Chapter 963: A Big Surprise

    Chapter 963: A Big Surprise

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    Precisely, it was the demon baron being bound to a lot of machines.

    At first glance, it was like a complex wheelchair, an operating table or a recreational facility in the playground. The demon baron's limbs were fixed on a movable metal support; something like snaffle was inserted into its mouth. As a result, the demon baron couldn't speak.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, although it couldn't speak, it widely opened its eyes like seeing a ghost.

    Only after throwing a glance at the demon baron, Zhang Tie had known what it was thinking about.

    The demon baron must have a lot of questions about this space of Castle of Black Iron, these people beside Zhang Tie and the marvelous palace tree. At this moment, it might wonder where it was, how long had passed and why it fell into the hands of strangers.

    'Whatever, I have no time to explain all this to it. After a couple of days, I will take it to the hall for a bloody sacrifice. I'm afraid that it would be more flurried by then.'

    Zhang Tie had already recovered his original look which demon baron had not seen before. Watching this strange face, the demon baron struggled for a short while as if it wanted to say something; however, Zhang Tie ignored that.

    "Castle Lord, what do you think about this device?" Edward asked out of excitement.

    "Erm..this one...is not bad. It looks good. But is it a bit complex?" Zhang Tie asked as he rubbed his face.

    "It's not complex, it's not complex, look..." Edward explained as he spoke to Zhang Tie.

    As Edward casually moved an operating arm on the wheelchair, the demon baron involuntarily stood up with the help of the metal skeleton and metal support. Edward continued to operate it; the demon baron then started to walk with the movable support.

    The demon baron might have never imagined that it could be casually operated by people. It threw a fierce and brutal glance at Edward. Although it wanted to struggle, it had no strength at all.

    "I named this system as exoskeleton semi-automatic prisoning cabin. It's made of super powerful alloy. Even an earth knight with full battle strength could not damage it in a short while. Due to this system, this demon knight would be harmless as its action capability was forbidden. Additionally, it could be forced to move with the operation of external force, namely, doing exercise. We could also have it make various postures to meet our demands, such as squatting down, sitting or standing..."

    With the operation of Edward, the demon baron made various postures like a marionette. Some postures were even hilarious, making Zhang Tie speechless. 'Such a ruthless earth demon knight deteriorated into a marionette in the hands of Edward, Agan and Aziz. How poor it is! However, now that it has fallen into my hand, it's destined to have a poor fate. I should not sympathize with any demon.'

    "I posed the idea of exoskeleton semi-automatic prisoning cabin. Edward made it under my supervision. Through proper movement, this injured beast would heal its wounds and recover its physical functions at a faster speed. We can occasionally push it to breathe fresh air for the sake of long-time breeding..." Aziz hurriedly claimed merit for himself.


    Hearing this word, the demon baron became thrilled once again; however, it was useless.

    "Not bad, not bad!" Zhang Tie had to praise their perfect work. Zhang Tie had not imagined that they could build such an auxiliary instrument for this demon baron. Although it was complex, it was very useful.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's performance, Edward's and Aziz's faces turned bright as their life philosophy was to serve Zhang Tie.

    "Have you thought about preventing it from committing suicide by breaking its own heart meridian?" Zhang Tie posed a question.

    Edward revealed a pleasant smile as he pulled up the lower hem of the demon baron's gown, revealing its lower abdomen, "Look, Castle Lord..."

    In order to cover the demon baron's butt, they wore a cloth for the demon baron after fiddling with its full body, which was the only "right" that the demon baron could enjoy at this moment...

    The injury near the qi sea at the lower abdomen of the demon baron which was penetrated through by the abyss battle spear two days ago had been cured. Additionally, the injury was beset with a metal patch. There was a plug on the patch just like a bottle stopper.

    They made a special surgery for this demon.

    Zhang Tie prodded the metal bottle stopper on the patch and found it was movable like a piston of a steam engine.


    It was equal to that the qi sea at the demon baron's lower abdomen was always leaking. Therefore, it could not trigger its battle qi at all. Precisely, its physical structure had been destroyed, causing it unable to trigger its battle qi to commit suicide by breaking its own heart meridian.

    The qi sea was a special energy structure. Like surging points over one's body, qi sea could not be found physiologically on anatomy; however, it indeed existed; additionally, it attached to a specific physiological structure. Being similar to that a person would never light his surging points after his hands were chopped off, if a person's lower abdomen where the qi sea existed in was penetrated through, he could not trigger his battle qi that formed in the qi sea either.

    Therefore, the earth demon knight completely deteriorated into a marionette being fiddled with by others.

    "Where's Agan?"

    "Agan is preparing for an exclusive cell for this guy in the dungeon of the palace tree. That cell is firm and it could help it recover..."

    Zhang Tie nodded, "Thanks for your hard work. I will use it after a couple of days. You can take it away now..."

    "Yes, sir, Castle Lord!"

    With the demon baron's lament and resent, Edward and Aziz pushed it away from the lobby of the palace tree jubilantly.


    "This guy has not seen light for two days, we should push it outside the palace tree to breath fresh air so that it could recover a bit faster and Castle Lord would better use it!" Aziz told Edward as they walked.


    "How about the bank of the pool near the small waterfall. It's abundant in visible light and moisture in the air, which are beneficial to its soma!"

    "Are we walking a dog?"

    "Castle Lord's thing should be a bit more advanced than a dog anyway!"

    When they talked, they gradually left Zhang Tie's vision.


    Watching Edward and Aziz leaving, Zhang Tie smiled and shook his head. After that, he walked towards the small tree.

    The small tree was covered with various fruits.

    This was a big harvest.

    When Old Monster Qi was alive, he didn't create any value for Zhang Tie. His complete earth chakra had been wasted too. However, when he was dead, Zhang Tie made a bumper harvest.

    Besides the most precious bloodline fruit, there was also an extremely brilliant fruit of brilliance and a fruit of judgment.

    Additionally, the fruits of redemption from the gratitude of gulf shrimps and hairy shellfish were also swaying on the small tree. What made Zhang Tie a bit amazed were the three fruits of redemption from golden uangs which had not appeared for such a long time. It indicated that Paul had found the channel to purchase golden uangs. What a good news!

    Of course, there were always leakless fruits.

    It took Zhang Tie almost 1 week to digest these fruits.

    The fruits of brilliance which contained the full spiritual energy of Old Monster Qi was a big tonic. After taking it, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy increased by 30%.

    After taking that bloodline fruit, Zhang Tie increased 1784 points of bloodline energy.

    An earth knight's death could really bring him a great achievement. Zhang Tie remembered that when he killed that three-eye knight by accident in Selnes Theater of Operations, his first bloodline fruit only contained 361 points of bloodline energy. This time, after killing an earth knight, he gained 5 times more bloodline energy points which could be used to trigger ancestral bloodlines. This really drove Zhang Tie ecstatic as if he had picked up a treasure.

    There were three fruits of judgment.

    A fruit of judgment evolved Zhang Tie's super rapid moving skill into master-level rapid moving skill. With the effect of master-level rapid moving skill, Zhang Tie's flight speed increased by 10%. With the second fruit of judgment, Zhang Tie's hiding skill promoted to master-level too. With the effect of master-level hiding skill, Zhang Tie could not only hide his qi and integrate himself with the surrounding environment through mimicry, but also control the properties and intensity of his qi freely in an all-round manner. Additionally, the effect of the master-level hiding skill would not decline even in movement.

    What amazed Zhang Tie most was the third fruit of judgment, which was a wholly new one. It contained a new skill that Zhang Tie had not imagined--preliminary mirror separation...
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