Chapter 978: Irresistible Beautys Love Potion

    Chapter 978: Irresistible Beauty's Love Potion

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    After helping her daub the ointment on her back, Bai Suxian had been panting and soft all over on the bed. Zhang Tie's forehead was also covered with sweat. It seemed that he was more tired than that demon knight who had been killed just now.

    It seemed that Bai Suxian was expecting something; however, Zhang Tie didn't make any excessive movement.

    After daubing the ointment for her, Zhang Tie helped her zip up her clothes and cover her back and the sides of the pair of snow-white and plump white rabbits. After that, he moved a couple steps back and said in a dry and hoarse voice, "It's okay, young sister..."

    Bai Suxian got up and put on her clothes well with a blush and disordered hair. After that, she threw a resentful glance at Zhang Tie, which looked like sobbing and wailing. As a result, Zhang Tie felt soft all over and almost fell down on the ground.

    'What a spirit!' Zhang Tie swore her inside once again as he took a kettle out of his portable space-teleportation equipment and quaffed some limpid and sweet mountain spring.

    "Young sister, your external injuries have been examined but you still have some inner injuries. You need to take a rest here for a couple of days. It's tranquil here. Nobody would disturb you. This brother Cui will..." Zhang Tie wanted to escape away as he felt that he might have a great probability to lose his consciousness if he stayed one more day here. When a man and a woman stayed together alone, such a situation would be unavoidable.

    "Brother, if you want to leave, just leave. This humble lady is too old and ugly to be favored by you!" Bai Suxian suddenly started to complain as she sighed faintly on her bedside, "This humble lady heard that demons have many weird means to trace someone. When I fought the demon knight just now, I didn't know whether it had left any marks on my body. If brother left, some demon powerhouses might kill this humble lady. By then, this humble lady will not complain anymore that this humble lady is destined to die at such a young age!"

    Zhang Tie opened his mouth as he touched his bald head. After hearing Bai Suxian's words, he really felt sorry to leave. If he just left her soon after acquiring the messages that he wanted to know from her, Zhang Tie felt like burning the bridge after crossing it. Additionally, Bai Suxian's concern was reasonable. Demons indeed had some weird means. If someone used a soul-chasing butterfly to chase after her, Bai Suxian was destined to die if she was left here alone.

    "Erm...young sister looks like a fairy. If you're old and ugly, there would be no beauty in the world. Alright, this brother Cui will stay a couple of days with you. But it's your bedroom, it's inconvenient for a man and a woman to stay with each other alone. I will find a nearby huge mushroom and stay inside for the time being!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's praise, Bai Suxian's face instantly turned brightly pink. Touching her face, she watched Zhang Tie womanly and asked, "Brother Cui, you mean I look good?"

    "Of course, you're pretty beautiful..."

    "But why did you..." Bai Suxian looked bashful as she hesitated.

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter as he revealed the straightforward temperament of Cui Li once again, "Honestly, this brother Cui couldn't stand pressing onto the bed to f*ck you. However, this brother Cui was not used to bully weak ones. Given your emaciated figure, you might not be able to bear the torture. Therefore, I didn't do that..."

    Having experienced Cui Li's "straightforward" temperament so many times, Bai Suxian had been a bit immune to Zhang Tie. After hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, Bai Suxian revealed a bashful smile. Although she was not completely used to do that, she didn't feel it was shameful anymore. On the contrary, she felt that Zhang Tie was frank and sincere and was just a weirdo.

    After talking with Bai Suxian for a short while, Zhang Tie wanted to find another hiding place nearby; however, the moment he wanted to leave, he heard a thunder from outside. Closely after that, he heard increasingly more dense rustling sounds on the stem and the umbrella of huge mushrooms only in a couple of seconds...

    'It's raining! F*ck!'

    At this moment, Bai Suxian rolled her eyes and suggested, "This humble lady's place is not a lion's den. Why not stay inside for a while, brother?" It's not late for you to find a huge mushroom to settle down when it stops raining!"


    "Are you cheating me? As you've saved my life twice, why not stay inside for a longer while? Do you feel that this humble lady is a shameless slut..." Bai Suxian said as she walked towards Zhang Tie. At the same time, she almost burst out into tears with her watery eyes...

