Chapter 984: Beauties Come and Go

    Chapter 984: Beauties Come and Go

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    Hearing the conversation, Zhang Tie widely opened his mouth. Anyone who was normal in intelligence could guess Bai Suxian's status from the old man's words.

    The old man was an earth knight, the general steward of Lord Guangnan's Mansion.

    'If she's called Miss by the general steward of a lord's mansion, Bai Suxian must be...must be...the princess of Lord Guannan's Mansion!'

    At this moment, Zhang Tie suddenly figured out why this woman liked wearing palace robes in normal times. Previously, Zhang Tie thought it was just her special lobby; he thought that she just liked the brilliance of palace robe; however, he had not imagined that palace robe fit her status best!

    Therefore, he understood why this woman had a space-teleportation item and so many luxurious items inside.

    It was pretty hard for a common black iron knight to gain a space-teleportation item; however, it was not that difficult for a princess who came from a lord's mansion in Taixia Country.

    What a world! Zhang Tie had not imagined that this woman who poisoned him with love potion, called him lord and warmed up bed for him every day was a princess.

    'What the hell? What a rebellious white, rich and beautiful woman!'


    After hearing that the grand madam of Lord Guannan's Mansion was seriously ill, Bai Suxian had a breakdown, she almost burst out into tears.

    Zhang Tie touched his bald head before putting his hand on Bai Suxian's shoulder, "Just follow them back. Honestly, the battlefield in Earth-elements Realm doesn't fit woman at all!"

    "But..." Bai Suxian watched Zhang Tie tearfully.

    "If you didn't go back, you might feel guilty and regretful for the rest of your life. Don't do anything that might make you regretful!"

    Bai Suxian stomped onto the ground before gritting her lips and replying to the old man, "Go out first; I will go back with you after dealing with the affairs here!"

    The old man threw a glance at Zhang Tie before saying, "I will wait for you miss at the exit of the square..."

    After saying that, the old man exited the room and closed the door.

    After leaving the room, the old man told the two people on his sides in a secret manner, "Go check the background of Cui Li."

    "Yes, sir!"


    The old man then left, leaving Bai Suxian and Zhang Tie alone.

    "I'm sorry. This humble lady didn't mean to cover my background, but..." Bai Suxian wanted to explain.

    "Pah..." Zhang Tie slapped her butt once again, "Explain what? This brother Cui doesn't care who you are, a princess or what. Now that I've slept with a princess, of course, I have nothing to complain about. You can go back to take a look; if you want to find me later on, just come to the Earth-elements Realm for me!"

    "Really?" Bai Suxian's eyes flickered.

    "Of course, oh, open your mouth!"

    "Ahh, lord, you still think about kissing this humble lady at this moment..."

    Before Bai Suxian finished her words, Zhang Tie had kissed her petite mouth. When Bai Suxian thought that Zhang Tie wanted to do something before she left, her eyes widely opened...

    She felt that Zhang Tie broke the tip of her tongue lightly. Closely after that, Zhang Tie dropped something onto her blood. In a split second, that item integrated with her body and drilled into her lower abdomen. It then started to swim in her qi sea.

    That was a mini sword, a priceless silver secret item.

    At the sight of Bai Suxina's shocked look, Zhang Tie left her lips, "I know you use whip; previously, this brother Cui wanted to gift you a whip as a weapon; however, as whip is a rare weapon, whose silver secret item could not be easily found. Now that you want to leave, I will gift you another silver secret item to protect yourself. This longsword fits woman too. Take it as a souvenir for the love between you and me!"

    Bai Suxian watched Zhang Tie while being especially moved. She found that Cui Li was actually very considerate and always bore her in his mind.

    "Lord, you treat me so good!" Bai Suxian tightly hugged Zhang Tie's sturdy waist and pasted her face onto Zhang Tie's chest.

    "Whether that space-teleportation item that you carry was stolen from your mansion?"

    "Ahh, how did you know that, Lord?"

    Zhang Tie let out a sigh as he had figured out everything, "How come a person who has a space-teleportation item doesn't have a silver secret item? Additionally, who else would put his private bathtub and bath water into his space-teleportation item besides you? Even though the lord of Taixia Country is not that luxurious. I'm afraid that you've moved all the items from your room into the space-teleportation item."

    "My grandma loves me the most since I was young. This humble lady has to go back to see my grandma; when my grandma's disease is cured, I will come back for Lord..." Bai Suxian twisted her body in Zhang Tie's arms once again.

    "I will not stay too long in the Earth-elements Realm. I will have to go back onto the earth's surface after the end of the battle in Tiewei Mountain at most!" Zhang Tie narrowed his eyes.

