Chapter 975: Meeting Young Sister Once Again

    Chapter 975: Meeting Young Sister Once Again

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    Before Bai Suxian entered the familiar mountain cave, she had been caught up by the demon knight. "Where are you escaping?" The demon knight asked with a sportive and grim sneer.

    It seemed that the demon knight had realized Bai Suxian's plan; how could it let her slide into the maze-like mountain cave?

    The demon knight then released its bright battle qi. It flashed forward with a wake flame. In a few seconds, it could launch an attack towards Bai Suxian.

    An especially powerful shock wave which could be barely resisted by black iron knights attacked Bai Suxian from her back. Bai Suxian twisted her slim waist and dodged it.

    Although she dodged this strike, as she had changed her direction, her speed slowed down a bit.

    In such a time gap, the demon knight narrowed their distance once again.

    The demon knight fleered. Gazing at Bai Suxian's back, he launched dense strikes towards Bai Suxian.

    There was a tactic called magnet tactic. The moment the one being chased entered the largest striking radius of the chaser, the chaser could constantly strike the other party in the air so as to change the opponent's flight path and stagnate the opponent's flight speed. It was similar to the principle of operation of the magnet, which would slow down the opponent's movements and finally catch up with the opponent.

    After being forced to detour, her speed could never match that of voluntary detour or going straight. As long as the chaser started magnet tactic, the party being chased would be caught up with sooner or later in most cases if not having an overwhelming speed or battle strength.

    Bai Suxian responded fast; her overstrength was above average among black iron knights. However, facing a demon knight who had entered 9 changes black iron realm and was going to promote to an earth knight, she was slightly dwarfed.

    The demon knight's flight speed was much faster than that of hers; the moment it started the magnet tactic, it soon caught up with her when Bai Suxian dodged its strikes.

    Bai Suxian made a decision immediately. When she found that she couldn't escape anywhere, she released a battle qi smoke at once.

    In the first abyss, the disadvantageous party would always release her battle qi smoke in battle so as to seek for help from nearby knights on her side.

    If not release her battle qi smoke, the nearby knights might not find them until approaching a few miles away from them; however, after releasing her battle qi smoke, someone might notice the battle here from over 20 miles away.

    Battle qi smoke was the most eye-catching signal that knights could release in the first abyss.

    Of course, the unluckiest possibility was that her battle qi smoke might attract the opponent's assistants and accelerate her death.

    The first abyss was filled with crises. Even earth knights were almost blinded here, nobody could confirm that those within dozens of miles were on their side.

    "Hehehe, I've not f*cked a human woman yet. I, Salas will taste such a beautiful human knight today!"

    The demon knight who chased Bai Suxian was an ox-headed demon. Ox-headed demons were born to be brutal and lascivious. If the female knight could commit suicide in the elite ox-headed demon's hand, she must be lucky enough.

    When the ox-headed demon said this, its eyes flickered greed and excited glow while glancing over Bai Suxian's plump and sexy figure. At the same time, it increased its striking frequency, sparing no surplus time to Bai Suxian at all. Additionally, it kept drooling while a part below its waist under its skirt armor raised high at once.

    This ox-headed demon was even one head higher than Cui Li, the current look of Zhang Tie. Therefore, the raising part below its waist was also as amazing as that of a donkey.

    Bai Suxian narrowed her eyes at once while a long whip appeared in her hand. Closely after that, she fiercely whipped towards the raised part between the ox-headed demon's legs with a qi as sharp as sword qi.

    The demon knight instantly tossed out its battleax which was made of abyss iron. With a bang, young sister's sharp strike was broken.

    They soon carried out a close combat.

    As Bai Suxian's overstrength was much weaker than a demon knight who was going to promote to an earth knight. Therefore, after a short while, Bai Suxian had been in the disadvantageous position completely.

    Bai Suxian temporarily dodged the demon knight's strikes many times based on her agile movements. However, before she escaped, she was soon struck by the demon knight in magnet tactic.