    Honestly, this method was really effective. Watching a woman crying in front of him was the last thing that Zhang Tie would like to do. He directly put up his hands and surrendered, "Well! I will take a seat here for a short while. You just deal with your injuries and leave me alone!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, Bai Suxian's tears turned into smiles at once, "The room downside there is my cultivation room. If you want to have a rest, why not go downside there?"

    After hearing Bai Suxian's words, Zhang Tei directly went to the other room in the huge mushroom.

    It indeed looked like Bai Suxian's cultivation room. Because the moment Zhang Tie entered it, he had seen an elements-gathering matrix, which was even larger and more advanced than that of Zhang Tie's.

    'Such a precious elements-gathering matrix in a temporary site? That's luxurious!' Zhang Tie confirmed that Bai Suxian must have a deep background.

    Now that everything had been prepared well here, Zhang Tie just sat beside the elements-gathering matrix with crossed legs and started to cultivate.

    The water chakra of king roc sutra required more water elements than the number of earth elements required by the earth chakra. Therefore, it was more difficult for Zhang Tie to promote to a shadow knight as the process required him more efforts and payment. He could only complete it step by step.

    Although the purgatory samsara method was powerful, it was a matter of chance than a choice for him to absorb the water elements from an earth demon knight. If not the karma in the pyramid, Zhang Tie would never promote to an earth knight so easily. He could not have such a rare chance anymore.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie had been ready to promote to a shadow knight step by step like dripping water wearing through a stone and cutting a wood with a rope.

    In the elements realm, the number of Zhang Tie's spiritual hands had grown to 21. Those hands being composed of his spiritual strength were moving rapidly in the elements realm by capturing the aqua blue multi-faceted water element crystals, pulverizing, refining and pouring them onto the complex patterns on his water chakra.

    The elements-gathering matrix arranged by Bai Suxian was indeed much more effective than that of his.

    After absorbing Old Monster Qi's spiritual energy, plus his cultivation during the past 2 more years, Zhang Tie made a breakthrough in multitasking skill once again.

    Now, Zhang Tie could visualize and control 21 abacuses in his mind at the same time. Nobody could do that among all the humans except for Zhang Tie.

    Although Zhang Tie was cultivating and absorbing the water element in the elements realm, he still had a sharp perception of the surroundings due to his strong knight's consciousness as an earth knight.

    Soon after Zhang Tie started his cultivation, he had heard someone playing water in his neighborhood.

    Bai Suxian had taken out a big bathtub from her portable space-teleportation equipment and was taking a bath in his neighborhood.

    Zhang Tie couldn't stand throwing a glance at the neighboring room through a wall...

    Only after running his spiritual energy, the wall being composed of the stem of the huge mushroom had turned as transparent as glass. Bai Suxian was lying in a golden bathtub and highly raising her beautiful, slim and plump legs out of the bathtub. She was enjoying her enchanting figure with a faint smile...

    Only after throwing a glance at the next room, Zhang Tie had hurriedly moved his eyes away; meanwhile, his heart pounded for a short while heavily.

    'F*ck, this girl came to the first abyss with a bathtub.' Zhang Tie was shocked too much.


    After 3 hours, it was still raining outside. Zhang Tie felt Bai Suxian entering the cultivation room and coming to his side. She moved her lips close to his ears and slightly rubbed his earlobe. Closely after that, Zhang Tie heard her tender, sweet voice, "Brother, this humble lady has prepared some food and drinks, how about taking some..."

    After saying that, Bai Suxian even blew air into Zhang Tie's ear...

    Under this circumstance, Zhang Tie had to stop cultivating.

    Opening his eyes, Zhang Tie turned around and caught sight of Bai Suxian who smelt as fragrant as the essence of daffodil after taking a bath.

    This girl wore a black sleeveless short gown and a skirt, which were thinner and more transparent. It was completely a set of the diaphanous garment. There was an undergarment covering her breasts and abdomen, looming her plump breasts. Under her skirt was a pair of snopletely as same as the deserted one on the seaside which he had just seen.

