Chapter 974: The Lotus-Flower Eyes

    Chapter 974: The Lotus-Flower Eyes

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    How preposterous it was for one to read an elegiac couplet about himself which was left by someone else.

    Watching the elegiac couplet and those remains of sacrifice, Zhang Tie knew that he had died in the minds of those knights who entered the hieron ruins together with him. It was nothing strange at all. It was what he expected the others to think. If the others knew that he was still alive, they would try their best to save him. If so, how could he accomplished his promotion to an earth knight and gain so many benefits in the pyramid?

    Given the remains of sacrifice, Zhang Tie knew that these sacrifices were offered two months ago. It should be the 2nd anniversary of him since he entered the hieron ruins.

    'I wonder who's that one.'

    Some faces flashed through Zhang Tie's mind. Finally, he shook his head and revealed a smile. Closely after that, he flew off towards the familiar entrance of the mountain cave.

    It was dark in the underground cave. Zhang Tie ran his spiritual energy while the entire world became refreshed as the underground cave immediately turned as bright as daytime. It was benefited from his dark vision effect. Zhang Tie's dark vision capability was too much better than that before. He could not only see everything clearly but also have a farther visual range.

    As Zhang Tie had experience in incarnating into a thunder hawk, he clearly knew about the vision of the bird with the best visual sense. Honestly, after taking so many fiery-flame lotus seeds, Zhang Tie's vision had been far better than the thunder hawk that he had incarnated into before.

    Under common circumstances, Zhang Tie's vision was almost like that of a thunder hawk, which was not too much greater than that of an average earth knight. However, in particular cases, if Zhang Tie wanted to see things clearly in farther places, he only needed to slowly inject his spiritual energy into some surging points near his eyes. In that way, his vision could increase sharply and would be many times greater than that of thunder hawks; as a result, all the other earth knights even shadow knights could not match him.

    Although his vision could not reach 1,000 miles away, it was much greater than a high-power military telescope.

    Zhang Tie ran his spiritual energy once again while this bright vision was refreshed for the second time, presenting colorful images with different temperatures in a multi-layered manner.

    The gloomy underground cave then became vigorous and colorful.

    Zhang Tie saw the iron-skinned newt crouching behind a rock. Over 50 m away from that iron-skinned newt, there was a small dark mouse inside the huge greyrock mushroom's umbrella. A few meters beneath the ground where the roots of the greyrock mushroom reached, there was a nest of red-eyed termites. The diligent red-eyed termites were opening a road towards the stem of the greyrock mushroom along the roots.

    Over 20 m beneath the nest of red-eyed termites, there was a live groundwater. Between the rocks on both sides of the cave, there were black coppers whose color temperature was different than that of common limestone. On the earth's surface, black coppers were valuable; however, in the underground cave, the black coppers were sparsely distributed in some hundreds of meters long ore belts. Of course, it was not valuable to exploit them.

    When Zhang Tie gazed at that iron-skinned newt, with his increasing spiritual energy, the iron-skinned newt gradually turned transparent, present its complete skeleton, guts, jumping walnut-sized heart, flowing blood and secretory gastric acid in front of Zhang Tie's eyes in clearly different color temperatures.

    With such a visual effect, Zhang Tie returned along the way where he came from 2 years ago as fast as a lightning bolt.

    Zhang Tie didn't radiate his battle qi luster as an earth knight. He just integrated himself into the dark like a drop of water entering the ocean. However, he flew silently at a speed higher than 900 km/h.

    If black iron knights wanted to reach this speed, they had to activate their battle qis and turn as eye-catching as meteors. However, Zhang Tie, after promoting to an earth knight, could reach this speed very easily.

    The valley where tall far-ancient giants' statues sat on both sides of the cliffs soon flashed by Zhang Tie.

    In flight, Zhang Tie constantly adjusted and sensed his visual ability and felt that it was pretty funny.

    The surging points surrounding his eyes were symmetric. Over the past 2 years, as he further explored the special visual abilities of his eyes, Zhang Tie found many interesting things.

    At this moment, 6 of the 12 surging points surrounding Zhang Tie's eyes were evidently different than the others.

    With 3 surging points around the left eye and 3 around the right eye, the 6 flames composed a blossoming fiery-flame lotus flower.

    The 2 surging points being close to his nose could provide Zhang Tie with a super strong dark vision when Zhang Tie injected his spiritual energy into them; as for the 2 surging points below his eye sockets, when being injected with spiritual energy, could provide him a pretty far visual range; as for the 2 surging points at his eye corners, when being injected with spiritual energy, enabled Zhang Tie to see different color temperatures of objects.

