Chapter 961: The Real Knight

    Chapter 961: The Real Knight

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    3 days soon elapsed, during which period, all the human knights entering the pyramid were breaking the pearls of secret items that they had selected around the clock.

    Only a few knights had caught up with the virtual image of the secret item and fixed their pearls of secret items; most of them including Zhang Anguo the grand elder of Tianlu Palace was selecting their targets according to their experience or weird sciolistic "Learning of Secret Items". As for the latter method, the possibility for them to find a silver secret item was pretty low.

    In the team of Mountain Lifting Hermit, only 3 members had seen the virtual images of silver secret items, 2 of them were a couple, Lu Zhong Ming and Lin Huanxi, who found a brilliant long hook with cold light. The moment the long hook was waved, the surrounding air would be frozen with a very powerful cold damage.

    The weapon long hook was rare among silver secret items. Therefore, it was pretty precious.

    The other one who found a silver secret item was Zhao Youxian, a clan elder of Zhao Clan from Military Province. Zhao Youxian's silver secret item was a shield.

    If Zhang Tie saw this shield, he must be surprised as it was as same as that he had gained from the demon general.

    The team of Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace only gained one silver secret item which was gifted by Zhang Tie to Zhang Shuzhen. Finally, it was found by Zhang Suzhen and her elder brother Zhang Anshi after breaking two pearls of secret items.

    It was a longsword. Compared to the long hook gained by the couple, this longsword was dreamlike as it could automatically release four brilliant, powerful birds out of the void.

    Given the less population of Old Monster Qi's team, none of them had gained a silver secret item during the past 3 days.

    Zhang Tie's friends Gong Ziyao, Zhou Shufan, Filton, Cecilia and Bolam didn't gain anything either.

    After entering the Weapons Mountain for 3 days, the team of almost 30 members only gained 3 silver secret items in total, most of them including the grand elder of Tianlu Palace returned in vain.

    Silver secret items were especially attractive to knights right because they were hard to get.

    After 3 days, at the sight of the battle qi tornado of the grand elder of Zhang Clan, all the human knights gathered at the top of the main peak of the Weapons Mountain and kept their eyes onto the gate of the hall which was still closed.

    After 3 days' rest, Mountain Lifting Hermit had recovered his physical strength and battle strength a bit; however, his face still looked as shallow as that of a sick lion. The sorcery bloody-soul driller on guts was extremely insidious, whose damages could not be recovered in only 3-5 days.

    Even though Lu Zhongming, Lin Huanxi and Zhao Youxian were unwilling to do that, they still presented their silver secret items for the selection of Mountain Lifting Hermit.

    This was an agreement reached between them before they joined the team of Mountain Lifting Hermit. According to the agreement, if Mountain Lifting Hermit didn't gain any space-teleportation equipment or silver secret item, he would have the right to select one from the silver secret items gained by his team members.

    At this moment, no matter whose silver secret item did Mountain Lifting Hermit select, the other team members would present many precious earth elements or other treasures to recuperate the loss of that person. It was a relatively fair method just like buying the entrance ticket of this hieron ruins.

    As the most powerful one who had spent most efforts for his teams such as gaining the diamond-shaped key and the one who organized this activity, Mountain Lifting Hermit enjoyed the privilege in the team wherever he was.

    If there was a silver secret item in a pearl of a secret item, a colorful light beam would shoot into the sky the moment the last layer of the pearl of the secret item was broken, presenting an abnormal phenomenon, which could never be covered at all. Therefore, in Weapons Mountain, anyone who gained a silver secret would attract a lot of onlookers right away. They could not cover the message that they had gained a silver secret item at all.

    When Lu Zhongming, Lin Huanxi, Zhao Youxian, Zhang Shuzhen and Zhang Anshi gained their silver secret items, a lot of people went to watch that with extremely "admiring" looks.

    Watching Lu Zhongming, Lin Huanxi and Zhao Youxian presenting their silver secret items to Mountain Lifting Hermit and waiting for the latter's selection, all the others at the top of the main peak of Weapons Mountain moved their eyes onto Mountain Lifting Hermit's face as they were guessing which silver secret item would Mountain Lifting Hermit choose. Both the long hook and the shield were unique, one for strike, the other for defense. It was really difficult for people to guess his choice.

    Only after throwing a glance at the two silver secret items, Mountain Lifting Hermit had shaken his head as he said with a disappointed look, "Now that you've gained them, just keep them. As my life has been saved by brother Cui Li at risk of his life, you've already paid off the price for entering the hieron ruins. I would like to give up my right to make a choice!"

    Soon after Mountain Lifting Hermit finished his words, the others at present had thrown their admiring eyes onto Mountain Lifting Hermit as they were hailing him inside. They had not imagined that Mountain Lifting Hermit could be so generous to give up the chance to gain a silver secret item in such a casual way.

    Lu Zhongming, Lin Huanxi and Zhao Youxian bowed deeply towards Mountain Lifting Hermit at the same time.

    After straightening up, Lu Zhongming watched Mountain Lifting Hermit and said with a solemn look, "Brother Cui Li also saved my wife's life. I've already negotiated with Huanxi, if Mountain Lifting Hermit doesn't take this long hook, we will present it to bother Cui Li so as to extend our sincerity when brother Cui Li leaves the hieron. After all, a silver secret item could never match my wife's life!"

    After Lu Zhongming said these words, he exchanged a glance with Lin Huanxi while their eyes contained rich love and privity.

    "After brother Cui comes out, he will be the savior of Zhao Clan of Homesick Palace in Military Province; if he needs our help, our Zhao Clan will never say no even at the risk of our lives!" Zhao Youxian also expressed his stance in a muffled voice.

