Chapter 959: Secret Warehouse and Purgatory

    Chapter 959: Secret Warehouse and Purgatory

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    After being moved out of the calf of Old Monster Qi, the metal plate was covered with blood. Zhang Tie then ran his spiritual energy and directly summoned a gush of water from Castle of Black Iron to rinse the rectangular metal plate...

    The limpid current appeared out of the void 1 m away in front of Zhang Tie. Like coming out of an open water faucet, the current directly flushed onto that metal plate while the water being splashed down disappeared out of the void and was teleported back into the abyss of chaos in Castle of Black Iron.

    The current appeared and disappeared out of the void magically. If someone watched it aside, he must be exclaiming about it and called it a mysterious manifestation.

    The metal plate rolled in the air automatically like taking a bath. In about half a minute, it had been cleaned.

    Zhang Tie stretched out his hand while the metal plate fell onto his hand. At the same time, the current in the air disappeared.

    This metal plate looked like a soldier's identity plate. Zhang Tie held it and felt that it was heavy.

    It was about 8 cm in length, 3 cm in width and less than 2 cm in height, which was made of precious violet gold and mithril. There were delicate patterns of pavilions and mountain peaks on this plate, the craftsmanship of which was definitely above the level of Zhang Tie as a great artisan master.

    After overturning the plate, Zhang Tie saw a tortoise-like beast on the other side of the plate, with a stele on its shell. There were some small seal Hua characters--Xuanwu Secret Warehouse of Bloody Soul Temple.

    The moment he read the two words "Secret Warehouse", Zhang Tie's heart pounded, 'Is that a space-teleportation equipment?'

    Closely after that, Zhang Tie injected his spiritual energy into this metal plate.

    When his spiritual energy entered the metal plate, Zhang Tie sensed a nanobead inside it.

    It was indeed a space-teleportation equipment. After Old Monster Qi died, his spiritual shackles on this space-teleportation equipment completely collapsed; therefore, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy could reach inside smoothly.

    As soon as Zhang Tie's spiritual energy entered this space-teleportation equipment, he had widely opened his mouth as he almost sprung up due to excitement...

    The capacity of this space-teleportation equipment was too large. Besides Castle of Black Iron, this space-teleportation equipment had the largest capacity that Zhang Tie had ever seen. It was absolutely a huge warehouse whose capacity was over 125,000 cubic meters, namely; the length, width and height of which was over 50 m respectively.

    Compared to the small space-teleportation finger ring whose capacity was less than 30 cubic meters, this space was pretty huge.

    Such a space-teleportation equipment was a rare top-level item among space-teleportation items.

    Given the characters Xuanwu Secret Warehouse of Bloody Soul Temple, now that it was collected by Bloody Soul Temple, which was qualified to be besieged by top seven sects in Taixia Country, it wasn't strange that the Bloody Soul Temple could have such a space-teleportation equipment. However, this space-teleportation equipment was too precious. Even the Bloody Soul Temple would not have so many similar space-teleportation equipment.

    Black dragon, white tiger, Xuanwu, which was similar to tortoise and rosefinch were four mythical animals in Hua legends. If this item could be named by Xuanwu, it meant that there might be only 3 more similar space-teleportation equipment in Bloody Soul Temple.

    'I'm rich!'

    After gaining such a rare space-teleportation equipment, Zhang Tie's journey became worthwhile.

    As a result, Zhang Tie burst out into laughter...

    All the private belongings of Old Monster Qi were in a trivial corner of this space, which didn't even account 1/100 of its capacity.

    Among those private belongings, Zhang Tie saw piles of bullion and secular properties, treasures and antiques, which might be worth about 300 million to 400 million gold coins in total.

    There was a rack beside the hills of treasures. On the upper level of the rack, there were some vials of medicaments; on the lower level of the rack, there were 40-50 huge terrines which were similar to the terrains of pickled vegetables. Zhang Tie didn't know what was inside those terrines. There was a desk beside the rack. Some crystal boxes were put on the desk. Additionally, some cooked food, boxes and nice-looking weapons such as sabers and swords were lying beside the rack and the desk...

    These were Old Monster Qi's total properties.

    Watching these items, Zhang Tie realized that Old Monster Qi had many trump cards. Pitifully, he couldn't use them anymore. Old Monster Qi must be very depressed in the hell.

    It was not the right moment to sort and count the properties of Old Monster Qi. After all, Zhang Tie had enough time to do that later; therefore, he just recovered his composure and put away this Xuanwu Secret Warehouse of Bloody Soul Temple before walking towards the demon baron.

