Chapter 997: A Glimmer of Dawn

    Chapter 997: A Glimmer of Dawn

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    After the huge earth-element crystals mine was discovered by demons in the 1st loop of Tiewei Mountain, the large-scale battle between humans and demons had lasted over 1 year.

    In the first abyss where human knights were crisscrossed with demon knights, as long as one party had some big movement, it's very difficult for them to cover it. The tools and human resources required for exploiting large-scale earth-element crystals would never come out of the void. Of course, the transfer and movement of these tools and human resources would arouse the attention of human management. As a result, human management would make tentative arrangements.

    From a certain perspective, the so-called holy war referred to the tentative battles between demons and humans which lasted over 100 years.

    All the old knights knew that the so-called holy war was actually a long-term large-scale battle between humans and demons which tested the patience of both parties.

    Humans and demons were like two sides of a millstone. After being squeezed together forcefully, the two pieces of stones would rotate towards the opposite directions. They both wanted to grind the opposite. The side that faced the opposite was always the most dauntless fighters on their own party. Each a trivial relative movement of the two sides would grind many fighters.

    In the 3rd holy war, the first large-scale battle between humans and demons also the first fierce collision between the hardest parts of the two pieces of stones of the same milestone broke out in Tiewei Mountain in the first abyss of Earth-elements Realm.


    On March 27th, the 903rd year of the black iron calendar, Zhang Tie finally appeared in the 2nd loop of Tiewei Mountain after leaving Black Armor Battlefortress for many days.

    Yesterday, namely March 26, was Zhang Tie's 30th birthday. He celebrated it alone again like how he did over the earlier two years. Whenever this day came, he would leave a reply under the post "The Inscription on the Gravestone of the Despicable" that he had issued in the Mountain of Brightness by that knight's crystal plate named Chakra's Lion. He wanted to tell his family members that he was safe through this reply.

    --After another 1 year, the first abyss in the Earth-elements Realm has a good scenery. Being filled with dense black mist, I feel safe here. In the Earth-elements Realm, as long as you have a human face, you will almost be safe. The large-scale battle in Tiewei Mountain is turning white-hot. I'm traveling in the periphery of Tiewei Mountain and intend to kill 1 or 2 black iron knights so as to live up to my travel to the Earth-elements Realm. I don't plan to prove anything with 1 or 2 demon knights' heads. As a murderer in Taixia Country, no matter how many demons I killed, the Supreme Court of Taixia Country would not easily revoke the order for arrest. Over the past 2 years, someone else has been dead due to my event. However, the truth is still covered like that demon who hides in the dense black mist of the first abyss, the culprit who grasps the Bloody Demon Imitation Skill. He must be hiding in a corner of Taixia Country in a high position. I just want to let you know that I'm very good. Tycoons, of the Supreme Court of Taixia Country, the Gobbling Party, are you all right?

    This was how Zhang Tie replied to his own post yesterday.


    It was out Zhang Tie's imagination that the article that he posted in the forum of the Mountain of Brightness 3 years ago had been replied over 100,000 times and become the popular post in the forum. Additionally, the number of replies was increasing every day. He had escaped for 3 years; however, he had become the most famous black iron human knight because of his article in the forum of the Mountain of Brightness. Zhang Tie had already surpassed his master Zhao Yuan in popularity and attention rate instead of the overall strength.

    Zhang Tie didn't become well-known among human knights when he almost lost his life in Waii Subcontinent. When he helped Zhang Taixuan compete for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province, he just became a bit well-known in Youzhou Province. After he inflicted a great loss to the Heavens Breaking Church, his reputation was beyond the border of Northeast Military Region; however, after becoming a murderer in Taixia Country, his name was well-known across the knight's world as a hot, touching tragical hero.

    Any knight with a normal conscience would have a strong emotional resonance and make a judgment about the truth after reading Zhang Tie's "autobiography".

    With the increasingly extensive and greater impact of that event, even Green Flute Mountain Hermit and Guo Tieyi, an elder of Lancang Sect both replied Zhang Tie under his post at the risk of exposing their bynames in the Mountain of Brightness. They revealed the details about how they chased after Zhang Tie that night.

    The two people's replies fully proved the truth of the "fatal details" that Zhang Tie had mentioned in his article--that night, the two people were indeed attacked by Qin Wu's battle qi smoke. When chasing after Zhang Tie, they both admitted that Zhang Tie had left their sights for a while. The entire chase process was dominated by Qin Wu. Additionally, when Qin Wu suddenly changed his search region and caught sight of Zhang Tie, he launched an attack on Zhang Tie firstly. When Qin Wu started to attack Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie had indeed asked Qin Wu why he left Fuhai City and attacked him. Additionally, Zhang Tie indeed explained that he was induced over there by someone else...

