Chapter 952: Spare the Rat to Save the Dish

    Chapter 952: Spare the Rat to Save the Dish

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    After taking the crystal ball, Zhang Tie injected his spiritual energy into it right away. He sensed that Old Monster Qi had already closed all the portals in the hieron while the temperature inside the hieron was declined as low as that on the top of the Weapons Mountain. At the same time, the air was growing thinner...

    Facing such abrupt changes, all the knights outside the gate must have been flurried.

    Through the locations of his tracing feathers, Zhang Tie could sense that Zhang Anguo the grand elder of Tianlu Palace and Lu Zhongming were both at the entrance of the gate of this hieron's hall.

    Zhang Tie immediately controlled the crystal ball to recover the temperature and air supply outside the hieron's hall. Closely after that, he opened the gate of the hieron.

    When the gate of hieron's hall was opened, Zhang Anguo and Lu Zhongming rushed inside at once. Almost at the same time, the demon baron saw another earth human knight rushing in. It immediately caught Mountain Lifting Hermit's neck and flashed back to Lin Huanxi's side while stepping on her neck. Closely after that, the demon baron leaned against the inner wall and observed the situation inside the hieron's hall with gleaming eyes.

    At this moment, Zhang Anguo and Lu Zhongming were actually shocked most.

    What happened in the hieron's hall was too shocking and weird for the two knights who had just entered it. They had not imagined this scene when they entered the hieron's hall.

    Old Monster Qi was dead!

    His beheaded corpse was lying in front of Zhang Tie. As Zhang Tie was holding his head and a crystal ball, it seemed that Old Monster Qi had been beheaded by Zhang Tie. Although Zhang Tie was also wounded, at least he was still standing there.

    Besides, a demon baron was in the hieron's hall!

    Mountain Lifting Hermit and Lin Huanxi were in the hands of the demon.

    When Zhang Anguo rushed back onto the top of the main peak, he didn't see Mountain Lifting Hermit and Old Monster Qi. He only saw some blood stains outside the gate of the hieron's hall. Later on, the air supply and temperature inside the pyramid started to change. After receiving the messages from all the other knights of Tianlu Palace across the Weapons Mountain by remote-sensing crystal, Zhang Anguo changed his face greatly. He guessed that someone must have entered the hieron's hall and controlled the system hub of this hieron. However, no matter what, the grand elder of Tianlu Palace didn't imagine about such a scene inside the hieron's hall.

    Even the one with the richest imagination could not imagine what happened inside.

    Zhang Anguo could only ensure one thing, namely, a bloody battle had just happened in the hieron's hall.

    "Let go Huanxi..." Watching his wife being stepped under the foot of the demon baron out of consciousness, Lu Zhongming who used to be genial turned his eyes fiery at once as he intended to rush towards the demon baron.

    The demon baron faintly increased his foot's stress, waking up Lin Huanxi and causing her to groan painfully.

    Lu Zhongming stopped his footstep at once.

    "Anyone who dares rush over here, the two people will die together with me!" The demon baron roared with a vicious look.

    The demon baron was also in a very dangerous situation.

    After the crystal ball returned to Zhang Tie's hand, Zhang Tie had controlled the system control hub of the entire hieron.

    One earth human knight was safe and sound. Besides him, there were 23 black iron human knights here, who could compose at least eight 3-in-1 formations.

    If Zhang Tie closed all the portals of the hieron, the demon baron was destined to be killed here facing the consecutive strikes of an earth human knight and over 20 black iron human knights.

    Additionally, the demon knight didn't know the cause of death of Old Monster Qi. Although it was dealing with Mountain Lifting Hermit just now, it spared a bit spiritual energy to observe the battle between Old Monster Qi and Zhang Tie.

    In the demon baron's eyes, Old Monster Qi's battle strength was overwhelming. Only in a few minutes, Old Monster Qi had defeated the tough man called Cui Li and caught him like catching a chick. The tough guy called Cui Li had already lost his ability to resist. It seemed that everything was in control.

    However, in a couple of seconds, Old Monster Qi died while his head was in Cui Li's hand.

    Even a performance would have premonitions and transitions; there would be a thunder or at least a few dark clouds before the rain. However, what happened in the hieron's hall didn't have any transition or premonition before Old Monster Qi who was destined to win was beheaded.

    An earth human knight died when he grasped the neck of a black iron human knight who had lost his ability to resist...all of a sudden?

    How did Cui Li do it?

