Chapter 971: Promoting to an Earth Knight (II)

    Chapter 971: Promoting to an Earth Knight (II)

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    The colorful mist in the Castle of Black Iron was blurred, changeable and irresistible. No matter how the virtual image of king roc tore it furiously and attempted to break the heavens; it was always limited in the space of Castle of Black Iron.

    After an hour, with furious and unwilling blares, the virtual image of king roc flew back to the top of the immortal mountain. Closely after that, it turned into a light rain over the sky and finally entered into Zhang Tie's body.

    Zhang Tie then opened his eyes and stood up.

    'Is that the feeling when one promotes to an earth knight?'

    Zhang Tie felt each cell in his body was releasing a surging strength while being tranquil inside.

    At this moment, if the black iron chakra was regarded as a steam engine for an automobile, the earth chakra could be taken as a large set of the steam turbine, which could drive a train or a steamer.

    After promoting to an earth knight, one could experience a subversive change. That implied the power of earth knights.

    Although Zhang Tie was closing his eyes just now, he had sensed the abnormal phenomenon of the virtual image of king roc in the space of Castle of Black Iron.

    If not in Castle of Black Iron, the moment the virtual image of king roc flew out of the pyramid and traversed in the earth-element realm at a super high speed, or on the earth surface, it would be the target of both humans and demons.

    At the sight of such a unique virtual image of golden king roc, perhaps many people could guess that someone was cultivating the "King Roc Sutra". This would arouse a tempestuous storm and bring him a lot of unpredictable troubles and dangers. If some powerhouses saw the virtual image returning to the pyramid in the magma sea, Zhang Tie's identity might be exposed.

    This was why Heller suggested Zhang Tie to promote to an earth knight in Castle of Black Iron. He had to limit the abnormal phenomenon which might expose his cultivation method to the minimal space.

    Zhang Tie retrospected and found the two chakras were slowly rotating, a silver one inside, a golden one outside. The new earth chakra was like a brilliant astrolabe while all the vertical and complex geometrical patterns on it had been activated and integrated with each other. When it was rotating, it was constantly providing a great strength. In the periphery of the earth chakra, a larger, empty shadow of water chakra had presented.

    The water chakra required more water elements, which were at least 60% more than that of the total amount of earth elements required by the earth chakra.

    Zhang Tie revealed a bitter smile.

    The number of earth elements required by the earth chakra of king roc sutra was already astronomical. The water chakra's requirement was more terrifying. This meant that Zhang Tie's road towards a shadow knight would be tougher and more time-consuming.

    Whatever, he had already become an earth knight; no matter how difficult it was in the future, he had to face it step by step. It was already out of his imagination that he could promote to an earth knight from a black iron knight in less than 10 years due to good luck. Zhang Tie was very satisfied with that.

    The top of the immortal mountain was covered with thick snow. Standing there, Zhang Tie had complex moods. He watched the land and the palace tree in the distance while the Heavenly Waterfall of snow water fell off Zhang Tie's foot, creating a beautiful scenery which was a mixture of misty clouds and water.

    Standing at the top of the main peak of the immortal mountain after promoting to an earth knight, Zhang Tie looked at the surroundings and felt pretty vacant. Enjoying this world created by himself, Zhang Tie had a special feeling and gnosis.

    Why the top of main peaks of all the tall mountains in the world were always accompanied by snow all the year round?

    The mountain was rigid and firm and was taken as yang; the snow was soft and easily melted and was taken as yin. When the yang was below, it tended to move upwards; when the yin was above, it tended to move downwards. The universal rules of yin and yang existed everywhere.

    If one thing was extremely rigid, it would be easily broken; therefore, all the high peaks in the world were covered with snow and gentlemen should have the good moral integrity to embrace everything in their hearts.

    As yin could not be preserved, even though the north polar of Ice and Snow Wilderness was abundant in snow all the year round, there was no mountain being covered with snow all the year round. The yin would finally recover to tranquility. Therefore, gentlemen should exert themselves constantly.

    The higher the mountain was, the more destructive it would be. However, the higher it was, the thicker and softer the snow would be and the more tolerable it would be. Snow on the top of the high peaks would not collapse easily; instead, it would melt itself, turning into water and flowing downwards, which would lubricate all living beings tenderly. Therefore, the higher position or level one was in, the more powerful one would be and more soft-hearted one would be, this should be the gnosis about yin and yang in the world as an earth knight.

