Chapter 947: Making a Choice

    Chapter 947: Making a Choice

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    Actually, many critical moments didn't have too many signs before arrival; instead, they came as natural as evening sunglow, thunders on rainy days and silkworms breaking out of cocoons. They always appear silently. When you understood that your choice would determine the fates of you and many people around you, the critical moments had already elapsed, leaving no chance for you to make a choice again.

    Zhang Tie didn't know that he was facing such a choice. He only felt that the last tracing feather was very weird and had a strong will to reach the top of the main peak. Although he didn't know the guy's final target.

    He had a few options.

    First, ignore the weird mist. After all, there were three earth human knights here. Additionally, the new arriver didn't notice the existence of Zhang Tie. If the weird mist caused some trouble, the three earth human knights would handle it for sure.

    That man passed the lobby so fast that Zhang Tie almost regarded it as a shadow knight. However, seeing that guy getting cold feet and wandering in front of the three earth human knights, Zhang Tie reaffirmed that that guy was an earth knight. If it was a shadow knight, it could continue to go uphill without caring about the three earth human knights at all.

    Now that it could pass through the lobby so fast, it might have some special method.

    The first option was selfish for Zhang Tie.

    Second, Zhang Tie could make some noises so as to induce the three earth human knights towards the late arriver and destroy the guy's action and plan. It was even possible for them to round up that guy.

    After thinking about it for a while seriously, Zhang Tie gave it up.

    If Zhang Tie was a selfless sage, he might choose the second option at this moment. Without caring about possible dangers, exposing his trump card and standing on the frontline, he would definitely destroy the plan of the late guy who might harm the interests and safety of the human knights' teams.

    However, Zhang Tie was not a sage; he might be a gentleman in some aspects; however, he was never a sage. He was even a wanted criminal who couldn't even expose his real status. Therefore, he didn't need to be a hero at this moment.

    Zhang Tie could neither ignore it as it was too selfish nor sacrifice himself for the sake of others.

    Therefore, after considering it for a while, Zhang Tie chose the third option while being driven by a great curiosity.

    'I will not care about that guy's tactic for the time being; instead, I will reach the top of the mountain and check what that guy wants there. If that guy wants to harm all the human knights here, I will stop it or send a warning to the three earth human knights.'

    'By that time, I will have a good excuse--I have an exceptional aptitude; additionally, through cultivating "Fire Dragon Sutra", I have an extremely strong cold-resistance ability. After coming to the top of the main peak, I caught sight of that stranger doing something. Therefore, I released the battle qi signal to attract the three earth human knights there.'

    After thinking through it, Zhang Tie started to move.

    As he paid attention to the route of the tracing feather, Zhang Tie avoided encountering the tracing feather. At the same time, he rushed all the way towards the top of the main peak.

    After more than half an hour, Zhang Tie had reached a bit farther than 0.7 miles away from the three earth human knights near the top of the main peak. After activating the effect of super hiding skill, he hid himself somewhere.

    At that place, Zhang Tie could clearly sense and hear the bangs caused by the three earth human knights.

    Zhang Tie then started to monitor the locations of all the tracing feathers in his mind.

    The couple of Lu Zhongming stopped at somewhere above 7,000 m. They might have already targeted the pearl of a secret item which might contain that virtual image of the secret item.

    The late tracing feather had already declined to about 8,000 m at the hillside and was continuously searching its enemies.

    Zhang Tie predicted that the couple would encounter that grey cloud of mist for sure. At this moment, their vertical distance was only about 1,000 m. Of course, the linear distance between them was much farther; however, if the grey cloud of mist continued to search for its enemies in such a twisted way, it would encounter the couple who stood still sooner or later.

    Zhang Tie held his breath and waited for the coming battle.

    In less than 10 minutes, when the linear distance between the tracing feather and the couple was about 2,000 m, it suddenly stopped its snake walking search tactic. In a split second, it altered its route and rushed towards the couple like how a real python hunted its prey.

    Zhang Tie knew that the tracing feather had already found the couple. Perhaps, the couple had made some noise which aroused its attention from 2,000 m away.

    Sensing the tracing feather rushing towards the couple, Zhang Tie became intense at once even as an onlooker.

    Although Zhang Tie had not seen it by eyes, he had a commanding deja vu about what was happening.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was a bit guilty. If the couple was not far away from him, actually, he wanted to send a warning to the couple; however, he could only sense it at this moment.

    Thankfully, the couple's battle strengths were much greater than that of common black iron knights. Additionally, that guy should not just kill people; instead, it wanted to make some noise so as to entice the three earth human knights off the top of the main peak. Therefore, even if they fought each other, the couple would not lose their lives.

    That tracing feather approached to 200 m away from the couple at an extremely high speed. After that, it slowed down and circled around them for a short while as it gradually narrowed the distance to 100 m...50 m...

    'You still want to raid them as an earth knight? F*ck!'

    At this moment, Zhang Tie almost wanted to swear it loudly. He also genuinely sensed the danger of that guy, who didn't mind using despicable means to reach its target.

    In a split second, the tracing feather darted as fast as a lightning bolt and reached the side of the couple like a sharp saber.

    Zhang Tie opened his eyes and didn't sense that tracing feather anymore; instead, he threw a glance at the location of the couple at the hillside.

