Chapter 992: Arousing a Shock

    Chapter 992: Arousing a Shock

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    Before Zhang Tie reached Black Armor Battlefortress, he had encountered a squad of black armored knights who were patrolling outside the Black Armor Battlefortress.

    Due to the popular reputation "unrivaled male and female" of Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian, the black armored knights who garrisoned the Black Armor Battlefortress had heard the name Cui Li although they had not seen him; especially his bald head and tower-like sturdy figure, which was definitely a unique brand in Black Armor Battlefortress.

    When the squad of black armored knights caught sight of Cui Li from afar, they flew towards him. When they caught sight of the shadow demon's corpse on Zhang Tie's shoulder, the three members of the squad were left startled at once.

    One knight screamed, "That's the earth knight-level shadow demon!"

    "Hehhehheh, it's so nice to meet brothers of Black Armor Army again. This brother Cui is too lucky today. After wandering outside for a few days, I was almost cheated by this b*stard. Through a close combat, I killed it luckily!" Zhang Tie burst into laughter.

    The three black armored knights didn't believe in any good luck at all. The shadow demon was an earth knight. Who could kill an earth knight luckily? Additionally, this earth knight was not a common demon, it was a shadow demon, which was always regarded as a tricky demon species in the world.

    Since the beginning of the large-scale battle in Tiewei Mountain, very few earth demon knights had been killed by humans in the periphery of Tiewei Mountain. Additionally, neither did humans suffer a great loss. It was a shocking news for a human knight to kill an earth demon knight. As earth human knights were able to be provincial governors or Cheji Generals in Taixia Country, earth demon knights should also be in the same positions among demons. It was a great military exploit for a human or a demon to kill an opponent earth knight.

    At this moment, the three black armored knights watched Zhang Tie with full admiration and respect. As Zhang Tie looked a bit fatigued after a combat with the shadow demon's corpse on his shoulder, the three knights stopped patrolling and escorted him back to Black Armor Battlefortress for the sake of Zhang Tie's safety.

    When Zhang Tie came to an entrance of Black Armor Battlefortress, those knights who were accessing to the Black Armor Battlefortress were greatly startled with very splendid looks at the sight of the shadow demon's corpse on Zhang Tie's shoulder.

    "Shadow demon..."

    "The shadow demon was killed!"

    "That earth knight-level shadow demon was killed!"

    At the sight of the shadow demon's corpse on Zhang Tie's shoulder, those knights who were leaving the Black Armor Battlefortress stopped while those knights who were entering the battle fortress swarmed up, causing an uproar at the entrance.

    To some extent, knights were like commoners as they liked to be onlookers too. However, the thresholds between commoners and knights on becoming onlookers were sharply different. If two tough men were fighting in the street, commoners might swarm up; however, knights would ignore that. However, even knights would be attracted by a shadow demon's corpse.

    Because the shadow demon was too rare. Most of the human knights might only see shadow demons in pictures in their whole lives. Less than 1 out of 100 human knights had seen a living shadow demon or the corpse of a shadow demon.

    In the blink of an eye, the news had been spread over which shocked the entire Black Armor Battlefortress.

    Only after Zhang Tie entered Black Armor Battlefortress with the shadow demon's corpse on the shoulder a few steps, he had been surrounded by knights. Some of them directly flew off the ground to watch the corpse of the shadow demon as they could not enter the crowd.

    After that, exclamations and a sharp intake of breaths could be heard one after another in the Black Armor Battlefortress.

    Each step Zhang Tie inched forward, the crowd would give a way to him like a falling tide.

    Of course, nobody dared flew above Zhang Tie's head to watch the corpse at this moment. They just surrounded Zhang Tie at a distance.

    "Golden horn and purple grains; four-edged tail like a steel whip; skin like that of boa; sharp black bony spurs on the top of wings. That's it! It meets all the features of shadow demon after promoting to an earth knight..." Someone exclaimed out of excitement.

    "Who's that earth human knight?" A new guy who flew off the ground and threw a glance at Zhang Tie before asking a knight beside him.

    "Cui Li, Cui Li from Youzhou Province!"

    "Ahh, he's Cui LI from Yongzhou Province?"

    "You've heard about him?"

    "Cui Li from Yongzhou Province is extremely righteous. He sacrificed himself to die together with the demon knight for the safety of his team members. I heard that when in the Lion Fortress. Wasn't Cui Li dead?"

    "What you've heard was not the latest news. Cui Li didn't die; instead, he got good out of misfortune and promoted to an earth knight!" The one replied as he watched Zhang Tie's back with flickering eyes, "That's what human knights should learn from. Earth human knights should exert their utmost to kill powerful enemies on the battlefield and become well-known in the Earth-elements Realm!"


