Chapter 979: Tiewei Mountain

    Chapter 979: Tiewei Mountain

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    10 days later, the first abyss...

    Two shadows fluttered through the dense black mist in the first abyss and flew towards the overlapping mountains in the far...

    "We will arrive at the periphery of Tiewei Mountain over 500 miles ahead..." Two people stopped while a woman uttered tenderly and sweetly.

    "Tiewei Mountain is in this direction? Why didn't you tell me that earlier? You led me to fly over 700 miles more. We've wasted a lot of time on the way!" Another person forcefully slapped onto the woman's butt, causing a crispy sound. At the same time, the woman's plump butt quivered like jelly.

    "This humble lady found that lord was a bit tired and wanted you to take a rest somewhere!" The woman said while pouting her petite mouth, "Additionally, the lord was happy when this humble lady served you just now. Why do you blame me for wasting time now?"

    "You dare argue with me? Look at my palm!" The man waved his hand and gave another palm onto her butt.

    The woman covered her mouth with a faint smile as she threw an "enchanting" glance at the man, "This humble lady dare not do that anymore!"

    The man threw a glare at the woman. The woman then replied with a facial expression of being wronged.

    The two people then continued to fly forward.

    Over 10 minutes later, a team of 3 fully-armored human knights flew out of the dense black mist and encountered the two people who were flying forward.

    "Stop!" One of the 3 human knights shouted immediately when he saw the two people flying towards them from afar in the mist. At the same time, the three human knights became vigilant. Until they found the two arrivers were humans instead of demons did they become relaxed.

    As for the two arrivers, one was a beauty in a blue-palace robe, the other was a tower-like tough man with a bald head who looked special.

    The woman was beautiful enough while the man was strong and fierce enough just like how a gangster's head was followed by a coquettish woman. What a match!

    Of course, they were Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian.

    After being drugged and raped by a woman, Zhang Tie felt like losing his face; however, he had found his face back during the past days. The appellation "lord" was the certificate that Zhang Tie had found his face back.

    After Zhang Tie found his face back and Bai Suxian recovered her injuries; of course, Zhang Tie would like to take a look at the large-scale battle between human knights and demon knights in Tiewei Mountain. Of course, Bai Suxian followed him here. It seemed that she had determined to be Zhang Tie's woman.

    Bai Suxian was not a weak woman; as she dared stay in the earth-elements realm alone, she must be able to protect herself. Therefore, Zhang Tie agreed with her.

    "What's up, three brothers?" Zhang Tie stopped and asked when he saw the three knights in front of him.

    Given the three knight's looks, Zhang Tie knew that they were members of the black-armored army in Taixia Country. A group of 3 could form a 3-in-1 formation when in an emergency, in which way, they could fight any one or two knights below earth knights. When they encounter an earth demon knight or more than 4 black iron demon knights, they could reach an impasse with their enemy or at least 1 of them could escape to seek for help in case of being exterminated. This was the rule of action among knights in armies in the earth-elements realm in the war.

    After looking Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian up and down seriously, the head of the three knights asked, "Where'd you come from?"

    The moment he heard this question, Zhang Tie had realized that human knights were urgently demanded in the large-scale war in Tiewei Mountain. Therefore, human knights were arranged to be sentries at the periphery of the Tiewei Mountain in case that demons or moles of Three-eye Association joined in the war and bring more troubles to humans.

    "I'm Cui Li, this is my paramour Bai Suxian. I know Wu Guanhai. We've stayed in the earth-elements realm for over 2 years. After being told that a large-scale war broke out here in Tiewei Mountain, we'd like to take a look here!" Zhang Tie put it straightforwardly.

    After hearing the word "paramour", the three human knights of black armored army threw two more glances at Bai Suxian. Bai Suxian then pinched Zhang Tie's arm bashfully.

    "A few days ago, demon knights have made a lot of troubles in our territory in the incarnation of human demons. Therefore, inspection is becoming stricter near the human strongpoints of Tiewei Mountain these days!" After hearing that Cui Li knew Wu Guanhai, the three black armored knights treated Zhang Tie more politely, "If you want to enter Tiewei Mountain, you'd better learn about the latest situation from some human strongpoints. The nearest strongpoint near the periphery is over 250 miles in front of you..."

    "Sure, thanks!"

    After that, Zhang Tie flew away, closely followed by Bai Suxian who hit Zhang Tie's waist by hand and asked in a low voice, "Paramour? Lord, couldn't you find another word..."

    "If you don't like the word "paramour", do you prefer "male and female intrigants"?" Zhang Tie glared at Bai Suxian with a strong qi field, "You're not married. This brother Cui's not married either. Even if we want to be male and female intrigants, it sounds improper. Although this brother Cui is rude, I never sleep with other's wife. As you've slept me, who else is my paramour if not you?"

    Bai Suxian loved Zhang Tie's explanation very much. After hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, she became more docile, "As long as lord likes it, no matter what you call this humble lady!"

    "Hmm..." Zhang Tie replied with a muffled harrumph as he continued to fly forward.