    The demon baron didn't know why. Therefore, it became scared of Zhang Tie.

    When Old Monster Qi was beheaded, he was doing two things: first his fingers were pinching Zhang Tie's neck for a long time; second, Old Monster Qi was applying his secret method of Bloody Soul Temple.

    After a temporary and rigorous logistic analysis, the demon baron guessed that Old Monster Qi's death was probably related to the two things.

    'This black iron knight called Cui Li might have some terrifying rank poison or dangerous items. When I chased after him so long just now, I was safe and sound. However, when Old Monster Qi took the wind, the moment he touched that black iron knight's neck, he was dead, it's too strange; otherwise, something might have happened to Old Monster Qi's secret method of Bloody Soul Temple, sparing a chance to the black iron knight...'

    What a demon noble! The demon baron could not be matched by common earth demon knights on both intelligence and battle strength. Through a brief analysis, although the demon baron didn't figure out the truth, he had almost hit it.


    "Old Monster Qi was a member of the Three-eye Association of demons...summon the others...to kill the demon knight..."

    Although being controlled by the demon knight, Mountain Lifting Hermit immediately plucked his courage to roar at the sight of the grand elder of Tianlu Palace.

    The moment Mountain Lifting Hermit roared, with a cracking sound, his entire hand had been broken by the demon knight. After uttering a muffled harrumph, he spurted out a mouth of blood once again.

    Because of Mountain Lifting Hermit's words, the grand elder of Tianlu Palace determined who was the true enemy in the shortest period. To be honest, watching Zhang Tie holding the head of Old Monster Qi, the two people were not sure whether Zhang Tie was the enemy or the friend. Now, their target became the demon knight.

    As to why Zhang Tie killed Old Monster Qi and why Mountain Lifting Hermit was severely wounded and fell in the hand of the demon knight, although they were curious about these questions, it was not the right moment for them to discuss that. What counted most was to deal with this demon knight in front of them.

    After rushing inside the hieron's hall, Zhang Anguo faced Zhang Tie and the demon knight at the same time. Now, he moved his footsteps and faced the demon knight with an extremely solemn look while releasing his battle qi.

    Although the demon baron was the last one who wanted to be besieged by all the human knights, it had to glare at Zhang Anguo fiercely as it said, "As Hua people usually say, even if I die here, I will have some of you die with me. I've got 2 sacrifices, who would like to be the 3rd?"


    After killing Old Monster Qi, Zhang Tie had been pretty silent.

    Zhang Tie became silent because of regret. He felt the elapsing energy of Old Monster Qi's earth chakra; however, he could not absorb it at this moment. Just now, he could only choose one between killing Old Monster Qi rapidly or slowly absorbing his earth chakra. Therefore, he chose the first one.

    'This is a complete earth chakra of an earth knight. Such a chakra would contain very abundant earth elements. It's a rare tonic. After absorbing it, I might promote to 2 changes black iron knight.'

    Zhang Tie sighed inside.

    Being silent, Zhang Tie's mind became as clear as crystal once again. He started to recall each detail and each word since he encountered the demon baron.

    Finally, what impressed Zhang Tie most was the bargain between Old Monster Qi and the demon knight.

    --My earth chakra has been wounded and is not recovered yet. Additionally, I've got two secret battle skills which could reach complete perfections through this bloody sacrifice...

    --Bloody sacrifice...recovery...bloody sacrifice...chakra recovery...

    Zhang Tie's brain cells and nerves all over became extremely spirited due to the two phrases "bloody sacrifice" and "chakra recovery".

    The more spirited he was inside, the calmer Zhang Tie would look.

    Zhang Tie threw a deep look at the demon baron...

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's eyes were not full of animosity anymore.

    Of course, the others could never read Zhang Tie's eyes.

    As a Hua proverb went, when you wanted something; you had to gift it to others in advance.

    'F*ck, no matter what, I will have a try.'

    "You can leave!" Zhang Tie opened his mouth towards the demon baron, which aroused all the others' attention. Zhang Tie just beheld the demon baron as he dropped off Old Monster Qi's head whose eyes were still open, "Leave Mountain Lifting Hermit and Lin Huanxi here, we will not find you trouble and allow you to leave the pyramid. As one person has been killed, it's unnecessary for us to fight to death in this place. You will never defeat us; if we want to kill you, we have to pay at least 2 human lives. How about giving a concession to each other. You let them off, we let you go. After leaving the pyramid, we can fight whenever we want..."
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