Chapter 993: A Profitable Bet

    Chapter 993: A Profitable Bet

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    'First, the relationship between Zhao Yuan and I was established on the premise that I was Zhang Tie. The status Cui Li had nothing to do with Zhao Yuan since the beginning.'

    'Second, Zhao Yuan's over strength is too powerful. As a heavenly human knight, of course, he would not be traced or cheated by a shadow demon; additionally, Zhao Yuan knew the current situations facing him and I; he would never reveal the secret that Zhang Tie was his apprentice to the anybody. Therefore, I'm not a shadow knight in the look of Cui Li.'

    'Third, nobody knows that Cui Li is Zhang Tie.'

    'Fourth, because Zhao Yuan was too arrogant, when he discovered the "Fire Dragon Sutra", he didn't even feel like putting it away; instead, he left it in the mountain cave. Now that Zhao Yuan left the "Fire Dragon Sutra" to me and was not afraid of any threats, it indicated that Zhao Yuan didn't tell the secret about "Fire Dragon Sutra" to anyone else. Therefore, nobody would doubt the relationship between me and Zhao Yuan through "Fire Dragon Sutra".'

    'Fifth, only Zhao Yuan knew that I acquired the "Fire Dragon Sutra". At most, Zhao Yuan would doubt the relationship between Cui Li and Zhang Tie. It's not other's turn to doubt about the relationship between Cui Li and Zhao Yuan.'

    'Sixth, Zhao Yuan's purgatory samsara method shocked both humans and demons. Besides, Zhao Yuan is an alchemist master. I only carry forward his purgatory samsara method, which is featured by absorbing other's chakra to rapidly form my own chakra. Guan Qianchong should wonder why I could vanish with the earth demon knights together and promote to an earth knight after staying in the hieron ruins 2 years ago.'

    'Seventh, Guan Qianchong just doubts that. He would never get any evidence. If he could confirm that I was practicing the purgatory samsara and the relationship between Zhao Yuan and I, he would have arrested me the moment I came to the Black Armor Battlefortress.'

    'Therefore, he was just testing me in order to damage my psychological defense line in a split second. Guan Qianchong wanted to check my response. If I gave myself away, it was equal for me to admit his presumption.'

    'However, even though this commander of Black Armor Army was very wise, he could never guess my means and secrets.'

    At the critical moment, Zhang Tie had figured out everything in a split second.


    "Hahaha..." Only after being faintly shocked, Zhang Tie had burst out into laughter with a bit indignation. He looked at Guan Qianchong with a sneer, "I've not imagined that the famous Black Armor Army in Taixia Country could be so insidious. If Commander Guan wants to rob the 700 miles' land and 10 cities from me or just want to take the so-called reward as a f*rt, just let me know. I don't treasure this reward at all. After leaving Taixia Country, I could get such a bit reward wherever I am. You don't need to frame me in such a dirty means!" Zhang Tie said as he looked around the room, "Whether some executioners are ambushing here or not? If you plan to use such an old trick. Call your men out. This Cui Li is not that easily bullied. In the worst scenario, I will be killed, spraying my blood in the air. However, I have to tell others what a m*ther**ing thing you are."

    With a sharp eyelight, Guan Qianchong revealed a smile towards Zhang Tie, "You were just a black iron knight 2 years ago. After staying with an earth demon knight in the hieron ruins, you promoted to an earth knight in only 2 years. Besides the purgatory samsara method, I really could not imagine about other means. Perhaps you wanted to exchange yourself with Mountain Lifting Hermit and Lin Huanxi out of a good intention in the hieron ruins; however, I think that you have long cast greedy eyes on the earth demon knight's chakra and prepared for a risky fight. The others say that you're extremely righteous; however, I think that you're extremely cunning and audacious!"

    Zhang Tie sighed inside, 'What a commander! Although he was not on the spot, he could almost hit my thoughts given the clues. How terrifying he is!'

    'However, this Commander Guan doesn't know that one earth demon knight's earth chakra is not enough for me at all. If not the bloody sacrifice furnace in the hieron and the demon corps in Castle of Black Iron, I might not have used that means.'

