Chapter 981: All is Well

    Chapter 981: All is Well

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    The terrain of Tiewei Mountain was very special.

    If one observed Tiewei Mountain, one would see a huge special terrain being composed of annular mountain ranges.

    The annular mountain ranges contained a large number of hematites which contained high iron content. Therefore, many mountain ranges of Tiewei Mountain looked maroon.

    The annular mountain ranges were regularly distributed. Over millions of square miles, there were 6 loops of annular mountain ranges from the center to the periphery of Tiewei Mountain like rings on the target.

    Such a special terrain could be simply and regularly named in military geography.

    When treating Tiewei Mountain as a huge dial, its north direction was 0 o'clock; its south direction was 6 o'clock; its west direction was 9 o'clock; its east direction was 3 o'clock.

    The core loop of Tiewei Mountain was named 1, the plain and basin where humans and demons were confronting each other in the middle of this annular mountain range were named 0; the 2nd loop from the center of Tiewei Mountain was named 2, the 3rd loop was named 3, likewise.

    Plus the very height of each mountain peak, a digital code could be used to position any location of Tiewei Mountain.

    Take 6403 as an instance, 6 referred to the most peripheral annular mountain range of Tiewei Mountain; 4 referred to 4 o'clock direction on the map; 03 referred that the height of a mountain range was about 300 m. When these numbers were connected, it represented that the enemy was near the main peak about 300 m in height in the southeast direction of the 6th loop annular mountain.

    Anyone who was familiar with the naming principle could precisely locate the target in their mind.


    2 months after Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian came to Tiewei Mountain...

    In the region 5843 of Tiewei Mountain...

    The battle broke out abruptly. When Zhang Tie darted out of the black mist as fast as a lightning bolt and covered a squad of 3 demon knights with the fiery battle qi from his abyss battle spear, the three ox-headed demon knights were shocked. They could only resist Zhang Tie's attack flurriedly.

    The moment they fought Zhang Tie, the three ox-headed demon knights had known that they were facing a powerful earth human knight through the terrifying destructive power and overwhelming stress from Zhang Tie's abyss battle spear.

    When three black iron knights encountered an earth knight, the most standard and correct tactic movement was that the moment the two parties touched each other, the black iron knights should evacuate as fast as possible without any fluke mind. Unless the opponent was below an earth knight!

    If the three black iron knights stayed, they were destined to be exterminated. However, If they evacuated in the first abyss where the visibility was low, at least two of them could survive; fortunately, the third one could also escape.

    The three ox-headed demons started to evacuate at high speeds in three directions.

    Based on his perception, Zhang Tie selected an ox-headed demon knight who looked sturdier with a greater battle strength.

    When the ox-headed demon found that the earth human knight was chasing after it, it had no other choice but to release its battle qi smoke out of grief and indignation...

    The battle came to an end very fast, at least for that ox-headed demon knight. Since the beginning of the combat, it had been in defense. This earth human knight didn't even spare any chance for him to launch a counterattack before involving it into the boiling fiery battle qi of the abyss battle spear. As a result, it became more and more embarrassed and was increasingly closer to breakdown and death.

    The demon knight wanted to escape; however, it found that it had no chance to escape at all as this earth human knight was much faster than it. Since the earth human knight selected it, it had been destined to be killed.

    As was imagined, only after a few minutes...

    "Go die!" With a roar, Zhang Tie's abyss battle spear finally penetrated through the demon knight's chest. With the ox-headed demon knight's painful shriek, its body was shattered by Zhang Tie's abyss battle spear into pieces, except for its ox horns and the spiny hammer which was tossed high in the air.

    Zhang Tie caught the ox horns and the spiny hammer and put them away into his space-teleportation equipment. Closely after that, he headed towards another direction.

    A couple of minutes later, another ox-headed demon knight appeared in front of Zhang Tie's eyes.

    Bai Suxian had wrestled it with her long whip and was in an advantageous position while panting faintly.

    Although Bai Suxian looked tender and beautiful, her movements were definitely more vicious than common black iron knights. The long whip was both agile and vicious, which could be used for short-distance defense and long-distance strike like a fierce boa. As a result, the demon knight kept uttering weird shrieks.

    With a fleer, Zhang Tie rushed over there. At the sight of Zhang Tie, the ox-headed demon became hopeless at once.

