Chapter 980: Reward

    Chapter 980: Reward

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    Zhang Tie had fought and bled in Selnes Theater of Operations. He had a lot of memories over there. At that time, Zhang Tie served as the only human air cavalry in the Selnes Theater of Operations. Although it looked very honorable, he was actually a cannon fodder. Finally, he was betrayed by b*stards of Three-eye Association among humans and almost lost his life like what the other small figures were destined to face on the battlefield.

    Whereas, Zhang Tie didn't regret what happened in Selnes Theater of Operations. He would still return to the Selnes Theater of Operations and contribute his strength to the holy war as a human fighter as long as he was demanded.

    However, Zhang Tie was not the same one in Selnes Theater of Operations anymore.

    When in Selnes Theater of Operations, Zhang Tie was just a LV 10 fighter; however, now, Zhang Tie had already become an earth knight who was unrivaled on many subcontinents.

    When in Selnes Theater of Operations, Zhang Tie was a hero as the Selnes Eagle; however, now, Zhang Tie was a convict being wanted across Taixia Country.

    Although Zhang Tie would still bleed for humans; many things had altered. He became more mature. As a result, he knew which way of bleeding was most valuable for an earth knight instead of sparing his blood for humans.

    In the distance, the knight being covered with injuries was standing still. Some doctors intended to deal with his injuries; however, that knight became berserk at once as he pushed away the doctors at once and roared, "Leave me alone...save my brother..."

    The similar thing had happened many times in the air battle fortress. Therefore, they were not strange about that. Knights were also humans and had emotions such as grief. Few people could stay calm when they found that their brothers and familiar comrade-in-arms might die in front of them.

    The earth-elements realm was the battlefield between human knights and demon knights. It was as normal as how common fighters sacrificed in the battlefields on the earth's surface.

    "Lord, what will we do?" Bai Suxian became docile and asked Zhang Tie tenderly after being stopped by the latter and sensing the latter's emotion.

    Zhang Tie watched the bustling lobby and took in a deep breath before replying, "The war in Tiewei Mountain would not come to an end in a short period. As this strongpoint is on the periphery of the battlefield with so many human knights; it's pretty safe. Additionally, we could acquire intelligence here. We will settle down here to learn about the battle situation for the time being!"

    Bai Suxian nodded. Although Zhang Tie looked rude, given his decision, he was not rude at all; instead, he was very considerate. Honestly, Bai Suxian was really worried about her "lord" rushing to the frontline due to the excitement. It was very normal for black iron knights to lose their lives in the first abyss. It was not strange that earth knights were killed here. Even Shadow knights might also lose their lives here even though there was less news about that.

    As Zhang Tie replied, he led Bai Suxian to the information desks beside the information control center.

    This air battle fortress was very huge, which contained many rooms. It could hold tens of thousands of people at least. Any human knights entering it would have a room. This also explained the meaning of the existence of this strongpoint.

    When Zhang Tie passed by that wounded knight, he threw a glance at him and said, "You look like a girl standing here. You will not do any favor to your brother's wounds; If I were you, I would cure my injuries as fast as possible. If my brother was killed, I would revenge for him by chopping off demons' heads!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's suggestion, the knight quivered all over. He moved his eyes onto Zhang Tie; however, Zhang Tie didn't speak any more; instead, he just walked away. Bai Suxian threw a glare at that guy.

    Zhang Tie came to the front of one information desk.

    "Hello, what can I do for you?" A female first lieutenant with a beautiful oval face in short hair asked him behind the desk.

    "We want to settle down here. Please prepare two rooms for us!" Zhang Tie replied.

    Standing behind the information desk, this plump female first lieutenant wore a short skirt, the lower hem of which reached the knees of her fair legs. Her plump breasts almost popped out of her uniform. She looked so womanly that Zhang Tie couldn't stand throwing glances at her.

    Those who could enter the air battle fortresses were all legitimate human knights. Those human knights who could come to the Tiewei Mountain were a great force of human defense line. Therefore, after hearing Zhang Tie's words, the female first lieutenant immediately revealed a passionate smile, "Well, two rooms, we will prepare them for you right away!"

    Before Zhang Tie uttered, Bai Suxian had pulled Zhang Tie's arm and pushed herself to Zhang Tie's side by pasting her plump breasts onto Zhang Tie's body. Closely after that, she raised her head and told the female first lieutenant, "One is enough."

    The female first lieutenant threw a weird glance at Bai Suxian and Zhang Tie before lowering her eyes, "Well, one room. Your room number is 2064. We will keep the room for you all the way until this strongpoint leaves Tiewei Mountain. Here are the keys to the room. As for those human knights in this strongpoint, we would provide you with free three meals and medical services; additionally, entertainment facilities such as knights' bar would be open to you for free..."

    The female first lieutenant took out two keys from the counter and pushed them in front of them.

    "Thanks!" Zhang Tie took the keys and threw one of them to Bai Suxian before leaving there.


    "Lord, do you like this female first lieutenant?" After leaving the information desk a few footsteps, Bai Suxian's jealous sound had rung into Zhang Tie's ears in a secret way, which could only be heard by Zhang Tie.