    Zhang Tie could inject his spiritual energy into the 6 surging points at the same time or respectively. In the first situation, his two eyes could see completely the same scenery; in the second situation, his left eye could maintain the normal vision of commoners while his right eye could be granted with a dark vision or a super long visual range.

    By freely combining and allocating with the visual effects and abilities of his two eyes, Zhang Tie could have different marvelous visual senses through two eyes or combine with them freely and perfectly.

    Zhang Tie had been fed up with everything in the pyramid. After coming to the outside, he felt pretty amused by viewing the surroundings with different visual effects.

    Meanwhile, the discovery that different surging points surrounding his eyes could grant him with different visual abilities had approved Zhang Tie's presumption about surging points a few years ago--If the human body could be treated as the most marvelous machine in the universe, different surging points are equal to the switches and buttons of different functions of the human body. Sometimes, when your physical condition could allow you to use that switch and button, you could activate different functions or adjust the effects of the functions of your body.

    As to the three special surging points around each of his eyes, the first surging point could grant his eye with dark vision, the second could grant his eye with a super long visual range like that of a super-power telescope while the third could allow his eye to see different color temperatures and colorful lights.

    The fiery-flame lotus seeds had injected a special energy into Zhang Tie's body so that he could fully activate and start the three switches around each of his eyes.

    As to the rest 6 surging points around his eyes, Zhang Tie was not sure whether did they have marvelous visual abilities too. 'Perhaps the 6 surging points' visual abilities have been activated which just correspond to his eyes' senses about normal lights, or they had other marvelous visual abilities, who knew?

    Before the Catastrophe, one important reason that demons and those bastards of Three-eye Association treated Hua people as their public enemy might be that only Hua people carried forward the precious knowledge from far-ancient times. The medicine of Hua people was the gathering of these knowledge. For instance, acupuncture and massage for specific body parts could be used to deal with some diseases. As for the principle, perhaps those surging points with specific functions and effects could be stimulated through acupuncture and massage.

    Before the Catastrophe, Hua medicine was slandered as pseudoscience. Under stresses from all aspects, it almost went extinct. However, in this age, it became the common sense of humans that Hua medical system carried forward the super civilization of far-ancient times.

    The three surging points around each of his eyes had lotus blossom-shaped flames, which special ability originated from fiery-flame lotus; additionally, Zhang Tie saw his pupils being surrounded with lotus flower-shaped marvelous beautiful golden images in the mirror of Castle of Black Iron. Therefore, Zhang Tie named his visual ability "Lotus-flower eyes".


    After one day's flight, Zhang Tie smoothly flew out of the mountain cave and came to the extremely vast and dark first abyss.

    As the first abyss was covered with abyss vines, it was still enshrouded by a dense black mist.

    Two years ago, Zhang Tie couldn't see through the black mist even though he had a great dark vision. However, two years later, suspending in the void, as the lotus flower-shaped golden images in his eyes blossomed one layer after another, the entire first abyss became transparent while each grass or wood within hundreds of miles became as clear as palm grains...

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt especially satisfied as his vision could penetrate through the heavens and the ground.

    Over 35 miles away, a woman in black palace longuette flew towards him as fast as light, while a demon knight was chasing after her from thousands of meters away...

    Zhang Tie lowered his head and saw their shadows.

    Even though she was far away from him, Bai Suxian's unique coquettish black palace longuette still made Zhang Tie's eyelids jump--f*ck, what a coincidence!

    Bai Suxian was chased after by a powerful black iron demon knight. Given its flight speed, the demon knight could match the demon general, who must have reached the later stage of 9 changes black iron realm and was going to promote to an earth knight.

    Bai Suxian was darting towards Zhang Tie with her full efforts.

    Unless Bai Suxian also had lotus-flower eyes, she must have not noticed Zhang Tie in the dense black mist. Therefore, the only possibility for her to dart towards Zhang Tie's location was that she wanted to escape from the demon knight's pursuit based on her familiarity about the terrain in the mountain cave where she had been to when she explored the hieron's ruins.

    'What a pity!' Zhang Tie sighed inside.

    Zhang Tie was not pitying Bai Suxian but the demon knight.

    The demon baron was not an earth knight; if not, Zhang Tie would make full use of it.

    In Zhang Tie's eyes, any black iron knight was useless, no matter how powerful he was...

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