards like how a snake moved.

    Those who had been scouts or soldiers must know that in a certain region such a snake walking route was evidently a tactical search action, which would not ensure you to encounter your enemy at the fastest speed but could ensure you to find your enemy being nearest to the circle center of your moving route.

    'Now that it didn't want to encounter Mountain Lifting Hermit, Zhang Anguo and Old Monster Qi near the top of the main peak, why would it choose to go downhill like a snake? Isn't he afraid of colliding with human knights? What's it thinking about?'

    Zhang Tie's mind became as clear as crystal once again...

    'He's enticing the three lions off the top of the main peak!'
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