Chapter 977: Treatment and News

    Chapter 977: Treatment and News

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    It was an underground karst space which covered tens of thousands of square miles in front of Zhang Tie. This karst space might be very large on earth's surface; however, in the earth-elements realm, it was as trivial as a bubble in the ocean.

    Clouds were floating near the dome of this space, which indicated that a small climate had come into being in this karst space. The ground here was covered with huge mushrooms, which looked as spectacular as a red virgin forest.

    Each huge mushroom was at least over 30 m in height while the biggest one was almost 100 m in height. The umbrellas of the huge mushrooms were as large as clouds.

    In earth-elements realm, such a patch of huge mushrooms might have existed for tens of thousands of years safe and sound.

    If not the holy war, many places in the earth-element realm would be filled with fairytales and romance. If tourism could be developed here, many people would like to pay a visit here by airboat at a high cost.

    "We've almost arrived there!" Bai Suxian turned around and revealed a sweet smile at Zhang Tie.

    "Hahaha, young sister, you're really romantic. What a romantic place!" Zhang Tie burst out into laughter.

    Knights who chose to fight in the first abyss were all smart. They always prepared some places to hide themselves in case of emergencies. No matter what reason it was, a woman who could come to the earth-elements realm to fight demons was exceptional; therefore, Zhang Tie admired Bai Suxian more or less.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's praise, Bai Suxian's eyes turned bright at once, "You also feel it's nice here?"

    "Young sister, you have a good insight. This place is clean and unique. Even if other knights broke in, they could not find you easily. Undoubtedly, it's a safe place!"

    Bai Suxian felt pretty happy about Zhang Tie's comment.

    10 minutes later, they flew into the depth of the huge mushroom woods. Bai Suxian then landed on the ground.

    There was a brook on the ground being surrounded by some clusters of crystals. Some fish were swimming in the brook. Fish in water could adapt to the environment of earth-elements realm much better than most of living beings from the earth's surface. Most of the fish on the earth's surface could be found in the earth-elements realm.

    Bai Suxian came to the foot of a huge mushroom. After clapping her hands, a palm-sized red spider had declined to the front of Bai Suxian from the top of the huge mushroom with a thread from its tail.

    Bai Suxian stretched out her palm while the spider climbed onto her hand. It twisted its forelimbs and body as if it was expressing something. Bai Suxian watched its performance for a short while before putting it back.

    "I've not imagined that young sister could control animals!" Zhang Tie became shocked. As an expert in controlling animals, of course, he knew what Bai Suxian was doing just now.

    "Just a bit. I tamed a common red spider in the underground space so that it could be my watchdog. That spider told me that nobody had ever been here over the past couple of days!" Bai Suxian explained.

    After hearing Bai Suxian's explanation, Zhang Tie admired her consideration. That underground red spider was not even a LV 1 living being. Therefore, it's very easy to tame it. However, if this red spider could be made use of properly, it was much more useful than a LV 15 battle spirit at the critical moment. No matter what it was, as long as it could be used properly, it would play a great role. Bai Suxian had the red spider play its great role by being a sentry for her.

    After putting the red spider back, Bai Suxian moved a few steps forward and jumped over 30 m high. She then pressed a place below the huge and sturdy umbrella. Closely after that, a cave was exposed to Zhang Tie. Bai Suxian floated inside before waving her hand towards Zhang Tie.

    Unconsciously, Zhang Tie felt like having a date with a mistress in the wild when he flew towards that cave.


    The moment Zhang Tie entered the stem of the huge mushroom, he had felt going back to the tree house when he attended the survival training in the Wild Wolf Valley. The stem of the huge mushroom was hollow, leaving a small space which covered over 10 square meters. There was a portal in this space, which could lead to the space below. It seemed that Bai Suxian had opened two rooms here.

    The stem of the huge mushroom was a bit softer than those big trees on the earth's surface; therefore, a knight could open a room here easily.

    The room inside was pretty clean and refreshing. There were a bed and a table. A whole set of beddings were put on the bed while some teacups and a delicate lotus-flower shaped glazed fluorite lamp was put on the table. The room was filled with realgar powders, which indicated a perilous signal for all the worms and snakes.

    The moment Zhang Tie entered it, Bai Suxian had closed the door of the entrance. The entire room was then immersed in the romantic and warm light radiated by the pink crystal fluorite lamp.