    After promoting to an earth knight, Zhang Tie's overall strength reached a new high. With the gnosis about yin and yang in the world on the snow-capped top of the main peak of Immortal Mountain, Zhang Tie's cultivation base in both soul and intelligence advanced to a new level.

    The powerful strength matched such a powerful soul and intelligence in a harmonious way.

    When Zhang Tie woke up from his gnosis on the top of the mountain peak, the day had broken in Castle of Black Iron.

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile. Instead of activating his Kuafu bloodline, he just fumbled and went down the main peak of the immortal mountain and returned to the palace tree.

    "Congratulations, Castle Lord. You're an earth knight now!" Heller hailed Zhang Tie together with Edward, Aziz and Agan.

    "Hohoho, it's sheer good luck. I'm afraid that I will not have such a good luck in the future!" Zhang Tie replied in a pleasant voice with a smile; however, he was not flamboyant; instead, he maintained a modest, indifferent and calm look.

    Zhang Tie stood overnight on the top of the main peak of the immortal mountain last night. Heller knew everything in Castle of Black Iron except for Zhang Tie's spiritual gnosis. Heller felt that Castle Lord had changed a bit. After promoting to an earth knight, Castle Lord didn't become presumptuous; instead, he became calmer and more steady.

    "It seems that we should not only congratulate Castle Lord for promoting to an earth knight but also for gaining a higher gnosis about the strength and existence of an earth knight. Your soul and intelligence have reached a new high! I'm really happy for you..." Heller replied with a solemn look as he bowed towards Zhang Tie once again.

    "Hoho..." Zhang Tie revealed a smile, "I'm overpraised. I just have some gnosis about my surroundings and faintly adjusted my mentality. It's not that exaggerating."

    "This is the process that Hua people pursue for the universal law. The universal law is right beside you. However, only when you have intelligent eyes and pure souls could you have an insight into it and have a bright future!"

    After hearing Heller's praise, Zhang Tie felt a bit embarrassed. Touching his head, Zhang Tie revealed a smile. He then realized that he was not bald-headed anymore. As he had been used to be Cui Li, he couldn't forget about some habits easily.

    "Well, bring me the demon knight!" Zhang Tie told Edward.

    'It's time to kill that poor guy or make use of the waste for the last time.'

    After receiving Zhang Tie's order, Edward, Aziz and Agan hurriedly went to fetch the crippled demon baron jubilantly.

    "Castle Lord, do you prepare to leave the pyramid?"

    "Almost like that. After dealing with that demon, I will spend some days in absorbing some fiery-flame lotus roots so that I could bear high temperature. Then, I will leave the pyramid. It's boring to stay inside it!"

    "Castle Lord, when you leave, don't forget to take away the most important and the most valuable item in the pyramid."

    "Ahh, which item?" Zhang Tie became a bit startled as he didn't understand whether there was something left in the entire pyramid. Although those battle puppets were not bad, they were integrated with this pyramid. This pyramid provided energy to those battle puppets constantly. Zhang Tie had tried it. When a battle puppet was teleported into his space-teleportation item and Castle of Black Iron, it would lose its response to the pyramid. In the space-teleportation item and Castle of Black Iron, the battle puppet couldn't move at all; it was nothing but an iron statue. Unless Zhang Tie could build a far-ancient hieron in Caste of Black Iron or the space-teleportation item, those battle became useless even if he took them away...

    "The joss being connected to the bloody sacrifice furnace in the hall!" Heller replied with a smile.

    "That...can be taken away?" Zhang Tie asked while his eyes almost popped out.

    "That joss is not connected to the hieron. Castle Lord, you would have known it if you studied it carefully. Additionally, that joss is not exaggerating in height and weight at all. Although others could not take it away, Castle Lord could take it away for sure. Additionally, you could put it in your Xuanwu Secret Warehouse of Bloody Soul Temple and use it whenever you want in case of exposing Castle of Black Iron. If Castle Lord would like to establish a sect in the future, you could put it in the shrine as the No. 1 treasure of your sect!"

    After Heller's suggestion, Zhang Tie became thrilled all over. 'If I could really take away that super large machine, anyone who wants bloody sacrifice has to earnestly beg me for that. By then, I could even ask for payment from them. It's completely a big, profitable business in Taixia Country. Who else in Taixia could have a bloody sacrifice furnace...'
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