Chapter 982: Being Well-Known in the Black Armor Battlefortress

    Chapter 982: Being Well-Known in the Black Armor Battlefortress

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    After a short while, the familiar air battle fortress had appeared in front of Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian.

    This air battle fortress belonged to the Black Armor Army and was named as Black Armor Battlefortress. It was a trump card for Black Armor Army of Taixia Country in Earth-elements Realm. Besides the Black Armor Battlefortress, there were two more battle fortresses near the center of Tiewei Mountain, namely the God's Will Battlefortress and the Feathers Battlefortress. In the air of Tiewei Mountain, the three battle fortresses could coordinate with each other as the core strongpoints of humans near Tiewei Mountain.

    Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian entered Black Armor Battlefortress through one entrance after testing their blood once again while many knights and auxiliary battle personnel in the square saluted them.

    "Ahh, the unrivaled male and female..." Someone uttered in a low voice.

    Over the past two months, Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian had long been well-known in the Black Armor Battlefortress based on their eye-catching figures and military exploits, especially Zhang Tie.

    Cui Li the extremely righteous human knight survived himself in the hieron ruins and promoted to an earth knight. Such a legendary story almost spread over the entire Black Armor Battlefortress over the past month. Not only knights, even many logistics and auxiliary personnel in the battle fortress had heard about that. By contrast, Bai Suxian who always stayed with Cui Li and lived in the same room with him set Cui Li off in the legendary story.

    Beauty loved hero, it was an universal law since the ancient times.

    If Cui Li was still a black iron knight and was followed by Bai Suxian in the earth-elements realm which lacked beauties pretty much, it would indeed arouse people's jealousy. However, now that Cui Li had promoted to an earth knight, it was nothing strange for an earth knight to be followed by a beautiful female black iron knight. Of course, earth knights could have more resources, including more beautiful women. It was reasonable, not to mention that Zhang Tie was not an average earth knight.

    Over the past 2 months since Zhang Tie came to Black Armor Battlefortress, he had proved his capability as an earth knight through practical actions. As he was always followed by Bai Suxian, they won a reputation of "the Unrivaled Male and Female".

    Zhang Tie didn't care about this honor; however, Bai Suxian was pretty happy about it.

    The moment Zhang Tie entered the Black Armor Battlefortress, he had seen so many people greeting him, including black iron knights, logistics and auxiliary personnel. However, Zhang Tie didn't know most of them.

    Therefore, he just nodded with a calm and casual smile.

    Many people praised Zhang Tie's demeanor inside.

    Being extremely righteous, having a powerful battle strength and being forthright. Over the past 2 months, Cui Li from Yongzhou Province had been well known across the Black Armor Battlefortress. Anyone who heard the name Cui Li would have such an expression in their mind. However, although Cui Li had promoted to an earth knight, he never bullied others. He treated the common logistics and auxiliary personnel in the battle fortress kindly. Due to the above reasons, Cui Li became one of the best earth knights in Black Armor Battlefortress.

    Before Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian drew close to an information desk in the middle of the square, an old man behind the information desk had revealed a smile towards him, "Cui Li, how many achievements did you make this time?"

    "Not too much, just one!" Zhang Tie replied as he put that pair of fresh ox horns onto the counter, followed by Bai Suxian.

    "Ahh, it's not bad, it's not bad!" The old man rubbed his hands out of excitement as he picked up the two pairs of ox horns and praised, "Fresh, very fresh. If they are timely dealt with, the internal heart reduction pills will be 10% more effective. Good, very good!"

    As the old man said this, he fumbled below the counter and took out two rewards before pushing them to Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian respectively. Closely after that, he took their identity plates and inserted them into the machine beside them.

    Bai Suxian's reward was 36 high-quality earth-element crystals while Zhang Tie's reward was 6 water-element crystals. Besides the element crystals, they both had 10 more merit points and 2,000 more consumption points in the Lion Fortress in their identity plates.

    The exchange ratio between earth-element crystals and water-element crystals was 6:1. As he had promoted to an earth knight, Zhang Tie didn't need earth-element crystals anymore; therefore, the old man gave him 6 water-element crystals.

    Due to the large-scale war in Tiewai Mountain, all the human knights could have two times more reward than before by killing demon knights in Tiewai Mountain.

    Being stimulated by such an incentive policy, a lot of Class 2 garrison knights in Earth-element Realm converged in Tiewei Mountain and joined this war.

