Chapter 949: An Unexpected Scene

    Chapter 949: An Unexpected Scene

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    In the Knights' world, there was a proverb that no people could promote to a knight without diligent practice. This proverb fit earth knights more.

    When Mountain Lifting Hermit reached the middle part of the mountain, he suddenly became vigilant and felt that something was wrong. Closely after that, Mountain Lifting Hermit made a decision and returned to the top of the main peak after noticing Zhang Anguo.

    Zhang Anguo the grand elder of Tianlu Palace was responsible for catching up with Lu Zhongming and figuring out what happened.

    Seeing Mountain Lifting Hermit returning to the top of the main peak, Old Monster Qi followed him back immediately.

    As Zhang Tie was facing towards the gate, he caught sight of Mountain Lifting Hermit and Old Monster Qi firstly.

    When he caught sight of the two human knights, Mountain Lifting Hermit and Old Monster Qi saw the open gate of the hieron's hall and the demon baron at the gate at the same time too. Of course, the demon baron also noticed them.

    When two earth human knights encountered an earth demon knight in the hieron ruins, what would they do next?

    Undoubtedly, the battle almost broke out in a split second.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit released an earth knight-level battle qi signal while a virtual image that a giant embraced a mountain was manifested.

    The rising earth knight-level battle qi signal on the top of the main peak told Zhang Anguo that something was happening over there.

    Honestly, it was Zhang Tie's first time to see the battle qi signal of an earth knight. Precisely, it was more like a battle qi tornado than a battle qi smoke. If the battle qi signal of the black iron knight was like the smoke of wolf's dung rushing into the sky, the earth knight's battle qi signal was already a tornado which was thicker, bigger and more eye-catching than battle qi smokes on both scale and look.

    The battle qi tornado of Mountain Lifting Hermit was emerald which looked like a green dragon that connected the sky with the ground. The virtual image of Mountain Lifting Hermit rose up in the battle qi tornado while its flickering eyes were watching all the living beings below. It fully manifested the power of an earth knight...

    When his battle qi tornado and virtual image appeared at the same time, it indicated that Mountain Lifting Hermit had exerted his full efforts.

    Old Monster Qi also released his battle qi tornado and virtual image at the same time.

    The demon baron turned around and threw a glance at Zhang Tie while its eyes were full of killing intent and indignation. The demon baron thought that its failure was fully caused by Zhang Tie at such a critical moment. Without Zhang Tie, it had long controlled everything here.

    However, now that it could be a demon baron, a demon noble, it indicated that it must be outstanding in some aspect.

    At this critical moment, when Zhang Tie thought that the demon baron would break out of the encirclement of the two earth human knights and escape away, the demon baron rushed towards Zhang Tie out of his imagination.

    Seeing the demon baron rushing towards him, Zhang Tie was startled at once. Closely after that, he understood the intention of the demon baron.

    'This earth demon knight has confirmed that I would never destroy the crystal ball anymore after the two earth human knights appeared.'

    'Because my party has been in the advantageous position. It's not necessary for us to sacrifice ourselves by destroying the crystal ball. Therefore, the demon knight won a faint chance to gain the crystal ball.'

    As for powerful and confident ones, there was no absolute crisis in this world. Crises and favorable turns were the two sides of a contradiction which could convert into each other at certain moments.

    All the powerful ones excelled at seizing such a faint chance in such an adversity.

    As he had tided over the most difficult moment, of course, Zhang Tie didn't want to be killed by this demon knight at this moment. Therefore, when the demon knight rushed towards him, he instantly turned around and escaped away. He even directly threw Lin Huanxi at a remote corner of the hall in an agile way.

    When he caught Lin Huanxi, before escaping away just now, Zhang Tie had already poured a vial of senior recovery medicament into her mouth at the fastest speed. As Lin Huanxi was in a worse scenario, without taking any recovery medicament, she might have died before being saved. After sensing that Lin Huanxi's vital signs had been stabilized, Zhang Tie hurriedly dropped her onto a safe place. If the demon knight was driven madder and caught Lin Huanxi as a hostage, it would become more tricky.

    As the demon knight was besieged by two earth human knights and wanted to rob the crystal ball in Zhang Tie's hand, it didn't have time to care about a woman who was going to die.

    When he threw Lin Huanxi, Zhang Tie felt that Lin Huanxi opened her eyes and threw a glance at him with a painful look...

    Just now, Lin Huanxi had been in the coma. She could only sense being caught by someone who ran and jumped rapidly and poured a vial of all-purpose medicament into her mouth. She knew that someone was saving her; therefore, she wanted to open her eyes to see who was the savior.


    Soon after Zhang Tie dropped Lin Huanxi, the demon baron's battle qi strikes had rushed towards Zhang Tie like a huge net. With a roar, Zhang Tie released a punch. The moment their battle qis collided with each other, Zhang Tie had rolled out of the gate with the inertia of the great counterforce. Although his movement was not elegant, it was very practical. As a result, he successfully dodged away from the demon baron's strike...

    During the period when he escaped, especially after he promoted to 1 change black iron knight and gained a chance to strengthen his overall strength, Zhang Tie's battle strength had improved greatly. Compared to when he was framed by people and was wounded by Feng Yuelun the cheji General of Yingzhou Province, Zhang Tie had reached new heights in battle strength, reaction speed and strike-resistant capability. At this critical moment, he could bear the strike of an earth demon knight easily.

    To be honest, this earth demon knight's battle strength was not weaker than that of Feng Yuelun.

    The demon knight closely chased after Zhang Tie while Mountain Lifting Hermit and Old Monster Qi kept chasing after the demon knight. Zhang Tie was gradually involved into the battle qis of the demon knight and dodged here and there. At the same time, the hieron's hall was filled with thunder-like bangs...

    The demon knight's body became phantom once again while some clouds of humanoid mist gradually formed the look of the demon knight and joined the battle. Unless those clouds of mist were completely dispersed, the demon knight's original body could hardly be identified.

    After dispersing one cloud of mist, a new cloud of mist would appear out of the void in a mystical way...

    It was Zhang Tie's first time to see such a weird secret method of demons. No wonder this demon knight dared rob his crystal ball at such a critical moment.


    After a few minutes, an unexpected scene happened...

    Old Monster Qi who was fighting the demon knight together with Mountain Lifting Hermit suddenly took out a red sharp driller out of the void. Closely after that, he sprung up and drilled it into Mountain Lifting Hermit's back. After that, he smacked onto Zhang Tie from a few meters away who had just dodged away from the demon knight...

    Even though Zhang Tie had always been vigilant about Old Monster Qi and felt that this person was given to capricious moods, he had not imagined that Old Monster Qi could betray human knights and struck him at this critical moment. Being attacked by two earth knights, one of whom almost raided him, Zhang Tie instantly spat out a mouth of blood and was sent flying away...

    Mountain Lifting Hermit also had not imagined that Old Monster Qi could strike him at this moment; additionally, Old Monster Qi's red sharp driller was very weird which almost broke Mountain Lifting Hermit's protective battle qi in a split second. As a result, Mountain Lifting Hermit didn't have time to respond to it.

    When Old Monster Qi broke Mountain Lifting Hermit's protective battle qi with his red sharp driller, the demon baron immediately seized the chance and launched constant strikes onto Mountain Lifting Hermit...

    Being struck by two earth knights at the same time, Mountain Lifting Hermit was sent flying 100 m away and crashed onto one wall of the hieron's hall.

    Old Monster Qi sprung up once again and picked the crystal ball which Zhang Tie had dropped off. Almost at the same time, he stayed away from the demon knight before guffawing...
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