Chapter 958: The Discovery

    Chapter 958: The Discovery

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    After staying in the hall for almost 2 days, honestly, it was Zhang Tie's first time to seriously watch the joss in this hall.

    This joss was higher than 30 meters. Standing in front of the joss, Zhang Tie looked up and felt being oppressive like watching a furious giant spirit.

    This joss had the features of both humans and demons. Its upper body was like that of humans while its lower body was like a snake. The joss lowered its head with closed two eyes while a vertical eye between its eyebrows was overlooking a location on the altar. Its snake-shaped lower body coiled around a bizarre, tall furnace. The joss integrated with the furnace in an organic way.

    If it was a joss, the furnace beneath the joss would be the base of the joss; if it was a furnace, the joss would be a bizarre and exaggerating ornament above the furnace.

    The joss was purple all over as if it was made of red copper. However, it was just a judgment from its texture; actually, this joss could never be made of a common metal such as red copper.

    There were dense, numerous runes and patterns and reliefs of various lively strange animals on the furnace. The altar was in front of that furnace, which was precisely put in front of the vent of the furnace. The entire altar was connected with the furnace. It could be regarded as a part of the furnace or the lower structure of the entire joss.

    There were also many reliefs and mysterious runes over the altar.

    If this joss was a sculpture, it must be a priceless art treasure.

    After looking at the joss for a while, Zhang Tie recovered his composure. After that, he moved his eyes onto a small platform in the middle of the altar. The platform was over 1 m above the ground like a speech table. There was indeed a groove-shaped matrix which was as large as two palms.

    In Zhang Tie's eyes, the so-called matrix was just a mysterious pattern combination composed of some intricate geometrical patterns. The center of this pattern combination was that strange triangular symbol being composed of three scales on the top of the hieron's gate.

    When he remembered the demon baron's words, Zhang Tie slightly made a minor wound on his palm by the gold-eaten tri-edged dagger and filled the matrix in the groove slowly with his blood.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie's blood was absorbed by the matrix. Closely after that, the pattern combination started to radiate a glow. The small platform where the matrix lay had slowly shrunk into the altar, leaving the red mysterious patterns in the center of the altar.

    After the platform completely shrank into the altar, Zhang Tie immediately sensed a connection between his spiritual energy and the joss while some strange information occurred to his mind unconsciously.

    Those information were all about how to make the bloody sacrifice.

    At this moment, those information were like the instructions of a set of machine. When this set of machine started, its instructions occurred to Zhang Tie's mind.

    The instructions included three points.

    First, the process and skills of the bloody sacrifice. The bloody sacrifice had to be completed with living beings.

    Second, as Zhang Tie had started the bloody sacrifice altar with his blood, this bloody sacrifice would be dominated by Zhang Tie's will. It would exchange what Zhang Tie would sacrifice for what he demanded.

    Third, the bloody sacrifice could heal his wounds and help him break through some skills. All of these proceeded according to a mysterious principle of exchange at equal value. If he wanted to cure severer wounds, he had to sacrifice more advanced living beings. The law also fit skills breakthrough; especially the latter. The bloody sacrifice didn't fully correspond to skills breakthrough. There's a chance of success. That was to say, even if he had sacrificed living beings, he wouldn't necessarily make a breakthrough in skills. The more advanced the skills were, the lower would be the possibility of him succeeding. However, the benefit was that he could try next time.

    After learning these contents, Zhang Tie's face turned pale as he felt that this bloody sacrifice was like a senior pawnshop or a gambling house. Instead of exchanging or gambling money, it was exchanging and gambling blood and lives. Through bloody sacrifice, Zhang Tie would heal his wounds and make a breakthrough in skills.

    'Did this bloody sacrifice hall serve as a special "community hospital" in the far-ancient times? It could not only heal one's "physical diseases" and help one make a breakthrough in skills'. An absurd thought occurred in Zhang Tie's mind.

    Zhang Tie shook his head as he tried to be clear-minded, 'I don't care what this bloody sacrifice hall was used for in the far-ancient times; what counts most is that this hall is still available for me now.'

