Chapter 966: Zhang Ties Playground

    Chapter 966: Zhang Tie's Playground

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    Time flew by when Zhang Tie was in the pyramid alone.

    As for commoners, it might be too much to take "bear's gall" once a month, except for Zhang Tie.

    As for a person who could stay 15 years alone in an extremely dull environment, this pyramid was completely a colorful luxurious playground.

    It became a private luxurious playground of Zhang Tie.

    Regardless of others' opinions, at least Zhang Tie treated this place as a luxurious playground.

    In each interval after he finished his bloody sacrifice and absorbed the recovered earth chakra of the demon baron, Zhang Tie had a lot of things to do.

    As he controlled the hub of the hieron, the lobby which was covered with knight-level battle puppets became Zhang Tie's favorite place. This lobby also compensated for the biggest regret of Zhang Tie since he promoted to a black iron knight--lacking training partners.

    As for Zhang Tie who had been used to trouble-reappearance situations, this was barely difficult or painful.

    Before promoting to a knight, Zhang Tie always killed demons and mutated beasts in trouble-reappearance situations so as to constantly improve his battle skills. Each time, he could gain the harshest practice in the bloodiest and most realistic environment with the best training partners. It could be said that Zhang Tie couldn't have become so powerful without the simulated combats with demons and mutated beasts in trouble-reappearance situations.

    However, after promoting to a knight, Zhang Tie's heyday in trouble-reappearance situations finally came to an end.

    Due to an incomprehensible reason, the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree could not produce any fruits being related to demon knights. Under this circumstance, by killing demon knights, he would not gain any trouble-reappearance fruits. Additionally, since he promoted to a knight, Zhang Tie had not killed any knight-level mutated beast on the earth surface. As a result, his training partners in the trouble-reappearance situation deteriorated into weaker soldiers.

    As a knight, it was meaningless for him to fight those weak soldiers below knight-level except for consuming his battle qi.

    Therefore, after promoting to a knight, Zhang Tie barely entered trouble-reappearance situations given its poor effect in improving his battle strength.

    With the manipulation of the crystal ball, Zhang Tie could freely activate those battle puppets in the lobby. Therefore, the lobby became another trouble-reappearance situation in the reality.

    Through the crystal ball, Zhang Tie could freely activate battle puppets as many as possible, one or two. However, Zhang Tie made an extremely mad choice--each time he entered the lobby, he would activate all the battle puppets at the same time. As a result, he would be beset by a lot of knight-level battle puppets.

    Such a choice was extremely mad even for a real earth knight, not to mention a black iron knight. However, Zhang Tie did it.

    As Zhang Tie could stop their strikes at any time and had a strong anti-striking ability, plus his preliminary recovery body, even though he was faintly injured, he would recover in a couple of days. It was no big deal. What was more important was that his protective battle qi could pass the shocks from the endless strikes onto Zhang Tie's body. It was the best catalyzer of iron-body fruits.

    Under such an extreme circumstance, Zhang Tie could practice his battle skills, improving his battle strength and taking iron-body fruits after each practice. Why not do it? Compared to the benefits, being daily exhausted and suffering minor injuries were no big deal.

    With so many battle puppets as his training partners, Zhang Tie's battle skills and anti-striking ability almost improved everyday; especially the battle skills of the "Fire Dragon Sutra" whose essence was gradually mastered by Zhang Tie.

    After finishing the first bloody sacrifice, Zhang Tie absorbed the earth chakra of the demon baron for the second time and advanced to 2 changes black iron realm at once.

    When Zhang Tie lit the 72nd scale of his earth chakra, as he had imagined, the king roc sutra brought him another all-around improvement. As a result, Zhang Tie's abilities surged by 10% in all aspects, which indicated that Zhang Tie's battle strength had reached a new stage.

    What a terrifying cultivation speed!

    As for the demon baron, after its earth chakra was destroyed and absorbed by Zhang Tie in a few days, it recovered its earth chakra through bloody sacrifice rite under the control of Zhang Tie.

    From then on, the demon baron officially entered the hopeless yet painful circulation of "taking gall from a living bear".

    When Zhang Tie was a 1 change black iron knight, he could stand about 4 hours in the lobby while being constantly besieged by so many knight-level battle puppets; he could make increasingly breakthroughs and stand a few more minutes day after day. However, after promoting to 2 changes black iron realm, Zhang Tie could stand over 5 hours in the lobby at once.