    "Ahh, Lord, you want to go back to the earth's surface?"

    "Yes, this brother Cui also wants to enjoy becoming a founder of a sect. Even though my sect could not match that of the top 7 sects in Taixia Country, I would have a try. At least, my sect should be unrivaled in one region so as to live up to my talents!" Zhang Tie said heroically.

    Bai Suxian watched Zhang Tie with full sparkling stars in her eyes just like a tomboy who heard that her beloved brother was going to rob a territory for protection fee. Being excited at once, she uttered, "If Lord is really that ambitious, this humble lady would like to be your subordinate and help Lord instruct a batch of disciples!"

    "Oh, what's the contradiction between you and your dad Lord Guangnan? Why did you leave your home?"

    "It's because of Fang Xinyi that foxtrel..." Bai Suxian gritted her teeth at once as she swore, "That b*tch. I treated her as my ladybro and bosom friend. However, it's out of my imagination that the b*tch wanted to be my stepmother. How could I bear that..."

    Zhang Tie was dumbfounded once again. 'Bai Suxian's ladybro slept with her dad and became her stepmother. Such a resentment in the major clan could be written into a novel. Bai Suxian's dad was really a weirdo. Lord Guannan must have seen numerous women; how could he sleep with his daughter's bosom friend and make her daughter leave home? As a result, he and his daughter are like strangers. What the f*ck! Weirdo...'


    2 hours later, Zhang Tie saw Bai Suxian off the Black Armor Battlefortress. After that, he insisted on accompanying Bai Suxian and the other 3 people from Lord Guangnan's Mansion over 700 miles away. When they left Tiewei Mountain, Zhang Tie flew back to the Black Armor Battlefortress alone after bidding a farewell to Bai Suxian.

    On the way, the three people from Lord Guangnan might have heard something about Cui Li; especially that old man, whose eye lights turned strange when he saw Bai Suxian being so docile and reluctant to part with Zhang Tie.

    "I saw Miss growing up since she was young. You're the first man who made Miss so docile. She didn't act in that way even in front of our Lord!"

    Before leaving, the old man told Zhang Tie in a secret way meaningfully.

    Zhang Tie touched his bald head as he was confused about the old guy's meaning.

    Bai Suxian was escorted by an earth knight and two black iron knights; additionally, the battle in Tiewei Mountain became white-hot; therefore, they might not meet any demon knight on the way back to the Lion Fortress. Therefore, Zhang Tie was not worried about Bai Suxian at all.

    The airboat of Lord Guangnan was parking in the Lion Fortress. After returning to Lion Fortress, Bai Suxian could directly go back home by airboat.


    After returning to the Black Armor Battlefortress, Zhang Tie started an individual life once again.

    The bed in the room No. 2064 still carried the fragrance of Bai Suxian.

    Watching the empty huge bed, Zhang Tie smacked his lips as he touched the silver remote-sensing ring on his little finger. The other remote-sensing ring was on Bai Suxian's finger. This pair of remote-sensing rings were exchanged with the earth-element crystals that Bai Suxian had gained in the Black Armor Battlefortress for the convenience of their communication.

    After taking a deep breath, Zhang Tie sat beside the bed and took out 6 water-element crystals that he was rewarded this time before absorbing them.

    It might take other earth knights a few days to absorb the 6 water-element crystals; however, it only took Zhang Tie 3 hours to absorb all of them.

    The water chakra of king roc sutra was more difficult to form than earth chakra. The quantity of water-element crystals demanded was astronomical. Under such a circumstance, Zhang Tie could only cultivate step by step towards shadow knight.

    After absorbing the 6 water-element crystals, Zhang Tie continued to absorb water elements in the elements realm.

    2 days later, Zhang Tie felt that the 2nd dragon scale on the new earth knight's crystal plate that he had just received in Black Armor Battlefortress was lit. He then opened his eyes and stood up...

    After absorbing most of the remaining virtual water chakra of the demon baron, plus over 2 months' cultivation and the 40-50 water-element crystals that he gained by killing so many demon knights, Zhang Tie had just lit 2 dragon scales on his crystal plate.


    1 hour later, Zhang Tie came to the lobby of Black Armor Battlefortress and wanted to leave there.

    At this moment, an uproar occurred while someone shouted, "Ahh, the knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect will also join the battle in Tiewei Mountain?"

    After hearing this sound, Zhang Tie turned around and became stiff at once...

    A team of knights with exceptional demeanors entered the entrance while all the knights at the entrance gave a way to them. Zhang Tie caught sight of Lan Yunxi in the middle of the team at once...

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