Chapter 972: Taking Full Advange of the Demon Baron

    Chapter 972: Taking Full Advange of the Demon Baron

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    Edward, Aziz and Agan soon brought the demon baron to Zhang Tie's front.

    Like usual, the demon baron was still limited in the exoskeleton semi-automatic prisoning cabin.

    Although with a depressed and hopeless look, the demon baron looked a bit fat these couple months through the careful nursing of Agan, Aziz and Edward; however, its qi was not as perilous and aggressive as that before.

    At this moment, the demon baron was completely like a lion whose teeth had been pulled away and claws had been broken. What was more, through consecutive bloody sacrifice rites and absorption of its earth chakra, the demon baron had long collapsed spiritually and physically.

    In the myths and legends on Western Continent, those selfish and narrow-minded irritable deities would punish the angels who brought light to humans by constantly digging out their guts and having them carried off by wild beasts and raptors before healing them, causing them endlessly painful.

    Of course, the demon baron had nothing to do with angels; however, after falling in Zhang Tie's hands, the demon baron's outcome was nothing different than those angels.

    The metal stopper had been taken away from the demon baron's mouth; however, the demon baron had lost its ability to scream; instead, it drooled and watched Zhang Tie with a glassy-eyed look and stammered, "Ear...earth knight..."

    When Zhang Tie promoted to an earth knight, his qi swept across the entire space of Castle of Black Iron. Of course, the demon baron who was prisoned in the dungeon of the palace tree had also felt that.

    Even though its earth chakra was destroyed, it was still an earth knight, who could still acutely sense the qi of another earth knight.

    "I have to appreciate you. Without you, I would not have promoted to an earth knight so fast!" Zhang Tie said in a calm tone as he revealed a smile towards the demon baron.

    "Will...will I die today?" The demon baron asked Zhang Tie. When it mentioned the word "die", its eyes suddenly turned bright as if this word made it thrilled.

    Previously, the demon baron might be afraid of death; however, at present, death became a relief for the demon baron. If it could commit suicide, the demon baron would have long done that. Sadly, it was unable to commit suicide even now.

    "Not bad. You're going to die today. Because I've almost squeezed out all of your value till now!"

    If Zhang Tie could have an earth demon knight as his bully and a mole in Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie was really unwilling to kill him. However, it was too exaggerated to have a black iron demon knight as humans' mole in the former two holy wars, not to mention an earth demon knight. As nobody could do it before, Zhang Tie didn't think he could do it either. Additionally, neither Heller and the small tree could do it; therefore, this earth demon knight had to die.

    "Who...the hell are you? Where am I?"

    The demon baron would not close his eyes even if it was dead without figuring out the two questions.

    "I'm Zhang Tie. You're in my portable space-teleportation equipment, I call it Castle of Black Iron!"

    Facing a demon knight who was going to die after sacrificing itself to help Zhang Tie promote to an earth knight, Zhang Tie replied patiently.

    In this aspect, Hua people always had a nice tradition. Before being chopped off their heads, even condemned prisoners could enjoy a good meal in case of being a starved ghost, not to mention demons.

    Zhang Tie's name was as meaningless as bynames such as Sam. Although it was wanted by the supreme court of Taixia Country, the demon baron had not heard about it at all. In its eyes, Zhang Tie was just a small figure. The demon baron only paid attention to big firues with deep backgrounds in Taixia Country, even black iron knights instead of common knights from Huaiyuan Palace like Zhang Tie.

    Although the demon baron didn't know anything about this name, it kept murmuring "Castle of Black Iron" with flickering eye light.

    "I picked up this space-teleportation item from roadside. It was wrapped in a common pyrite. After picking it up, I integrated with it. I could access this space at any time no matter where I am. I don't know where it came from. I think it should be a treasure left by a great person from far-ancient times!" Zhang Tie shrugged as he touched the demon baron's head, "What else do you want to know?"

    "Immortal item...an immortal item in a common pyrite..." The demon baron murmured. Suddenly, its eyes were filled with jealousy and madness. After struggling for a short while, it suddenly laughed in a weird manner, "Even though you have the immortal item...you cannot change the destiny that humans are destined to be exterminated. You humans will finally become our slaves and bloody slaves..."