    During the period when Zhang Tie stayed in the pyramid, he spent most of his time in fighting those battle puppets in the lobby. Besides exhaustive battle everyday, Zhang Tie would search over those rooms in the palace complex one after another leisurely like seeking for treasures in a maze.

    When he came here for the first time, Zhang Tie didn't pay much attention to those rooms due to limited time; however, now, he had enough time; therefore, Zhang Tie would search one or two rooms a day when he was free. At such a frequency, he could search over 60 rooms in a month, which was a small part of the palace complex.

    Actually, although many rooms in the palace complex had been searched over without leaving any valuables, Zhang Tie still found some bizarre items in some rooms where there were puppet guardians and had not been searched. He then teleported all of these items into Castle of Black Iron...

    In the eyes of a master artisan, even though those items didn't have practical functions, they were at least priceless art treasures in far-ancient times; especially the workmanship and raw materials of those items, which were utterly different than that in this age and were out of Zhang Tie's knowledge. Any of these items might indicate enormous wealth for commoners. They were top antiques. As for Zhang Tie who used to be frugal, if not take such enormous wealth by hand, he was committing a crime.

    It was worth mentioning that Zhang Tie spared some time to sort and count those items in the Xuanwu Secret Warehouse of Bloody Soul Temple. Besides gold, silver and jewelry, there were also many earth elements and water elements inside it. Most of them were Old Monster Qi's vials of medicaments; especially those in the 40-50 terrines, which was a terrifying bloody soul poison being formulated according to the secret method in Bloody Soul Temple. Any terrine of the bloody soul poison could deteriorate a Class A city in Taixia Country into a barren land. Old Monster Qi prepared so many terrines of bloody soul poison over the past years definitely out of malicious intentions.

    At the sight of those items, Zhang Tie sighed that he really killed Old Monster Qi timely. If Old Monster Qi used the bloody soul poison, it would definitely cause a disaster across Taixia Country at the cost of numerous lives.

    Additionally, Zhang Tie saw the real complete version of "soul forbidden skill" of bloody soul temple in the jade box of the Xuanxu Secret Warehouse. By contrast, the version that Zhang Tie gained in Waii subcontinent only contained 1/2 of the total contents of the real complete version. The complete version of "soul forbidden skill" included more secret methods of bloody soul temple such as a precious secret method called "blood and spiritual energy cultivation sutra" and the manufacturing methods of insidious weapons such as bloody soul driller on guts, bloody soul poison and various poisons. The complete version of "soul forbidden skill" was almost like a classic of poisons. Most of the manufacturing methods and usages in this book were concerned with the blood and spiritual energy of animals and humans. It was a bizarre yet extremely powerful book.

    Zhang Tie guessed that perhaps the source of the "soul forbidden skill" that he gained in Waii Subcontinent was in the hand of Old Monster Qi. Besides this real complete version, all the other versions of "soul forbidden skill" were a part of duplicates of this book. The real version was always in the hand of Old Monster Qi. Because Old Monster Qi was a member of Three-eye Association, the duplicates of the complete version of "soul forbidden skill" could appear in other Three-eye Association clans.

    The complete version of "soul forbidden skill" was very precious. Because many secret methods in this book could be used to screw knights. Although those secret methods in the "soul forbidden skill" that Zhang Tie cultivated didn't have mistakes, through comparison, Zhang Tie found that many key contents had been deleted in his version. It seemed that those who duplicated the secret methods held back a trick or two.

    Even Old Monster Qi might not have imagined that his orthodox "soul forbidden skill" could finally be defeated by Zhang Tie who cultivated the pirated version. As a result, Old Monster Qi's spiritual energy was devoured by the secret method, causing him to be easily killed by a black iron knight.

    Besides, Zhang Tie aimed at those pearls of secret items on the Weapons Mountain...

    Zhang Tie spent over 2 months to search over those rooms in the palace complex. After that, besides improving his battle strength in the lobby, Zhang Tie spent most of his time in seeking for treasures over the Weapons Mountain, which was a real treasure vault...

    Now that he had entered the treasure mountain, how could he just return empty-handed?
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