Chapter 989: A Barbarous Combat

    Chapter 989: A Barbarous Combat

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    Zhang Tie pulled the female knight's one hand by his hand while the golden eaten tri-edged dagger appeared in Zhang Tie's other hand out of the void as fast as a lightning bolt when he pretended to support her. Closely after that, Zhang Tie stabbed into her heart forcefully in the swiftest and fiercest way.

    Zhang Tie saw clearly that his gold-eaten tri-edged dagger had penetrated through that female knight's heart which looked obviously different than that of commoners.

    It seemed that the female knight didn't believe that she could suffer such a "treatment". However, before she uttered a miserable shriek, Zhang Tie had fiercely thrust his knee onto her lower abdomen which was almost a fatal battle skill.

    With such a terrifying great strength, Zhang Tie could even penetrate through a steel plate, not to mention bloody flesh.

    As was predicted, the female knight's guts were cracked at once.

    Almost at the same time, the female knight spurted out blood with fragmented guts like a high-pressure water jet...

    "Ahhhh..." The female knight roared miserably like a wild beast. At the same time, her face turned pale and her clothes were broken into pieces. Her body expanded in a split moment, exposing her unique horn, wings and tail at the rear end immediately...

    This was a shadow demon, a powerful shadow demon who was much more powerful than Abyan and Master Jiang.

    Zhang Tie kept grasping the shadow demon's arm while fiercely colliding against a mountain peak of Tiewei Mountain like a meteor with this shadow demon in front of him.

    Zhang Tie's strength was so terrifying that it instantly collapsed half of the sharp-sword-like top of the mountain peak.

    At the same time, the female knight released an earth knight's battle qi.

    The shadow demon's tail then pricked at Zhang Tie's eye like a sharp arrow while a dagger also appeared in the other claw of the shadow demon which was stabbed at Zhang Tie's heart fiercely.

    At this critical moment, even the shadow demon was an earth demon knight, it had to exert its utmost efforts.

    Zhang Tie's face was as firm as steel with a cold sense. He didn't dodge or even blink his eyes facing the shadow demon's strikes.

    The shadow demon's strikes by its tail and dagger were blocked by Zhang Tie's protective battle qi which was released in a split second. It seemed that the shadow demon's dagger was not common either. However, when it penetrated through Zhang Tie's protective battle qi partially and was about 1 cm away from Zhang Tie's body, the shadow demon felt hitting a steel wall and couldn't inch forward anymore.

    As it couldn't break through Zhang Tie's protective battle qi, the shadow demon curled up its tail and twined round Zhang Tie's neck like a boa. It wanted to strangle Zhang Tie.

    The shadow demon's tail was greater than that of its claw.

    Meanwhile, the shadow demon released its protective battle qi too.

    Zhang Tie's hand forcefully held the gold-eaten tri-edged dagger. The moment the shadow demon released its protective battle qi, Zhang Tie had sensed the gold-eaten three-edged dagger inside the shadow demon's body being pushed out from its body.

    Of course, Zhang Tie would never allow it to happen. How could the gold-eaten tri-edged dagger which had been stabbed into the body of the shadow demon be pushed out before killing the shadow demon? Therefore, Zhang Tie increased his strength and directly expanded the harms two times, three times even ten times by breaking the shadow demon's ribs and guts.

    The shadow demon's grim face looked anguished when it uttered terrifying, miserable roars. It flapped its wings and wanted to escape; however, Zhang Tie tightly grasped its one arm, making it impossible for it to escape.

    Zhang Tie then wrestled with the shadow demon in the air and hit mountain peaks one after another, spraying blood everywhere...

    Of course, the blood was from the shadow demon.

    The two earth knights just fought in the most brutal and primitive way regardless of any battle skill.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie just concentrated on one thing, namely, grasping the shadow demon's arm by one hand in case it escaped away while tightly holding the gold-eaten tri-edged dagger by the other hand in case it was pushed out of the shadow demon's body. Additionally, he pressed down the dagger so that it could cause further injuries to the shadow demon's ribs and guts...

    Zhang Tie just gritted his teeth while ignoring the shadow demon's ceaseless strikes.

    Zhang Tie didn't believe that this shadow demon could live longer than him under this circumstance.

    It was Zhang Tie's second time to use such tactics like how rogues dueled. Last time, he used this tactic to kill a black iron demon knight when Mountain Lifting Hermit was on the spot. This time, he used it to deal with a shadow demon.

    In such a close combat, Zhang Tie was firmly convinced that he would finally win it based on his super strong anti-strike capability and recovery ability and his gold-eaten tri-edged dagger's strong penetrating power to protective battle qi as long as the opponent didn't have an overwhelming advantage over him.

    The shadow demon could only blame for its bad luck!

    What an unexpected achievement!

    'In the earlier two months, I circled around the periphery of Tiewei Mountain with Bai Suxian so many times only to hunt this shadow demon in vain; I've not imagined that this shadow demon could come here for me on its own initiative only after standing here a short while. I really feel sorry for you.'

    After a few minutes, Zhang Tie's gold-eaten tri-edged dagger had cut open a huge wound about 5 cm in length below the shadow demon's left armpit and broken 8-9 ribs and many guts of the shadow demon. Commoners might have long died in such a case. However, this shadow demon was still alive.

    When Zhang Tie expanded the wound, his mouth corners also revealed blood traces due to the shocks of his protective battle qi.

    Zhang Tie's eyes turned more merciless...

    All of a sudden, with a roar, the shadow demon didn't chop its dagger towards Zhang Tie anymore; instead, it chopped off its own wrist which was grasped by Zhang Tie's hand.

    After giving up one arm, the shadow demon escaped away at once by descending and sliding into the mine beneath Tiewei Mountain in terms of a bloody light...
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