Chapter 976: Partner

    Chapter 976: Partner

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    Previously, due to a sharp gap, Zhang Tie was almost mistreated by the demon general like a dog...

    Now, due to a remarkable gap, Zhang Tie mistreated a knight as powerful as the demon general who was going to promote to an earth knight like a dog.

    If in another scene, this demon knight called Salas might not become so embarrassed in such a transient time; however, as it was only obsessed with Bai Suxian's beautiful look and female qi, it was raided by Zhang Tie successfully and was destined to die.

    Salas was not a gecko, who would not survive itself by abandoning its tail. Zhang Tie's strike almost broke the 'third leg" and the part above the thighs of the other two legs of the demon knight at the same time.

    The abyss battle spear was amazingly powerful. Besides crippling Salas' three legs, it severely shocked its guts, causing the demon knight to spurt out blood while being sent flying over 700 m away.

    Being very experienced in combats, how could Zhang Tie miss such a golden opportunity? Of course, he kept up striking the demon knight tempestuously.

    Watching how Zhang Tie mistreated the demon knight crazily from afar, Bai Suxian thought that she was dreaming. She forcefully pinched her thigh while the sharp pain reminded her that it was not a dream.

    This voice and this figure belonged to the very man whom she thought that she would never meet again in her life.

    2 years ago, Bai Suxian thought that she had been familiar with Cui Li pretty well; however, when she saw Cui Li once again, she abruptly felt strange about this man.

    Cui Li's power was out of Bai Suxian's imagination.

    It was the demon knight's turn to release its battle qi smoke.

    While being struck by Cui Li, the demon knight finally chose to release it battle qi smoke which served like the SOS that humans universally used before the Catastrophe. At the critical moment, the demon knight also expected a miracle.

    Pitifully, the miracle didn't occur. No shadow demon knight could give Zhang Tie a "surprise" at this moment.

    Only after a few minutes, with Salas's earthshaking shriek, its body was vaporized by the hot sun-like light that was released from Zhang Tie's palms, causing a bloody rain over the sky and finally disappeared into the dark mist.

    The battle came to an end.

    Under the gaze of Bai Suxian, the battle finally came to an end when Cui Li performed the movement "Overturn rivers and seas" of "Big Sun Fire Dragon Palm Skill". How overbearing and manly was Cui Li!

    Zhang Tie caught the pair of ox horns that he especially kept and returned to Bai Suxian's front.

    "Are you a man or a ghost?" Bai Suxian asked Zhang Tie as she watched the latter with a pair of watery eyes before Zhang Tie uttered.

    "Haha, of course, I'm a human!" Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "If humans could kill demon knights after becoming ghosts, demons have long been exterminated and the holy war has long come to an end!"

    After hearing such a rude reply, Bai Suxian reconfirmed that he was Cui Li.

    After hesitating for a short while, Bai Suxian asked another question, "When...when in the hieron ruins, didn't you die with the demon earth knight...we...we thought you were dead!"

    "I didn't. But the earth demon knight died. Your brother Cui has trump cards; plus some wonderful experiences in the hieron!" Zhang Tie explained loudly and straightforwardly.

    "Wonderful experiences?"

    "A loss may turn out to be a gain. Your brother Cui killed an earth demon knight at the risk of his life!" Zhang Tie explained faintly.

    After knowing that Zhang Tie didn't want to explain what he experienced in the hieron ruins explicitly, Bai Suxian didn't ask him about that anymore. As for a knight, the so-called trump cards and the details of wonderful experiences were as important as the contents of their cultivation methods, which were closely related to his life. No knight would like to expose his secrets. Wise people also knew the rules in the knight's world and didn't ask too much about that. Even commoners had secrets, not to mention knights.

    Watching Bai Suxian being silent with a blush, Zhang Tie gave one ox horn to her, "Here's one ox horn as your booty. We chased the demon knight and killed it together, is your brother Cui fair?"

    Even though only one ox horn could be exchanged for the corresponding benefits. This regulation was very human-friendly which was also beneficial to the coordination of knights in the fortress.

    "You killed this demon knight. Of course, you should take the booty. Additionally, you saved my life, how could I take your booty?" Bai Suxian shook her head as she looked at Zhang Tie with a blush. She refused to take the booty.

