Chapter 967: The Saber "Battle Wolf"

    Chapter 967: The Saber "Battle Wolf"

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    In Hua legends, there were always such plots--A marvelous sharp weapon was thrown into a well. Many years later, it suddenly turned into light or a dragon and flew away; After defeating some fierce beasts or animals, unrivaled figures gained marvelous sharp weapons.

    There were so many similar legends. Zhang Tie had heard about them from his parents or Donder when he was young in Blackhot City. Many similar legends were even recorded in ancient Hua classics.

    Take this story in the "History of the Jin Dynasty" as an instance: Zhang Hua saw a sword qi in Fengcheng City; he then promoted Lei Huan as the mayor of Fengcheng City. Lei Huan excavated two swords, one for Zhang Hua, the other for himself. After Zhang Hua passed away, Lei Huan carried the two swords with him. When he was passing the Yanpingjin Lake, the two swords sprung out of his waist sides and fell into the lake. Closely after that, they turned into 2 dragons and disappeared into the lake.

    People even made a poem for this event as a memory--Two dragon swords were like snowflake and lotus flower; they could only stay with each other for the time being when they were swords; however, when they became dragons, they would reunite forever.

    Zhang Tie remembered this story clearly because of Zhang Hua, one of the main character in this story, who was also an ancestor of Zhang Clan thousands of years ago.

    Besides, Zhang Tie remembered another story: in ancient times, an unrivaled general deepened into the mountain to learn battle skills when he was young. He yielded a huge boa in a mountain cave, which then became a long spear. Finally, the famous general conquered the world with that long spear and made illustrious military exploits for Hua people.

    When Zhang Tie heard these stories for the first time, he thought they were just legends; however, after coming to the pyramid and witnessing the miraculous silver secret items and the virtual images of secret items, he started to consider that those Hua legends might be the process of how ancient Hua people gained silver secret items.

    Those dragons, boas, animals or fierce beasts were all virtual images of silver secret items. The processes that those ancient Hua people gained miraculous sharp weapons were similar to that of pursuing silver secret items--sword qi, excavation, mountain cave--all these were classic and realistic elements.

    Such a discovery drove Zhang Tie a bit thrilled. Zhang Tie faintly felt that some secrets about Hua history might be contained in those allusions and legends such as giants Ju Wuba and Weng Zhong becoming Hua generals and weapons becoming animals. The war between Hua people and demons and demons' agents among people might have been undergoing since far-ancient time.

    Facing the weapons mountain, being stimulated by these legends, Zhang Tie's heart pounded.

    Besides daily combat with those battle puppets in the lobby, Zhang Tie would spare some time to take a look in the Weapons Mountain after recovering his body.

    It was not that easy for him to gain a silver secret item.

    It took nearly 30 human knights 3 days to merely gain 3 silver secret items. On average, it might take a knight 30 days' endless work to gain a silver secret item...

    Additionally, as many silver secret items had been taken away by people, very few silver secret items were left on the Weapons Mountain. It might take him a long time to gain a silver secret item. If all the silver secret items had been taken away, Zhang Tie would not gain one silver secret item anymore no matter how long he would spend in finding them.

    Of course, Zhang Tie would not just seek for silver secret items over the Weapons Mountain during the intervals that the demon baron recovered its earth chakra. Even though Zhang Tie was longing for a silver secret item, he knew that he should depend on himself more than an auxiliary weapon. Actually, silver secret item was just an auxiliary weapon which could improve a knight's battle strength; even alter the battle situation in many cases. However, what counted most was the knight's own battle strength.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie would fight those undying battle puppets in the lobby everyday until he was exhausted, his protective battle qi collapsed, even with some wounds. If not having fought those battle puppets, Zhang Tie would never go to the Weapons Mountain on that day.

    In this pyramid, there were three valuable places: first, the bloody sacrifice hall, where Zhang Tie could form his earth chakra by taking gall from a living bear; second, the lobby, where Zhang Tie could improve his battle skills and battle strength rapidly; third, the Weapons Mountain where Zhang Tie could gain silver secret items.

    In the first 3 months since Zhang Tie entered the pyramid, Zhang Tie had seen some virtual images of silver secret items in the far; pitifully, the virtual images of silver secret items flew too fast; plus the long distance, even though Zhang Tie had activated his Kuafu bloodline, he was still much slower than them. The virtual images would always disappear in front of Zhang Tie, causing him helpless.