    'Was Bai Suxian the one who paid homage to me over there?'

    After comparing the jerkies and dried fruits on the table with the residue at the seaside, Zhang Tie confirmed his presumption.

    'I've not imagined that this woman could be so affectionate. I still lived in her mind even though I was already dead...'

    Watching Zhang Tie gazing at the bottle of liquor, Bai Suxian revealed a sweet smile, "This is the "flowers drunk" that I preserved. Brother, are you worried about being dugged by me?"

    As she said, she made a cup of liquor for herself and bottomed it up. Closely after that, she made a cup of liquor for Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie watched Bai Suxian with a bit complex moods. When he was going to take the cup, his hand was pressed by Bai Suxian as the latter played the woman, "Now that the brother doubted this humble lady, I have to propose a toast to you!"

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile, "Alright!"

    Bai Suxian replied with a smile as she bottomed up the cup of liquor too. Closely after that, she stood up and moved closer to Zhang Tie. Lowering her body, she directly kissed Zhang Tie's mouth.

    Her agile tongue then slid into Zhang Tie's mouth along with the liquid which smelt especially fragrant...

    What a hot cup of liquor!

    After all the liquid flew into Zhang Tie's mouth from Bai Suxian's tongue, Bai Suxian even circled her tongue around the inside of Zhang Tie's mouth twice and twisted with Zhang Tie's tongue a bit. Finally, she licked Zhang Tie's lips and returned to her own seat with a blush.

    "How about this humble lady's cup of liquor?"

    "Not bad, if you gave me some more, this brother Cui would not be able to bear it anymore!" Zhang Tie smirked in a heroic manner.

    "I prefer that!" Bai Suxian covered her mouth by hand with a faint smile...

    Zhang Tie then made two cups of liquor, one for Bai Suxian, one for himself. After that, he raised his cup with a solemn look and told Bai Suxian, "I have to propose a toast to you too. I did not expect you to be so affectionate cause you look uninhibited. I admit that I've made a wrong judgment about you. Mountain Lifting Hermit wrote an elegiac couplet for me and young sister offered a sacrifice to me at the seaside of the magma sea on the anniversaries of my death; the affectionate ones are the most precious in the world. I've borne your friendship deep in mind!"

    The two people then bottomed up at the same time...


    Zhang Tie had not imagined that Bai Suxian could drug him.

    After drinking only for an hour with Bai Suxian, Zhang Tie should not be drunk as this "flowers drunk" could never match the unrivaled dragon marrow liquor. Acutally, "flowers drunk" was more like the champagne which female ususally drunk. It was hard to get drunk with it.

    Neither Bai Suxian nor Zhang Tie was drunk.

    After the meal, Zhang Tie returned to the cultivation room and continued to cultivate. However, in less than 1 hour, he had felt hot all over while the place below his lower abdomen felt like being on fire. Even his mind turned manic. His mind was filled with Bai Suxian's snowwhite legs and the deep groove between her plump breasts when she was taking a bath.

    It's a love potion! A colorless and tasteless love potion which could not even be resisted by knights.

    This love potion would not harm one's body; instead, it would trigger one's qi, blood and essence in the short period so that one's glands could secrete more unconsciously. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't find that he had been drugged by Bai Suxian when drinking.

    In Blackhot City, Zhang Tie had heard that some ruffians and scumbags in the city liked to drug women in bars. He had not imagined that he could be drugged by a beauty after promoting to an earth knight.

    'F*ck you!' Zhang Tie really wanted to beat Bai Suxian's butt dozens of times forcefully so as to tell her what she was doing.

    When Zhang Tie tried his best to resist the effect of the drug and wanted to ask for Heller's favor, he heard another thunder.

    Closely after the thunder, Bai Suxian broke in, drilling into Zhang Tie's cradle and putting her arms around his neck.

    "Ahh, it's thunder again. This humble lady's heart always runs unconsciously when I hear thunder. Brother, you touch it..." Bai Suxian felt hot all over as she caught Zhang Tie's hand and pressed it onto her breasts while panting tenderly.

    Zhang Tie was on fire at once...

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