Chapter 969: Promoting to an Earth Knight (I)

    Chapter 969: Promoting to an Earth Knight (I)

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    On the evening of December 17th, the 902th year of Black Iron Calendar...

    Although Zhang Tie had not contacted the outside world for a long time and could not sense time elapse through daily repetitive cultivation, he could still see the precise time of the outside world through the delicate table clock in the lobby of the palace tree of Castle of Black Iron which was made by Edward.

    This table clock was made according to Zhang Tie's requests purely by hand. Higher than 1 m, the purple-red metal table clock was a perfect artwork. Its elegance and qi field matched the palace tree pretty well.

    The time in Castle of Black Iron was synchronous with that of the outside world, daytime or evening. Zhang Tie especially told Edward to make such a table clock and put it in the lobby of the palace tree one year ago in case that he forgot the time in the outside world. It could remind him that many people and many things in the outside world were waiting for him even though he was in the pyramid and the Castle of Black Iron.

    When in cultivation, time flew, Zhang Tie was even worried that he would forget the disputes in the outside world.

    4 months ago, Zhang Tie had broken through the encirclement of the battle puppets in the lobby alone. It was the first time for him to break through the lobby and pass by it steadily by foot alone.

    It was his first time to stop the strikes of those battle puppets without using the crystal ball since he entered the pyramid.

    Zhang Tie had entered the 9 changes black iron realm by then.

    The higher his realm was, the more reassured was Zhang Tie.

    Actually, since he reached the 6 changes black iron realm, Zhang Tie had purposefully slowed down his speed in absorbing the earth chakra of the demon baron by extending the frequency of one time per month to one time per 1.5-2 months...

    This spared more time and opportunities for Zhang Tie to lay his foundation. He did everything in an unflurried way. In each realm, Zhang Tie would have a different and deeper gnosis about the over strengths of knights.

    The lobby, which was covered with battle puppets, was his best training field. The training field matched Zhang Tie's schedule of absorbing the earth chakra of the demon baron pretty well.

    When he advanced to the 5 changes black iron realm, in order to coordinate with the cultivation of "Fire Dragon Heavens Burning Spear Battle Skill", the most powerful battle skill of "Fire Dragon Sutra", Zhang Tie consumed 67 points of bloodline energy to activate his ancestral bloodline "spear affinity".

    It was a fundamental ancestral bloodline being similar to sword affinity. After activating this ancestral bloodline, Zhang Tie's "Fire Dragon Heavens Burning Spear Battle Skill" entered a higher realm like fish in water.

    After deducting 67 points of bloodline energy, Zhang Tie still had 1717 points of bloodline energy left.

    The energy points brought by the bloodline fruit which could activate ancestral bloodlines were very precious; therefore, Zhang Tie didn't casually squander them.

    'Although I'm going to promote to an earth knight soon, I lack experience in fighting earth knights, not to mention the experience in fighting shadow knights. As the old saying goes, genuine knowledge comes from practice.' Zhang Tie kept these energy points because he didn't know which bloodlines to activate before having experience in fighting earth knights even shadow knights after promoting to an earth knight.

    By then, he could further fix his shortages or play his strong points when fighting earth knights or shadow knights; namely, he could maximize the value of the bloodline fruit.

    Out of such a rigorous consideration, Zhang Tie only used 67 energy points of this bloodline fruit.

    In September, Zhang Tie finished the last round of absorption of the demon baron's earth chakra.

    After that, Zhang Tie didn't recover the demon baron's earth chakra anymore; instead, he directly ignored it.

    Over the past 3 months, Zhang Tie broke through the lobby of battle puppets time and time again in an increasingly shorter time.

    Since October, Zhang Tie started to wander in the Weapons Mountain once again and broke the last pearls which contained silver secret items over there. Till then, the entire Weapons Mountain was ransacked by Zhang Tie.

    By late November, Zhang Tie completely relaxed himself. He spent much time in sleeping, bathing and traveling in the immortal mountain or incarnating into the little black beetle to experience the lives of those residents in Castle of Black Iron; occasionally, he would spend 2 days in digging a beautiful pearl of secret item out of the soil in Weapons Mountain before teleporting it into the portable Xuanwu Secret Warehouse of Bloody Soul Temple as a collection.

    Through such an adjustment, Zhang Tie's overall condition reached its peak in December.

    On the evening of December 13, according to Heller's suggestion, Zhang Tie didn't complete this round of promotion in the pyramid for the time being; instead, he left the palace tree for the top of the main peak of the immortal mountain and started the last step for him to promote to an earth knight...

    4 days passed in the blink of an eye, on the evening of December 17, Heller walked out of the palace tree and came to the hillside. Raising his head, he watched the top of the main peak being covered with white snow with an eager look.

    Edward, Aziz and Agan had also arrived behind Heller. They were also looking at the top of the main peak of the immortal mountain in the distance.

    "Castle Lord should promote to an earth knight today..." Aziz asked Heller with a concerned look.

    "Yes, it should be tonight..."

    "Earth knight. I'm really happy for him..." Edward said sincerely.

    Edward, Aziz and Heller who were most unlike servants became thrilled; only Agan twiddled with his fingers with a shameful look, "I spent the least efforts this time, I only made a cell..."

    "Don't worry, you will have chances!" Heller comforted Agan as he turned around to watch the top of the main peak of the immortal mountain while a light flashed across his eyes, "It will be soon..."


    On the top of the main peak, Zhang Tie filled the last complex triangular pattern of the earth chakra of King Roc Sutra with earth elements...


    At the same time, a powerful energy wave rose up from the top of the main peak and swept over the entire space of Castle of Black Iron in a split second.

    At the same moment, all the residents in Castle of Black Iron felt flurried, no matter what they were doing...

    Therefore, all of them stopped what they were doing and walked out of their rooms, watching the immortal mountain in the far...
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