Chapter 990: The Tragedy of the Shadow Demon

    Chapter 990: The Tragedy of the Shadow Demon

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    Zhang Tie had not anticipated that this shadow demon could give up its arm like a hero at this critical moment.

    However, it was still too late for the shadow demon to make such a decision because it had been severely wounded and almost died.

    What a brilliant victory it was for Zhang Tie to completely paralyze and kill an earth knight in only a few minutes' close combat. Now that this shadow demon had been severely wounded, of course, Zhang Tie would not let it go.

    The escaping speed of the shadow demon was out of Zhang Tie's imagination as it had surpassed the maximal speed of Zhang Tie. However, Zhang Tie knew that the shadow demon's explosive strength was not lasting. It couldn't escape too far away; additionally, it must have consumed a lot of essence of qi and blood; otherwise, the shadow demon would not have chosen the mine as its destination.

    Even a dog would leap over a wall in desperation. The shadow demon intended to escape from Zhang Tie's chase based on its familiarity to the environment inside the mine.

    After wiping the bloodstains off his mouth corners, Zhang Tie threw the broken arm of the shadow demon into Castle of Black Iron before sneering and descending downward as fast as a lightning bolt.

    It would be a laughingstock for the shadow demon to escape under this circumstance.

    Even the shadow demon itself didn't know that Zhang Tie had attached some tracing feathers over its body stealthily when in close combat. Therefore, it would never escape away.

    This shadow demon was worth over 70,000 square miles of land and 10 cities. It was as valuable as a super gold mine. When Zhang Tie caught sight of this shadow demon, he had determined to kill it. Of course, Zhang Tie had made some preparations for further chase when in close combat.

    In the blink of an eye, the shadow demon had disappeared in front of Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie also followed it into the mine.

    It was pretty gloomy inside the mine. The dark red hematites on both sides of the mining walls were like coagulated blood, causing this mine to become colder and more terrifying.

    After entering thousands of meters inside the mine, Zhang Tie had seen the first divergence. He immediately flew into the left bypass.

    Although the shadow demon had disappeared in front of him, Zhang Tie could still clearly sense the traces and directions of the tracing feathers. Unless the shadow demon had changed a whole set of clothes, he was destined to be found by Zhang Tie.

    At this moment, the shadow demon thought the same as Bai Suxian when she was chased by a would-be earth demon knight two months ago, namely, it also wanted to seek for a slim chance of survival based on the familiar terrain. Its dream might come true if its opponent was not Zhang Tie; however, now that it had met Zhang Tie, it was destined to die.

    Only in less than 10 minutes, Zhang Tie had flown over 70 miles inside the mine and deepened into the underground space of Tiewei Mountain. Although numerous forks appeared in front of him, Zhang Tie didn't waste any time on making choices.

    As he gradually deepened, the scenery in the mine changed too.

    Golden sands sparsely appeared on the mining walls while the gloomy mine started to become brilliant.

    Those golden things were earth-element crystal sands in the rocks of the mine, which proved that this mine had existed for numerous years. Those crystal sands had not formed complete earth-element crystals; they only contained very low contents of earth elements. Additionally, they were as fine and loose as sands and were distributed around the earth-element crystal mine in terms of grains. They were components of the earth-element crystal mine in its periphery and were not valuable to be exploited. Therefore, they were preserved.

    On the earth's surface, these ores containing the earth-elements crystal sands might be highly decorative. As for sculptors, these ores might be rare raw materials for sculptures. However, in the Earth-elements Realm, no knight would care about them at all. No matter how artistic the sculptures were, they could not be used to kill demons, they were nothing but sh*t!

    All of a sudden, Zhang Tie sniffed an odor of putrefaction in flight.

    Zhang Tie caught sight of two human corpses under the sparkling light of the earth-elements crystal sands right in front of him.

    The two human corpses were incomplete. The male corpse had been separated into pieces and scattered on the ground. While that female corpse was naked. Her lower body was badly mutilated. Besides, her body was covered with weird wounds. Given her look, she might be anguished before death and had born too many abnormal torments. She still looked painful after being killed.

    Shadow demons would always have abnormal desires about female human knights, including Abyan and Master Jiang.

