Chapter 955: An Insurmountable Mountain

    Chapter 955: An Insurmountable Mountain

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    What could Zhang Tie do by combining Castle of Black Iron with the crystal ball that controlled the hub of the hieron?

    First, if Zhang Tie liked, he could completely turn the hieron's hall into a vacuum state. In this state, he could breathe the air in Castle of Black Iron while fighting the earth demon knight in the vacuum.

    In the fight, the earth demon knight would consume its physical strength and battle qi greatly which should be maintained by breath. How many hours could the earth demon knight fight in high intensity while holding its breath, 3 hours or 5 hours?

    Second, the laziest method was to keep the gate of the hall closed in super low temperature and vacuum. Under this circumstance, Zhang Tie didn't need to care about the earth knight, he only needed to enter Castle of Black Iron before coming out to pick up the dead fish 2 days later.

    The demon baron's remote-sensing crystals had been destroyed; however, its space-teleportation ring was still in Zhang Tie's hand. Under this circumstance, the demon baron was like a rat in a hole.

    The demon baron was destined to lose the battle the moment the gate of the hieron's hall was closed.

    The demon baron's failure lay in its greed, arrogance and ignorance about Zhang Tie's trump cards.

    The reason that Zhang Tie didn't select the above two methods lay in the current rare opportunity. He had to grasp the opportunity to squeeze out the maximal value of the earth demon knight.


    Being besieged by the only spearhead, the demon baron was like a buffalo who was besieged by a pack of wild wolves. No matter how much it tried, it could not completely break the ring of encirclement.

    The demon baron realized that the mere chance that he could defeat Zhang Tie was to draw close to Zhang Tie. Otherwise, it was only a living target of Zhang Tie and would be mistreated by Zhang Tie to death. All of his long-distance strikes would be blocked by that shield floating beside Zhang Tie. Only through close combat could the demon baron reverse the battle situation.

    No matter what, the demon baron was just facing a black iron knight. In close combat, it had an overwhelming advantage. Additionally, as soon as it drew close to Zhang Tie, the destructive power of the long-distance strike of divine dominator would be weakened.

    Although being in dilemma, the demon baron was still very clear-minded.

    Only by drawing close to the divine dominator could the demon baron defeat the latter; otherwise, the demon baron was fighting nobody but air.

    "Go die..." The demon baron spurted out blood while resisting one strike of the abyss battle spear with its protective battle qi. Closely after that, the demon baron roared while its battle qi rumbled and swept towards the transparent weapons in front of it.

    The demon baron didn't target at Zhang Tie in the distance but the "shackles", "traps" and "blades" in the air being composed of Zhang Tie's spiritual energy, which were invisible roadblocks. Only when it touched them could it find them. In the beginning, the demon baron almost suffered a big loss. However, after fighting for a while, the demon baron realized that it could break these roadblocks by battle skills before touching them.

    It was like minesweeping. Only when it swept the mines on the way ahead could it approach to Zhang Tie safely.

    Although the mines would be rearranged, there was a short time difference, during which period the demon baron might seize the opportunity to win the battle.

    Most of the energy of the demon baron's battle qi strikes would be diminished when it hit the invisible roadblocks in the air. As to the afterwaves of the battle qi strikes, they had been blocked by the shield flying around Zhang Tie before reaching Zhang Tie.

    In a split second, the demon baron had been attacked over 30 times by the spearhead.

    The demon baron's protective battle qi was extremely compressed. Although the spear head didn't penetrate through the demon baron's protective battle qi, its great momentum and strength could still pass to the body of the demon baron.

    As a result, the demon baron spurted out blood once again. Gritting its teeth, it accelerated towards Zhang Tie with a grim look while its battle qi rumbled once again and swept the mines ahead.

    When the demon baron bore the strikes, it swept the mines and darted towards Zhang Tie.

    It was a real bloody path. Almost every step forward, the demon baron would suffer dozens of strikes.

    The divine dominator's attack was too fast that the demon baron although being an earth demon knight could not respond to it. Therefore, it could only cut off all means to retreat.

    Standing in the distance, Zhang Tie just watched the demon baron inching towards him with a cold look.