    Only after a couple of minutes, Bai Suxian had been oozing sweat all over.

    On the contrary, the ox-headed demon knight felt gradually easier while drooling more and more saliva; especially the special female qi released from Bai Suxian's body when in combat which drove the ox-headed demon knight more thrilled.

    The ox-headed demon knight hit her harder and harder but carefully. It seemed that the demon knight didn't want to break Bai Suxian's body.

    Bai Suxian gritted her white teeth and bore it hardly...

    'It seems that I cannot escape without using that item. After using it, even if I couldn't kill this ox-headed demon, I would hurt it for sure and create a chance for myself to escape. However, it is too precious. I only have one. After using it this time, it would be hard for me to find another one...'

    'Well, whatever, it's better than falling in the hand of this b*stard. It's really disgusting...'

    At such a critical moment, when Bai Suxian felt reluctant to reach her hand towards her waist, a dreamlike voice sounded at her ears.

    It sounded rude, straightforward, indolent and a bit rustic. Before coming to the earth realm, if Bai Suxian heard this voice, she might dodge far away; however, after coming to the earth realm, the moment she heard this voice, she would feel soft all over...

    "Young sister, what are you performing? Is that the beauty and the beast or you're training a rutting buffalo in the circus?"

    Closely with the voice was a man darting towards here at an unimaginable high speed with an abyss battle spear. At the same time, he fiercely whipped the abyss battle spear onto the raised part between the demon knight's legs...

    It was such a powerful strike that Bai Suxian thought that she was dazzled.

    Because the abyss battle spear bent over as it couldn't bear the great strength of the abyss battle spear. It was a natural physical reaction. Similarly, a slim bamboo strip would transform slightly if a kid forcefully whipped it. The strength passed to the bamboo strip from the kid's hand, then to the other end of the bamboo stripe, causing a natural bend.

    If the strength and speed didn't surpass the endurance limits of the bamboo strip, the bamboo strip would not bend over even though being whipped.

    However, the bamboo strip could never match the endurance limits of an abyss battle spear.

    Even an abyss battle spear could not bear the strength, how great the strength was!

    Bai Suxian was shocked at once. She thought that she was dazzled.

    However, the demon knight soon realized what happened.

    Zhang Tie raided the demon knight. Now that he was treating a demon, Zhang Tie preferred to raid it rather than a head-on attack. Because he didn't need to launch a head-on attack towards a demon knight. Zhang Tie only stuck to one principle when fighting demon knights--kill them in the most unexpected manner at the fastest speed and the minimal cost and consumption. All the others are nothing but bullsh*t.

    Before being raided, the demon knight had not fully released its protective battle qi when fighting Bai Suxian because it didn't think that another human powerhouse could give a favor to Bai Suxian at this moment. In the opinion of the demon knight, it only needed to resist the female human knight's strike with his protective battle qi. It was wasteful if it released too much protective battle qi.

    Being extremely stimulated by Bai Suxian's beautiful look and female qi, the demon knight had not imagined that it would encounter such a powerful blow. However, when it realized what happened, it was already too late for it to release all of its protective battle qi.

    In a split second, the demon knight's protective battle qi had been broken like a watermelon being hammered by a pneumatic hammer on the steam forging machine...

    The strike was too fast and destructive. Before the explosive strength of its protective battle qi touched its body, Zhang Tie's abyss battle spear had fiercely whipped onto the raised thing below the demon knight's skirt armor.

    Of course, the hardest spear was the abyss battle spear in Zhang Tie's hand.

    A bloody mist exploded between the demon knight's legs.

    With an earth-shaking roar, the demon knight was sent over 700 m away by Zhang Tie as fast as a lightning bolt like a baseball...

    Zhang Tie immediately caught up with it. Before the demon knight launched its first counterattack, it had been covered by Zhang Tie's dense thunder-like strikes...
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