    Given their remained clothes and fragmented weapons, Zhang Tie knew that the two human corpses were not logistics and battle auxiliary personnel in Black Armor Battlefortress; they were more like knights.

    Although the female corpse's face had been rotten, Zhang Tie could still identify that it was the very look that the shadow demon had incarnated just now.

    Zhang Tie didn't know what happened here; however, he was sure that two Hua knights who came here to join the large-scale battle between demons and humans in Tiewei Mountain would lie here forever after being killed by the shadow demon in an anguished way.

    On the earth's surface, the two Hua knights might be a couple or lovers with remarkable statues and positions; however, they were nothing but stinky corpses here.

    This was normally seen in the holy war.

    Zhang Tie sighed inside as he boomed a huge pit on the ground by one punch and moved the two corpses into the pit tenderly. Closely after that, he punched the mining walls, causing a bulk of ores and sandy soil to fall down, covering the hug pit.

    This was the mere thing that Zhang Tie could do under the circumstance.

    After burying the corpses, Zhang Tie's eyes turned colder as he tightly pursed his lips, forming a clear arc. Closely after that, he continued to fly towards the depth of the mine.

    After a few minutes, a bigger space appeared in front of Zhang Tie's eyes.

    This space covered almost 0.7 square miles while the earth-elements crystal sands on the mining walls were as dazzling as stars in the sky. Those dazzling earth-elements crystal sands implied the brilliance here in the past while many ore wastes were piled sparsely on the ground.

    7 bypasses were connected to this space.

    Any earth human knight who followed a shadow demon here would stop and carefully observe the clues of the shadow demon so as to ascertain their further chase direction. Because they would lose their target completely after making a bit mistake.

    However, Zhang Tie didn't.

    After entering this space in less than 0.01 second, Zhang Tie had landed as fast as a lightning bolt near a pile of deserted ores. The moment he landed, he had stomped onto the plain ground while releasing his fierce battle qi at the same time...

    When he was just a black iron knight, he had been able to collapse the pavilion of the Morality Association by one foot, not to mention this moment.

    As a result, the ground cracked like being split open by a huge ax that was used to separate the sky from the earth.

    With a terrifying roar, the lower part of the shadow demon directly sprung out of the ground as it spurted out blood as high as 20 cm.

    However, the shadow demon didn't escape this time. Because Zhang Tie directly stomped onto its neck and almost broke it.

    Previously, the shadow demon had been severely injured and almost run out of its aura when he escaped. Being almost died, it was concealing its qi and lying underground like a dead one. However, it had not imagined that it was almost transparent in Zhang Tie's eyes and was just waiting for Zhang Tie's stomp.

    How could Zhang Tie give up such a good opportunity?

    With Zhang Tie's stomp, the shadow demon's defensive system and physical functions were completely collapsed.

    Being stomped onto the ground, the shadow demon's tail twisted and beat in a frenzied manner like a snake being put into a hot pot with cooking oil. Additionally, its wings had been out of shape due to extreme pains.

    "Why...why..." The shadow demon struggled and shrieked towards Zhang Tie who was in a commanding position with bloody eyes in vain.

    Until now, the shadow demon had not thought through why it suddenly became so miserable and even had no chance to escape.

    It didn't understand why human knight who smelt like a black iron knight suddenly became an extremely powerful earth knight in combat.

    It couldn't think it through why it was stabbed ferociously by this guy when it disguised to be a female human knight and sought for the human knight's favor.

    It couldn't figure it out why its trump cards of escaping speed and concealing its qi could be identified by this human earth knight in a split second.

    Since it caught sight of this human knight, it had been facing tragedies one after another.

    "Why? Go ask your mom!"

    When the shadow demon was still struggling, Zhang Tie stretched out his hands and grasped the shadow demon's head while he stomped the shadow demon's tail with one foot. Closely after that, he triggered his purgatory samsara, breaking apart the part of the water chakra which had been formed by the shadow demon in a split second...


    After a few minutes...

    With a sound "kacha", the shadow demon stopped its earthshaking miserable shrieks immediately. Because Zhang Tie had broken its neck by his hands and ended its struggle forever...
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