Chapter 998: The Reappearance of Gorath

    Chapter 998: The Reappearance of Gorath

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    No matter what, it was a good news for Zhang Tie that he could scour the injustice and might appear in Taixia Country in his original look.

    It was Zhang Tie's pleasure to see that the Supreme Court of Taixia Country could cancel off the order for arresting him; however, Zhang Tie also understood the stress facing him even if the Supreme Court of Taixia Country did it. Because the real culprit who framed him was still hiding somewhere. As long as Zhang Tie didn't find that culprit, he would never be safe and would be a target wherever he was.

    That culprit might be at least a shadow knight who had formed 3 chakras and could dispatch enormous resources. If Zhang Tie couldn't find him, the moment he reappeared in his original look, Zhang Tie was sure that this guy would deal with him in a much fiercer way. This situation would become most dangerous for Zhang Tie.

    Therefore, the biggest danger for Zhang Tie was not the arrest order from the Supreme Court of Taixia Country, but that culprit. Compared to the original status, the status of Cui Li was more suitable for Zhang Tie to fight that culprit.

    The result of the battle would be determined by the overall strength. Therefore, Zhang Tie came to the core of Tiewei Mountain alone.

    With purgatory samsara method, Zhang Tie could rapidly increase his overall strength. If he didn't come to join the fun in the core of Tiewei Mountain and kill some earth demon knights, he felt not living up to himself and wasting such good opportunities.

    Additionally, Zhang Tie wanted to see and experience the fiercest collisions between humans and demons in the holy war.

    Tens of thousands of knights fought at the same time, such a large-scale battle might only be seen in the holy war.

    After entering the 2nd loop of Tiewei Mountain, Zhang Tie activated a super hiding rune effect and reduced his qi to the level of a common black iron knight; additionally, he was looming in the black mist caused by the abyss vines. Without arousing the attention of anyone else, he rapidly flew across the region covering over 700 miles between the 1st loop and the 2nd loop of Tiewei Mountain and rapidly approached to the edge of the 1st loop of Tiewei Mountain.

    The closer the mountain ranges were to the core of Tiewei Mountain, the higher they would be. If one could reach high enough in the air, one would find that the entire Tiewei Mountain was like a blooming flower and a ripple that spread from the center. Such a strange terrain could only exist in the Earth-elements Realm.

    Zhang Tie had already disguised as Gorath who had long disappeared once again. Wearing a black stickup robe, he had silver hair and a pair of icy and gloomy eyes above his slightly brutal and persistent hooknose. Flying in the black mist, he looked like a black vulture and a ghost.

    The incarnation Gorath was Zhang Tie's umbrella.

    In the core of Tiewei Mountain, if Zhang Tie appeared in his original look, he was finding trouble for himself; if he used the look of Cui Li, as was warned by Guan Qianchong's words a few days ago, the moment someone found that Cui Li could use purgatory samsara method on earth demon knight, the status of Cui Li that Zhang Tie had spent a lot of efforts in management in the past 3 years would be deserted. It was too silly for him to do that as he had made a great success in the status of Cui Li and gained a bounty land in Taixia Country.

    At present, tens of thousands of human knights and demon knights were converging in the core of Tiewei Mountain. Facing so many powerhouses, Zhang Tie should be careful.

    Additionally, although having come to the core of Tiewei Mountain, Zhang Tie didn't know what he would do here at all. If there was a big trouble, just have the black-robed knight Gorath shoulder it. If demons and the Three-eye Association wanted to seek for revenge in the future, they would look for Gorath. After all, Gorath had already made a lot of troubles, in the worst scenario, he would give up his status as Gorath. Whatever, it was just one of his incarnation. Without Gorath, he might be Ballas, Dallas in the future as long as he wanted it.

    With such a cunning thought, Zhang Tie turned into Gorath.

    The large-scale battle in Tiewei Mountain attacked the attention of all the human rulers and knights. It was the first fiercest collision between humans and demons by now. It was reasonable for Zhang Tie the most famous murderer in Taixia Country and Gorath the mysterious knight in a black robe to join the fun here.