    The demon baron had already woken up once again. Being affected by the all-purpose medicament that Zhang Tie had poured into its mouth, the demon baron's look recovered a bit while the wounds on its limbs didn't bleed anymore. Besides losing his mobility, the demon baron had recovered to normal.

    After fighting Zhang Tie for over 20 hours, although the demon baron's bones, teeth, qi sea and tendons were destroyed completely, they were not fatal injuries for a knight. As an earth knight, the demon baron's great vitality was not weakened too much. If not his broken qi sea and his poor mobility, the demon baron would recover a great battle strength in only a few hours.

    Lying on the ground, the demon baron watched Zhang Tie walking towards him with an animosity, "Don't be pleasant too early. Even if I was sacrificed by you today, you would be sacrificed by others one day..."

    "Sacrifice you? Who told you that?" Zhang Tie asked in a good mood and with a kind look.

    "Humph, humph, stop pretending. You've already started the bloody sacrifice furnace. What else do you want to do except for sacrificing me?" The demon baron had already prepared for the coming death as it didn't think that Zhang Tie could get any benefits from it besides sacrificing it in the furnace.

    The fact was that the demon baron was a bit naive. It thought that the status of a divine dominator was Zhang Tie's biggest trump card. He couldn't figure out what Zhang Tie was going to do with him until now. He didn't even understand why Zhang Tie would paralyze it and feed it medicine. Such a figure who went antagonistic against Zhang Tie in such a place was destined to have a tragic outcome.

    "Perhaps, you don't believe me; but I really started the bloody sacrifice furnace to save you..." Zhang Tie came to the front of the demon baron's head and squatted down while putting his hand on its head, 'How energetic earth elements! As it has promoted to an earth knight, it has fully formed its earth chakra. Of course, the contents of earth elements in its chakra could not be matched by that of common black iron knights.'

    "Save me?" The demon baron sneered, "Are you kidding me?"

    "I'm not kidding you. You will know it right away. As you've already become the fish on the chopping board, do you think it is necessary for me to cheat you..."

    The demon baron wanted to say something. However, it suddenly felt a stress on its head while Zhang Tie had already had it stand up by seizing its head like seizing a ball...

    After then, Zhang Tie seized the demon baron's head by one hand while supporting its back by the other hand and lifting it up in the air.

    Although the demon baron was not light in weight, it was like a straw in Zhang Tie's hands.

    Watching Zhang Tie's mystical eye light and the faint grin at his mouth corners, the demon baron suddenly became frightened, "Ah, what are you doing..."

    "I'm creating a chance for you to be cured!"

    As Zhang Tie replied, he triggered his purgatory samsara method...

    All of a sudden, the demon baron felt that his earth chakra was fiercely knocked by a heavy hammer as it changed its face greatly, 'How could a secret method attack knight's chakra?'

    The earth chakra rocked once again...

    After that, the striking frequency gradually increased while the demon baron's earth chakra rocked in an increasingly higher frequency.

    "You're an alchemist monster?"

    The demon baron roared out of extreme fear as if its guts cracked while its face became out of shape. As a noble demon, it finally remembered the human knight who frightened all the demon knights. Its fear didn't fully come from death; but that the alchemist monster would destroy the belief of demon knights besides destroying their fleshes.

    As for all the demon knights, their lives and everything they owned were gifted by the Demon God. Even if they were dead, all of their belongings would return to Demon God instead of being taken away by others. However, the alchemist monster, the terrifying human knight could refine and devour the most precious chakra of knights. As a result, even if the demon knights were dead, they could not return themselves to the Demon God completely. That was what they feared most.

    "I forgot to tell you about that. I'm the apprentice of an alchemist monster!" Zhang Tie smiled as he continued to strike the demon baron's earth chakra...

    "Ah..." The demon baron shrieked loudly like a naive maiden being insulted by a group of savages while its miserable shriek resonated around the hall.

    As for any demon knight, the purgatory samsara method meant the real purgatory.


    As earth knights had already formed a complete earth chakra, like concrete being reinforced with steel bars, their earth chakra was much firmer than that of black iron knights.

    After being constantly struck by the purgatory samsara method for 4 hours, the demon baron's earth chakra finally collapsed...

    As a result, the demon baron spurted out his blood once again before becoming exhausted completely.

    After its earth chakra collapsed, its earth elements were melted and broken like ice cubes before being pumped away...

    The demon baron's body quivered all over like screening a winnowing fan while Zhang Tie's eyes turned increasingly brighter...

    Extremely energetic and purest earth elements surged into Zhang Tie's earth chakra...
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