Chapter 965: You Were that Bear

    Chapter 965: You Were that Bear

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    After reappearing on the altar in the hall, the demon baron felt empty for a few seconds. Closely after that, it realized that it had teleported from one space to another; therefore, it started to struggle and twist in the exoskeleton semi-automatic prisoning cabin.

    After its qi sea was broken, it could not trigger its battle qi; additionally, the tendons and bones on its limbs were all damaged. Therefore, the demon baron could only twist its body. As its main body, shoulders, waist and neck were all fixed with metal shackles, how could its weak strength by twisting its body could destroy this set of equipment which was delicately prepared for it by Edward. This set of equipment could even lock up a lion, not to mention a cat. Therefore, his struggles and twists were useless like an ant trying to shake a giant tree.

    Zhang Tie then teleported fighters of the super demon corps whose level ranged from LV 9 to LV 15 one team after another from Castle of Black Iron into the hall. In tidy footsteps, the fighters stood into rows of teams in the spacious hall.

    When he teleported over 1,800 demon fighters from Castle of Black Iron into the hall, Zhang Tie stopped and turned around to watch the demon baron who was still twisting its body painfully like a worm.

    The demon baron widely opened its bloody eyes and goggled at Zhang Tie and the demon fighters which were constantly appearing in the hall.

    What it saw shocked it too much. As for those who saw such a scene for the first time, it was absolutely an immortal manifestation.

    "Wuh wuh wuh wuh..." As a part of "snaffle" deepened into the demon baron's mouth, it could not speak; instead, it could only utter weird voices while drooling.

    An earth demon knight who could dominate a subcontinent deteriorated into such a poor look.

    Zhang Tie revealed a sneer. Of course, he would not sympathize with a demon knight. However, he realized that the demon baron wanted to say something; therefore, he ran his spiritual energy to open the metal stopper on the mouth of the demon baron...

    "Who are you...who the hell are you..." The demon baron exerted its full strength to roar.

    It had been wanting to roar over 10 days ago.

    "Hehehe, quiet. Nobody cares about you no matter how much you scream!" Zhang Tie sneered, "If you're finished, you can shut up now!"

    Closely after Zhang Tie's words, the metal stopper automatically floated up and was going to close up the mouth of the demon baron once again.

    "What do you want...what do you want to do with me..."

    The demon baron uttered the second question.

    Perhaps it had been silent for so long, the moment it got a chance to speak, it would repeat it. Zhang Tie noticed this detail as he couldn't help bursting out into laughter, "Have you heard about taking gall from a living bear? This was the cruelest thing that humans did to animals before the Catastrophe. I could tell you that from today on you're my living bear while your gall is your earth chakra..."

    Before the demon baron said anything more, the metal stopper had closed up the demon baron's mouth, causing it to struggle helplessly.

    It was a very cruel behavior to take gall from a living bear. Zhang Tie browsed the relevant passages and pictures in Hidden Dragon Island. Some bears couldn't stand being a gall supply machine; therefore, they kept scratching their bellies and chests to commit suicide. Some female bears even killed their babies as they didn't want their babies to live the same miserable life...

    In the pictures, those living bears being used for supplying gall gazed at the visitors with despairing tears. Even hard-hearted people would feel sad at the sight of them.

    If Zhang Tie was facing a real bear or another animal, he would never mistreat this animal in such a brutal way. However, it was different for a demon. If demons won the holy war, all the humans would deteriorate into the "live bears" of demons. The tens of millions of bloody slaves in the ruling area of Three-eye Association were the "living bears" being used for supply blood by demons and Three-eye Association. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, Zhang Tie didn't feel guilty about doing this to the demons at all.


    "I would like to sacrifice enough lives and blood for recovering the severely wounded earth chakra of the demon on the altar."

    After putting the demon baron onto the middle of the altar, Zhang Tie left there as he raised his head to communicate with the joss using his awareness.

    The giant joss overlooked the altar while the eye in the middle of its forehead gradually turned bright while releasing a luster, covering the demon baron.

    "There are many wounds on the demon baron, are you sure to only recover its earth chakra this time?"

    A spiritual wave appeared in Zhang Tie's mind.

    "Yes, only recover its earth chakra, ignore the other injuries on it!"

    "Fine, only recover its earth chakra, ignore the other injuries. The effect of its recovery depends on the quality of the bloody sacrifice. When the bloody sacrifice stops, the effect of the recovery will stop!"