    Being besieged by an earth human knight and a black iron human knight, the demon knight had no chance to survive itself; additionally, now that Zhang Tie could come here so fast; it indicated that another partner which Zhang Tie had just selected probably had been killed.

    With a roar, the ox-headed demon knight released its boiling battle qi and started to launch a counterattack towards Bai Suxian instead of dodging her. It chopped towards Bai Suxian's head by its huge saber.

    It seemed that Bai Suxian had long known that this cornered beast would do something desperate. At the sight of Zhang Tie, she had intended to expand the distance between her and the demon knight.

    How come Zhang Tie would allow this salty fish on the chopping board to bite Bai Suxian at this moment?

    Before the demon knight drew close to the front of Bai Suxian, it had been whipped and sent flying over 100 m away by Zhang Tie. Spurting out blood in a severe way, it might have broken a lot of bones.


    After a few minutes, when Zhang Tie broke the demon knight's legs by his abyss battle spear, Bai Suxian's long whip wrestled over the demon knight's neck like an agile snake, sending the demon knight's head flying away while its protective battle qi had long been damaged.

    Bai Suxian instantly caught its head by her long whip and put it away in her space-teleportation item while Zhang Tie picked up the demon knight's battle saber which was made of abyss iron and put it away in his own space-teleportation item.

    Most black iron demon knights knew that they might lose their lives on battlefields in the first abyss; therefore, they carried very few items. Basically, besides a weapon and the pair of ox horns on their heads, they would not leave anything valuable. Except for that earth demon knight whom he had captured, Zhang Tie almost had not found anything else valuable from any black iron demon knight. Occasionally, he would meet guys with medicament; however, before death, those demon knights would always use up the medicament or destroy it. They would not leave any medicament to Zhang Tie even though they were killed.

    Although this saber being made of abyss iron was a bit level lower than the copper secret item, it could also break through the black iron effect. Because abyss iron could strengthen firmness and sharpness, all the weapons being made of abyss iron were at least granted with the rune effect of LV 3 firmness or sharpness; however, weapons being made of abyss iron could almost perform the rune effect of LV 4 firmness and sharpness. The other rune effects didn't work well on abyss iron.

    All the abyss iron weapons of demon knights were granted with the rune effect of LV 3 firmness or sharpness instead of other rune effects.

    Although such weapons didn't have extra rune reinforcing effects, they were very practical and barely damaged. As for people who had silver secret items, these weapons might be average; however, as for powerhouses below knights, abyss iron weapons were what they dreamed for. Any knight's equipment like this one would be qualified to be a hereditary treasure for commoners. Some people who had just promoted to a black iron knight might not have such an abyss iron weapon.

    Of course, Zhang Tie would not waste such a good item.

    Actually, besides being made of weapon, the top function of abyss iron was that it could be used to make the knight's armor. A set of full-body battle armor being granted with LV 4 firmness effect which was made of abyss iron could enhance the full-body protective capability of a knight to one level higher, which was dreamed by most of the knights.


    After putting away the demon knight's head and weapon in a tacit manner, Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian smiled at each other.

    "Your long whip is more agile and powerful!" Zhang Tie praised Bai Suxian.

    Bai Suxian threw a coquettish glance at Zhang Tie, "With Lord's instructions, of course, this humble lady could use it better!"

    After hearing Bai Suxian's pun, Zhang Tie burst into laughter.

    "Lord, are we going to chase after the last demon knight?"

    "No need, that demon knight has been too far away. We will not find it. As we've made fruitful achievements these days, we should return to the strongpoint for an adjustment!" Zhang Tie turned around his head and said calmly while he looked at the dense black mist in the far with his lotus-flower eyes.

    Actually, even though the demon knight had been over 70 miles away in the dense mist and changed its route twice, Zhang Tie could still see it.

    If he wanted, he could catch up with it for sure; however, it was not necessary for him to do that...

    Additionally, Zhang Tie could see another squad of demon knights lurking in the 4th loop of the annular mountain range; but it had nothing to do with him!

    On the big stage in the earth-elements realm between humans and demons, it was not a wanted convict's turn to show off his battle strength, although he was framed by demons!

    All is well! As long as he could deal with things properly under such circumstances, he was smart enough!

    After that, Zhang Tie led Bai Suxian towards the air battle fortress in the periphery of Tiewei Mountain...
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