Chapter 983: Lord Guangnans Mansion

    Chapter 983: Lord Guangnan's Mansion

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    "Harrumph, let's go..."

    At the sight of the three people, Bai Suxian had changed her face. Closely after that, she tightly held Zhang Tie's arm and intended to leave with him. It seemed that she didn't expect to see the three people.

    "Who're they?" Zhang Tie asked Bai Suxian when he walked away with her.

    "Annoying people!" Bai Suxian bit her lips before answering Zhang Tie simply.

    Now that Bai Suxian didn't want to explain, Zhang Tie didn't ask her anymore. Although they were already close to each other, they still would not force the other to say what they didn't like out of respect.

    Everybody had a secret. Zhang Tie was clear about that very much. Bai Suxian was not his servant, but more like his partner and lover.

    Watching them leave, the old man in white robe hurriedly came to the front of them with a cold face.

    Bai Suxian immediately grasped Zhang Tie's arm tightly. With a shrewd eye light, Zhang Tie put Bai Suxian behind him and walked towards the old man directly.

    "Excuse me..." As Zhang Tie asked others to give way to him, he walked towards the old man decisively with a surging, aggressive qi.

    The two people on the sides of the old man wanted to move one step forward; however, the old man stopped them by putting one arm in front of them; meanwhile, the old man moved one step forward and stood firmly in front of Zhang Tie.

    'Earth knight!'

    The old man and Zhang Tie could both identify the other's level. Closely after their eye lights met in the air, they had collided numerous times with invisible sharpness and qis like two fierce beasts although they didn't move at all.

    Zhang Tie continued to stride forward. The old man just blocked his way.

    Unavoidably, the two people collided with each other. The moment their shoulders touched, the old man had faintly changed his face. Although Zhang Tie just strode forward at the same speed; the moment he collided with the old man, his inertia had become irresistible just like a running train, which could collapse a mountain.

    In a split second, the old man moved back his shoulder before thrusting it forward on his own initiative. In this way, he turned the table on his opponent. Additionally, due to the difference in height, the old man was actually thrusting towards Zhang Tie's chest using his shoulder.

    Zhang Tie's eyes turned bright as he continued to bump towards the old man aggressively; meanwhile, he cut into the old man's middle line by one foot and raised his leg to attack the old man's lower abdomen by his knee.

    The old man narrowed his eyes and raised his leg. Although he looked like moving one step forward, actually he was attempting to step onto the instep of Zhang Tie's foot which had just been raised.


    "Bang..." A thunder was heard in the entire square of Black Armor Battlefortress. Many people were startled as threw their eyes towards Zhang Tie and the old man.

    At the sight of this scene, everybody was shocked--two shadows were fighting in one corner of the square.

    The moment earth knights started a fight, their aggressive qis could match the power of an alchemist bomb being detonated above a tranquil lake. When the invisible qis swept over the entire Black Armor Battlefortress, all the others inside were startled.

    A squad of black armored knights who were patrolling near the square of Black Armor Battlefortress immediately flew off towards Zhang Tie and the old man.

    "Stop!" Although the head of the black armored knights was just a black iron knight, he was exceptionally fierce. He waved his huge saber while a berserk saber qi directly cut into the middle of the two earth knights.

    At the sight of the squad of black armor knights, Zhang Tie and the old man punched at each other before flying 10 steps backward respectively and landing steadily.

    In a wink, the two earth knights had been surrounded by over 10 fierce black armored knights, all of whom had pulled their sabers and swords off their sheaths and threw their hostile and vigilant eye lights towards the old man and the two people besides the old man.

    As Zhang Tie had been in Black Armor Battlefortress for 2 months and had a good relationship with Black Armor Army; he even befriended Wu Guanhai, a team leader of Black Armor Army. In the past 2 months, Zhang Tie had made a lot of military exploits in Tiewei Mountain and enjoyed a good reputation in Black Armor Battlefortress. Wu Guanhai always thought about having Zhang Tie join the Black Armor Army. Of course, when they watched Zhang Tie to fight a stranger in the Black Armor Battlefortress, they would stand on Zhang Tie' side. This was the effect of a good moral standing and a good reputation.

    A lot of knights around the square also stopped what they were doing and threw their eyes towards there.

    "Did demons and b*stards of Three-eye Association slide in?" Someone asked out of amazement.

    "Someone fought Cui Li!" Someone shouted.

