Chapter 986: Contact

    Chapter 986: Contact

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    Zhang Tie was not nervous. Although he was in the face mask, this face mask could be easily identified by powerhouses who excelled at disguising skills; however, Zhang Tie was not afraid of being identified.

    Right in front of him, the two black iron knights who had just entered the Black Armor Battlefortress were also wearing face masks.

    Given their steel-blue hair and brown skin, Zhang Tie knew that the two knights in front of him came from a foreign subcontinent. Their face masks must be the deity that they worshiped.

    There were many similar human knights in the Lion Fortress and the Earth-elements Realm who were in different human races from different countries on different continents with various beliefs.

    It was very normal for them to wear face masks. Some female knights even liked wearing a veil. It was said that those female knights only exposed their faces to their fathers and husbands in their whole lives. Some knights from countries in Western Continent even liked wearing a complete skull of an ox-headed demon on their heads. As for those knights, the complete skull of an ox-headed demon with ox horns indicated that they were brave. It was also their tradition. What was more, someone made tattoos on their faces so that their ears, eyes, noses, mouth and eyebrows could be barely identified by people.

    If one wanted to enter the Black Armor Battlefortress, he only needed to prove that he was not a demon.

    The spiny identification equipment at the entrance of the fortress could not identify individuals concretely; it could only respond to the demon's blood.

    Therefore, it was nothing difficult for Zhang Tie to enter Black Armor Battlefortress in a face mask.

    After recovering his original body, Zhang Tie's qi also recovered to that of a black iron knight. Even though his cultivation method was recovered to "Five-elements Ground-look Sutra" benefited from his "King Roc Sutra".

    After finding that Zhang Tie was strange, a black armored knight at the entrance just threw a glance at him and examined his blood before letting him in smoothly.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie realized that the decision that he made to give up the bloodline of the shadow demon was pretty right. If he still had the bloodline of shadow demon at this moment, he might be the one being chased after by human knights in the Earth-elements Realm instead of the real earth Knight-level shadow demon. In this world, no pay, no gain.

    'By contrast, my immortal body changing bloodline is really perfect.'

    Zhang Tie felt lucky after entering Black Armor Battlefortress once again.

    After leaving there for a few hours, the Black Armor Battlefortress remained unchanged. Zhang Tie easily knew that the team of 34 knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect was living on the 4th floor of No. 7 tower in the southwest of the square.

    As Zhang Tie looked strange, nobody would like to glance at him across the Black Armor Battlefortress.

    After gaining the whereabouts of Lan Yunxi, Zhang Tie directly walked towards No. 7 tower.

    After passing the square in a casual way, Zhang Tie came to the knights' bar on the 2nd floor of No. 7 tower and ordered a chartered room over there. Closely after that, he left the bar and went upstairs all the way to the side of the 4th floor which was far away from the noises of the square. He then walked past each room on both sides of the corridor in common footsteps.

    There were many logistics and battle auxiliary personnel in Black Armor Battlefortress. In the apartments of knights, some logistics personnel would be arranged for serving knights in each floor of the tower. Zhang Tie was imitating the footsteps of battle auxiliary personnel in Black Armor Battlefortress. Given his footsteps, few people might know that he was a knight.

    This was the reaction blind area in people's first impression.

    The inside layout of No. 7 tower looked like that of a hotel. One side directly faced the open courtyard of the tower from where knights could directly fly away in emergencies; knights' rooms were on the other side of the aisle.

    Zhang Tie just walked and passed by each door in a calm way. However, the beautiful and marvelous golden virtual lotus flowers were silently blossoming around his pupils.

    Due to the beautiful virtual lotus flowers in his eyes, the metal rooms and multi-layered metal walls became transparent at once while everything inside the rooms was exposed to Zhang Tie.

    The pictures of the living habits of knights on the 4th floor of No. 7 tower was presented to Zhang Tie's eyes.

    Some rooms were empty; some knights were snoring loudly in their sleep after finishing their tasks; some knights were cultivating with crossed legs by absorbing crystals in their hands or immersing themselves in the elements realm. Of course, there were some strange ones. Some knights were reading books; some were picking their noses in the mirror; in one room, a male and a female were doing what Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian used to do a few days ago. What was more ridiculous was that two men were in a room...

