Chapter 985: The First Rays of the Morning in the Cloud

    Chapter 985: The First Rays of the Morning in the Cloud

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    Temperament could hardly be described. For instance, a rich man who had been used to the life of pampered aristocracy definitely had a different temperament than the real beggars even if he was requested to beg together with real beggars on the roadside.

    The rich man knew that he was rich; therefore, even if he disguised as a beggar, he wouldn't look like poor at all.

    This was the temperament of rich people.

    As the knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect entered the lobby of Black Armor Battlefortress, the uproar in the lobby slowly trailed off.

    Being compared to the knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, although the other knights in the lobby were not beggars, they were almost scared by the knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect at once.

    The knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect didn't take too many luxurious and advanced items. Their clothes and weapons were as common as those of common knights. The old man with a white beard and white hair in front of the team wore an extremely average plain linen robe. However, these people looked domineering.

    The entire team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect just entered quietly, being neither tidy nor disordered. All the team members looked indifferent and calm. When they entered the lobby of the Black Armor Battlefortress, they felt like thawy sweet and limpid snow water flowing down from the top of the mountain range into the dirty secular river.

    The team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect contained over 30 members. Lan Yunxi was walking in the middle of the team.

    In a purple longuette, Lan Yunxi was carrying a delicate, mini battle crossbow on her back with a longsword on one side of her waist while her black hair was bundled by a jade clip. In Zhang Tie's eyes, she was a goddess walking down the cloud.

    Since he left Lan Yunxi in Selnes Theater of Operations, Zhang Tie had not seen her for many years. When he caught sight of her at this moment, Zhang Tie felt that Lan Yunxi didn't turn old at all; instead, she became brighter and beautiful. She felt calmer and more confident than that a few years ago.

    The fragrance of the noble and unsullied orchid, as capricious as clouds and the brilliant first rays of the morning. With the three features, this woman carried a dreamlike comeliness.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt that her name Lan Yunxi fit her temperament so well that Zhang Tie even doubted whether what he did to her was real or not. When in Hidden Dragon Island, Zhang Tie almost raped her. In Selnes Theater of Operations, he traveled in the sky by glider with this woman and listened to her inner thoughts.

    In the team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, this woman could still be the focus.

    There were almost 10 female knights in the team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. All the other female knights looked outstanding; however, Lan Yunxi was the most excellent one.

    Based on his sharp intuition as a man, Zhang Tie felt that some male knights in the team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect were paying attention to Lan Yunxi because they always looked at Lan Yunxi with adoration and desires. Because of Lan Yunxi, it seemed that the male knights in the team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect also became personable with strong qi fields.

    Honestly, Zhang Tie felt that his own excellence completely benefited from Castle of Black Iron. Without Castle of Black Iron, he might be struggling to survive himself in a dirty and remote place. Whereas, Lan Yunxi was born to be excellent. Her excellence was engraved in her soul and each of her cells. Nobody else could match here in Huaiyuan palace and the entire Zhang clan. This woman could always become the most excellent one whether she was in Huaiyuan Palace or Taiyi Fantasy Sect.

    When in Huaiyuan Palace, because of her, everybody in Huaiyuan Palace including Zhang Tie almost forgot that Zhang Taixuan the Count Long Wind even had some sons. Although Lan Yunxi's elder brothers were not average and could undertake tasks alone at young ages, they were almost forgotten by others due to the existence of Lan Yunxi.

    It was the same in a bigger stage like Taiyi Fantasy Sect, one of the top 7 sects in Taixia Country...


    Until the team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect disappeared in Zhang Tie's eyes and the surrounding uproars recovered did Zhang Tie wake up from the surprise of meeting Lan Yunxi once again...

    "Powerful, too powerful!"


    "They deserve to be the head of the top seven sects in Taixia Country!"


    "I feel that the old man in front of the team might have promoted to a shadow knight!"


    "Did you see that female knight who carried a short crossbow on her back? She's too brilliant..."


    "I wonder whether the team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect is going to settle down in Black Armor Battlefortress or join the battle in the core of Tiewei Mountain..."


    Discussions soon started in the surroundings.