    "Shut up!" Zhang Tie glared at Bai Suxian.

    "I've seen that. Lord, you've gazed at her breasts and legs for a few times with bright eye light!" Bai Suxian pouted her petite mouth.

    Zhang Tie directly slapped her butt as he sighed inside that this woman really had a terrifying observation ability and intuition. Because of Miss Daina, Zhang Tie had a special taste about females since young. At school, Miss Daina always wore short skirts whose lower hem reached her knees or tightskin short skirt; plus a pair of black leather shoes and flesh-colored silk stockings, revealing her beautiful plump legs. Additionally, she wore a shirt or a female suit, outstanding her plump breasts pretty much. At the sight of her, Zhang Tie would desire for ascending and liberating her.

    The female first lieutenant's dress was similar to that of Miss Daina; therefore, Zhang Tie couldn't stand throwing glances at her; however, he had imagined that his casual movements could be observed by Bai Suxian.


    The rooms in the air battle fortress were not large. The double room No. 2064 only covered over 40 square meters. Besides two beds, two wardrobes and one toilet, there was no surplus furnishings in the room. Additionally, these furniture were basically metal supports being fixed onto the metal walls and metal floor of the room. There were exposed metal alloy pipelines over the walls and in the surroundings of the room, which could maintain the operation of this huge air battle fortress like blood vessels of the human body.

    The room was small; however, it was clean and tidy. Everything inside was new. What made Bai Suxian excited was that she could take a bath inside.

    Soon after she closed the door, Bai Suxian had started to take off her clothes while twisting her slim waist in front of Zhang Tie, "Lord, come on, let this humble lady serve you for a bath!"

    After slapping her butt once more, Zhang Tie closed the door from outside, leaving Bai Suxian in the room alone. He then left the room for the knights' bar in the battle fortress.

    If he wanted to learn about the latest battle situation near Tiewei Mountain, besides the map being covered with colorful arrows, the knights' bar was the best place. Additionally, Zhang Tie wanted to inquire about the location of his old friends Gong Ziyao, Zhou Shufan and Filton. Only after figuring out these things could Zhang Tie make his further plan.

    He would definitely kill demons here. It would be better if he could kill two earth demon knights. What counted most was that he had to prepare for coming back to the earth's surface.

    As humans were fighting demons on a large scale in Tiewei Mountain, it was a good opportunity for him to become well-known and return to the big stage in Taixia Country. From then on, the name Cui Li would win the awe of all the humans as human knights here would spread his name all over the human world.

    As Elder Muyuan once said--Over the past 5000 years, few people could make a great undertaking without becoming well-known!

    When one wanted benefits, he had to be well-known first. His status as an earth knight was the pass to access to the top circle in Taixia Country. The one who framed him should be at least a shadow knight who had formed his water chakra. If not enter this top circle in Tiaxia Country, how did he fight those people who framed him?


    "Cui Li?" A strange voice sounded behind Zhang Tie the moment Zhang Tie wanted to enter the knights' bar after making turns here and there.

    'Someone knows me here?'

    Zhang Tie turned around and saw a black armored tough guy with whiskers striding towards him with two black armored knights on his sides.

    Zhang Tie turned around when the sturdy knight widely opened his eyes and raised his voice instantly, "Is that you, Cui LI?'

    Cui Li's tower-like figure and bald head were unique signs. Anyone who saw him would have a deep impression about him.

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "Hahahaha, who else do you think I am? I've not imagined that black-armored army is really well-informed. Young brother Guanhai, you came here for me very fast."

    After hearing Zhang Tie admitting his status, the two knights on both sides of Wu Guanhai were shocked. Closely after that, when they heard Zhang Tie lifting his own seniority by calling Wu Guanhai young brother loudly, the two knights revealed a furious look at the same time; one of them turned cold and directly put his hand onto the sword handle at his waist...

    Everybody in Taixia Country knew that Black-armored knights were bad-tempered...

    Wu Guanhai also revealed a strange look. He stretched out his hand and stopped the knight who was going to move one step forward. After looking at Zhang Tie for a while, he changed his face faintly, "Earth knight!"

    "Young brother Guanhai has a good eyesight!"

    After hearing that Zhang Tie was an earth knight, the knight who was going to pull out his sword instantly became kind as he moved his hand away from the sword handle and moved one step back.

    In the knights' world, those who had a greater battle strength and greater learning would be more venerable. If an earth knight called a black iron knight young brother regardless of age, he was respecting him and showing his kindness instead of lifting his own seniority.

    "Two years ago, Cui Li's righteousness had been spread over the Lion Fortress. He voluntarily died together with the earth demon knight in the hieron ruins for the sake of the lives of the other human knights. When I heard that, I admired and pitied you too much. But how could you..." Wu Guanhai watched Cui Li with a dubious and amazed look.

    It was already amazing for Cui Li to promote to an earth knight in only 2 years, let alone the dead extremely righteous man reappeared in the battle fortress.