    When in Waii Subcontinent, Gorath and Zhang Tie "almost" appeared in the southernmost and northernmost ends of the subcontinent on the same day; additionally, they didn't have any common point. Gorath was even known as the most famous voodoo pharmacist master. Zhang Tie didn't have a chance to touch and learn any skills about voodoo pharmacist in his growth experience and was strange to everything in this circle. Therefore, no matter what, nobody would link Gorath to Zhang Tie.

    In this world, besides Zhang Tie himself, nobody else knew that Gorath was Zhang Tie. That was the subtlety of this status.


    When Zhang Tie reached the highest 1st loop of Tiewei Mountain, he caught sight of a fierce combat in a deep valley which was covered with black shrubs.

    They were battle auxiliary personnel instead of human knights.

    The so-called battle auxiliary personnel were all Hua fighters whose ranks varied from LV 6 to LV 15.

    When the large-scale battle between human knights and demons turned white-hot, these battle auxiliary personnel served as sentinels towards air across Tiewei Mountain.

    Any demon knight flew over somewhere, these battle auxiliary personnel would rapidly transmit the intelligence to the human strongholds so that they could make corresponding arrangements. The information control center in the center of Black Armor Battlefortress collected many timely information about the demon knights' whereabouts, which originated from these battle auxiliary personnel who were responsible for observing the air force of demons.

    Compared to combats between human knights and demon knights, these people were battle auxiliary personnel. However, it didn't mean that they didn't need to fight; conversely, they were fighting all the time.

    It was very dangerous for these battle auxiliary personnel if they were discovered by demon knights. Many battle auxiliary personnel sent the intelligence by remote-sensing crystals at the cost of their lives. Besides demon knights, the ground forces that demons arranged tentatively in Tiewei Mountain were also the formidable enemies of all the battle auxiliary personnel in the Earth-elements Realm.

    7-8 corpses of spider demons were scattering in the valley from the east to the west. Most of these corpses were split open from the middle of their bodies, scattering blood and guts everywhere. The latest two dead spider demons' body was still faintly twitching.

    Spider demon was a branch of the demon. Its lower body was similar to that of a spider with a grim and ugly face. However, it excelled at hiding itself and could move rapidly and steadily on cliffs like flying.

    In Tiewei Mountain, the large number of spider demons that demons dropped were always the formidable enemies of battle auxiliary personnel.

    Two battle auxiliary personnel were evacuating as they fought spider demons.

    The two battle auxiliary personnel both wore mountainous black and brown soft armors. Some underground shrubs were purposefully stuck onto their armors for concealing effect. Besides, they wore a complete gas-defense respiratory mask with eyeglasses.

    If they appeared on another occasion in such a dress, it would be hilarious; however, it was not hilarious here at all because they were both covered with blood, most of which belonged to those spider demons. Even in such a fierce combat, they still didn't take off their gas-defense respiratory masks. Because human fighters below knight level could not fully resist the toxicity in the air of the first abyss which was released by the abyss vines. The toxicity was contained in the underground black mist. After breathing such air for a few hours, fighters below knight level would feel numb and stiff all over. As a result, their movements would be influenced.

    The black matt assault swords drew fatal arcs in the valley one after another. Although spider demons constantly fell down, the number of spider demons gradually increased.

    With bloody eyes, the spider demons aspirated stinky qi through their mouthparts as they kept chasing after the two human fighters no matter how many partners had been killed.

    Before death, those split-open spider demons successfully left injuries on the two Hua fighters' bodies.

    The two battle auxiliary personnel were both LV 9 fighters; those spider demons varied from LV 7 to LV 9, who were dauntless in a large quantity.

    With a sound of "Zi...", when one of the two human fighters stabbed an assault sword into a spider demon's mouth, a dark red LV 8 spider demon immediately broke into that fighter's defense circle. Because the fighter could barely notice it with his eye corners, the spider demon stabbed a short spear into the human fighter's lower abdomen...

    "Ahh!" That human fighter roared. When he clenched the short spear by one hand, he pulled his assault sword out of the spider demon's mouth by the other hand. Closely after that, with a fierce sweep, he chopped off the LV 8 spider demon's head.

    "I will drag them, hurry up, go..." The injured fighter roared. Instead of escaping away, he turned around and rushed towards those spider demons who were chasing after him...

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