Chapter 962: Recovery

    Chapter 962: Recovery

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    The powerful recovery effect of his preliminary recovery body plus the vial medium recovery medicament that Zhang Tie had drunk before going to bed enabled Zhang Tie to complete the regeneration of his somata and the recovery of his physical functions.

    When in Blackhot City, Zhang Tie had developed a frugal living habit.

    Although he had a lot of vials of senior recovery medicaments; as he his wounds could be recovered by medium recovery medicament and preliminary recovery body, Zhang Tie just took one vial of medium recovery medicament instead of a senior one.

    As for a knight, a vial of senior recovery medicament was not a big deal. However, Zhang Tie knew that a vial of senior recovery medicament might save one more human life. He still remembered that Grandma Teresa took out a very vial of the most precious all-purpose medicament from a well-preserved box with a solemn look and daubed it onto his wounds in the orphanage of Blackhot City.

    Benevolence was priceless--Grandma Teresa told him at that moment.

    'I wonder about the current situation of those little guys in the orphanage and Grandma Teresa?'

    Perhaps this thought had always hidden deeply in his mind, Zhang Tie who didn't have a dream for a long time dreamed about Grandma Teresa and those kids in the orphanage once again.

    In the dream, Grandma Teresa's breasts were still that soft and warm, making him reassured.

    After then, fire broke out in the orphanage while numerous grim demon fighters appeared in the dark and charged at barehanded Grandma Teresa and those little guys whose eyes would turn bright at the sight of rice soup...

    Zhang Tie then woke up...

    'It was a dream.' Zhang Tie revealed a self-mocking smile before getting up.

    In the bedroom of the palace tree, everything was very special. Everything in this bedroom was growing out of the palace tree naturally besides the table clock and the beddings.

    The shell-shaped big bed, the peanut shell-shaped bathtub, the waterpipes hiding in the wall, the beehive-shaped cupboard, the tree leaves which covered the window like a curtain. Everything inside was natural and fairytale-like. Any kid living inside would be very thrilled.

    When he recalled his three sons, Zhang Tie felt a bit depressed. After then, he cut off these thoughts being irrelevant to the current environment. Being spirited, he went to cleanse himself in the washroom.

    After that, he revealed a smile at the tall and stalwart figure in the mirror. He then ran his spiritual energy to recover his original look with constant cracking sounds.

    If someone caught sight of this scene, he must widely open his mouth out of amazement as he would think that he had met some bizarre spirit. Because it was completely out of the range of disguising skill. It was a complete transformation from one person to another.

    Before leaving the bedroom, Zhang Tie threw another glance at the table clock and knew that the other human knights had already left this pyramid for sure.

    Zhang Tie slept for almost 2 days. When he woke up, his wounds had long recovered while his spiritual energy recovered to the best state.

    'Perhaps they thought I was dead!'

    'I will explain it to them in the future if there's a chance.'

    Zhang Tie soon arranged thoughts in order.


    "Deity Lord..." The moment Zhang Tie walked out of his bedroom, the two girls standing outside his bedroom had lowered their heads and knelt down on the ground in the grandest manner. They even dared not raise their heads.

    After Zhang Tie came back, Heller had noticed all the youngsters in the palace tree. Therefore, Zhang Tie's bedroom would be served around the clock.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, the two girls who treated him as a deity quivered all over due to excitement even though they were kneeling down on the ground.

    Touching his bald head, honestly, Zhang Tie was really unaccustomed to such a grand etiquette. He felt uneasy all over as if many ants were creeping on his body.

    "Erm, no need to kneel down when you see me in the future..."

    "Ah?" The two girls raised their heads and threw a glance at Zhang Tie. They then hurriedly lowered their heads in a flurried way; one of them was scared so much that she even cried, "Deity Lord...Deity Lord...are you going to abandon us and deprive our belief?"

    "Erm..." Zhang Tie widely opened his mouth as he didn't know what to say. Since he had no experience in worshipping a deity; therefore, he couldn't feel how the worshippers and believers were shocked when a deity told them about this.

    Additionally, Zhang Tie felt extremely embarrassed and uneasy about the appellation "Deity Lord". If he were a real deity, how could he still be wanted and couldn't return to his home until now? Is there any deity more miserable than him?