    Zhang Tie who was going to leave Black Armor Battlefortress recovered his composure. After thinking for a second, he instantly changed his direction and walked towards an information desk in the center of the square.

    Zhang Tie came to the front of the old man who was responsible for retrieving ox horns of ox-headed demons.

    The old man was wiping an ox horn with a piece of cloth. At the sight of Zhang Tie, he raised his head.

    "Are they members of Taiyi Fantasy Sect?" Zhang Tie asked.


    "Are they going to fight a long-drawn war here with Black Armor Battlefortress as a strongpoint?"

    "Why do you ask this?"

    "Heh heh heh, Taiyi Fantasy Sect is well-known; additionally, they dispatched so many knights here this time. As these knights are all outstanding, they might make troubles; therefore, I just want to know their plan!" Zhang Tie replied casually.

    After throwing a glance at Zhang Tie, the old man revealed an obscene smile at once. Closely after that, the old man lowered his body over the counter while Zhang Tie moved his ears closer to him.

    "There are many beautiful female knights in the team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Soon after the woman who warmed up your bed left, you couldn't wait to seduce the other girls in the Taiyi Fantasy Sect? I tell you, the female knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect are not that easy to be seduced. Have you seen that old guy in plain linen robe in the front of the team? He's Feng Yexiao, one of the four elders of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. He had promoted to 4 changes shadow knight 10 years ago. He looks merciless and is extremely cruel. If he knew that you plan to seduce his female disciple, he would definitely break your "three legs", hehhehheh..."

    "Is this Cui that sort of man?" Zhang Tie glared at this old guy. Although this old guy looked serious in normal times, he was actually also a shameless guy.

    "Stop it, man. This old man has also been as young as you. That's how men and women always think about. Do not deny it!" The old guy smirked weirdly, "I like you. This old man will give you a free news. Anyone who wants to fight in the core battlefield of Tiewei Mountain should follow orders without any exception. However, the people of Taiyi Fantasy Sect are domineering; especially Feng Yexiao the old guy who's famous for his narrow-mindedness. How could he lead his men to the core battlefield to follow other's orders?"

    The old guy's message indirectly answered Zhang Tie's question, namely, the people of Taiyi Fantasy Sect would not involve themselves in the core battlefield on their own initiative. They might carry out a guerrilla in the periphery of Tiewei Mountain. Of course, under the leadership of a shadow Knight-level elder, their battle strength could never be matched by common Class 2 garrison knights. Perhaps, they might come to the rear end or the critical places of demons and do something big.

    However, given the safety of Lan Yunxi, the Taiyi Fantasy Sect might just want to show their newbies how the large-scale battle between human knights and demon knights went.

    "I see, thanks!" Zhang Tie appreciated the old man and wanted to leave there.

    "Wait!" The old guy threw a vial towards Zhang Tie, "Here's a vial of internal heat reduction pills as my gift. The ox horns that you gave me last time are not bad, this is the extra compensation! If you don't need it, you could gift it to others!"

    'Is this moral standing premium?'

    Zhang Tie waved his hand and left with the vial of pills.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's mind had been filled with Lan Yunxi's images; therefore, he was a bit distracted.

    Gritting his teeth, Zhang Tie left the square. He flew out of the Black Armor Battlefortress and entered the dense black mist in the periphery of Tiewei Mountain.

    Only after over 1 hour's flight, Zhang Tie had come into a hidden mountain cave in the outermost mountain range of Tiewei Mountain.

    In the mountain cave, Zhang Tie triggered his immortal body changing bloodline and gradually recovered his original look through changing his skeletons and muscles all over.

    After recovering his original look, Zhang Tie's clothes and caliga became too much larger than his body. Therefore, Zhang Tie took out a whole set of clothes and caliga from Castle of Black Iron and finally wore an average face mask.

    After doing all this, the moment he walked out of the mountain cave did Zhang Tie remember something. He touched his head and felt that it was still bald and eye-catching; therefore, he revealed a self-mocking smile and touched his head once again. Closely after that, his hair grew up rapidly. After making a crew cut and confirming that no loophole was left, Zhang Tie left the mountain cave.


    After circling around 2 hours in the dense mist, Zhang Tie returned to the Black Armor Battlefortress with a new look...
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