Chapter 950: Life-or-Death Crisis

    Chapter 950: Life-or-Death Crisis

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    Old Monster Qi's strike at the critical moment not only heavily wounded Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit but also robbed the crystal ball. As a result, the situation in the Hieron's hall reversed in a split second.

    The betrayal from team members was always more destructive than enemies. Old Monster Qi proved this law once again.

    Watching Old Monster Qi's unimaginable performance, the demon baron stopped its strike; instead, it narrowed its eyes and looked at Old Monster Qi's pleasant face out of curiosity.


    After bearing the full-strength raid from an earth demon knight in such a short distance, Zhang Tie felt being hit by a bullet train at the speed of hundreds of miles per hour as he spurted out a mouth of blood. At the same time, his bones uttered a crisp sound. Closely after that, he was sent flying away and didn't stop until he rolled over 60 m away, leaving blood all the way there.

    Zhang Tie struggled to kneel down with one knee. After that, he spurted out a mouth of blood once again while his guts felt being boiled. It was Zhang Tie's first time to encounter such a sharp pain. Old Monster Qi's battle qi was attached with a special damage function. After he was struck by him, Zhang Tie felt being overwhelmed with pain.

    Old Monster Qi's strength was also very great, which would break at least a few bones of common black iron knights; the wounds would be severer if the broken bone stabbed into their guts. However, Zhang Tie was special. As he had taken so many iron-body fruits and had a great strike-resistant capability, Zhang Tie bore the test at the crucial moment. Zhang Tie's bones were not broken; therefore, the secondary damage was avoided. Meanwhile, the damage and erosion caused by Old Monster Qi's battle qi had been weakened by his defensive ability.

    After spurting out blood twice more, Zhang Tie's depression was greatly relieved. Although his wound looked severe, it was actually not that severe.

    Zhang Tie just lay on the ground and gradually recovered his battle strength.

    Compared to Zhang Tie, Mountain Lifting Hermit's wounds seemed to be severer. After the red sharp driller broke his protective battle qi, it started to drill into Mountain Lifting Hermit's body through the wound; at the same time, it gradually melted inside Mountain Lifting Hermit's body in a weird manner.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit picked himself up from the ground with a pale face. After throwing a glance at Old Monster Qi and feeling his physical conditions, Mountain Lifting Hermit changed his face at once. The moment the red sharp driller disappeared in his body, Mountain Lifting Hermit's face had turned dark-purple while the blood vessels in his forehead and neck suddenly bulged like something was swimming inside and was going to break them. How terrifying it was...

    Mountain Lifting Hermit started to punch himself; instead of punching Old Monster Qi and the demon baron while gritting his teeth, causing one thunder per punch.

    Only by hearing the sound of the punches, onlookers would be shocked.

    He was simply committing suicide...

    Mountain Lifting Hermit punched his heart, livers, spleen, lungs and kidneys...

    Each time he punched himself, he would spit out a mouth of blood.

    The blood that Mountain Lifting Hermit spat out was black which contained soft pieces of the red sharp driller which had disappeared in his body. Those pieces were hard previously; however, when they were spat out, they all turned soft; additionally, they were like a sponge which became swollen after absorbing water and looked disgusting and grim...

    After heavily punching his five organs and spitting out the black blood and the swollen pieces of the sharp driller, Mountain Lifting Hermit became dispirited at once as his eye light became bleak. His aura seemed to have been heavily declined. He felt rocky and couldn't stand up until he supported the wall with two hands.

    "Five Organs Damaging Driller on Blood and Soul ..." Mountain Lifting Hermit watched Old Monster Qi as his voice became hoarse. He felt to have iron slags in his throat. When he spat out those things, his throat was even wounded.

    "Gagagaga...I've spent about 7 years on making this Five Organs Damaging Driller on Blood and Soul, during which period, I used 49 virgin boys' strength of blood and soul and lubricated them day by day with so many rare materials. Mountain Lifting Hermit, you should be satisfied with it..." Old Monster Qi uttered pleasant laughter.

    "You're the remnant of Bloody Soul Temple??"

    "Is anyone who has mastered the secret method of Bloody Soul Temple destined to be the remnant of Bloody Soul Temple? If so, there are so many remnants of Bloody Soul Temple in the top seven sects in Taixia Country. When the top seven sects in Taixia country besieged the Bloody Soul Temple, whether it was because that they were casting greedy eyes on the secret methods in Bloody Soul Temple or that the Bloody Soul Temple was going to build Immortal Bloody Sea which would rock the foundation of Taixia Country. You know the dirty inside story clearer than me. Pitifully, the top seven sects didn't get the "Supreme Bloody Soul Sutra" Old Monster Qi said with a faint ridicule.

