Chapter 948: The Wrestle Between Zhang Tie and the Demon Baron

    Chapter 948: The Wrestle Between Zhang Tie and the Demon Baron

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    Zhang Tie didn't know what was that suspending crystal ball; however, now that the demon was longing for it, Zhang Tie swore to stop it from getting it.

    Zhang Tie only had such a thought at this moment.

    The earth demon knight was closer to the crystal ball than Zhang Tie.

    Given the short-distance explosive speed, Zhang Tie was not superior to the earth knight, although they both moved very fast.

    Therefore, when Zhang Tie accelerated, his spear had been split into three parts.

    Zhang Tie threw the part with the sharp edge of the spear towards the head of the demon.

    The demon baron inclined its head and dodged away from Zhang Tie's strike.

    Zhang Tie threw out the middle part of the spear, which was completely a stick.

    This stick flew towards the back of the demon baron's heart. After it left Zhang Tie's hand, it caused an air-breaking sound in the hall.

    Zhang Tie's strength was great. The spear was also powerful enough. If he was striking a LV 15 battle spirit, he could heavily wound his target for sure; however, although this stick could pose a threat to an earth knight, it was not fatal.

    As for the second strike, the demon baron didn't even dodge away; instead, it just allowed the stick to hit its protective battle qi.

    The earth knight's protective battle qi undulated a bit; however, the demon baron didn't slow down at all. Zhang Tie's second strike was defused in this way.

    The demon baron revealed a faint sneer as it mumbled, 'Naive, how could you dream to stop me by such average means?'

    Knights moved too fast. Even though Zhang Tie launched two strikes in a split second, he didn't influence the demon baron's speed at all. As a result, the demon baron had been less than 20 m away from the suspending crystal ball. It would get it very soon.

    The demon baron then stretched out its sharp claw towards the crystal ball.

    At this time, Zhang Tie threw out the third part of his spear. Like the earlier two parts, the third part of spear didn't even aim at the demon baron at all as it flew by the demon baron's neck.

    The demon baron revealed a ridicule. Compared to the earlier two strikes, the third one had even lost its precision. 'It seems that this black iron human knight has been flurried.'

    In a split second, the demon baron was only less than 10 m away from the crystal ball.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie roared as he threw out his gold-eaten tri-edged dagger from his waist's side.

    Although Zhang Tie couldn't move as fast as the demon baron, his dagger could fly faster than the demon baron.

    The dagger flew past the demon baron.

    In the demon baron's eyes, it was another abortive throw. Precisely, it was not a throw at all. Because the human knight became flurried in the emergency, he just tossed the weapon towards it without even aiming it.

    It was understandable. Knights who didn't excel at throwing weapons could not ensure that they would hit the target; especially in high-speed movements together with their target.

    Throwing was a technology.

    Zhang Tie's performance just now was almost like a knight who was not proficient in throwing. Therefore, the demon baron didn't doubt Zhang Tie's intention.

    The demon baron's hand almost reached the suspending crystal ball.

    The demon baron would win!

    Therefore, it became ecstatic.

    The gold-eaten tri-edged dagger that Zhang Tie threw out was a bit faster than the demon baron's fingers.

    After passing the demon baron, the dagger suddenly rotated and changed its moving direction. When the demon baron almost touched the crystal ball, the rotating gold-eaten tri-edged dagger knocked onto the crystal ball, causing the crystal ball to shoot towards Zhang Tie after brushing against the demon baron.

    Even earth knight could not respond to it in such a situation.

    The demon baron's ecstatic yet grim smile froze at once as it watched the crystal ball flying backward.

    "Haha, thanks!" Zhang Tie immediately caught the crystal ball and his dagger which flew back like a boomerang. In laughter, he turned around and intended to rush out of the gate.

    What a shame!

    Zhang Tie intended to show the white feather in the earlier three times not for striking the demon baron but for benumbing it. In another word, Zhang Tie's earlier three strikes were not aimed at the demon baron's body, but its soul. Zhang Tie intended to fix the mindset of the demon baron.

    'Even if I exerted my full effort to launch a strike towards an earth knight, I would not pose any threat to it at all.' Therefore, Zhang Tie altered his tactic.

    In the previous three times, his weapons flew along a straight line respectively and gradually lost their precision one after another. In this case, the demon baron could never imagine that Zhang Tie's dagger could hit the crystal ball intelligently like a boomerang and a bird.