    Like being struck by a lightning bolt, Zhang Tie preferred to see nothing.


    Although Zhang Tie knew that it was immoral for him to peep at them; he didn't care too much at such a critical moment.

    Finally, Zhang Tie caught a female knight of Taiyi Fantasy Sect who was taking off her clothes for a bath.

    The female knight walked behind Lan Yunxi just now. She looked conservative; however, after taking off her clothes, she exposed a set of sexy black underclothes.

    After looking at her figure in the mirror, the female knight let out a faint sigh. It seemed that she was worried about something.

    'Sorry, I didn't mean it.'

    Zhang Tie stuck his tongue out as he murmured inside. After throwing another two glances at her stealthily, Zhang Tie walked by her room in a calm look.

    Starting with this female knight, all the knights in the rooms were from Taiyi Fantasy Sect.

    Zhang Tie had to admit that Taiyi Fantasy Sect had a strict discipline.

    After passing by their rooms one after another, Zhang Tie found 90% of the knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect were cultivating with crossed legs. One or two of them were walking slowly in their rooms and making hand gestures. It seemed that they were deducing battle skills. Some female knights were taking a bath. However, Zhang Tie only threw a glance at them. He felt too guilty peeping at their naked bodies at this moment.

    Zhang Tie also saw that elder called Feng Yexiao through his door and wall.

    The old man was deducing something with a compass-like item in hand. Zhang Tie was not sure whether his lotus-flower eyes could arouse the attention of a shadow knight; therefore, he just glanced over his room and moved to the next target rapidly.

    Finally, he caught sight of Lan Yunxi in one room...

    She was cultivating with crossed legs.

    When Zhang Tie passed by her room, he penetrated his metallic battle qi through the metal door of Lan Yunxi's room with his voice into Lan Yunxi's ears.

    --Senior sister apprentice. Long time no see. If you're free, come for me in No. 16 chartered room of the knights' bar in No. 7 tower!

    Zhang Tie just walked away in a casual way...

    Lan Yunxi widely opened her eyes immediately with an amazed and unbelievable look...

    'Zhang Tie!'

    How could Lan Yunxi forget such a familiar voice?

    Lan Yunxi almost mistook it as an illusion; however, given the clear sound in her ears, she knew that it was not an illusion.

    She was shocked by Zhang Tie's voice. What shocked her more was that Zhang Tie knew that she lived here and could pass his voice to her precisely through the door.

    'Is Zhang Tie always in Black Armor Battlefortress?'

    'If black iron knights could control their battle qis in a very high standard, they could indeed talk with another knight secretly through an object or a door. However, the premise is that they should fix the position of the knight precisely. The voice should reach the listener's ears precisely; otherwise, it would be ineffective. How did Zhang Tie do it?'

    'Did he fix my position through my breathing sound? No way, the wall of the room is inlaid with a special device which could isolate sound and spiritual energy absolutely.'

    Soon after listening to Zhang Tie's sound, Lan Yunxi sprung up and come to the door...

    She had already grasped the handle by hand; however, she stopped.

    Lan Yunxi closed her eyes and stood for a few seconds at the door before moving back. She sat down with crossed legs once again...


    Zhang Tie was not worried that Lan Yunxi would rush out to meet him after hearing his voice. Common women might do that, except for Lan Yunxi. She knew which way was best to her and Zhang Tie.

    After returning to the No. 16 chartered room of the knight's bar on the 2nd floor of No. 7 tower, Zhang Tie ordered a watermelon liquor and started a drink in the room alone.

    The chartered rooms and drinks in the knights' bar were free for those knights in the Black Armor Battlefortress. On the earth's surface, such chartered rooms and drinks would only cost them a few gold coins, which could be ignored by knights. Now that they could come to the Black Armor Battlefortress, they were supporting humans in the battle between humans and demons in the Earth-elements Realm. Therefore, it was reasonable for Black Armor Battlefortress to provide the best services to these human knights. Nobody would care about the consumption at all.

    Zhang Tie was waiting for Lan Yunxi because he knew that she would come...
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