    Mountain Lifting Hermit became silent as he wiped the blood stains off his mouth corners and poured a vial of recovery medicament.

    Old Monster Qi just watched Mountain Lifting Hermit with a sneer, "There's no antidote for the Five Organs Damaging Driller on Blood and Soul, even if you spat out the pieces of the driller. Within 5 days, you will not be saved even by immortal pills. What are you struggling for?"

    Mountain Lifting Hermit didn't speak. He just gazed at Old Monster Qi with a furious eye light as he slowly adjusted his breathing rhythm. In this case, everyone at present realized that Old Monster would never allow any one of them to leave out of here alive.

    "Who're you?" The demon baron asked as it kept looking at Old Monster Qi.

    "Actually, we have the same target. However, you and I are on different battle lines. I've not imagined that we could encounter today..." Old Monster Qi told the demon baron as he made a specific hand gesture.

    "You are a member of Three-eye Association?" The demon baron asked as a shrewd light flashed across its eyes.

    Like a commissioned officer or a common noble in a country who couldn't fully master the intelligence of all the agents on his side that were dispatched to foreign countries, the demon baron wouldn't know the agents of demons in Taixia Country as these intelligence were classified among demons. Only a few people at the top level could touch them. Even if it was a demon baron, it was not qualified to touch them at all.

    The demon baron only knew that demons had never stopped their layout in Taixia Country since the last holy war between humans and demons. In other words, demons had never stopped fighting Hua people at all, whether before the Catastrophe or after, by force or not by force in all lines.

    "In Taixia Country, Three-eye Association has another appellation, Heavens Reaching Church! I'm an elder of Heavens Reaching Church..." Old Monster Qi said.

    "How did you know the secret of the bloody sacrificial temple?" The demon baron pumped instead of being relaxed.

    "At the beginning, the secret methods of Bloody Soul Temple were gained from a bloody sacrificial temple in the underground world. I gained some classics of Bloody Soul Temple by accident and knew about this secret and some information about the bloody sacrificial temple. This time, I heard someone finding a hieron in the magma sea while there was the symbol of bloody sacrificial hieron on the key of this pyramid, therefore here I am!"

    Old Monster Qi explained it to the demon baron patiently in order to eliminate the possible misunderstanding between them.

    The demon baron's eyes flickered as it burst out into laughter and turned tender at once, "If so, hand the crystal ball to me! I know this place better than you."

    "Hehehehe...although we're not enemies, we're not that familiar with each other. There's an old saying among Hua people, even if you should not think about harming others, you'd better prevent from being framed by others. I will hold the crystal ball in case of unpleasant things." Old Monster Qi replied hastily, leaving no face to the demon baron at all.

    "You dare not follow my order?" The demon baron's qi became dangerous at once.

    However, Old Monster Qi still didn't care about it; he even threw a contemptuous glance at the demon baron, "When you reach the level of the prince, it's not late to talk me in that way but you're not that qualified to order me at this moment!"

    The two earth knights gazed at each other while Old Monster Qi's qi was not weaker than that of the demon baron at all.

    After looking at Old Monster Qi, the crystal ball in his hand and the half-dead people in the hieron's hall, it finally made a compromise, "Alright, do you know how to use it?"

    "Hahahaha, so easy. Just close the gate to beat the dogs, in water. We only need to close all the entrances of the hieron, lower the temperature outside this gate below the lowest limit by the system control hub of this crystal ball and restrict the air supply in the hieron, all the human knights will lose their ability to resist in less than 1 day. By then, their lives would be in my hands!" Old Monster Qi said as he suddenly threw a glance at the outside of the gate. Right then, a roar drifted from below the peak and was not far from here. "The old thing of Tianlu Palace is coming, we don't need to fight him; additionally, I don't have the second Five Organs Damaging Driller on Blood and Soul. This old thing is very tricky. Even if we two fought him together, one of us might be killed. Why not deal with him when he becomes a drowned rat?"

    The demon baron nodded.

    After Old Monster Qi finished his words, he cupped the crystal ball by two hands and closed the gate of this hieron's hall like that it had never been opened at all.

    Within the hieron's hall, there were only 5 knights, namely Old Monster Qi, the demon knight who was safe and sound, Zhang Tie, Mountain Lifting Hermit who were heavily wounded and Lin Huanxi who was in the coma. Given the sharp contrast in battle strength, the result seemed to have been fixed...
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