    "Deity Lord means that you only need to kneel down in front of him by one knee from now on. Only clergies who were approved by Deity Lord and would like to sacrifice their lives to Deity Lord are qualified to kneel down on the ground created by Deity Lord in front of Deity Lord so that their hearts could stay closer to Deity Lord. As for the higher-level etiquette in which people have to put their heads, hands, feet and chests onto the grounds, nobody is qualified to do that in front of Deity Lord until now..."

    Heller dissolved the problem for Zhang Tie at the critical moment. Soon after they heard Heller's explanation, the two girls hurriedly knelt down on the ground by one knee. Zhang Tie then let out a sigh inside and didn't explain any further.

    'What is talent?"

    "Heller is!"

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that such a humble thing to others could indicate his supreme status through Heller's explanation. The humbler they were in front of him, the higher their status was!

    What a brainwash!

    Heller wove his hands and told the two flurried girls to leave. He then led Zhang Tie to the dining hall for breakfast.

    On the way, Zhang Tie asked Heller in a hesitated way, "Erm...Is it a bit excessive?"

    "All the human behaviors are neither good or bad. The behavior by touching one's knees with the ground is neither noble nor humble. People feel it is noble or humble because of their own opinions. In this world, the most hypocritical and untrustworthy things are people's opinions and recognition. We found it's ridiculous for a man to wear a skirt now; one day, if the demons dominate humans, in order to mock and make a fool of humans, they might order all the man in the countries being ruled by Three-eye Association to wear a skirt without an underwear. After hundreds of years later, those men being ruled by demons and Three-eye Association would feel that it's glorious and traditional for men to wear a skirt without an underwear. Will you say that those men are not right in skirts?"

    Zhang Tie became speechless about Heller's answer. Zhang Tie knew that he was never as eloquent as Heller.

    "After this batch of youngsters leaves, tell those residents to not send more people here. I want the palace tree to be a bit quieter!" Zhang Tie let out a sigh, "Being worshipped by these people like a deity, I almost feel being a bit lunatic. Each time I see them when I come back, I will feel uneasy all over!"

    Previously, Zhang Tie wanted those residents to send youngsters here to gain knowledge; however, he underestimated his influence among those people and overestimated his adaptability. Someone would feel funny being worshipped as a deity by people; however, Zhang Tie didn't feel it funny at all. Castle of Black Iron should be where he relaxed himself; whereas, he became intense inside it.

    "As you wish, Castle Lord!" Heller answered respectfully, "However, now that Castle Lord has come back, I've arranged those youngsters to meet you after you finish breakfast!"

    "Just meet me?"

    "Yes, as long as Castle Lord meet those youngsters in the lobby of the palace tree, you would satisfy their biggest hope on the Immortal Mountain."

    "Do I need to say something?"

    "It depends on you!"


    Zhang Tie's breakfast was bumper, which included over 10 kinds of fruits, various food and pastries.

    The food in Castle of Black Iron was pretty yummy. The aura in Castle of Black Iron was very affluent. The soil inside was very fertilized and clean. The fruits inside Castle of Black Iron were much better than those outside. Additionally, some fruits and food inside had mutated and tasted more delicious. Therefore, Zhang Tie, after sleeping for 2 days, enjoyed a big meal.

    It was worth mentioning that those residents in Castle of Black Iron were all those who refused to eat human fleshes. After settling down in Castle of Black Iron, although their living materials gradually became affluent, they still felt like vomiting at the sight of flesh due to the dark experience in the Misty Woods. Therefore, besides the warehouse of palace tree which contained fleshes, no other flesh could be found in Castle of Black Iron.

    Eating those super tasty fruits and various outputs such as grains and drinking sweet and limpid aura mountain spring, Zhang Tie also lost his interest in the flesh after returning to Castle of Black Iron.

    Especially the bean curds made of beans, aura mountain spring and fungi on the Immortal Mountain, which was much more delicious than any flesh that Zhang Tie had ever tasted. Zhang Tie spoke high of this food.

    After enjoying a tasty breakfast, Zhang Tie met those youngsters.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, all those youngsters quivered all over due to excitement, male or female; some of them even cried. However, Zhang Tie felt his face as stiff as fossils. He felt embarrassed no matter what he would say; therefore, he just became silent.

    However, in the eyes of those youngsters, Zhang Tie's performance reflected the majesty and mystery as a deity.

    Soon after these youngsters left respectfully, Edward and Aziz had pushed one thing to the front of Zhang Tie like presenting a treasure...

    At the sight of that thing, Zhang Tie widely opened his mouth...
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