Chapter 960: Another Trump Card

    Chapter 960: Another Trump Card

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    It was a bumper harvest and the first time for Zhang Tie to absorb the complete earth chakra of an earth knight. It took him almost 6 hours to absorb 90% of the earth elements of the demon baron's earth chakra.

    The poor demon baron passed out once again.

    When a knight's chakra was broken, it would suffer a severe strike both physiologically and mentally. Although the strike was not fatal to the demon baron, it had suffered a great loss. Besides its broken limbs, it had become as soft as a noodle.

    Zhang Tie loosened his grip, causing the demon baron to fall onto the ground.

    Zhang Tie didn't know what secret method did the demon baron cultivate, he felt that its earth chakra was very thick and vigorous which contained so many earth elements. After absorbing almost 90% of the demon baron's earth chakra, Zhang Tie felt that he could at least light 20 scales on his earth chakra.

    The space in Zhang Tie's earth chakra had been filled with a lot of earth elements which Zhang Tie had refined and absorbed. Therefore, Zhang Tie felt full. The reason that Zhang Tie left 10% of the demon baron's earth chakra lay in that he felt that the demon baron would recover its earth chakra in an easier way with the remaining 10% of earth elements when accepting the bloody sacrifice.

    The gate of the hall had been closed for over 2 days, leaving about 20 hours to the other human knights outside the gate.

    'I hope all of them could gain something.'

    'This is a rare chance for me. I should never give it up. I could only let my friends leave this pyramid first and explain it to them in the future...'

    Thinking this way, Zhang Tie input some more orders into the crystal ball...

    Standing in the hall, Zhang Tie looked around this spacious hall and thought for a short while before revealing a faint smile. He then shook his head and caught the demon baron's neck like catching a chick. Closely after that, he disappeared together with the crystal ball out of the void.

    The hall recovered tranquility once again, leaving the bloody sacrifice furnace and the blood stains which indicated what happened during the past 2 days.


    Zhang Tie appeared in the palace tree...

    "Welcome back, Castle Lord, Congratulations..."

    It seemed that they had long known that Zhang Tie would come back, Heller, Agan, Aziz and Edward had been waiting in the lobby for Zhang Tie respectfully.

    Heller knew everything that Zhang Tie had done in the hall.

    This was a narrow victory for Zhang Tie.

    It was already a brilliant military exploit for Zhang Tie as a black iron knight to kill an earth knight of Three-eye Association and completely cripple an earth demon knight.

    The brilliance belonged to Zhang Tie and could only be tasted by him alone instead of being exposed to the public; however, Heller, Agan, Aziz and Edward knew that and felt happy for Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie was also happy. The moment he entered Castle of Black Iron, he had completely become relaxed. After then, Zhang Tie felt a bit fatigued.

    Zhang Tie wove his arm and threw the disabled demon baron to Aziz, "Keep it alive, don't spare any chance for it to be aggressive!"

    After taking the demon baron, Aziz, Agan and Edward looked cheerful as they all chested out at once. The three people had a great sense of achievement and pride by serving Castle Lord, even though it was the humblest thing.

    "Castle Lord, trust me, I'm the best veterinarian. I excel at looking after animals. I promise you to make it plump..." Agan replied with full confidence.

    "I will make an exclusive shackle for it in case of your concern, Castle Lord..." Edward rubbed its hands with bright eyes.

    "Castle Lord, do you need me to build a special cell for it?" Agan asked with a humble smile like a lackey.

    If the demon baron was awake at this moment, it would pass out again for sure.

    Zhang Tie revealed a bitter smile as he wove his arm and told the three servants to take the demon baron away.


    At this moment, the small tree in the middle of the lobby was brilliant and releasing a strong, bizarre fragrance, which filled the air. Undoubtedly, new fruits had come into being.

    Especially the bizarre fragrance, which smelt both strange and familiar, impressed Zhang Tie deeply. Zhang Tie had not smelt the same fragrance since he left the Selnes Theater of Operations for so many years.

    Zhang Tie immediately caught sight of that bloodline fruit on the small tree from far away.

    The bloodline fruit was half red and half black. As a 16-side structure, it was as brilliant as a treasure.

    This bloodline fruit was much bigger than the last one that he got in Selnes Theater of Operations.

    It was a gift for killing Old Monster Qi.

    Zhang Tie couldn't stand to burst out into laughter. When he determined to join this adventure, he had not imagined that he could be the last winner.

    "Castle Lord, do you want to enjoy these fruits now? It's indeed a bumper harvest!" Heller asked.

    "Not now. I've not recovered my wounds which were caused by Old Monster Qi; additionally, as I've fought the demon knight for almost a day, I have consumed a lot of spiritual energy and am not in a good physical condition. It's not the right moment to take fruits. I want to take a nap and recover my spiritual and physical strength first!" Zhang Tie told Heller after moving his eyes from the small tree.

    Heller nodded as he found that Zhang Tie became maturer.

    "Oh, how's that corps..."

    "As long as Castle Lord needs them, they will sacrifice everything for you!"

    "That's fine. I will take a look at them after getting up!" Zhang Tie replied as he walked upstairs towards his bedroom. At the same time, he took out a vial of medium-level recovery medicament and poured it into his mouth...


    After Zhang Tie returned to his bedroom and fell asleep, Heller entered the underground tunnel from the entrance in the lobby of the palace tree for over 10 minutes before coming to an underground space beneath the hinterland of the immortal mountain.

    This underground space was pretty cold. In the beginning, it was used to store flesh of the huge deep-sea monster; however, at this moment, this space was over 100 times bigger than the cold storage warehouse.

    The endless soldiers of the demon corps were standing in this space like ice sculptures as if all of their life activities had come to a stop...

    Nobody outside Castle of Black Iron could imagine that the super demon corps which had vanished in Waii Subcontinent and was said to have been eliminated by the terrifying full-moons miasma that raged across the Waii Subcontinent could stay here...

    With the arrival of Heller, a part of space remained as cold as before; however, the other part of space gradually recovered to normal temperature while the frost over many soldiers of the super demon corps started to melt...

    The frozen soldiers of the super demon corps almost opened their bloody eyes at the same time...

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