    Hot discussions drifted into Zhang Tie's ears clearly.

    Zhang Tie just walked towards an information desk in the center of the square calmly step by step under various eye lights.

    At this moment, in the eyes of everybody else, Zhang Tie's composed footsteps was formidable and oppressive.

    The scene that Zhang Tie hefted a dead earth knight-level shadow demon in an extremely domineering way was deeply imprinted in the minds of all the surrounding knights.

    Finally, Zhang Tie came to the front of the information desk.

    Watching Zhang Tie and the shadow demon's corpse on Zhang Tie's shoulder, the old man almost popped out his eyes. Although being familiar with Zhang Tie, he could never imagine that Zhang Tie could come back with a dead shadow demon in only 3 days.

    With a loud sound "bang...", Zhang Tie threw the dead shadow demon which weighed hundreds of kgs onto the desk in front of the old man like throwing a dead pig.

    Zhang Tie grinned, "Take it, the earth knight-level shadow demon. I'm here for the reward!"

    When Zhang Tie spoke, all the others became silent.

    Everybody knew the reward of this earth knight-level shadow demon--700 miles' land and 10 cities in Taixia Country.

    The reward made people jealous. However, nobody envied Zhang Tie at this moment because Zhang Tie had killed the shadow demon with his own ability.

    On the battlefield, all the fighters only admired those who had great military exploits, regardless of human races and countries. Someone would admire about the military exploits and honors brought by one's battle strength and efforts; however, nobody would envy it.

    The old man swallowed his saliva forcefully before taking a deep breath. He then started to check the corpse seriously from its head to its toe before nodding towards Zhang Tie, "It's indeed an earth knight-level shadow demon. As for the reward, you cannot get it from me..."

    "Where can I receive it?"

    Before that old man replied, some black armored fighters had walked to the front of Zhang Tie and bowed towards him respectfully. Closely after that, the head of the team of black armored knights stretched out his arm and said, "Brother Cui Li, our Commander Guan wants to see you!"

    'General Guan?' Zhang Tie knew that a commander of Black Armor Army was on the back of Black Armor Battlefortress. He was a shadow knight surnamed Guan who had lit 3 chakras. Wu Guanhai talked about him before. Guan Qianchong was well-known and formidable across Black Armor Army.

    Among the top four armies in Taixia Country, those commanders were on an equal footing with the military commanders of military regions in Taixia Country. They were able to be responsible for the safety of a region at a supreme position. It was said that Cheng Honglie the military commander of the Northeast Military Region was a commander of Black Armor Army previously.

    Previously, even though Zhang Tie had been a bit famous in Black Armor Battlefortress, he didn't attract the attention of this Commander Guan. This time, after killing the earth knight-level shadow demon, he finally aroused the attention of Commander Guan of Black Armor Army.

    Zhang Tie estimated that Commander Guan was going to talk about the reward with him. Therefore, he followed the team of black armored knights away from the square.

    Watching Zhang Tie leaving, those on-looking knights swarmed up the counter at once and prepared to take a good look at the shadow demon.

    'It's said that shadow demons could disguise into anyone's look; but how did such a huge thing with a tail make it?'

    A knight asked out of curiosity!

    The pile of knights started to touch the shadow demon's corpse with flickering eyes. As a result, the old man couldn't even put it away. Therefore, he changed his face and hurriedly intended to cover the shadow demon with his hands; however, how could his hands cover the corpse which was longer than 3 m while being surrounded by so many knights?

    "Don't crowd, don't crowd, keep your hands off..." The old man shouted painfully as he treasured this corpse so much, "B*stard, don't press your hand on the wounds, don't you know that its blood could be made into the most senior disguising medicament...ahh, and you...stop...its scales are the best raw materials for making concealing rune..."

    After hearing the old man's anxious exclamations behind him, Zhang Tie burst out into laughter...


    A few minutes later, Zhang Tie followed the team of black armored knights to the top floor of the highest tower in Black Armor Battlefortress. He saw Guan Qianchong in a room from where he could look across the entire Black Armor Battlefortress.

    Being different than the fiery feeling that Cheng Honglie impressed him, at the sight of Guan Qianchong the commander of Black Armor Army, Zhang Tie almost thought that he had mistaken a person. With an unbearded white face and a pair of slim eyes, this man wore a cyan robe with loose sleeves with a white jade waist belt and a sophisticated crown. He was reading a book.

    'He's absolutely an elegant old man! How could he be the commander of Black Armor Army in Taixia Country!'

    Whereas, when Zhang Tie was doubting his status, the old man threw a glance at him before asking, "What's the relationship between you and Zhao Yuan the alchemist demon?". Hearing this question, Zhang Tie's heart almost stopped beating.
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