    Pitifully, the two people didn't believe Zhang Tie's words in that situation.

    In the beginning, Zhang Tie just defended himself. After being driven mad, Zhang Tie started to fight them fiercely; however, he still didn't exert his full effort.

    Even Qin Wu's death was as same as Zhang Tie described. In that situation, Qin Wu's battle qi was boiling. The two people didn't see how Zhang Tie attacked Qin Wu at all; however, Qin Wu's body split into pieces.

    In their replies, Green Flute Mountain Hermit and Guo Tieyi both felt guilty and self-condemned.

    They both thought that if they could be a bit sober at that moment, the result might not be that worse. They both felt that they had become the indirect accomplices of the culprit who framed Zhang Tie.

    In his reply, an elder of Fan Clan also admitted a judgment that Zhang Tie wrote in his article when Household Register Director Fan as the only witness of the tragedy saw Zhang Tie raping his daughter, he remembered that Zhang Tie was indeed wearing clothes and left no body fluid on the spot.

    1 year ago, green flute mountain hermit had already paid a visit to Yanghe Prefecture, Youzhou Province to apologize to Zhang Tie's parents.


    Because of the above things, 95% of replies to Zhang Tie's post didn't think that Zhang Tie could do such a brutal thing in Fuhai City; instead, they thought that Zhang Tie was wronged and framed. Very few people were still doubting about some details. It could be said that most of the human knights had thought that Zhang Tie was innocent and slandered. Zhang Tie had not only clarified his own innocence, but he also became a touching tragical hero. Additionally, his poem "The Beloved One" was composed and spread over Taixia Country...

    In the past 3 years, Zhang Tie was still wanted. However, facing the one-sided stress of consensus and doubts, even the Supreme Court of Taixia Country and the Gobbling Party had been involved in the tragedy of Fuhai City and condemned. If it was just commoners who condemned and doubted the Supreme Court of Taixia and the Gobbling Party, they could still put their airs or ignore that; however, thousands of human knights were blaming and doubting their judgment about Zhang Tie; such a great stress would not be ignored by the management of the Supreme Court of Taixia Country.

    Under this circumstance, the Supreme Court and the Gobbling Party had both dispatched their elites to investigate the truth of the tragedy in Fuhai City, Yingzhou Province.

    Death was the most effective means to cover everything.

    In the past 3 years, the whole family of Yang Yushan the former head of the Morality Association in Fuhai City was slaughtered. After that, a famous doctor in Yingzhou Province who diagnosed Household Register Director Fan many years ago took poison to commit suicide. Then, Qin Wu and some relatives who were closely related to Qin Wu disappeared. When the elites of the Supreme Court started to investigate the provincial governor's mansion in Yingzhou Province, the archives staff was found dead out of taking gold at home...

    The truth of the tragedy in Fuhai City was still confusing.

    Under this circumstance, the mayor of Fuhai City resigned in advance; the grand justice of Yingzhou Province was degraded; the rating of the provincial governor of Yingzhou Province was worse; Cheji General of Yingzhou Province was transferred to another position. Over 20 backbones of the Gobbling Party in Yingzhou Province were accountable for the event and exiled. Due to the aftermath of Yingzhou Province, the entire Gobbling Party in Taixia Country started to strengthen disciplines these couple of years...

    Especially in the past year, the call for revoking Zhang Tie's order for arrest grew louder among the people and in the Mountain of Brightness. They would like to clarify Zhang Tie's innocence completely.

    Especially 2 months ago, two famous gentlemen of Jingzhou Provincial College submitted a written statement to Xuanyuan Hill in order to clarify Zhang Tie's innocence, which shocked the whole country. The tragedy about Zhang Tie started to make the Supreme Court of Taixia Country uneasy, exposing a glimmer of dawn.

    In the same 3 years, the Heavens Breaking Church directly vanished in Taixia Country which was pretty weird.


    Only after Zhang Tie replied his own post a few hours yesterday, it had aroused a shock.

    In the earlier two replies, Zhang Tie didn't tell them that he was in the Earth-elements Realm. This time, Zhang Tie revealed that he was in the Earth-elements Realm. Those who read it would think that Zhang Tie had just come to the Earth-elements Realm. Of course, even if they arrested and inquired all the human knights one after another in the Earth-elements Realm, they would definitely not find him, not to mention that they would know that Zhang Tie had been well-known in the Earth-elements Realm in the past 3 years. Besides having promoted to an earth knight, he had gained a bounty land with his own ability in the status of Cui Li.

    Even the most imaginative person could not imagine that there's any relation between Zhang Tie the escaping tragical hero and Cui Li from Yongzhou Province...
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