    "Haha, it's a long story. The God didn't want me to die. Therefore, I got good out of misfortune. As I've just come to the Tiewei Mountain, young brother Guanhai, how about having a chat inside the bar?"

    Wu Guanhai burst out into laughter, "Nice!"

    The group of 4 then entered the bar...

    In the bar, Zhang Tie briefed his experience in the hieron ruins as what he had told Bai Suxian, namely "trump card" and "wonderful experience". After hearing that, Wu Guanhai and the other two human knights both clicked the tongue in wonder and didn't ask him too much about that. After all, it was concerned about an earth knight's top secrets. Now that Zhang Tie didn't want to say that, they would not ask him about the details anymore. They only needed to confirm that this Cui Li was the very one they wanted to see.

    Wu Guanhai heard an intelligence from the Black Armor Army--a pair of strange man and woman entered this strongpoint. Before entering the strongpoint, the man encountered a patrol team of black armor army at the entrance of the air battle fortress and told them that he knew Wu Guanhai. Therefore, after accomplishing his task, Wu Guanhai came to confirm whether this Cui Li was disguised as a demon knight or not.

    "The battle situation seems to be very urgent. Even human knights' status should be confirmed." Zhang Tie asked Wu Guanhai.

    Wu Guanhai revealed a bitter smile as he looked around the bar, "That shadow demon is already an earth knight. It could change into anyone's look casually. Because of the existence of this shadow demon, we've already lost two batches of logistics materials and four black iron knights who were raided by it. In order to not arouse the panic of knights and cause greater troubles, we only told them that it was a shadow demon; instead of revealing its level as an earth demon knight. The shadow demon is very tricky. In order to not spare any chance to it, the word of command of our tasks would change everyday..."

    Zhang Tie touched his jaw and asked, "Does the shadow demon have any laws in movements?"

    "The shadow demon is very cunning. It almost has no fixed laws of movements. We only know that it likes to act in the periphery of the battlefield alone. Sometimes, it would slide into the human knights' squad. The moment it caught an opportunity, it would stab people on their backs and kill them instantly. It's very troublesome. Common black iron knights could not effectively deal with its means at all. However, in the earth-elements realm and near the Tiewei Mountain, many black iron knights would like to act independently; therefore, it's very hard to catch this shadow demon as long as it disguises as a black iron human knight!"

    "This shadow demon sounds really tricky. Although our strongpoint could be safeguarded, knights who act alone on the outside have to take care of themselves!" Zhang Tie also let out a sigh.

    "Yup, an earth knight-level shadow demon is much more troublesome than a common earth demon knight!" Wu Guanhai nodded as he continued, "The superiors have delivered a command that anyone who could kill this earth knight-level shadow demon would be rewarded with ten cities and 700 miles' land..."

    "Being rewarded with ten cities and 700 miles' land!" Zhang Tie was shocked by such a great reward, which could only be afforded by Taixia Country.

    Although a common shadow demon was not that worthwhile, an earth knight-level shadow demon was definitely worthwhile.

    There were very few shadow demons, not to mention earth knight-level shadow demon. Because earth knight-level shadow demon would cause a great trouble to humans; therefore, humans should eliminate it as soon as possible.

    As such a high reward was offered, brave fellows were bound to come forward. Ten cities and 700 miles' land was definitely an irresistible allure for any human knight.

    Zhang Tie's heart raced. 700 miles' land meant over 1 million square kilometers; plus 10 cities. It was amazing even if they were just 10 small cities. Cities in Taixia Country would never be bad. It was equal to the territory of a prefecture in a lower province of Taixia Country.

    In the battlefield, such a reward was the trump card for inspiring the morale of humans. Even though nobody could finally kill that earth knight-level shadow demon, such a reward could at least eliminate their fear and pluck up their courage.

    Of course, such a shadow demon was harmful to humans; however, an able superior could turn the bad thing into a good thing. Such a reward also required a great charisma. Not everyone could make such an amazing decision. Some countries in Waii Subcontinent might not even be as large as this reward.

    A lot of thoughts occurred in Zhang Tie's mind when he heard about this reward.

    "How's the battle situation between humans and demons in Tiewei Mountain?" Zhang Tie tossed out another question.

    "The frontline is in the center of Tiewei Mountain. A super large earth-element crystals mine was discovered over there. It was said that there were over 1 million earth-elements crystals over there. Both parties are confronting each other over there. As each party has a heavenly knight, when they fight each other, they are organizing their own force to exploit the resource. It depends on who's faster and more powerful; however, neither party has an overwhelming advantage..."


    After chatting with Wu Guanhai 2 hours in the bar, Zhang Tie almost made his plan. Therefore, he returned to his room.

    The moment he opened the door, he had seen Bai Suxian.

    Bai Suxian had changed another set of clothes. Instead of wearing the palace dress, she wore a whole set of female military uniform with a super short skirt, the lower hem of which had just reached her thighs. The snow-white thighs and black high-heeled shoes almost dazzled Zhang Tie.

    The military rank on the uniform was a major general.

    Zhang Tie became dumbfounded.

    Twisting her waist, Bai Suxian walked towards him with a faint fragrance, "Lord, do you like me..."

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