    Class 2 garrison knights were the freest human knights in the Lion Fortress. They could move freely in the Earth-elements Realm and didn't follow anyone's command. Compared to Class 1 garrison knights and those knights of the 3 top armies from Taixia Country, Class 2 garrison knights were pretty free in actions.

    At this moment, Class 1 garrison knights and the human knights from the top armies of Taixia Country were confronting demons in the core of Tiewei Mountain. The periphery of Tiewei Mountain was the battlefield between Class 2 garrison knights and demons. Certainly, if a Class 2 garrison knight would like to break into the core of Tiewei Mountain and join the battle there, the human commander in the core must encourage him with applause. The mere requirement was that he had to follow the order of the human commander over there.

    It was a positional warfare in the core and the frontline of Tiewei Mountain; by contrast, it was guerrilla in the rear end and the periphery of Tiewei Mountain. The knights in the frontline were regular armies of humans while those in the periphery were human paladins.

    On the premise of ensuring the safety of the rear end and flanks of human camp, Class 2 human garrison knights also restricted the effective strength and knights of demons. The frontline was protected by a heavenly human knight while the battlefield in the rear end should depend on themselves. Both parties were well-matched in strength. In the core area, they were mostly positional warfares and rout warfares; in the rear end and flanks, they were mostly encountered actions and wars of annihilation. Actually, Class 2 garrison knights in the periphery of Tiewei Mountain would even bear greater stress from their enemy than those human knights in the core region. This was the cost of freedom.

    When Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian came to the Lion Fortress, they both chose to be Class 2 garrison knights. Black Armor Battlefortress was also the strongpoint that gathered most Class 2 garrison knights.

    "Plus this one, you've killed 5 demon knights. Here's the identity plate of trump black iron knight!" The old man told Bai Suxian as he changed a golden metal identity plate for her. This one looked much more advanced than that of before.

    Until the old man pushed the new identity plate to her did Bai Suxian blink her eyes and ask him surprisingly, "I'm already a trump black iron knight?"

    "Right!" The old man nodded.

    Bai Suxian sprung up at once as she put her arms around Zhang Tie's neck and kissed his face forcefully twice, "Even this humble lady has become a trump knight in the Earth-elements Realm by staying with the lord!"

    "Haha, you're an able woman!" Zhang Tie slapped her butt once again.

    Zhang Tie's identity card remained unchanged.

    Compared to Bai Suxian, although Zhang Tie had killed more demon knights than Bai Suxian, he was not a trump earth knight yet because he had not killed 5 earth demon knights. Over the past 2 months, Zhang Tie had killed one more black iron demon knights than Bai Suxian and ranked number one among the earth knights in Black Armor Battlefortress; however, due to the remarkable difference between earth knight and black iron knight, an earth knight could not gain the honor of trump earth knight no matter how many black iron knights he had killed.

    Strictly, although Old Monster Qi and the demon baron were both killed by Zhang Tie, Old Monster Qi was not a demon but a member of Three-eye Association while the latter fully disappeared, leaving no evidence at all. Therefore, although it was said that Zhang Tie had killed 2 earth knights across the Black Armor Battlefortress last month, it had not been recorded officially in the Lion Fortress.

    Although it was not recorded, Zhang Tie's record of killing black iron demon knights was very eye-catching. After entering the Earth-elements Realm for over 2 years, especially over the past 2 months, Zhang Tie had killed 9 black iron demon knights, one of them would have soon promoted to an earth demon knight.

    With such a military exploit, Zhang Tie was definitely qualified to be an elite among those earth knights in Lion Fortress.


    When Bai Suxian sprung up and put her arms around Zhang Tie's neck, an old man with full silver hair in a brilliant white robe had just entered with two people.

    After entering the Black Armor Battlefortress, the old man started to glance around the bustling square. While faintly narrowing his eyes, he targeted at Bai Suxian's back at once.

    When Bai Suxian sprung up, putting her arms around Zhang Tie's neck and kissing him, the old man frowned. When he saw Zhang Tie's huge palm slapping her butt, the old man revealed a furious look as he uttered a muffled harrumph. Closely after that, he walked towards Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian with two people on his side...

    When the old man gazed at Bai Suxian's back for over 3 seconds, Zhang Tie had sensed it as he turned around at once, followed by Bai Suxian.

    At the sight of that old man, Bai Suxian changed her face at once...
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