    At this moment, Zhang Tie confirmed that this hall was not consecrating a deity, but this joss; precisely, the intricate super machine in front of him.

    Since the beginning, Zhang Tie didn't feel that there was any relation between this joss's ability and the fantastic deity. All the secrets lay in the body of the joss. This joss was the fruit of a far-ancient civilization, which could be judged from the intricate runes on the bloody sacrifice furnace and the altar.

    This joss was a machine which could convert the energy and vitality between different lives.

    Additionally, a few halls like this one had been discovered in the earth realm. This might be the second bloody sacrifice hall besides the bloody soul temple. Therefore, people didn't know too much about such a hall, neither did they know that there was such a set of machine in it.

    Without the experience in Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie might be frightened by what happened in front of him and would attribute everything he saw to deities and ghosts which were always regarded as a superstition by people. However, with Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie found that the communication between him and the joss was like that between him and Castle of Black Iron. Even the "frequencies" in spiritual communications were similar to each other. In the words of human civilizations before the Catastrophe--there was a very advanced artificial intelligence which was still working until today in Castle of Black Iron and this joss. This artificial intelligence could communicate with the outside world with spiritual energy as the media while the blood that the communicator dropped onto the altar could help the artificial intelligence to identify the identity of the communicator.

    Before integrating with Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie also dropped a drop of blood onto it by mistake.


    After communicating with the joss, Zhang Tie wove his hand while the fighters of super demon corps which had long been waiting in the hall queued up and jumped into the black flames of the bloody sacrifice furnace voluntarily one after another.

    The bloody sacrifice furnace was like a black hole with black flames which constantly devoured demon fighters.

    When the first demon fighter jumped into the bloody sacrifice furnace, it instantly burned up in the black flames and disappeared in the blink of an eye...

    As the demon fighters jumped into the bloody sacrifice furnace one after another voluntarily and "dauntlessly", the eye in the middle of the forehead of the giant joss gradually glowed dazzlingly. The bloody glow slowly covered the demon knight on the altar, causing Zhang Tie unable to see clearly what happened in the glow. He could only sense the powerful vitality and waves from the glow.

    The bloody sacrifice furnace was like a gully which could never be filled. No matter how many demon fighters jumped in, it could always hold them.

    Watching such a stream-lined sacrificial offering, even Zhang Tie's face turned a bit pale as his heart twitched a couple of times.

    Demon fighters died one after another. Zhang Tie could only grit his teeth to teleport demon fighters out of Castle of Black Iron constantly.


    After 4 hours, Zhang Tie's forehead oozed sweat...

    'F*ck, what if the demon baron's earth chakra could not be recovered at the cost of all the demon fighters of the super demon corps? What the hell?'

    Zhang Tie swore inside...

    Finally, when the 2417th demon fighters jumped into the bloody sacrifice furnace, the glow over the altar declined to be a slim green light beam. After staying on the chest of the demon baron for a few seconds, the slim green light beam disappeared. Zhang Tie then raised his hand to stop the rest of demon fighters from jumping into the bloody sacrifice furnace.

    In the entire hall, besides that widely opened bloody sacrifice furnace and the silent demon fighters, it seemed that nothing had happened here. However, 2417 demon fighters above LV 9 who could overthrow a country had disappeared like a broken air bubble, leaving no trace at all.

    The bloody sacrifice rite was icy and cruel.

    At this moment, a spiritual wave appeared in Zhang Tie's mind sea--"The earth chakra of the demon baron on the altar has been healed. Due to the particularity of the chakra, it would fully recover in 1 month!"

    After sending such a message to Zhang Tie, the glow in the eye in the middle of the forehead of the joss completely faded away...

    Zhang Tie walked towards the altar. Under the quivering and terrifying eye light of the demon baron, he stretched out his hand and touched the demon baron's head to seriously sense the current situation of its earth chakra.

    The 90% of earth chakra which had been absorbed by Zhang Tie had been healed; however, its earth chakra had not fully come into being although a mysterious and complete halos of earth chakra had appeared while tremendous earth elements were pouring out of the halos out of the void and gradually mending the earth chakra of the demon baron...

    This process would last for a month...

    It meant that Zhang Tie could only take the "gall" of the demon baron 1 time a month. Plus the interval for digestion, Zhang Tie could promote to an earth knight after offering bloody sacrifice to the joss 15 times in 2 years.

    It was the first time for Zhang Tie to sense the earth knight level which looked unreachable being so close to him...
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