    Watching Bai Suxian's embarrassed look, Zhang Tie would not waste time on this trivial thing. He then directly teleported the pair of ox horns into his portable space-teleportation item.

    Zhang Tie really made a bumper harvest in the hieron ruins. The two space-teleportation items that he gained from Old Monster Qi and the earth demon knight were both legitimate. Of course, he didn't need to hide them at all; additionally, after promoting to an earth knight, Zhang Tie's overall strength could never be matched by that before. Even in Taixia Country, an earth knight was also qualified to be a provincial governor. Of course, he didn't need to be that meticulous like before.

    Seeing the pair of ox horns disappearing in Zhang Tie's hands, Bai Suxian became startled as she woke up from her dreamlike thoughts.

    After putting away his booty, Zhang Tie took a look at his abyss battle spear, which had bent over a bit. Holding the head of the battle spear by one hand, Zhang Tie slid over its rod which was as thick as a duck egg by the other hand, straightening it smoothly, together with Bai Suxian's eyes.

    'It's a battle spear made of abyss iron. How could it become as soft as a noodle in this man's hand? How powerful is his hand?'

    Bai Suxian was really scared by Zhang Tie's strength. When she recalled Zhang Tie's magnificent and casual movements when fighting and killing the demon knight in only a couple of minutes, Bai Suxian suddenly understood something. With her eyes widely opened, she watched Zhang Tie with an amazed look and asked him, "You...you've been an earth knight?"

    "He...he...I'm too lucky, I'm too lucky!" Zhang Tie became modest as he put away his abyss battle spear into his portable space-teleportation item. At the same time, he told Bai Suxian straightforwardly, "It's safe here. I have to go. Young sister, take care of yourself..."

    After saying that, Zhang Tie turned around and prepared to fly away. However, the moment he turned around, he had heard a painful groan...

    Zhang Tie turned around once again when he saw Bai Suxian's face turning pale. Shaking in the air, she was covering her breasts with two hands, presenting a "heart" posture. Faintly frowning, she turned weak instantly...

    Bai Suxian had plump breasts; plus her current posture, the pair of "white rabbits" under her palace robe became more outstanding, which almost popped out of her robe. Therefore, Zhang Tie couldn't stand staring at her breasts a longer while. At the same time, he felt his throat dry.

    "Ahem...ahem...young sister, what's the matter with you?" Zhang Tie asked what all the other men would ask under such a circumstance.

    "Just now...this humble lady has been injured by the demon knight!" Bai Suxian replied with an emaciated look. Meanwhile, she watched Zhang Tie with a pair of watery eyes in a coquettish way, "Brother Cui, can you pity this humble lady this time and allow me to follow you a few days so that I could recover my injuries in case of encountering any other demon knights..."

    Watching Bai Suxian's poor look, Zhang Tie touched his bald head as he felt pretty hard to refuse her, "Erm..alright!"

    After staying in the hieron ruins over 2 years, Zhang Tie also wanted to ask a familiar person about the current situation in the earth-elements realm and the Lion Fortress. Now that he had met Bai Suxian, he would then give her a favor.

    Bai Suxian flickered her eyes as she asked, "Brother, where are you heading for?"

    "I've just come out of there. I've not fixed my destination yet. I'm going to survey the situation outside first!" Zhang Tie pointed at the entrance of the mountain cave in the far where Bai Suxian was going to escape from the demon knight's pursuit just now.

    "Right in the mountain cave, I know a place to hide ourselves. How about having a rest there temporarily before making a further negotiation? As we've just fought the demon knight here, some enemies might be attracted here!" Bai Suxian inquired about Zhang Tie's opinion.

    "Fine, young sister, you take the lead!"

    Bai Suxian then revealed a charming smile to Zhang Tie before flying towards the entrance of the mountain cave by swinging her sleeves, followed by Zhang Tie.


    Given Bai Suxian's moving speed, Zhang Tie knew that she indeed was very familiar with the terrain here. Only after entering the mountain cave for 20 minutes, Bai Suxian had made a turn and entered a bypass which was strange to Zhang Tie. After taking turns in that bypass about half an hour, a patch of huge and high mushrooms appeared in front of Zhang Tie's eyes...
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