    Finally, in the 4th month since he entered the pyramid, after Zhang Tie promoted to 3 changes black iron realm, he finally gained his first silver secret item in Weapons Mountain.

    This time, that virtual image of the silver secret item was not far from him. Zhang Tie became spirited as he hurriedly chased after it at his full efforts. Finally, he saw a fierce beast which was similar to a wild wolf yet bigger than a wild wolf. With glow, after flying over some hillsides, it finally lurked in a pearl of the secret item in a cluster of crystals.

    Zhang Tie became thrilled.

    Now that he had seen where it lurked in, of course, he would not give it up.

    In the next 2 days, Zhang Tie exerted his full efforts to break that pearl of the secret item and gained his first silver secret item on the Weapons Mountain. He didn't even fight those battle puppets in the lobby during this period.

    When the inner layer of the pearl of a secret item was exposed, a glow rushed into the sky from the core of the peal of the secret item, which looked like a bizarre placenta.

    After breaking the inner layer, Zhang Tie saw the virtual image of the pearl of a secret item. Zhang Tie then bit his finger and dropped his blood onto the forehead of the virtual image. Closely after that, the wild wolf-like fierce beast turned into a grim, long saber in Zhang Tie's hand among four brilliant elements.

    Holding the long saber, Zhang Tie felt integrating with the long saber. The moment he wove the long saber, a red fierce wild beast being composed of his battle qi had flown out of his long saber. Like a spiritual spirit of wind, it loomed in the mountain as fast as lightning bolts. Finally, it widely opened its mouth and charged at a cluster of crystals over 100 m away. With a loud bang, the greater part of the cluster of crystals was destroyed while the saber qi radiated in all directions.

    There were evident corrosive destructions in the cluster of crystals.

    It was just a casual strike of this silver secret item. Zhang Tie had just injected some of his battle qi into it. However, its power was amazing. Additionally, this saber's strike was attached to a strong corrosive damage, making it more destructive.

    "Hahaha, I will call you battle wolf from now on!" Zhang Tie burst into laughter.

    After being named, the battle wolf disappeared with its strong brilliance in Zhang Tie's hand.

    At the same time, a miniature virtual image of battle wolf started to swim like a fish in Zhang Tie's qi sea around that hot sun. It seemed to enjoy the battle qi luster from the hot sun very much.

    Feeling the battle wolf swimming and jumping rapidly in his qi sea, Zhang Tie felt that this silver secret item was not only enjoying but cheering jubilantly.

    'Is that the feeling of carrying a silver secret item with me?'

    Zhang Tie touched his lower abdomen. If not introspect it using his spiritual energy, Zhang Tie could almost not sense that battle wolf in his qi sea. However, the moment he ran his spiritual energy, the battle wolf would appear in his hand as fast as a lightning bolt along his battle qi circular route like a fish swimming into a river from the sea.

    Zhang Tie tried one time.

    In the brilliant light, the four elements surged into the virtual image out of the air. Only in 5-6 seconds, Zhang Tie had felt that the object in his hand was growing bigger like an inflated balloon and finally became a real, grim and sharp "battle wolf".

    The material entity of silver secret item could remain unchanged thousands of years as long its owner was still alive. If its owner died, it might turn into the virtual image of the secret item and escape away. This might explain how a sword changes into a dragon.

    The biggest benefit for a silver secret item to integrate with its owner was portable. It would never be lost anymore. Whenever its owner wanted to use it, he could summon it right away. However, it had a weakness, namely, the process of summoning it was too eye-catching, It would take the virtual image of the secret item a few seconds to turn into a material entity, during which period, some emergencies might happen.

    Given that weakness, Zhang Tie didn't integrate that shield which he gained from the demon general into his qi sea; instead, he put it in his portable space-teleportation equipment--the shield was used to defend and respond to emergencies, which required high responsive speed. If he integrated it into his qi sea, it would take him a few seconds to summon it in emergencies. If he was facing an extremely powerful enemy, he might have been killed before it turned into the material entity.

    After acquiring the first silver secret item in Weapons Mountain, Zhang Tie was in a pretty good mood.

    In the next 2 months, Zhang Tie didn't acquire any more silver secret item in Weapons Mountain. However, Zhang Tie still promoted to 4 changes black iron realm smoothly. Closely after that, the small tree underwent an unexpected change...
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