    After throwing a glance at the book in Guan Qianchong's hand and the other books in the bookcases, Zhang Tie continued to sneer, "Although this Cui Li didn't read too many books since childhood, I also understand that reading thousands of books is not equal to traveling thousands of miles. Do you think you've known all the secret methods in the world after reading so many books? Even if you know all the secret methods, how dare you confirm that nobody else could create or discover a new secret method? I don't know what is purgatory samsara, but this Cui Li has created a secret method by which I could absorb earth-element crystals ten times faster than the average speed. Through 2 years' cultivation in the hieron ruins, as long as there're sufficient earth-element crystals, I could reach the effect that would take common black iron knights 70-80 years. It's nothing strange for me to promote to an earth knight in 2 years at all! Coincidentally, the demon knight and Old Monster Qi had sufficient earth-element crystals for me to promote to an earth knight in only 2 years..."

    "10 times faster?" Guan Qianchong revealed a faint smile as he patted his palm on the book, "If there's such a secret method in the world, there would be numerous knights!"

    "It acquires sufficient earth-element crystals. It's my exclusive secret skill. I gained it due to karma. Nobody else could grasp it in the world!"

    "Exclusive secret skill?"

    "If Commander Guan doesn't believe me, dare you to make a bet with me in the public?" Zhang Tie raised his head and watched Guan Qianchong with a proud look.

    "How?" Guan Qianchong mumbled as he realized that he might have mistaken the person at the sight of Cui Li's confident look.

    "Right in the Lion Fortress. In front of all the garrison knights. If I could prove that I could absorb earth-element crystals 10 times faster than commoners, I would win. Commander Guan should break one arm and apologize to me in the public!" Zhang Tie said decisively.

    "What if you cannot?" Guan Qianchong's eyes flickered.

    "I will commit suicide in the public to apologize to all the human knights over there!"

    "What sort of cultivation method could have such a remarkable effect?"

    "What classics is Commander Guan cultivating? May you expose it to the public?" Zhang Tie gave tit for tat.

    Two pairs of flickering eyes gazed at each other in the room like sabers and swords colliding with each other.

    After quite a while, Guan Qianchong let out a distant sigh, "How tricky you are! So many knights from Lion Fortress are fighting demons in Tiewei Mountain; you just want to postpone the bet to the end of the battle a few months later so that Zhao Yuan the alchemist demon could save you out of here!"

    "Hahahaha..." Zhang Tie burst out into laughter with an aggressive qi, "Cut the crap. If Commander Guan really thinks that this Cui Li is related to the f*cking alchemist demon, we could make a bet in this room. We will see the result in 1 hour. No need to waste time and play tricks here!"

    When Zhang Tie said, he took out a top-quality pure water-element crystal from his space-teleportation equipment that he had acquired from the shadow demon.

    "This is a complete high-quality water-element crystal. It might take a common earth knight over 1 day to fully absorb it; if I could absorb it in 2 hours, I will be the winner. If not, I will be the loser and you can do to me whatever you want to. I will admit that even if you call me the stepson of alchemist demon by then. If I win, I don't request Commander Guan to apologize to me and break one arm; otherwise, Black Armor Army would hate me too much and Brother Wu Guanhai would not feel good in front of me. If I win, Commander Guan should add a bit more reward to me, I mean you should pay me over 700 miles' land and 10 cities too. Additionally, this bet is only confidential to you and me."

    "Over 700 miles' land and 10 cities. It's just billions of gold coins. I can afford it!" Guan Qianchong revealed a faint smile as if he thought it was just a small gift, "It's my pleasure to witness how you absorb a water-element crystal 10 times faster than commoners at such a bit secular payment!"

    When he heard Guan Qianchong's reply, Zhang Tie felt pretty thrilled. In a split second, he had reversed the situation and increased his reward while sparing a chance to prove that he was innocent.

    What a good opportunity!

    "Nice, Commander Guan is really generous!" Zhang Tie patted his thigh before asking, "Commander Guan, do you want to check this piece of water-element crystal..."

    After throwing a glance at the piece of water-element crystal in Zhang Tie's hand, Guan Qianchong shook his head. As he had spent a lot of water-element crystals to promote to a shadow knight, of course, he could confirm that it was a real one. He didn't believe that Zhang Tie could play any trick in front of his eyes.


    Zhang Tie could visualize 21 abacuses in mind at the same time. At his full effort, he could absorb water-element crystals 20 times faster than common earth knights, namely, it would take him less than 1 hour to fully absorb one water-element crystal.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie didn't make his full effort to absorb the water-element crystal, he just adjusted his speed to 11 times that of common earth knights. Even though in such a medium speed, he had also fully absorbed the water-element crystal in only a bit longer than 1 hour while the blue water-element crystal gradually turned transparent like a winebottle being emptied...

    Watching the water-element crystal gradually losing its color in Zhang Tie's hand, Guan Qianchong looked pretty splendid.
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