    By now, the demon baron had been fighting Zhang Tie for over 12 hours, during which period the demon baron lived up to the honor and battle strength as an earth knight. Even Zhang Tie was surprised by and admired about the battle strength of this earth knight in dilemma.

    Compared to black iron knights, earth knights were too powerful.

    Under this circumstance, even 10 black iron knights would be killed by Zhang Tie as a divine dominator. By contrast, this earth demon knight was just wounded. It still maintained a powerful battle strength. Like a bull who had taken viagra, it still had vigorous spiritual energy, physical strength and battle qi and was hard to tame.

    This earth demon knight was much more powerful than the demon general in all aspects.

    Zhang Tie asked himself inside, 'What would be the result if I simply fought this earth demon knight with my current battle strength and all that I've learned?'

    'It was impossible for me to win the battle without using my trump cards. Under this circumstance, if I couldn't escape, I would only stick to 2 hours at most before being killed.'

    Earth knights had overwhelming battle strength than black iron knights.

    If black iron knight's battle strength was regarded as a bee, undoubtedly earth knight's battle strength would be a bumblebee. If not depend on the advantage in quantity and environment, a bee could almost not defeat a bumblebee in an independent combat.

    However, during the past 10 hours, although Zhang Tie didn't kill the earth demon knight, he had gained a lot.

    Zhang Tie gained the chance to practice the battle skills of the powerful profession as a divine dominator for the first time.

    This earth demon knight was Zhang Tie's best training partner. This was the most practical battle facing the most powerful opponent. Zhang Tie gained the initiative and was confident to win the battle. What a rare opportunity!

    Since he left Waii Subcontinent, Zhang Tie had not got a chance to practice his battle skills as a divine dominator, even in trouble-reappearance situations. Those living beings in trouble-reappearance situations could be killed by Zhang Tie with his battle strength as a knight. Therefore, he could never get a chance to practice the battle skills as a divine dominator. In trouble-reappearance situations, Zhang Tie felt as boring as practicing shooting.


    Watching the demon baron rushing towards him, Zhang Tie felt like watching a wild beast darting towards the high platform in an arena.

    This was not the first time for the earth demon knight to attempt to rush towards him. The earth demon knight had attempted 7-8 times; however, each time, it was beaten back by Zhang Tie's invisible blades before it drew close to the central axis of the hall.

    This time, the earth demon knight seemed to be a bit different.

    Zhang Tie became vigilant.

    When the demon baron approached the central axis once again, it suddenly sprung up. Before the spearhead touched it once again, it roared, "Split..."

    Soon after its roar, the demon baron's body had turned into a cloud of dense mist. At the same time, over 10 humanoid mists dropped onto the ground. Closely after that, they darted jumped and darted towards Zhang Tie as fast as lightning bolts. As a result, Zhang Tie could not distinguish its original body from the others.

    As an earth demon knight, the demon baron also had its trump cards.

    If commoners met such an emergency, they would be flurried for sure; however, Zhang Tie just revealed a disdainful sneer...

    At this moment, consecutive metallic shrieks sounded in the hall...

    Besides the spearhead of the abyss battle spear, the other parts of the abyss battle spear rose up in a split second.

    In the blink of an eye, the three parts of the abyss battle spear broke the 10-odd dense humanoid mists...

    The last dense humanoid mist darted forward and almost passed the central axis of the hall.

    1/3 of the spear slashed the mist fiercely all of a sudden like how a stick hit a baseball, causing a loud echo, "bang"...

    The dense mist dispersed, revealing the demon baron's unimaginable look--what happened? The spearhead was far away from me...

    The demon baron was sent flying 10 m away. Until being slashed by the 1/3 of the spear did the demon baron find that two more metal sticks were floating in the air and joined the battle.

    With consecutive loud sounds "bang..." "bang..." "bang...", the demon baron was always slashed back to its original position no matter how hard it struggled like a football being passed by two players...

    At this moment, the spearhead gave a fierce blow to the demon baron, causing it to spurt out blood once again...

    The central axis in the hall became an insurmountable mountain in the eyes of the demon knight...
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