    Only after one second, a knight's battle qi signal had rushed into the sky...

    It was Lu Zhongming's battle qi signal; Lin Huanxi's battle qi signal didn't rise up.

    Zhang Tie could faintly hear Lu Zhongming's roar.

    When Lu Zhongming's battle qi signal rushed into the sky, the bangs near the top of the main peak stopped at once. Apparently, the three earth human knights found the abnormal situation too.

    In less than 10 seconds, Zhang Tie had seen Lu Zhongming's battle qi rushing downhill while the three earth human knights also dashed towards the battle qi signal of Lu Zhongming.

    As for earth human knights, after entering the pyramid, they could not ignore the battle beside them; especially after someone of Old Monster Qi's team had been killed a few days ago.

    After sensing the three earth human knights going downhill, Zhang Tie instantly sprung up from where he hid and rushed towards the top of the main peak.

    Only in a few minutes, Zhang Tie had arrived at the top of the main peak.

    Zhang Tie looked around and caught sight of the hall of the hieron at once.

    He had not imagined that there was a hall of hieron over there.

    'It's closed, does that guy want to enter the hall?'

    At the sight of the clusters of crystals not far away from the gate of the hall, Zhang Tie rushed over there and hid in a metallic crystal.

    The late tracing feather was close to the tracing feather of Lin Huanxi when they were rushing downhill, closely followed by the tracing feather of Lu Zhongming. The three earth human knights were chasing after Lu Zhongming's battle qi signal from over 10 miles away.

    The front tracing feather suddenly sped up and left Lu Zhongming over 500 m away. It seemed that it had been out of Lu Zhongming's sight...

    Zhang Tie found the front tracing feather just made a circle at the middle of the mountain where the mist was densest before going up the hill from the other side; however, Lu Zhongming rushed all the way down the hill...

    Lu Zhongming lost his target...

    Lu Zhongming's battle qi signal rushed all the way downhill together with the three earth human knights...

    The tracing feather was both perilous and cunning.

    Sensing the tracing feather speeding up towards the top of the main peak, Zhang Tie held his breath at once. At the same time, he started to breathe with the help of the space in Castle of Black Iron like how he breathed in water. Namely, he inhaled the oxygen from Castle of Black Iron and exhaled the carbon dioxide into Castle of Black Iron.


    In over 10 minutes, the cloud of grey mist had flown onto the top of the main peak...

    Finally, the cloud of grey mist dispersed, revealing the original look of the demon baron, who was holding Lin Huanxi. She had been in the coma due to heavy wounds with blood at her mouth corners.

    'It's a demon, a real demon, an earth demon knight.' Zhang Tie was shocked inside.

    At the sight of the hieron's hall, the demon baron revealed a faintly grim smile as it rushed directly towards the gate.

    After coming to the front of the gate, the demon baron dropped Lin Huanxi onto the ground, causing her to spit out another mouth of blood while half of her body had been covered with blood.

    The moment her blood touched the ground, it had turned into bloody ice scums which were giving off white vapor. The demon baron stepped onto Lin Huanxi's neck by one foot barbariously and cruelly while paying attention to the grains on the gate conscientiously.

    A pair of black battle boots, white neck; a brutal demon and a mistreated human woman with a painful look. Being stimulated by such a sharp comparison, Zhang Tie's pupils shrunk at once...

    If not having activated his super hiding skill, Zhang Tie might have already exposed himself. The senses of knights; especially earth knights were out of commoners' imaginations.


    The grains on the gate of the hieron's hall was very similar to those on the floor of the lobby where they had passed.

    After watching it for half a minute, the demon baron had put one hand on one place of the grains; after a few seconds, it put its hand onto the other place of the grains...

    The demon baron constantly pressed over 10 times in 2 minutes. When it pressed the last place, the gate slowly opened without making any noise.

    When the demon baron found the gate was opened, it couldn't stand bursting out into laughter because it would soon gain the booty...

    He caught the woman's hair and directly dragged her into the hieron.

    Zhang Tie didn't know why would this demon have to enter the hieron's hall with such a trick. However, he knew that this guy was definitely going to do something bad.

    We should oppose what the enemies supported, support what the enemies opposed and destroy what the enemies wanted to do!

    This was always a classic proverb on fighting enemies.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's blood all over started to burn.

    'Motherf*cker! You're dead!'

    Watching the demon baron dragging Lin Huanxi into the hieron's hall with laughter, Zhang Tie sprung up and rushed towards the gate at the fastest speed and the most agile way.

    When he rushed into the gate of the hieron, Zhang Tie caught sight of a giant joss and an altar on the other end of the hall while a crystal ball was silently suspending in the air in the middle of the hall.

    The demon had rushed over 20 m away towards the crystal ball.

    The moment Zhang Tie entered the gate of the hieron, the demon baron had sensed it. It turned around and caught sight of Zhang Tie.

    A dumbfounded look appeared on the demon baron's grim face, closely followed by a brutal yet sportive eye light. The demon baron accelerated towards the crystal ball in a split second while dropping Lin Huanxi onto one side.

    Sensing that the demon baron aimed to get that crystal ball, Zhang Tie also rushed towards that crystal ball at his fastest speed...
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