    Zhang Tie then put his palm onto that platform where the matrix was set as he started to speak according to the "Holy Bible", "the Constitution" or some solemn classic pledge, "With my blood as the witness, I wish to piously offer enough blood and lives here as the equal and fair exchange for what I want!"

    The moment Zhang Tie finished his words, the vent of the furnace in front of the altar had opened. As high as an adult man, the vent looked like a huge bloody mouth of a boa. The black flame in the furnace looked empty yet terrifying, which seemed to be able to burn everything in the secular world...

    Only by sensing the black, empty flames in the furnace, Zhang Tie had changed his face. Any living being, as long as he fell into the furnace would vanish immediately, even knights.

    After the bloody sacrifice furnace was started, it would close automatically in 3 days if there was no bloody sacrifice in this period. After that, if Zhang Tie wanted to offer sacrifice to it, he could only restart it.

    After starting the bloody sacrifice furnace successfully, Zhang Tie became relieved inside. He then left the altar for the demon baron.

    Old Monster Qi's corpse was lying scattered near the central axis of the hall in numerous pieces.

    After killing Old Monster Qi, Zhang Tie had not searched his corpse. Later on, his corpse was used to explore Zhang Tie's invisible blades in the air and was finally split up into 7-8 pieces. Scattering over the ground, they looked pretty bloody.

    Zhang Tie had seen much bloodier scenes than it; therefore, it didn't scare Zhang Tie too much.

    After coming to the side of the pieces of Old Monster Qi's corpse, Zhang Tie squatted down and started to search for booties carefully.

    As an earth knight; especially a remnant of Three-eye Association who had hidden his real status so many years, how could he not take some good items with him? Even though Old Monster Qi was dead, his items should still be there.

    Zhang Tie mainly checked the parts near the hands and below the neck.

    After checking some pieces, Zhang Tie became faintly stunned. Although he had searched over two hands of Old Monster Qi, he didn't see any items on the ten fingers at all, not even a finger ring...

    Neither did he see any item below the neck, even a necklace. Besides a bloody fragmented boa robe, a soft gold waistband which contained a well-preserved diamond-shaped metal plate which was used to access to the pyramid, some vials of medicament and gold checks, Zhang Tie saw nothing else.

    Although the boa robe and the soft gold waistband were a bit valuable, especially the rare medicaments and the hundreds of thousands of gold coins, they were too dowdy for an earth knight. Even though a fresh black iron knight might have more properties than him. How could this earth knight be so poor?

    'F*ck, are you kidding me?' Zhang Tie swore as he would never believe that Old Monster Qi was that cleanhanded.

    When he killed Old Monster Qi, he had wasted his earth chakra; if he couldn't get any booty as a compensation, Zhang Tie really could not accept it.

    However, even though he had peeled off Old Monster Qi's clothes, he still didn't find anything valuable.

    'F*ck, what a poor wretch!'

    Zhang Tie became speechless...

    'Could it be that Old Monster Qi had hidden his good items in the Lion Fortress or somewhere in the wild after knowing that this action was dangerous?'

    'It's possible. What a weirdo! How could he know that he would lose his life in this pyramid?'

    Now that there was no good item on Old Monster Qi's corpse, Zhang tie could only accept the reality besides letting out a sigh.

    As these segmented flesh were too bloody and didn't look good; additionally the temperature in the hall had recovered to normal, they would smell bad in 2 days if they were left over there.

    After throwing a glance at the bloody sacrifice furnace, Zhang Tie ran his spiritual energy and had those segmented fleshes float up and fly towards the bloody sacrifice furnace--At this moment, the bloody sacrifice furnace was the best tool to deal with wastes.

    After walking a few steps away, Zhang Tie suddenly stopped his footstep and turned around. All the segmented flesh were behind him in the air while the farthest one was already over 50 m away from him...

    Zhang Tie gazed at a part of the calf of Old Monster Qi and caught sight of a bulgy place behind the part of the shin, which faintly revealed a regular shape...

    If the part of calf didn't fly by him, Zhang Tie couldn't notice the abnormal look of that part of the calf.

    Zhang Tie ran his spiritual energy to cut open the skin of the part of the calf, exposing a bloody rectangular metal plate as large as two fingers which then flew towards Zhang Tie...

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