Chapter 988: A Chance Encounter

    Chapter 988: A Chance Encounter

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    Zhang Tie had too many words to say...

    At this moment, he had an impulsion to tell Lan Yunxi loudly that he had Castle of Black Iron and the small tree and had killed thousands of demons as a divine dominator...

    Those words were as heavy as huge rocks in his heart.

    When he promoted to a black iron knight, Zhang Tie thought that he had grasped his own destiny for quite a long while.

    Nevertheless, the heart-wrenching feeling at this moment reminded him that he might grasp his own fate; however, he could never grasp the others' fates. In many cases, if one could only watch his most beloved ones moving towards dead ends, it would be meaningless for him to grasp his own destiny!

    Both the top three chancellors in Taixia Country in the future and the culprit who framed him were irresistible for him and Huaiyuan Palace. Therefore, the knights of Huaiyuan Palace could only take the positions of the fallen and rise to fight one after another for the sake of Huaiyuan Palace and Zhang Clan. This was the inevitable fate of clan knights.

    "We can leave Taixia Country. The entire Huaiyuan Palace could also return to Waii Subcontinent once again or the Ice and Snow Wilderness. Over there, nobody could harm us!" Zhang Tie roared.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was really impulsive to take Lan Yunxi, his family members and the rest members of Huaiyuan Palace away from all the disputes.

    "Don't be daft!" Lan Yunxi replied with a smile as she wiped off Zhang Tie's tears by hands, "You know, if we leave, we could only spare an excuse for the enemies of Huaiyuan Palace to deal with Huaiyuan Palace. As a result, Huaiyuan Palace would be exterminated at a faster speed. I know that you've already laid a foundation in Ice and Snow Wilderness. However, for the supreme ones in Taixia Country, your foundation is just a patch of duckweeds in waters. As long as they find an excuse, they could dispatch a team of knights like what Taiyi Fantasy Sect did this time to Ice and Snow Wilderness and sweep it over like executing a small task. We should not escape!"

    Watching Lan Yunxi's smile, Zhang Tie became silent. He suddenly remembered the lonely shadow of his master Zhao Yuan and understood his state of mood.

    'The extreme strength is close to the truth!'

    'Only when one's strength could reach its extreme would one open a path for himself!'

    This was the powerful ones' comprehension about this world.

    'If I were already a heavenly knight or even higher, there would never be so many troubles!'

    Zhang Tie clenched his punches.

    Lan Yunxi blinked her eyes towards Zhang Tie in a mischievous way, "You need to take care of yourself and survive on. In this world, many people depend on you. If you could rob me who was going to be the martyr of Yaogong Palace away from Taiyi Fantasy Sect one day in the public, I would be glad to be your wife!"

    In order to not make Zhang Tie too sad, Lan Yunxi made a joke or fabricated a hopeful lie to Zhang Tie.

    However, Lan Yunxi didn't know that it was not the first time for Zhang Tie to hear such a joke and lie.

    It was Miss Daina who told such a joke and lie to him--If anyone of you could reach LV 9, Miss Daina would marry him.

    Such a promise in classroom made numerous horny students in the No. 7 National Male Middle School highly spirited. They found the meaning and direction of their lives.

    Zhang Tie loosened his fist and took in a deep breath before bursting out into laughter, "Senior fellow apprentice, just wait for me in Taiyi Fantasy Sect. There will be such a day. When I override the Gobbling Party and Taiyi Fantasy Sect one day, I will pick you up!"

    Lan Yunxi replied with a smile as she kissed Zhang Tie's face, "I have to go. If I stayed too long with you, you might not able to leave!"

    "Hold on!" Zhang Tie stopped Lan Yunxi as he undid the guardian angel necklace from his neck and said, "I've prepared a gift for you when in Waii Subcontinent. I've not imagined that it has been so many years! I kept wearing it these years and wanted to gift it to you."

    The core of this necklace was the space-teleportation equipment of the late demon general; however, it had been renovated into a holy and artistic masterpiece--A mithril guardian angel with open wings was cupping a top-quality son-like bluish golden stone which had been activated by an alchemist master. It was vivid. What counted most was that the face of the guardian angel looked similar to Lan Yunxi. It was extremely skillful.

    Any woman would be attracted by this necklace. Lan Yunxi's eyes also shined.

    "May you help me put it on?" Lan Yunxi turned around, exposing her beautiful back and neck to Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie then helped Lan Yunxi put it on tenderly from her back.