    The moment she closed the door, Bai Suxian had sat beside the bed and started to take off her black palace robe. Zhang Tie became dumbfounded, "Young sister, what are you doing..."

    "What are you thinking about?" Bai Suxian threw a bashful glance at Zhang Tie. Closely after that, she turned around by twisting her butt and lay on the bed. At the same time, she covered her plump breasts by one hand and exposed her snow-white back to Zhang Tie. Right below the left shoulder of her snow-white back, there was a palm-sized blue area, "This humble lady was injured a bit by that demon knight. It's inconvenient for me to daub medicine on it, can you help this humble lady to daub some bloody jade ointment to stop bleeding, brother..."

    Bai Suxian explained while a white jade vial appeared in her hand.

    When he entered just now, Zhang Tie doubted that Bai Suxian carried a portable space-teleportation item. Because many items in the room were very delicate and luxurious, which might not be purchased from the Lion Fortress. A knight who went to the earth-elements realm for battle could not carry so many items. At the sight of the white jade vial which appeared in Bai Suxian's hand out of the void, Zhang Tie confirmed his presumption.

    As a female knight, she could control animals with a precious portable space-teleportation equipment and dare come to the earth-element realm alone, Bai Suxian must have a noble status on the earth's surface!

    Watching that Bai Suxian was waiting for him on the bed, Zhang Tie then strode towards the bedside and took her jade vial.

    After opening the lid, he saw a red ointment inside, which gave out a bizarre fragrance, making Zhang Tie spirited all over.

    It seemed that this bloody jade ointment was not common. At least Zhang Tie had not heard about this commodity as an elder of Huaiyuan Palace.

    Zhang Tie dug a bit bloody jade ointment by finger and daubed it onto the blue area on the back of Bai Suxian.

    Bai Suxian's skin was as snow-white as bitty cream, plump and carried a special fragrance. When Zhang Tie's fingers touched her skin, his fingers quivered a bit like being struck by the current. Zhang Tie's heart pounded unconsciously.

    Zhang Tie forcefully spread the ointment over the blue area, causing Bai Suxian to utter a groan, being comfortable or painful. Zhang Tie was stimulated by her groan too much.

    'What a spirit!'

    Zhang Tie was not a virgin anymore. The moment he heard Bai Suxian's groan, he had known that this woman was alluring him and expecting him to do something.

    At this moment, the beauty was lying on the bed, exposing her alluring skin. It seemed that she was waiting for Zhang Tie to sleep with her. Few men could bear such an allure. Zhang Tie even had to move his eyes away from Bai Suxian's snow-white back in case of being obsessed with her.

    "Oh, young sister, how did you meet that demon knight?"

    "...Hmm...the Tiewei Mountain in the first abyss is very boisterous at this moment...ahh...I was heading there...unfortunately I met it in the periphery of the Tiewei Mountain...hmm...brother...lighter...." Bai Suxian replied as she kept acting in coquetry.

    'Tiewei Mountain? This place sounds a bit familiar.' Zhang Tie remembered that the three knights that he met with Mountain Lifting Hermit two years ago warned them that Tiewei Mountain was in an abnormal situation and persuaded them to be careful over there.

    "What's happening in Tiewei Mountain?"

    "A super large earth-elements crystal mine is discovered in Tiewei Mountain...hmm...humans and...demons...hmm...are competing for it...hmm...human knights and demon knights have started a large-scale battle in Tiewei Mountain..."

    'A super large earth-element crystal mine? A large-scale battle between human knights and demon knights? This is indeed a major event.' Neither humans nor demons could do anything but watch the opponent to gain a super large earth-element crystal mine. As for knights, earth-element crystals were a strategic resource. Any party which could gain it indicated that they could cultivate more earth knights and have more resources. Undoubtedly, this would be a catastrophe for the other party.

    "Oh, do you know about the message of Mountain Lifting Hermit, Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan?"

    "Mountain Lifting Hermit...hmm...has left the earth-elements realm two years ago and returned to the earth's surface...hmm...Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan...might...hmm...be near the Tiewei Mountain..."

    Through Bai Suxian, Zhang Tie acquired some messages that he was concerned about and the major event in the earth-elements realm at this moment...

    Tiewei Mountain had been the focus of humans and demons in the earth-element realm. At this moment, there were definitely over 20,000 human and demon knights near Tiewei Mountain while combats broke out all the time...

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