Chapter 964: Starting the Bloody Sacrifice Furnace Once Again

    Chapter 964: Starting the Bloody Sacrifice Furnace Once Again

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    With the preliminary mirror separation skill, Zhang Tie could have a virtual body in a short period.

    Of course, the so-called mirror separation was not the real incarnation concerning the "Great Wilderness Sutra". It was a mirror image which had some features of Zhang Tie's original body. The so-called mirror image was like an inverted image in the mirror. Of course, it was a false appearance. However, this false appearance could own some of Zhang Tie's abilities in a short period.

    God's rune skill--mirror separation skill!


    The currently available quantity of mirror images/maximal storage quantity--1/3.

    The duration of mirror image--1 hour.

    The features of mirror image--In 1 hour, the mirror image would maintain the speed of the original body. Besides, its battle strength, vitality and defensive power could reach LV 10 of its original body. However, it could not use the special skills of its original body. Even though its original body has triggered the body-changing immortal bloodline, its physical features refer to the physical features of its original body.

    This was the introduction of the mirror separation skill in Zhang Tie's mind.

    From its introduction, Zhang Tie knew that the so-called mirror separation skill was not for battle. Because powerhouses at knight level could ignore the battle strength of LV 10 fighters. The biggest effect of mirror separation skill was that it could be used to entice Zhang Tie's enemy for the sake of Zhang Tie's escape or concealment at the critical moment or substitute Zhang Tie for doing something dangerous in certain environments. Under such circumstances, mirror image was definitely a sharp weapon for Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie became ecstatic.

    A few days ago, he was admiring the earth demon knight's weird hiding and separation skill, which made the two earth human knights flurried and even caused Zhang Tie a great loss. Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could master the similar mirror separation skill. By contrast, undoubtedly his mirror separation skill was much more advanced than that of the demon baron.


    After taking these fruits, Zhang Tie increased his potential battle strength a lot.

    Besides leakless fruits, fruits of redemption and fruits of brilliance, the other fruits on the small tree would instantly take effect the moment they were eaten. As for the bloodline fruit, after taking it, Zhang Tie didn't trigger his ancestral bloodlines with the 1784 points of bloodline energy for the time being.

    Zhang Tie thought that he should make a good plan on triggering his ancestral bloodlines. After all, he had enough time to do that. But not now, as he had a lot of things to deal with.

    It took Zhang Tie 1 week to digest all the fruits. After that, it took him another 3 days to convert the earth elements that he had absorbed from the demon baron's earth chakra into a part of his own earth chakra.

    Finally, 90% of the total earth elements of the earth chakra of the demon baron lit 21 scales of Zhang Tie's earth chakra. If all the earth elements of the earth chakra of the demon baron were absorbed by Zhang Tie, they could light 23 more scales of Zhang Tie's earth chakra. That was to say, Zhang Tie's Roc King Sutra required over 16 times more earth elements than that required by the cultivation method of the earth demon knight.

    It took Zhang Tie totally 10 days to digest those fruits and converted those earth elements of the demon baron.

    On the 11th day, Zhang Tie left Castle of Black after making all the preparations and returned to the hall of the hieron in the pyramid.


    Zhang Tie reappeared in the hall together with the crystal ball which was following him up like a pet under the control of his spiritual energy as a divine dominator.

    Zhang Tie had left this place for 13 days. The bloody sacrifice furnace had already closed up automatically. The hall looked empty and pretty deserted.

    After looking around the hall, Zhang Tie didn't go to open the bloody sacrifice furnace right away; instead, he touched the crystal ball to open the gate and recover the temperature and air flow in the pyramid.

    When he put his hand on the crystal ball, he had known that he was the only one in the pyramid. All the others had left 10 days ago. Zhang Tie tried to sense the tracing feathers and confirmed that all the human knights had already left the island. Therefore, this place became completely tranquil.

    The magma sea must have been covered by the terrifying abyss hurricane. Even earth knights would have a great difficulty in entering it, not to mention those weaker ones.

    'They might be thinking about perishing together with the demon baron, I wonder whether the group of Gong Ziyao has gained something.'

    Thinking about this, Zhang Tie leisurely walked out of the gate of the hall. Standing on the top of the main peak of the Weapons Mountain, Zhang Tie looked at the scenery below.

    The middle part of the Weapons Mountain was still enshrouding with mist. These days, in order to fabricate a "false phenomenon" that he had perished together with the demon baron, Zhang Tie had input an order to the pyramid through the crystal ball-- 3 days later, the gate of the hieron would close up; at the same time, the temperature in the pyramid would slowly drop to its lowest limit while the entire space of the pyramid would be vacuum.

    Zhang Tie was concerned that someone was still hiding here, therefore, he decided to frighten them if there really was.

    3 days after he closed the gate of the hall, the temperature in the pyramid dropped abruptly while the air supply was reduced. Even earth knights could not stay here for too long, not to mention others.

    When Zhang Tie walked out of the gate of the hall, the entire pyramid had gradually recovered to normal temperature while the sufficient air flow caused the mists and clouds to roll over the Weapons Mountain once again. Among the surging clouds and mists, Zhang Tie could occasionally see colorful lights flashing by, which were virtual images of secret items on the Weapons Mountain.

    Watching the scenery below and sensing that the entire pyramid had recovered its vitality, Zhang Tie felt pretty pleasant.

    The colorful lights flashing by the mists and clouds made Zhang Tie's heart pound as he almost couldn't wait to catch up with them. However, when he remembered what he was going to do, Zhang Tie yielded to the impulse.

    'The coming days will be long, I will have a lot of time to do that.'

    After standing on the top of the main peak for a short while, Zhang Tie returned to the hall. Like how he did the last time, he started the bloody sacrifice furnace by dropping his blood onto the altar...

    After that, Zhang Tie ran his spiritual energy and teleported the demon baron onto the altar while demon fighters constantly appeared in the hall in terms of teams...
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