    "Ahh, someone fought Cui Li? Whether they are demons or moles of Three-eye Association?"

    "If they dared find trouble in Black Armor Battlefortress, we should never let them escape. F*ck them off..."

    Closely after the last person's words, a great number of knights swarmed up. Some directly floated in the air with weapons in hands while their boiling battle qis blocked the way in all directions.

    The battlefortress became chaotic at once.

    The old man who fought Zhang Tie had not imagined that the surrounding black armored knights could stand on the side of that tough guy and be hostile to him. Therefore, he faintly changed his face.

    After a few seconds' wrestle, although the old man and Zhang Tie didn't release the virtual images of their battle qis, they had collided dozens of times in the blink of an eye, causing such a loud bang. Due to the fast speed, dozens of consecutive collisions let to a loud bang. The old man was more shocked by Zhang Tie's influence in the Black Armor Battlefortress than his battle strength. The moment he was in trouble, all the surrounding knights came here to help him. This could never be done by common earth knights.

    After throwing another glance at Zhang Tie, the old man's eyes contained something special.


    Another earth knight of Black Armor Army in bronze colored face flashed over here from a high metal tower in the far and directly landed in the middle of the ring. After glancing around those in the surroundings with a domineering and cold look, he asked in a muffled voice, "What's wrong?"

    The black armored knight who had just stopped their fight moved his lips and told what happened here to the earth knight in a secret way.

    The earth knight in copper-colored face watched the old man and the two people on his sides while narrowing his eyes before asking in a low voice, "Who're you? Why do you make trouble in Black Armor Battlefortress?"

    The old man who had fought Zhang Tie looked around before moving his lips and saying something to the earth knight in a secret way. At the same time, he took out a special metal plate and presented it to the earth knight of the Black Armor Army.

    Zhang Tie had a good vision. The moment the old man took out his metal plate from his waist, he had caught sight of two words on the metal plate--Guang Nan.

    After being silent for a second, the earth knight of Black Armor Army glanced at the old man's metal plate and Bai Suxian on Zhang Tie's side. Closely after that, he scratched his head and swore something inside before turning around and speaking loudly, "It's a misunderstanding, there's no demon or mole, you can leave now!"

    Watching the squad of black armor army leaving off and hearing that it was just a misunderstanding, those onlookers left too.


    "Brother Cui Li, this is the private affair between you and Lord Guangnan's Mansion. It's out of the access of our Black Armor Army. If you want to beat this general steward of Lord Guangnan's Mansion, please spare a face for this brother. Don't make trouble in Black Armor Battlefortress, you can fight wherever you want except for killing him..."

    Before leaving, the earth knight of Black Armor Army told Zhang Tie in a secret way.

    'Lord Guangnan's Mansion? F*ck!' Zhang Tie's heart raced as he threw his eye light towards Bai Suxian on his side.

    Bai Suxian threw a glare at the old man as she instantly pulled Zhang Tie away. After watching Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian for a short while, the old man didn't block them anymore; instead, he just followed after them silently.

    It seemed that the old man didn't want to make more troubles.


    After coming to room No. 2064, Bai Suxian opened the door and pulled Zhang Tie in. The moment she entered it, Bai Suxian wanted to close the door from inside; however, she was stopped by Zhang Tie, "Wait, it doesn't work. Just let him in to clarify it. If you leave them outside, do you want them to eavesdrop on us?"

    After hearing this, the old man's eye corners jumped. He let the other two to stand outside while he followed Zhang Tie in.

    Previously, there were two beds in room No. 2064; however, Bai Suxian had them changed into one double bed. When the old man caught sight of the only double bed in the room, his eye corners jumped once again.

    "You tell that man. If he still wants to marry that foxtrel, I will never go back. I have nothing to do with him!" Bai Suxian watched the old man with a cold look.

    The moment Zhang Tie heard the word foxtrel, Zhang Tie could only rub his face on her side. Zhang Tie wondered what that woman being called foxtrel by Bai Suxian looked like.

    "This time...it's not His Royal Highness who calls Miss back, it's grand madam; Grand madam's disease suddenly deteriorated half a year ago. She wanted to see Miss..." The old man lowered his eyes.

    "Ahh, my grandma, how's my grandma?" An anxious look appeared on Bai Suxian's face...

    "Miss, If you didn't go back with me now, you might not be able to see grand madam after a few days..."
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