Chapter 994: Clarifying His Innocence

    Chapter 994: Clarifying His Innocence

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    "What's that secret method?" Guan Qianchong asked Zhang Tie once again.

    As to the result of this bet, it was just a matter of over 700 miles' land and 10 cities, it seemed that this commander of Black Armor Army didn't care about it at all.

    "This is Spiritual Multi-tasking Sutra! Zhang Tie renamed the "mental arithmetic by abacus" at once, which sounded very sharp.

    'My God, I've not imagined that I could cheat a commander of one the top four armies in Taixia Country, a terrifying and powerful shadow knight with the "mental arithmetic by abacus" that I bought from an old man at only 4 silver coins when I was young.'

    "Spiritual Multi-tasking Sutra!" Guan Qianchong repeated it. Even if he had a rich experience, it was still his first time to hear this name. He had witnessed the effect of this sutra. If the secret that Zhang Tie could absorb water-element crystal 10 times faster than common earth knights was revealed, all the other knights would be driven mad.

    However, Zhang Tie had predicted that Guan Qianchong would be shocked by how he absorbed the water-element crystal. Therefore, he made an agreement with him in advance that the result of this bet was only confidential to two of them. As the commander of Black Armor Army and a shadow knight, he would not go back on his words. Those who went back on their promise would be belittled by dark forces, not to mention the ruling class. Therefore, Zhang Tie believed in his credibility.

    Given Guan Qianchong's dense eyebrows which suddenly turned dignified, Zhang Tie knew what this commander of Black Armor Army was thinking about. If such a secret method could be grasped by the military party or Black Armor Army, the overall strength and cultivation speed of all the knights in Black Armor Army would reach a new hight. Theoretically, with sufficient earth-element crystals, black iron knights in Taixia Country could promote to earth knights in the shortest time.

    "Hehhehheh, Commander Guan, don't expect me to reveal the Spiritual Multi-tasking Sutra to you!" Zhang Tie put it straightforwardly, "Due to some reasons, I acquired this secret method and reached such a high realm. It only works on very few people. Fewer than 1 out of 100 knights would be suitable to cultivate it. As for the others, even if they could cultivate it reluctantly, it would be ineffective for them to increase their cultivation speed either. Therefore, stop thinking about popularizing this secret method to the Black Armor Army and Taixia Country as a whole. It's not as simple as you think. This secret method poses abnormal requirements to the qualification of cultivators in some aspects."

    Zhang Tie didn't tell a lie. Besides reaching the corresponding multi-tasking realm, the cultivator's spiritual energy should be many times more than that of common cultivators. Therefore, even though someone cultivated the "Mental Arithmetic by Abacus", he could not reach Zhang Tie's effect at all. The reason that Zhang Tie could have such a high spiritual energy lay in so many fruits of brilliance that he had taken. Besides Zhang Tie, nobody else could take so many fruits of brilliance.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, Guan Qianchong gazed at Zhang Tie quite a while as if he wanted to recognize this guy from the scratch and wanted to seek for some loopholes from Zhang Tie's face. However, Zhang Tie looked bright and innocent which could be barely disguised. Based on his rich experience, Guan Qianchong didn't find anything wrong with Zhang Tie's look and eyes. Finally, Guan Qianchong let out a long sigh while his eye lights turned tender at once. Additionally, he started to appreciate Zhang Tie's talent, "It seems that this old man has mistaken a person this time. It turns out that you've got a special karma and could rapidly absorb water-element crystals in a secret method. You got good out of misfortune and successfully promoted to an earth knight in 2 years in the hieron ruins!"

    "Haha, when I killed Old Monster Qi and that earth demon knight, I've not imagined that they could carry so many earth-element crystals in their space-teleportation items. Therefore, I made a fortune!" Zhang Tie shrugged. Closely after tiding over the crisis, he became relaxed at once.

    "This old man wondered how did you kill that demon knight. It was told that Old Monster Qi had taken the advantageous position at that moment; however, he suddenly became still like being possessed by the devil. Therefore, you chopped off his head. As for the earth demon knight, it was not easy; how did you kill it in the hieron ruins?"

    Touching his head, Zhang Tie smirked, "Everybody has secrets. Of course, this Cui has methods to protect himself."

    Guan Qianchong revealed a generous smile and didn't ask Zhang Tie anymore, "It's rare for someone with such a great good fortune to reverse the situation in such a marvelous way like you!"

    "Silly people always have a good fortune. I have to tell you that Old Monster Qi is a b*stard of Three-eye Association. I killed him because he was possessed by the devil when he triggered a secret method of Bloody Soul Temple. I just seized the opportunity and killed him. When I closed the gate of the hieron, I had also thought about perishing together with the demon knight by destroying the crystal ball. After all, it's worthwhile for me to die at the cost of two earth demon knights as a black iron human knight. I was very satisfied to do that. However, later on, I found an item which could protect my life in an emergency from the space-teleportation item of Old Monster Qi; therefore I reversed the situation!"

    Zhang Tie knew that he should spare space for the listener to imagine when fabricating a lie. 1 false sentence in every 10 sentences was the wisest lie. After all, Old Monster Qi once framed Mountain Lifting Hermit using the Bloody Soul Driller on Damaging Guts. If Zhang Tie said that he found something sharp being related to the bloody soul temple from Old Monster Qi and gave a fatal blow to the earth demon knight on the premise of controlling the hub of the hieron, it was reasonable. He didn't explain it explicitly; instead, he just spared space for Guan Qianchong to imagine about it. It was better than nothing.

    Besides the late Old Monster Qi and Zhang Tie himself, who else in the world knew what Old Monster Qi carried. Zhang Tie just guided Guan Qianchong's train of thoughts.

    Certainly, soon after hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, Guan Qianchong had revealed a faintly clear look.

    Guan Qianchong thought that although Zhang Tie had kept some secrets about this event, his choice was normal. Generally, this tower-like tough man was indeed extremely honest and sincere as was told by others. Such an innocent and sincere man was rarely seen in this world.

    "Since I left the Hieron Ruins about 3 months ago, I've been wondering whether Mountain Lifting Hermit and the other team members have reported the background of Old Monster Qi to the superiors and whether Taixia Country has discovered something through the clue of Old Monster Qi?"

    Zhang Tie asked another question "frankly"...
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