    It was like training a dog. Each time you threw a piece of bone towards afar, the dog would run towards the bone. When the dog was used to do that, even if you just pretended to throw out something, the dog would also run away.

    The demon baron had been trained three times by Zhang Tie unconsciously.

    From the time when Zhang Tie rushed into the hieron's hall to when he gained the crystal ball ahead of the demon baron, although it was just a couple of seconds, they had wrestled with each other on intelligence, insight, responsiveness and judgment besides moving speed and battle strength. The entire process was shocking.

    The demon baron felt being humiliated as it had not imagined that it could be made fun of by a black iron human knight like a monkey.

    The demon baron was driven mad out of indignation. With bloody eyes, it roared before releasing its battle qi the moment it saw Zhang Tie rushing towards the gate of the hieron's hall. At the same time, it shot a punch towards Zhang Tie's back and the gate with two hands at the same time.

    Its fierce battle qi then shot out like a black light beam...

    Zhang Tie who was rushing towards the gate had to dodge away from this strike. If not, he would suffer a great loss.

    An earth knight had an overwhelming advantage over a black iron knight in battle strength.

    When he turned around and intended to rush out of the hall, Zhang Tie completed two things: first, he released his battle qi signal as he wanted to arouse the attention of the three earth knights; second, when he arrived on Lin Huanxi's side, he picked the heavily wounded female knight by his foot; at the same time, he caught hold of Lin Huanxi's waistband and intended to rush out of the hall like catching hold of a chick.

    As Zhang Tie was very powerful, one more person's weight didn't slow down his moving speed at all.

    The material of this hall was very special. Zhang Tie sensed that his battle qi could not break out of this place. Therefore, he had to jump away so as to avoid being struck by the demon baron.

    The demon baron was not an idiot. Like how Zhang Tie tried his best to prevent it from getting the crystal ball, the demon baron also tried its best to keep Zhang Tie inside the hieron's hall.

    The demon baron didn't mean to kill Zhang Tie; instead, it just wanted to prevent Zhang Tie from escaping away from the gate of the hieron's hall.

    It might not be easy for the demon baron to kill Zhang Tie at least in a short period; however, it was easy for it to prevent Zhang Tie from leaving only by fully blocking the gate through its powerful strikes.

    Zhang Tie attempted to rush out of the gate; however, the demon knight kept attacking him. Only in a few minutes, both parties had alternated their positions--the demon baron stood at the gate and blocked the way while Zhang Tie stood in the middle of the hieron's hall. The two knights were watching each other with a cold look with a distance of dozens of meters.

    "You're the most powerful black iron human knight that I've ever seen. If you wish to surrender to us, I promise you that you will get everything you want!" The demon baron flickered its eyes in a weird eye light.

    "Why don't you surrender to me? I promise to give you enough steam buns everyday!" Zhang Tie smirked as he derided the demon baron undoubtedly.

    The demon baron looked solemn at once as it wanted to move one step forward. Zhang Tie raised up the crystal ball and intended to smash it on the ground, "Stop, if you move one more step forward, I will smash it!"

    The demon baron stopped immediately.

    During the process when he responded to the demon baron's strike, Zhang Tie realized that the demon baron was afraid of breaking the crystal ball like how someone was afraid of breaking the instrument when throwing a weapon towards a rat. Because of this, Zhang Tie could remain safe and sound in front of this earth demon knight a few minutes. The moment Zhang Tie raised up this crystal ball, he indeed frightened the demon baron.

    "This crystal ball is the system control hub of this hieron. If it was broken, all the portals of this hieron would be completely closed. Nobody would be able to access it anymore and all of us would die here. If you want to commit suicide, I will accompany you at the cost of all the others..." The demon baron flickered his eyes as it walked towards Zhang Tie. Although it didn't rush towards Zhang Tie in a split second, it slowly approached Zhang Tie.

    "Do you think that I dare not do that? My death is worthwhile with the life of an earth demon knight!" As Zhang Tie said that, Zhang Tie threw the crystal ball towards the ground. At the sight of this, the demon knight changed its face as it stopped its footstep immediately. However, the moment the crystal ball left his hand, Zhang Tie caught it at a faster speed. After that, Zhang Tie sneered at the demon baron and said, "Look, no crap, as a selfish guy, even if you were requested to die for the Emperor Xuanyuan, you would never do that. Am I right?"

    A brutal eye light flashed across the demon baron's eyes...

    When the two knights were in a stalemate, Mountain Lifting Hermit and Old Monster Qi appeared on the top of the Weapons Mountain at the same time...
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