    As a knight, the moment Lan Yunxi touched the necklace, she had realized that it was not a common necklace. The top-quality bluish golden stone could purify her blood; besides, there was something special inside the necklace...

    Zhang Tie prevented Lan Yunxi from further exploring this necklace, "You can take a look at it when you come back. Senior fellow apprentice, don't ask me where did I get it. Because I don't want to lie to you. I could only tell you that it's legit!"

    Lan Yunxi turned around and watched Zhang Tie seriously. She saw the pure sincerity in Zhang Tie's eyes.

    She then turned around and left...


    In the space-teleportation equipment, Zhang Tie prepared over 10,000 vials of the best all-purpose medicament that he had fermented in Castle of Black Iron, over 2,000 earth-element crystals that he had plundered from Old Monster Qi and the demon baron and two silver secret items--one shield and one short crossbow that Zhang Tie gained from the Weapons Mountain. The two silver secret items fit Lan Yunxi well. Besides, Zhang Tie prepared some vats of water and preserved fruits and meat. Although they were common, they could help Lan Yunxi survive herself longer in the worst scenario.

    Even so many items that Zhang Tie prepared in the space-teleportation equipment would arouse a big shock in the Earth-elements Realm, not to mention that space-teleportation equipment itself.

    Zhang Tie stayed in the room alone with a vacant look. After standing still for 2 minutes, he directly walked out of the chartered room and left the bar. Closely after that, he passed the square and left the Black Armor Battlefortress...

    Strangely, many wanted murders might be caught wherever they hid and no matter how they disguised; however, Zhang Tie just left the Black Armor Battlefortress safe and sound.

    On the way, someone threw some glances at him out of his young look; however, they could not imagine that Zhang Tie was the very wanted criminal in Taixia Country two years ago.

    When a female knight from Taixia Country passed by Zhang Tie, she uttered out of curiosity, "Yi?"; however, the female knight just hesitated and threw a glance at Zhang Tie's back before being called away by her partner.

    "What's up?" Her partner asked the female knight.

    "Nothing." The female knight shook her head as she replied, "I might have noticed a familiar person just now..."

    "Who? A friend?"

    "No..." The female knight didn't explain it anymore. She just mumbled inside, 'How could a knight who writes such a romantic poem do that evil thing? I saw the arrest order two years ago on the earth's surface; hmm, I might have mistaken it...'


    After leaving Black Armor Battlefortress, Zhang Tie's mind was full of Lan Yunxi's image and what Lan Yunxi told him just now. He just flew aimlessly. Almost 2 hours later, he landed on a mountain peak. After standing there for a while, Zhang Tie suddenly patted his head...

    Since he met Lan Yunxi today, his heart had been racing. Until he left there did he realize that he had forgotten about a very important thing.

    He should have left a remote-sensing finger ring to Lan Yunxi for the convenience of further communication.

    As he had not imagined that he could meet Lan Yunxi in the Black Armor Battlefortress, he hadn't prepared the new pair of remote-sensing finger rings yet.

    Remote-sensing finger rings could be purchased in Black Armor Battlefortress.

    Zhang Tie wanted to return to the Black Armor Battlefortress. The moment he turned around, he stopped as he questioned himself, 'Could a tiny remote-sensing finger ring change anything? If I could not override the Gobbling Party and Taiyi Fantasy Sect, it would be useless for me to communicate with Lan Yunxi!'

    Zhang Tie's face gradually turned firm and persistent. He looked around and found that he had been close to the 5th loop of Tiewei Mountain.

    The moment he wanted to find a place to incarnate into Cui Li, a knight flew towards him groggily...

    It was a female knight being covered with wounds. It seemed that she had been severely injured in a battle.

    "Help me!" At the sight of Zhang Tie, the female knight had flown towards him while wailing.

    At the sight of that female knight, Zhang Tie widely opened his eyes abruptly.

    He hurriedly accelerated towards her as he asked from a few meters away, "Ahh, what happened to you?"

    "I've just encountered 3 demon knights..." The female knight panted as if she would almost fall down, "Can you give me a favor and take me back...to the Black Armor Battlefortress...I cannot bear it anymore!"

    "Sure, I will take you back to Black Armor Battlefortress right away..."

    Zhang Tie moved closer to her and grasped the female knight's hand at once. The weak female knight almost threw herself into Zhang Tie's arms. The moment she wanted to appreciate Zhang Tie, she lowered her head and found that Zhang Tie had stabbed an extremely grim dagger into her body...
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