    Until Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian disappeared in their vision did one of the three black armored knights remembered something, "Yi? Don't you feel the name Cui Li is familiar?"

    "Yup, I also feel that I've heard that name somewhere!" Another knight frowned.

    "Is he that extremely rightly Cui Li?"

    "Ahh? Wasn't he dead?"

    "It might be a coincidence!"

    As Zhang Tie's qi felt calm, the three black armored knights didn't find that he had promoted to an earth knight.


    40 minutes later, a strongpoint of the periphery which was mentioned by the three black armored knights appeared in front of Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian.

    It was a pretty huge battle fortress in the air.

    Compared to the common human battle fortresses on the earth's surface, this one was like a super large airboat.

    9 dragon heads namely 9 entrances of the battle fortress reached out of the bottom of the airboat and pointed at 9 directions. Above the 9 dragon heads was a high and huge upper metal structure, whose length and width both surpassed 1,000 m. It was many times larger than the commander-level airboat that Zhang Tie had ever seen. Suspending in the air, it looked pretty magnificent.

    In the distance of the battle fortress, although being covered with dense mist, Zhang Tie could still see overlapping high mountain ranges, which were called Tiewei Mountain.

    Such an airboat might only be found in the earth-elements realm. Only Taixia Country could produce it. As for humans knights who deepened into the Tiewei Mountain to join the battle, such an airboat was the logistics supply base and information control center.

    At the sight of such a huge airboat for the first time, Zhang Tie was shocked inside. Numerous human knights were accessing to the 9 dragon heads in terms of light points. The atmosphere seemed to be intense.

    Although the 9 dragon head-shaped entrances looked small from afar, when Zhang Tie moved closer to them, he found that each dragon head's mouth was over 10 m in width, which could be available for a few people to access to it at the same time.

    Someone was hurriedly entering there while someone else was hurriedly coming out of there. Most of those entering there were injured or carrying traces of battle.

    Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian then flew to an entrance in a casual way.

    There were also guards outside the entrance. Those who wanted to enter the airboat had to break their finger on a spiny ball-shaped device and drop their blood onto the device. They were not allowed to enter it until the spiny ball turned red.

    They used this method to identify demons. The knights at the entrance would pay attention to the examination result about the entrant. As Zhang Tie's sturdy figure and Bai Suxian's blue-palace robe were like brands, the moment they arrived, they had aroused the attention of the guards at the entrance.

    Zhang Tie broke his finger on the spiny ball. When the spiny ball turned red, he walked in the airboat. Bai Suxian also imitated him and did the same before following him in.

    No matter how powerful one was on the earth's surface, he was not supposed to be privileged in the earth-elements realm.

    After entering the airboat and passing through the gate of the battle fortress, Zhang Tie felt open at once while his eardrums were beaten by the loud noises. A square appeared in front of him, which was surrounded by high buildings. Those knights were flying among these buildings. In the middle of the square, there was a huge, round information control center. Right above it, there was a huge high-power crystal optical imaging device. A three-dimensional map was set on the device, which presented the current battle situation between demons and humans near the Tiewei Mountain.

    Zhang Tie threw a glance at the map and found that the three huge red arrows on behalf of humans were wrestling with some black arrows on behalf of demons in the depth of the center of Tiewei Mountain. Besides, red and black forces were crisscrossing within each other in a wider periphery of the center.

    The huge red and black arrows in the center of Tiewei Mountain almost remained unchanged. By contrast, those red and black arrows in the surroundings which were slowly changing their locations; they would disappear or appear somewhere at any time. Those fighters in logistics uniforms of Lion Fortress were constantly rushing in or out of the information control center with remote-sensing information. Many knights were waiting in readiness outside the information desks. After receiving their tasks, they would leave there right away.

    The three-dimensional map jumped once again while a black arrow appeared near a mountain range on the map.

    "A team of 3 demon knights discovered near No. 6403 mountain range; they are moving towards the east. Brothers, let's go..." A tough Hua man in black armor raised his sword as he shouted. Almost at the same time, some knights who were waiting for tasks rushed outside voluntarily after him...

    This might be a lethal trap, which could be set by both humans and demons; however, the human knights still rushed out without any hesitation.

    This was how the war went. Give tit for tat! In such a fierce battle situation, they could not give up their actions just because that they doubted the possible dangers.

    "Where's the doc...where's the ambulance men...my brother is going to die...hurry..." A knight being covered with injuries broke in with a man being covered with blood in his cradle.

    The knight directly flew over Zhang Tie's head as fast as the wind, dropping some blood onto Zhang Tie's face and shoulders...

    A lot of people in white clothes ran towards here while the one in the front shouted, "Hurry, prepare No. 1, No. 2 medicaments, operating table, wounds healing glue, blood..."

    Zhang Tie reached out his hand to touch his face. His fingers turned red instantly...

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's poor look, Bai Suxian was driven mad. The moment she wanted to argue with them, Zhang Tie stopped her by gripping her arm as he shook his head, "It's okay!"

    Watching this scene and sensing this atmosphere, Zhang Tie became a bit absent-minded as he felt like returning to the Selnes Theater of Operations...
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