    It was Zhang Tie's first time to hear the word "immortal item". Zhang Tie thought that this term should be used to describe a treasure which was above silver secret item in far-ancient times by demons. The piece of common pyrite which was used to wrap that exotic crystal of Castle of Black Iron should have a history of hundreds of millions of years. At that time, nobody knew what the world looked like. Perhaps, it was really under the rule of deities.

    The term "immortal item" was really precise.

    "I don't care whether humans are exterminated or not. I will just bring my beloved ones into Castle of Black Iron before the extinction of humans so that they could live in here happily. I will teleport people in Castle of Black Iron as many as possible. As for the rest of the humans, it's out of my ability. However, it depends whether humans would be exterminated by demons or not. After the former two holy wars, humans are still there. Additionally, Taixia is growing more and more powerful. But you are going to die..."

    After saying that, Zhang Tie ran his purgatory samsara method and destroyed the part of water chakra of the demon baron...

    As an earth knight, the demon baron had started to form its water chakra so as to promote to a shadow knight. In the past two years, Zhang Tie was absorbing the demon baron's earth chakra. At present, after promoting to an earth knight, he could absorb its water chakra.

    The demon baron had not fixed its water chakra. Therefore, its virtual water chakra could not be restored after being absorbed according to the rule of bloody sacrifice.

    Even though the virtual water chakra could be restored, Zhang Tie doubted that the number of low-level demon fighters which were required to restore the virtual water chakra would grow by geometric progression. Even a part of the virtual water chakra would require a terrifying number of low-level demon fighters. Nobody could afford it...

    'If I were able to capture dozens of demon corps and sacrificed all of them, I had long been unrivaled in the world, what do I form my chakras for?'

    'Therefore, it was just something of a fluke, I'm afraid that I would not have such a fluke in the future.'

    After its virtual water chakra was destroyed by Zhang Tie, the demon baron passed out once again due to an extreme pain while quivering all over...

    In a few seconds, the water elements in the virtual water chakra of the demon baron had been absorbed by Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie felt that the water elements in the virtual water chakra of the demon baron could not even light 2 scales of his water chakra.

    Previously, the number of earth crystals required by his earth chakra almost made Zhang Tie collapse. However, the number of water elements required by his water chakra was much more than that of earth crystals required by his earth chakra. It was absolutely an astronomical quantity. If he only relied on purgatory samsara method, he should at least absorb 200 earth demon knights like this one.

    200 earth demon knights? If such a number of earth demon knights poured out of the earth-element realm like mad dogs, they could bulldoze a provincial court of Taixia Country. 'If earth demon knights were so weak, the holy war had long come to an end and it would never be my turn to show off.' After thinking about it, Zhang Tie realized that he would have great troubles on the way towards a shadow knight.

    After absorbing the water chakra of the demon baron, Zhang Tie moved the insensible demon baron out of the exoskeleton semi-automatic prisoning cabin for the first time. After that, he caught its neck and lifted it like lifting a chick and returned to the bloody sacrifice hall on the top of the main peak of the Weapons Mountain in a split second.

    Zhang Tie had long been familiar with everything in the hall; therefore, he soon started the bloody sacrifice furnace.

    Being different than before, the one stood on the bloody sacrifice altar was not the demon baron anymore, but Zhang Tie himself.

    Zhang Tie stood in the glow which radiated from the middle eye of the joss and rapidly chose the purpose of this bloody sacrifice--break through the bottlenecks of the secret battle skills of the "Fire Dragon Sutra" at the cost of the earth demon knight's blood and life.

    Even an injured earth knight would bring him enormous benefits as it was a senior life and individual.

    'It would be better if I could break through them. Otherwise, it doesn't matter, it will take me some time to cultivate them.' Zhang Tie didn't pose excessive requirements on it.

    "Whether do you confirm to use this bloody sacrifice to help you break through the secret battle skills of your "Fire Dragon Sutra" or not?"

    The joss's awareness occurred in Zhang Tie's mind.


    "Okay, you've confirmed to use this bloody sacrifice to break through your cultivation bottlenecks. The breakthrough of your cultivation bottlenecks is a matter of probability. The more advanced lives you sacrifice, the lower your cultivation bottlenecks will be and the more possible it will be for you to succeed..."

    After being thrown into the bloody sacrifice furnace, the demon baron disappeared in the black flame in a split second.

    The heavy glow completely covered Zhang Tie...
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