    Without Cui Li, Zhao Youxian might not even survive himself this time; not to mention to gain a silver secret item. Therefore, as an elder of Zhao Clan of Homesick Palace in Military Province, Zhao Youxian's decision was reasonable.


    At this moment, Zhan Anguo the grand elder of Tianlu Palace let out a sigh inside. When Zhang member gained a silver secret item, Zhang Shuzhen told him about the process of the conflict between Cui Li and her. Honestly, if Cui Li really wanted to strive for this silver secret item with Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace, Zhang Clan would definitely lose the oral dispute wherever they were.

    "Being righteous and generous. Cui Li is a real hero!"

    "Now that all the people have gathered here, it's time for us to leave the hieron. We'd better wait for Cui Li outside the hieron!" Zhang Anguo told the others calmly.

    "Elder Anguo, why not wait for brother Cui Li here?"

    "When the gate of the hall was opened, the earth demon knight would definitely not agree to have brother Cui leave him if it saw so many people standing outside the gate in case of being mired in a dilemma. If so, brother Cui would be in trouble. Therefore, besides being useless to brother Cui here, we would even cause him trouble!" Zhang Anguo explained patiently, "If something happened in the 3 days and brother Cui Li had destroyed the crystal ball and died together with the earth demon knight, after a few hours, when the preset time was on due, the hieron would be absolutely closed at once. By then, we would have to die here. Therefore, we'd better wait for brother Cui outside the hieron. If brother Cui could leave out of here safe and sound, we will talk about it later!"

    Now that they were useless here and might bring trouble to Cui Li, everybody agreed with Zhang Anguo's suggestion to leave out of here.


    After reaching an agreement, all of them went down the mountain to leave the heiron.

    Compared to when they came here, the temperature in the pyramid had recovered to normal. The knights could move freely. Even though they could not fly, they were still moving as fast as lightning bolts. Only after a short while, they had reached the foot of the Weapons Mountain and passed through the plain and the palace complex.

    As they were leaving out of here, when they passed through that lobby with two rows of powerful battle puppets, those battle puppets didn't move. Therefore, they could pass the lobby easily.

    After passing the lobby, they stepped onto the spiral steps of the pyramid and soon reached the top of the pyramid before walking out of the entrance one after another.

    Although they had just entered the pyramid for a few days, most of them felt having stayed inside a hundred years.

    Before coming here, none of them could imagine that this journey could be so perilous and unpredictable. Besides being traced by an earth demon knight, it was really out of their imaginations that the Old Monster Qi, a team leader of humans was a lackey of demons. The moment they thought that the earth demon knight and Old Monster Qi joined hands to screw them inside, they had felt cold inside.


    After leaving the pyramid, every one of them just waited at the entrance of the pyramid and expected to see Cui Li walking out of there...


    However, after a few hours, when it was on due, Cui Li didn't appear; however, the gate of the pyramid suddenly closed.

    All the people at present changed their looks at the same time.

    Soon after the preset time was on due, the gate of the pyramid closed on time. Didn't it mean that brother Cui Li had destroyed the crystal ball and died together with the earth demon knight?

    "Brother Cui Li..." Gong Ziyao dropped off his tears at once when he watched the gate of the pyramid closing up and recalled the moments with Cui Li since he acquainted with him...

    Mountain Lifting Hermit's face turned ashy as his lips quivered. Although he wanted to say something, he couldn't. Clenching his fist, he quivered all over...

    Lu Zhongming and Lin Huanxi dropped off tears at the same time. Zhang Anguo also let out a long sigh.

    The eyes of Filton, Bolam and Cecilia turned red too...

    Although they had seen many dead people, this time it was different because Cui Li proposed to sacrifice himself for the lives of all the others.

    "Cui Li is the real, bravest knight with knighthood!" Filton heavily punched his own chest with red eyes as he made a military salute towards the gate of the pyramid.


    All of a sudden, someone burst out into tears as she rushed towards the gate of the pyramid and forcefully thumped the gate of the pyramid like a lunatic.

    Her cries sounded pretty heartbreaking. It was as heart-wrenching as a cuckoo's lament. Anyone who listened to it would feel grieved and drop off tears.

    It was the young sister Bai Suxian of Zhang Tie...

    "Wuh...whu..wuh, you heartless guy! How could you just leave in this way? You've molested me twice and left me alone...how'd I live from then on?"


    Bai Suxian's sadness was out of everyone's imagination. They didn't even know when Cui Li had conquered this woman's heart at all.


    Even though the gate of the hieron was already closed, they still had a slim hope and stayed outside the gate one more day, expecting that the gate of the hieron would open once again.

    Until 1 day later before the terrifying abyss hurricane sealed this isolated island in the ocean once again, they had to bid a farewell to Cui Li.

    After leaving the magma sea and watching the abyss hurricane reappearing, they finally gave up their last hope of seeing Cui Li coming out of there...

    As Old Monster Qi had one key of the gate of the hieron, the key was finally left in the hieron too. Therefore, after the gate of the hieron was closed, it indicated that nobody else would enter it from then on...


    "Brother Gong, as you're familiar with brother Cui, do you know whether brother Cui has any relatives in Yongzhou Province? If he has, our Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace would pick his relatives to Tianlu Palace. If brother Cui Li has offsprings, our Tianlu Palace would instruct them seriously for sure..." Zhang Anguo asked Gong Ziyao as he was suspending above the magma sea and watching the abyss hurricane across the magma sea.

    Gong Ziyao shook his head, "Brother Cui told me about his family that he was the only kid in his family. He has not got married; additionally, his parents have passed away many years ago. Besides some servants in his old mansion, he didn't have any more relatives!"

    The human knights then left here one after another, leaving sighs...

    From then on, the name of Cui Li started to spread over the Lion Fortress. Everyone would praise Cui Li as a righteous man!
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